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DM of the Rings LXXV:

By Shamus
on Wednesday Mar 14, 2007
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DM of the Rings


Aragorn falls off the cliff.
Aragorn and Legolas quote Princess Bride.

Comments (129)

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  1. Rob says:

    “No more rhyming and I mean it!

    Anybody want a peanut?”

    Classic – hilarious!

  2. Azaria says:

    Classic – Great movie to quote!

  3. Joey the Lemur says:

    You keep using that word… I do not think it means what you think it means.

  4. JFargo says:

    Thank you for using my favorite movie in conjunction with another great movie. My players actually get XP if they quote The Princess Bride at a perfect moment.

    I mean, they don’t ~know~ that, since none of them have, but if they had, they would get XP!

  5. wintersweet says:

    I love it.
    And hey, I’d argue this is a far better choice for quoting during games, simply because it hasn’t been done to DEATH (other than “inconceivable!” and “My name is Inigo Montoya…”, anyway).

  6. Ryan says:

    Best use of Princess Bride quotes, ever!

  7. Issachar says:

    Since there are no movie scenes of Aragorn travelling the rest of the way to Helm’s Deep in the company of Gimli and Legolas, I wonder what Shamus will do for the next strip. Skip straight ahead to Helm’s Deep, is my guess.

    Good strip, as always!

  8. davwalp says:

    Freakin’ sweet dude! Keep it up!

  9. poppalee says:

    All my characters have the possibility of getting XP for excellent lines. They may be quotes or originals. The only rule is that it must be in tune with the character.

    For example: We had a barabrian, desperate for a weapon, grab a shovel and charge his attackers while yelling “SPOON!”

    Appropriate for him (after we recovered from laughing until we peed, he did get XP for it) but not so much for the wizard.

  10. Susano says:

    So when does Aragorn fight the six-fingered orc?

  11. MOM says:

    Thanks to all the commenters for explaining this one to me:-)

  12. CryptoKnight says:

    “I wonder if he is using the same wind we are using?”

    This one was so good, I just had to call someone to talk it. Naturally it being a work day, no one was reachable besides my mother. So I told her. (Yes, my mother. I’m a geek. My dad’s a geek. She understands.) I started with the webcomic in general and then explained the connection between the comic and geeks quoting LotR, Princess Bride, and Monty Python (Holy Grail in particular) during gaming sessions.

    She said, “I love the Princess Bride. It’s geeky?”


    She asked me, “When did I become a geek?”

    • VeryPeeved says:

      are things like lotr and princess bride really geeky, though? they are extremely mainstream, and beloved by many. being a geek is more than just “liking something that’s sci-fi or fantasy”

  13. “They’re terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.”

    One of your best. Great work.

  14. Blindeye says:

    CryptoKnight, next thing you know she’ll have a Wii.

  15. dpmcalister says:

    The best strip ever (and I love them all). Great use of The Princess Bride :D

  16. Polk says:

    Oh my God, my roommates were yelling at me for laughing too much. Then I showed them this and they left me alone =D

  17. Jurrubin says:

    I _knew_ it! Aragorn really IS the Dread Pirate Elessar!

    (Hey, he shows up with the corsair ships!)

  18. Gary's Friend Jim says:

    In my upcoming campaign I’m going to hand out cards redeemable for bonuses, re-rolls, and other goodies to players who come up with clever lines.

  19. Shandrunn says:

    My god, I have GOT to watch that movie!

  20. Wraithshadow says:

    “Since there are no movie scenes of Aragorn travelling the rest of the way to Helm's Deep in the company of Gimli and Legolas, I wonder what Shamus will do for the next strip. Skip straight ahead to Helm's Deep, is my guess.”

    Couple options:
    1. Use pictures from earlier, before the Warg attack.

    2. Have Aragorn’s player miss a couple games and have the DM rule that since he wasn’t there, they had him do nothing. Including travel. So he gets left behind. Plenty of fun opportunities for conversation there. Especially if you have him cheese off the DM and then use the shot of him and the oncoming Uruk-Hai army. Maybe something about wanting more combat.Or spilling a drink.

    3. Cutscene to the Star Wars campaign. Prove the old adage that the only thing worse than a bad DM is a player who thinks they can do better. Gives a reason to bring ’em back too.

    4. Something involving the revelation the priest only cast slow disease (slow poison’s lesser known cousin) and the entire procession leaves Aragorn traveling way way behind them. Out of range of the smell.

  21. Carl the Bold says:

    So, Carl, how big of an idiot are you?

    So big that I allowed myself to get so sucked in to the strip, that I actually expected a frame of Aragorn hanging from the cliff. I only just remembered that that shot wasn’t in the movie.


    BTW, “Dread Pirate Elessar”? Brilliant.

  22. GreyDuck says:

    This is almost…


    …better than the “Invisible Leather TARDIS.”

    It’s a close thing, I tell you. (He said, after wiping tears of laughter from his eyes.)

  23. We’ve often quoted “Why didn’t you list that amongst our assets in the first place!” and occasionally “Even on my best day I could not take so many.” :)

  24. theonlymegumegu says:

    Better yet would be PCs that ask every new NPC how many fingers they have on their right hand.

    Yeah, for a time both Monty Python and Princess Bride quotes were banned from one of the campaigns I was in. Probably Star Wars, too. Oh yeah, and the “shooters here and shooters here,” line from Ronin, SPECIFICALLY.

  25. Scarlet Knight says:

    So when Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas , etc leave to attack Mordor, who will call out, “Have fun storming the castle!”

  26. haashaastaak says:

    this sustained series of quotes is really impressive. I love the picture of Legolas pulling the rope out of his boot, or whatever he was really doing.

  27. Nogard_Codesmith says:

    i expected the DM’s aggro to come in the form of, “No more movie quotes! I mean it!”… followed by the natural response from one of the players.

  28. Cory says:

    I just want to say that this comic is beautifully arranged. I especially like the first panel. Is it a composite of two pictures? If so, good job. It really adds to the atmosphere of the strip.

  29. Steve says:

    I guess the fall down the cliff left Aragormless “mostly” dead.


  30. Rosemary says:

    Okay. Princess Bride quotes compel me to delurk and comment on how much I love this strip. I must now put a link this under the “time well wasted” section of my website.

  31. ravells says:

    Has Peter Jackson read this? I’m sure he’d love it.


  32. TX Knight says:

    ROFL! Nicely done!

  33. EmeraldTiara says:

    “And when his head comes around that boulder, hit it with the rock!!”

    “My way is not very sportsman-like…”

    Awesome. Princess Bride and Lord of the Rings. Just awesome.

  34. Retlor says:

    Heh, now you’ve made me want to dig out my copy of that film and watch it again.

    You should have found some way to include the rodents of unusual size. I mean, what else are wargs?

  35. Parzival says:

    We just recently checked out The Princess Bride to share with my 11 year old. After initial squirming, he loved it.

    “She does not get eaten by the eels at this time.”

    Oh, and read the book too; it’s even better.

  36. Just watched another parody with Peter Falk – “The Cheap Detective” any Bogart fans out there, check it out.
    But the Princess Bride… Oh, I’ll have to watch that again (tomorrow night, to cheer up someone else who is sick).

    Thank you, DM Shamus!

  37. empty_other says:

    I do really have too watch that movie, i think. It really seems i cant be a geek if i haven’t…

  38. nigel says:

    omfg! i JUST finished watching that! lol what a wierd coincidence. well to day has been my day for those. more quotes are good, they keep me crying. :)

  39. Valthun says:

    “Let me explain… No there is too much, let me sum up”

    Man you had me rolling. And as above I was waiting for the cliff shot, or the Legolas to drop his foot to help him up, when I too remembered none of that happened.

    One of my absolute favorite movies. I have been reading these for months now, and i laugh hard very often.

  40. falkryn says:

    you killed my father with a holy hand grenade…i mean you poisened them both with swallows…hehe my bad…love those movies and 300…great stuff

  41. Shamus says:

    Nogard_Codesmith: I’m a fool. That would have made abetter joke. I can’t believe I missed it.

    Cory: I’m happy with the first panel as well. It’s a composite. The top is actually a photograph my wife took at one point. The two shots blended nicely.

    I really like the tall panel shots, but it’s impossible to pull off without a little photoshopping. (Note that I did this once before, when Boromir died. The limited resolution of the movie means this tall images will end up blurry unless I can stitch multiple images together.

    I have a few more like this in the queue. I like doing it, but it isn’t often I can.

  42. Quicksilver says:

    Well, you know you COULD just edit that last frame if you’re really agonizing about missing that joke. But I think it’s very funny either way.

  43. Sem says:

    I really have to stop reading this comic at work. I already had 2 times I laughed so hard everyone looked at me. Worse, if someone asks what’s it all about, they rarely get the joke -_- . I even tried to explain the joke about Shrödinger’s cat (about 2 or 3 comics back) to a curious colleague but gave up when it became clear he never even heard of quantum mechanics.

  44. Devilsquid says:

    “See, I told you he wouldn’t fall to his death…”

    “Yes yes, you’re very smart…now shut up.”

  45. Animayhem says:

    Thought here, if you do have the player for Arigorn gone for a few days, you can always have the other players doing things then have one go, “oh and don't forget Aragorn” who is shown standing there with a vacant stare. My players always forget pets, familiars, and npc's. All of which just kind of pop in when needed. (I forget too sometimes.)

    Have fun storming the Castle.

  46. Martin says:

    Yes, everyone’s with the ha ha at Princess Bride quoting. Spare a thought for us poor 7th Sea GMs, who must spend at least 45 minutes per session getting people to stop quoting the Princess Flipping Bride. On reading this, my reaction was “I feel your pain”.

  47. Teria says:

    I even got the “The Gamers” reference up there. I’m such a geek… at 42. Yay! I know the answer to life, the universe, and… ok, I’ll stop now before I totally cross the line. Love ’em all, though.

    Great comic again, Shamus, kudos to you. All hail the Bandit King! *runs*

  48. baDMan says:

    as unbelievable as is sounds monty python is rarely quoted in my current game. staying on task is no better than any other game i’ve ever run but that has a lot to do with me. (frcs campaign heavy on plot, light on combat, and with the screwiest character being the elf…) i really like this comic in how it points out what a horrible dm i really am. thanks.
    i will say that the recurring jokes from earlier sessions are some of my favorite things in the world.

  49. baDMan says:

    two twenties in a row – death blow! cheers to me

  50. Kusa says:

    OMG! AHH, that awsome! Being a huge fan of both, I find this highly amusing!

  51. Steve says:

    Actually, the most used quotes in the last game I played in were generated by the fact we were all over-eager and under-equiped combat-happies.

    “Mad Morrigan! Heeeeeelp!”

    “Stupid Dychini!”

    and my personal favourite went like this:

    other player “Run away you idiot! It’s too damn big to fight”

    Me, doing bad Swedish accent “Bet on heem if you like.”

    Opinion was divided on that last one. I said it never gets old. Everyone else said once was enough.


  52. scldragonfish says:

    48 Martin Says:

    March 15th, 2007 at 4:48 am
    Yes, everyone's with the ha ha at Princess Bride quoting. Spare a thought for us poor 7th Sea GMs, who must spend at least 45 minutes per session getting people to stop quoting the Princess Flipping Bride. On reading this, my reaction was “I feel your pain”.


  53. Darkenna says:

    Me, doing bad Swedish accent “Bet on heem if you like.”

    Heh. I’ve actually used, “When you die, can I give that to me daughter?” It was perfect, as my entire group are big fans of the film.

    We’ve also had:

    “I’d rather prefer a dragon.” (came up several times)

    “She’s quite mad.”
    “The perfect advisor.”

    “Well, if they don’t follow us, then we’ll know it’s too far to swim!”

    I love quotes. :)

  54. Rolld20 says:

    The games I’m in seem to feature as many musical quotes as movie lines.
    If we fast forward past an uneventful period: “Let’s do the time warp again!”
    If a foe fumbles two or more times: “He’s a loser baby, so why don’t you kill him…”
    And of course, a rogue in a helpful combat position earns a: “Flank you very much, flank you very much…”

  55. phlux says:

    Actually I think another great line for the last panel would have been “MY MEN ARE HERE AND I AM HERE BUT SOON YOU WILL NOT BE HEEEERRRE” Then he rolls trip 20s on an orc attack.

  56. Martin says:

    scldragonfish? What’s that about?

  57. Freefall says:

    “So when does Aragorn fight the six-fingered orc?” The answer is, he already did. That was the orc he was riding with. He just barely survived and the orc died.

    “So when Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas , etc leave to attack Mordor, who will call out, “Have fun storming the castle!”’ No no no, you have it all wrong. That is when they leave for Isengaurd.

    Also, when Saraman is stand on his tower, he might say “never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha…” then fall to his death.

  58. Steve says:

    One word of advice from personal experience.

    Never say “Ni!” to a miniature poodle. Not if you don’t want your face bitten by an infuriated and confused poodle, anyway.


  59. Golgothus says:

    We once ended up having an Amber campaign titled “Could be worse… could be stabbed” due to my using the statement once near the start of the first game… and somehow it still became funnier every time we used it instead of the usual deterioration that has been known to happen…

    I must admit that many of our games will wander off and combat often takes weeks due to the fact that at least half of the group has gamed together on and off for the last twenty-two years. Pretty much since we started high school… three of us have been known to reduced Game Masters to tears of both frustration and laughter in the same night

    And to further up my geek cred: We game on Friday night… talk about no life


    He who lives by the skull, will die by the skull

  60. nigel says:

    46 Devilsquid Says:
    March 15th, 2007 at 2:10 am

    “See, I told you he wouldn't fall to his death…”

    “Yes yes, you're very smart…now shut up.”
    hahahahahahahahahaha! love it!

    hey, when r u going to do any Hitch hiker’s guid quotes? jucie fish=bablefish

  61. Salen says:

    Best use of Princess Bride quotes in a comic ever! Thanks for making me laugh tonight.

  62. Golgothus, you have nothing to be nerdishly embarrassed about.

    We’ve moved _our_ games from Sundays to Saturdays (once a month, no biggie) and all of us are very stoked – where we previously ordered pizza, Chinese takeout, or other stuff from restaurants, we now cook and contribute wine, salad and garlic bread to the main dish. So now, instead of a geeky sideshow, we have a communal, morale-building experience, regardless of the game’s outcome; it going to be fun just seeing each other. If not for the gaming night we would have fewer jokes to share, bizarre ideas and be wayyy too serious all the time.
    This week, it’s simple – I make the sauce with fresh tomatoes and peppers (roasted), reduced in the saucepot, it goes into tupperware and the DM cooks the pasta, ready for our arrival. Molto benne!

    This month, we’re gaming on St.Pat’s – I’m bringing a (surprise) wee bottle of Ouiske Be’aha!
    Slainte, alla yez.

    And a toast to Andre the Giant, the world’s Greatest drinker ever. He’s missed by all breweries.

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