Way back in the summer of 2013, I began work on a 2D shooter that was vaguely designed in the spirit of old 90's classic 6DOF titles like Descent. It was a fun project with promising results, but game development is hard and I was busy with other projects and actually the truth is I got bored and frustrated and I quit like a great big wuss.

A year later, developer Pyrodactyl reached out to me and suggested we team up to finish the project. They're the folks behind the daring and gut-wrenching Unrest and the genuinely funny Will Fight for Food. Seriously. I don't get any money for saying that. Unrest is the one critics made a fuss over, but I think WFFF is actually the more artistically successful by way of being pervasively funny in the strangest ways.

The point being: The project is in good hands.

We're working together to turn this into something fun and different. It's a comical romp about killing thousands of robots in the name of... something. It's slipped my mind at them moment. Ah well. I'm sure there's a good reason to kill them. Otherwise, why would you be doing it?

You can follow the development of Good Robot on my blog, where I outline the mundane details of turning code into something playable. I write about coding in easy-to-understand ways, so if you're not a programmer this might be a good way to get a peek at what game development is like. (Spoiler: It's even less glamorous than it sounds.)

Or if you're less curious about the "how" and more curious about the "when", check out the Steam page of Good Robot.