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Forecast: Windy, cold and abusive

By Shamus
on Saturday Mar 17, 2007
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On Tuesday my kids were outside in swimsuits, spraying each other with the hose. By Friday morning we were knee-deep in new snow.

It’s like taking a beating in the playground. The pummeling stops, and you uncurl from the fetal position and start to wipe the snotty tears off your face when suddenly the kicking begins anew. He was just waiting for you to uncurl.

March is such a bastard.

Comments (11)

  1. Polk says:

    From flip flops and tshirts to winter jackets and snowpants in the span of a night. Weak.

  2. wildweasel says:

    It’s a little easier here in Oregon – just expect there to be rain all the time.

  3. Gary's Friend Jim says:

    Same thing keeps happening here in Buffalo.

    All this week we were emerging from our long winter’s nap, rubbing our eyes, welcoming the warm spring temperatures and saying goodbye to the last little bits of snow that clung to the shadows, and then BAM yesterday afternoon it friggin’ starts all over again, and by this morning we’re sliding all around and having to tromp the snow off our shoes at every entranceway.

    Now the sun is out and it’s melting again. The parking lot of my office, coated in frosty white just a couple of hours ago, is now no more than wet.

    BTW, I like this blog. You seem like a pretty cool guy, I hope you are well.

  4. Julia says:

    Sorry ’bout that. :(

    I live in central Texas for that reason, among others….

  5. Ben Finkel says:

    Ah! But isn’t April the cruelest month? Because, well, it breeds lilacs out of the dead land, and such. Bah.

    Weather in Texas is, as Julia says, fantastic.


  6. James Blair says:

    Now we know Shamus is a geek… he blames his recent malaise on Daylight Savings Time, while non-geeks generally blame this stuff on the weather!

  7. Zerotime says:

    We went from 35C heat to thunderstorms and ark-building torrential downpour in the course of a day, here. It was pretty awesome.

  8. How irresponsible… letting children play under a running hose… dontcha know we are in a drought?

    (ok maybe you arn’t especially if it is snowing there… lucky you…)

    Currently we have no lawn watering, no car washing, garden watering from 0600-0800 and 2000-2200 only and only then on two days of the week.

  9. Rain says:

    In Golden, Its all Nice and spring like. But I still have my winter stuff on stand by. March and April are the and quote “snowyits(sp)” months of the year. Yea if you count the show in the mall parking lot at the Colorado Mills mall…

  10. Vegedus says:

    I play the global warming card! Okay, I don’t know if the weather is always like that where you live, so, well, nevermind.

  11. Miral says:

    March weather here is mostly just a series of brief rain showers. Quite literally it will be pouring a deluge one minute and then ten minutes later it will be bright and sunny. Then fifteen minutes after that it starts raining again. Repeat throughout most of the day.

    On the upside, it means you can get around most of the time without a raincoat or umbrella. If it’s raining, just wait a few minutes and it’ll stop :)

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