Publishing this as an on-line book gives me the unique opportunity to accompany my written work with other types of media. Here you can find much of the source material that I used in the writing of the story, as well as some additional downloads to give you a feel for the world of System Shock. You will also be able to see where I departed from or altered the original story.

Most of what is offered here can be found at Through The Looking Glass. Please note that a lot of the information presented here will be spoilers if you are not past chapter eight. You've been warned.

System Shock Intro 9.2mb

This is the full introduction for System Shock. This one .mpg movie file served as the genesis of the entire story. Here you can see where I was faithful to the story, and where I bent it to serve my own purposes. Once you pass chapter eight, I highly recommend checking this out.

Voice of Shodan 122k

Hear the voice of Shodan describe the layout of Citadel. RealAudio format, Sorry.

System Shock Demo 27.3mb

If you have never played the game, and would like to try, here is the CD-enhanced version of the demo. Keep in mind that this game came out in 1994. That means that you will probably be worrying about conventional memory, extended memory, sound card config, and all of those other horrors we left behind once computers were fast enough to run games under Windowstm.

shocksystem.mp3 2.1mb

A mix of themes from the game with some of the sounds and character voices thrown in. Perfectly captures the mood and style of the game.

shock2k.mp3 6.7mb

This is a remix of the title theme, with some game sounds thrown in.

executive_mix1.mp3 0.9mb

This is a remix of my favorite music from the game. Moody techno.