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Spoiler Warning S4E21: Gethbusters!

By Shamus
on Tuesday Jan 11, 2011
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Spoiler Warning


“Don’t try what you’re about to see us do at home.”

“We’re what you call ‘idiots’.”

Link (YouTube)

If you want to know a bit more about Mumbles, check out the post on her blog where she talks about joining the cast of Spoiler Warning and gives a bit of her gaming background.

I tease the other cast members about how they make me feel old. When you can’t see someone, you’re not constantly thinking about their age and background. I’ve never met any of them in person, and they’re all fairly mature. So I forget how old they are and treat them like same-age peers most of the time. But then suddenly one of them will mention something crazy, like how they were a kid when the Nintendo 64 came out, and I’ll suddenly be reminded of our huge age differential. (Not as huge as some, but still.) So I keep saying annoying old-man things to them.

“Hey, I met my wife the year you were born.”

“So wait, you’re YOUNGER than Tetris?!?”

“Please tell my you’re joking about not seeing Back to the Future.”

“My oldest daughter turns 13 in about a week. You’re closer to her age than to mine.”

They’re all good sports about my sudden revelations regarding my own mortality. And I had a point to all of this but I’ve forgotten it now.

Oh, right. Mythbusters is awesome.

Comments (115)

  1. Sornas says:

    Is it bad if I thought Ghostbusters before Mythbusters?

  2. Toasty Virus says:

    I envy you as an older gamer, being only 16 as of the time of this comment, I’ve missed out on a lot of fun games, it makes me sad :(

    EDIT: also, while the sun drains shields, Shepard is using BIOTIC shields, so how does that work?

  3. Friend of Dragons says:

    aww… Don’t let Jayne… er, Kal’Reegar get killed. He’s one of the few that I like.

    • Integer Man says:

      Agreed, though I’m curious to see how it’s handled.

      Anyone want to take a shot at writing “The Ballad of Kal’Reegar”?

      • Raygereio says:

        From the BioWare Social boards. It doesn’t fit perfectly, but it’s the thought that counts.

        The Ballad of Kal

        Kal, the man they call Kal

        He robbed from the rich
        And he gave to the poor
        Stood up to the man
        And gave him what for
        Our love for him now
        Ain’t hard to explain
        The hero of Caleston
        The man they call Kal

        Our Kal saw the Quarians’ backs breakin’
        He saw the Quarians’ lament
        And he saw the Geth takin’
        Every peice of land and leavin’ no organics
        So he said “you can’t do that to my people”
        He said “you can’t crush them under your heel”
        So Kal strapped on his mask
        And in 5 seconds flat
        Stole everythin’ Boss Gethins had to steal

        He robbed from the rich
        And he gave to the poor
        Stood up to the man
        And gave him what for
        Our love for him now
        Ain’t hard to explain
        The hero of Caleston
        The man they call Kal

        Now here is what separates heroes
        From common folk like you and I
        The man they call Kal
        He turned ’round his ship
        And let that credit hit sky
        He dropped it onto our houses
        He dropped it into our yards
        The man they called Kal
        He stole away our pain
        And headed out for the stars

        He robbed from the rich
        And he gave to the poor
        Stood up to the man
        And gave him what for
        Our love for him now
        Ain’t hard to explain
        The hero of Caleston
        The man they call Kal.

      • Halfling says:

        I was very disappointed about how under utilized Adam Baldwin was in this game. But then again in most of the things I have seen him in his main spark comes from his presence. So maybe the audio only medium just naturally under utilizes him.

    • bit says:

      I know what happens to Reegar, as I chose that option out of roleplaying a strict pragmatist, but I’m not going to spoil it unless requested. Here’s a hint, though;


  4. Markus says:

    That’s right. Mythbusters is awesome!

  5. Robyrt says:

    On the subject of being an old nerd: Yes, the X-Men did liberate a race of giant space whales from the Brood, in 1983. Thanks to Marvel’s budget “Essential X-Men” reprints, this still feels like part of my adolescence, in the late ’90s.

    And because Chris Claremont was writing it, this episode included Ms. Marvel, Cyclops’ father and his crew of space pirates, Xavier’s bird empress girlfriend, and Storm committing suicide to save her comrades. (She got better.)

  6. krellen says:

    OMG Shamus, you remember Starflight! I loved that game!

    At least we can be old together.

    • Shamus says:

      I rank Starflght.exe right below System Shock. The games are very similar in my mind: Huge, open, exploration-based, good story. (Even though you don’t encounter it often.) The graphics were amazing at the time. (Remember the 4×4 grid of polygons at the landing site? 3D GRAFIX OMG!) But now it’s hard to run, the interface is horrible, and the graphics didn’t age quite as well as some of its contemporaries.

      If I ever get to a point where I can make an indie game, a Starflight descendant would be near the top of my list of projects that I’d like to work on.

  7. Groboclown says:

    You’re not alone, Shamus. I just finished making a game based on what I (foolishly) thought was one of the most well known games ever, Zork. That’s when it really hit me that, though most people may have heard of it, they haven’t played it.

    These damn kids need to get off our lawns.

  8. Deadly Kwob says:

    Starflight was awesome. It was one of those games where you’re sent out into a big universe exploring, and just kind of stumble across the plot. Games aren’t made like that anymore. Now there’s railroading, intrusive cut scenes, and out-of-character moments.

    It was also a direct inspiration for Star Control 2, one of the best games of all time.

  9. Kanodin says:

    I would like to express my undying love for that sub machine gun. Tali’s okay to I guess.

    I always liked that they gave 3 different ways of getting to the Colossus and each one is a pretty different fight. As I recall Josh has picked the one I found the hardest.

  10. Eddie says:

    1988? Are you sure, Shamus; I don’t think they even had video games all the way back then. I think maybe you’re misremembering. Don’t worry, it’s understandable, things like that just happen when you get old. Maybe you’re thinking of electricity; I’m pretty sure 1988 is when electricity was first discovered.

    Yeah, I checked, it was electricity.

  11. Michael says:

    Since I read the mini-article before I watch the episode, when Tali says that the sun is aging too fast, I kind of expected Josh to finish his “It’s kind of like…” with “Shamus.” It’s too bad he trailed off; there was an excellent burn in there*.

    You know, since Shamus “[kept] saying annoying old-man things to them.”

    *Pun intended.

    EDIT: Oh, also: “Please tell me you’re joking about not seeing Back to the Future.” Did you mean ‘in a theatre’? Because there are some channels on the TeeVee that play the trilogy non-stop for days. (Hee hee, typo. ‘Me’ is not equal to ‘My’, Shamus)

  12. Peter H. Coffin says:

    *mutter* My high school diploma is older than Tetris…

    Oh, yes, one bit of ancient trivia. Video games used to be sold in zip-lock baggies like illicit drugs.

  13. Christopher M says:

    Oh, lord, this fight.

    I had to do it about half a dozen times before I finally beat it – it pretty nearly caused me to stop playing!

  14. Deoxy says:

    IIRC, I’m just a little younger than you, Shamus – my oldest will be breaking double-digits in age pretty soon.

    And yes, all of a sudden, in about the last 2 years, I find myself having lots of “old man” moments like that. It really did seem to sneak up on me – one moment, everyone was laughing at the ridiculously young guy who commented that the LOTR movie was just a bad ripoff of Willow, and the next, everyone’s wondering what that strange old guy (ME) is talking about…

  15. eri says:

    This is sort of the part of the game where I stopped caring about what was going on and just enjoyed the ride (up until the end anyway). Rather than boring scrapyards and stuff, we’ve got derelict Reapers, the Collector ship, the quarian home planet and Migrant Fleet, etc. Tali, Legion, Thane and Samara are all really cool on top of that, and BioWare probably should have opened the game with a couple of them rather than those boring pills Miranda and Jacob.

    Also, I’d like to thank Shamus and crew for their awesome work on Spoiler Warning once again. I’ve been away from the Internet for the last week and a bit due to some stuff in my personal life, and this morning had to leave my girlfriend behind at the airport for a long time to come. You guys really helped bring my spirits up during a hard time for me. Please keep up the awesome work!

    • Raygereio says:

      “This is sort of the part of the game where I stopped caring about what was going on and just enjoyed the ride”

      That is the way to play this game. Everything main plot related is just this horrible abomination of a fanfiction.
      But the gameplay and most of the sideplot is fairly solid.

      • eri says:

        If only it wasn’t so repetitive. Josh and Shamus mentioned that Dragon Age was repetitive, but honestly, not really. Maybe if you play on normal difficulty, but nightmare requires a lot of tactics and there are a large number of fights that really require you to manage your party well. It’s not as varied or challenging as Baldur’s Gate, but at least it’s not the same thing over and over like in Mass Effect.

        • Veloxyll says:

          I won’t argue that there are a large number of fights in Dragon Age. I’m not sure that all of them would be distinctive and interesting. you’ve still only got so many moves. I can’t imagine how Deep Roads wouldn’t get repetitive though.

        • Josh says:

          The gameplay in Dragon Age was more tactical for sure, especially compared to “Sit behind cover, pop up, shoot dude, crouch down, repeat.” But the Deep Roads and Circle Tower were just too damn long. I think I mentioned it in a recent episode but I spent thirteen hours in the Deep Roads. Running around in dark caves just got plain old.

          That said, I am still firmly in the “Dragon Age was a good game” camp. I think I could fairly rank it as better than Mass Effect 2 (though Loghain’s motivations make absolutely no sense and seem to change every time you see him and Morrigan’s nonsensical face-heel-turn at the end was jarring; which makes me wonder if it’s just the BioWare writers on the whole are losing their touch).

  16. ccesarano says:

    In 2008 I looked to my College roommate with a sudden and horrifying realization. “Aubrey” I said, “these kids are 18. That means they were born in 1990. They don’t know about the 80’s!

    Of course, I was born in ’85, so I barely recall the time myself. I was fortunate enough to have an older brother, however, who shared with me Transformers, Robotech and Ralph Bakshi’s Lord of the Rings. To this day he continues to share these things.

    Still, I continue to meet people that are roughly 18 or 19, and when they say “I remember when I was a kid and Pokemon first came out…” and I say “you were a kid? I was like 13 and played it with some of my friends in high school.”

    I think advancing technology and growing media has made us all grow older that much faster.

  17. Skan says:

    it would he hilarious if you got to the Collosus(?) fast enough that Kal’Reegar didnt die, it’s possible, just incredibly hard.

    • Milos says:

      I always thought he just dies by default if you choose this option no matter what you do so I didn’t even try to hurry. That’s how these choices in games usually work anyway.

      • Skan says:

        No it’s just really hard to keep him alive, he has a very small amount of health. So if he ‘helps’ he can take maybe two shots till he dies.

        • bit says:

          Really? Playing on normal difficulty, I took the path up to the right (being a sniper) and basically just took potshots at the geth (all the geth) for a good five-ten minutes. He survived.

          • Dude says:

            Yeah. I don’t think it’s that difficult to make him live. I played on insanity with a standard collector beam heavy weapon and two armor breaking henchmen, and it wasn’t such a big deal.

            • Markus says:

              Yes I always have him help out and he never died.
              I usually need at least five minutes to take out the Colossus.
              A few friends of mine said he often gets killed by geth soldiers that move arround Kal’s cover if you don’t take them out.

  18. Volatar says:

    Is it just me or is the recording framerate much lower in this episode than it was in previous episodes?

  19. Deadpool says:

    I think it’s funny when Josh goes “Oh there’s a guy back there.” Yeah. Same guy you knocked over with charge and didn’t kill…

    Btw, “Power Ranger spin off” is referred to as Super Sentai. Series of live actions shows in Japan featuring the same concept of color coded heroes. They were big in Brazil before the US got their hands on Power Rangers. I think Changemen is the first one I saw… They were pretty awesome when I was a kid (yes, I’m old too =P )

    Edit: http://www.supersentai.com/database/index.html

  20. Specktre says:

    Josh!!! You’re suppose to be nice to Tali! Remember? Mumbles told you that too! Tali asked you to keep Reeger alive, and you’re sending him to die! That’s NOT being nice to Tali!

    Plus, he’s Adam Baldwin from Firefly (oh yeah, and Chuck too), you can’t kill him! That’d be wrong!

  21. Rosseloh says:

    I’d say that particular brow-high wall is my personal worst example of the trope. I spent several minutes poking around that thing, taking screenshots (which I don’t have anymore, unfortunately), and pondering. The conclusion was that not only could you climb over the damn thing, you could walk around it. There’s about 2 feet in the back right where you could squeeze through.


  22. Wes1180 says:

    I’m 16 and I’ve seen all of “Back To The Future” (saying its technically on film split up into three parts) and it was awesome :D

    • Dude says:

      I don’t know, man. Bits of Part III felt rather forced. Like every romance in ME/ME2 except Thane.

    • Integer Man says:

      Glad you liked it. FYI, TellTale is continuing on the series in their new 5 part adventure game. Sure you heard about it.

      Played part 1 over Christmas break. Great voice acting, keeps with the theme of the show, help starts out heavy handed and the game is short and linear, but it’s a very positive experience. Looking forward to the release of parts 2, 3, 4, and 5.

  23. Deadpool says:

    How awesome would it be if someone posted this video on the Mythbusters forums?

    How much MORe awesome would it be if they made an episode about it?

  24. Eddie says:

    Man, this series has given me such a craving to play Mass Effect but my damn Xbox is being all red and ringy. Microsoft’s failings have screwed me over once again.

  25. Jokerman89 says:

    Josh is truly a master at surviving near death…..Its why he is special…its why The Elusive man picked him. Its why they brought him back to life.

    Its why he will stop the reapers.

    Fuk yea!!

  26. Adalore says:

    Also on the note of Grunt, I took him there and I am pretty sure the sun bothered him.

    Also I got the bloody sniper rifle upgrade, freaken… FINALLY! I can actually kill more than one target per “Adrenalin rush”.

    One thing that I have found that bugs me about the soldier class though, is that everything is put on a timer, which really limits the use of everything. I understand putting all of the mass effect powers on one cool down, makes some sort of sense, but a Personal intrinsic power (Adrenalin rush) and a Weapon based power (Consessive shot) really should be on different cool downs.

    I see lines of red, and probably missues of intrinsic…

  27. X2-Eliah says:

    So am I the only one who is immune to the fad of “Back in Time” and even moreso, “Ghostbusters”? I mean, really, those movies were just average at best..

  28. Daemian Lucifer says:

    And yet,you still had the youngun outgeek you with baldurs gate.For shame Shamus,for shame.

    Its funny though how Josh keeps forgetting to finish of dudes that he has charged and shot to near death.Like he has ADD or something.

    Ah the colossus fight.Another easy one for the sniper.And like other said,its not that hard to keep kal alive,even if you go full renegade.

    • GabrielMobius says:

      Agreed, I went through that fight on Renegade and just murdered my way to it before he died. It was actually damned fun.

    • krellen says:

      Baldur’s Gate came out in 1998. Shamus was in his mid-20s when it came out. Baldur’s Gate is not part of Shamus’s development as a gamer. System Shock, which he admits was probably the most impactful game of his life, preceded Baldur’s Gate by four years.

      Baldur’s Gate is actually a bigger deal to younger gamers, not older ones. My formative DnD game experience was the gold box TSR first-edition games (Curse of the Azure Bonds in particular); BG is just another (admittedly good) game to me.

      • krellen says:

        Incidentally, this is a similar reason why I consider FF7 one of the worst of the series, not the best. Younger gamers had their first experiences with that one, while I was formed off FF4 and FF6 instead.

        • modus0 says:

          Hmmm, odd then, I love FF7, even though I played the expansive FF6 a couple of years before in high school. Kind of wish I’d been told by a friend to wait for Shadow before I hit that point though… >.<

          Heck, I probably wouldn't have picked up FF7 if I hadn't first played 6.

          And as for TSR games, Eye of the Beholder in the SNES for me since I didn’t have a computer.

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