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Character: Skeeve

By Shamus
on Wednesday Sep 7, 2005
Filed under:
D&D Campaign

Name: Skeeve
Race: Elf
Class: Wizard
Played By: Dan

Skeeve is an unusual Wizard. While everyone else had more or less serious, Tolkien-esque names, Dan gave his Wizard a more comedic name. Skeeve is also a rustic “farmboy” among Elves, and self-taught himself magic instead of being an apprentice or joining a guild.

Dan is also pretty outspoken, impulsive, and foul-mouthed. He tends to blurt out outragous things, to which I reply, “Did you say that in character?” He’ll often reply, “Um. Sure.”

So what we ended up with was a very brash Wizard with a penchant for shooting off his mouth and dropping the F-bomb.

Comments (19)

  1. Telas says:

    Gotta love the nontraditional characters…

    I always wanted to play a fat and lecherous Wizard with a penchant for dirty jokes and extremely incorrect behavior.

  2. namo says:

    I play a dwarf wizard… And one my companions is a dwarf monk, who likes to walk around naked.
    Oh, and of course we diss the elf from our group in dwarf-tongue.

  3. Omnus says:

    One character I fondly remember was a human wizard from a poor background. He made do by cooking and bartending to try to afford his magic. As he adventured, however, he got wealthy, but never forgot his background, opening a bar/restaurant. Being a conjurer, he never had to worry about hiring a bouncer, or kitchen staff…oh, and his name was Bob.

  4. Ben says:

    Sounds like short-haired mini Elminster.

  5. Rick says:

    Actually, wasn’t Skeeve the main character in Myth Adventures? *re-reads Horton’s post* Yeah, like he said. ;-)

  6. Agent Oracle says:

    I knew from the moment I saw his name that this HAD to be a Robert Asprin Fan.

    Incedentally, I’m still waiting to get Ford Prefect past a GM. One of these days… one of these days…

  7. Reed says:

    i met dan and bogan at a party and dan plugged your comic. sounds like you’ve played some excellent campaigns.

  8. jabbers says:

    The myth books were my favorite from the age of 10 to 15, until overtaken by Ramond e Feist and then Terry Pratchett (how ever you spell it).

  9. looks like the kinda wizard i would love in my groups! All the wizards i get are the pyromatick firemages T-T Guess if that givees my stories a hard test.

  10. Tazanthalion says:

    Yes, jabbers, Terry Pratchett is the proper spelling. Just be thankfull there seems not to be a Rincewind analog in this campain–although the luggage would be interresting.

  11. Ted says:

    I thought sorcerers were the ones who taught themselves magic.

  12. Russell Eldrin says:

    Sorcerers are the ones who can use magic innately, kind of like super powers or blood magic.
    Wizards learn magic through studying and training of their mind.

  13. Dimas says:

    I campaigned alongside a kobold mage once…The sight of my Hound Archon Paladin almost gave him a heart attack. I think he spent about 30% of the campaign cowering in fear, 25% passed out and the other 45% running away from necromancers. I never saw him play that PC again…

  14. Sydney says:

    Tolkien-“esque“, eh?

    [clicks “Back” button twice]

    [strokes beard]

  15. PunchingBag says:

    We end up repeatedly using the phrase “…but in DnD terms” whenever we end up inevitably cussing at each other, an NPC, or for a warcry.

  16. Ciuta says:

    Your site is entertaining! Keep up the amazing work!

  17. Doradan says:

    Ooh! Ooh! I’ve got a nontraditional character in my game! His names Tearahk, an elf shugenja (japanese-esque caster) with a propensity for drinking. A lot. He paid my artificer to make an infinite beer mug. The DM gave him a bonus feat – “Second Liver”.

  18. Alan says:

    I like his bicycle handlebar weapon there…

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