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DM of the Rings LXXVIII:
Think of the Children

By Shamus
on Wednesday Mar 21, 2007
Filed under:
DM of the Rings


Helm’s Deep. Dang kids.

Helm’s Deep. Dang kids.

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  1. Rikku says:

    Seriously funny! my friend rachel loves this story so much, almost as much as she loves youtube.com

  2. claudia says:

    AHAHAHAH i laughed real hard! this is fuuunny.

  3. EezaK says:

    so true, man you just gotta Catch em all, perfect picture for aragorn

  4. Turgid Bolk says:

    Wait, what’s all this bashing of Angelina Jolie? She actually does a lot of aid work in Africa (from what I hear) and has adopted a couple kids from poor countries. I personally don’t go for her looks, but I certainly respect her moral example.

    Paris, not so much.

    Also, has anyone else noticed that for the last several comics everyone has been fairly in-character, or at least not purposely antagonizing the DM? It’s refreshing, even if not quite as funny.

  5. Frito says:

    Although I like Charles Schulz, what does the Great Pumpkin do here again?

  6. Cynder says:

    Pokeorcs! Perfect! It’s funny cuz I’ve been to a local Pokemon Con before…well, it was like a con. It was a trading day at the local PCYC were people traded cards and models. A fun day all up. Let me see, that was when I was, like, eight? What, eight years ago? That’s funny.

  7. Tybreagus says:

    I’ve noticed all the comments about Aragorn’s looks and just want to point out that in the books and in the movie Aragorn is described as being ugly and unimpressive. The hobbits even have a discussion on whether they can trust him based on his looks and Frodo puts in something to the effect that a servant of Mordor would look fairer and feel fouler.

    I personally think whom ever did the casting for the movies did an amazing job.

  8. Doug says:

    “We may be hopelessly outnumbered, but at least we’re underequipped and trapped in a dead end without provisions, right?”

    I’ll bet my boots that line’s been borrowed a time or two by now. :D

  9. Majka says:

    I was rather disappointed this one didn’t feature the m holding the sign… oh well…still funny ;)

  10. Mina says:

    LOL can you imagine that as a Pokémon battle? Every time a battle ends, you’d hear that “didileedidileedidilee” and the screen would like, snake/worm-thing it’s way black and you’d battle an Uruk-Hai, then you’d win, then you’d take a step and repeat the process… ten… thousand… times.

    Good thing there’s lots of kids who play the game.

  11. Mina says:

    Uruk-Hai uses Swipe at Legolas!

    It’s super effective!

    Legolas fainted

    Use next Pokémon?

  12. emma says:

    lol!!!, i love ur comics, and pokemon!. Very funny indeed!

  13. d'Antarel says:

    Yo, bitch, I may be ugly, but at least I ain’t got no money.

  14. Prue says:

    Yugioh may have been a better choice. I mean, all Pharoah Yami would have had to do is get some support from his friends and shout out his name. Battle won. *nods her subtitled Yugioh anime obsessed head*

  15. No name says:

    I feel obligated to tell you that you left off the accent in ‘Pokémon’.

  16. Hjordis says:

    LOLZ!!!! this is greatness to the extreem…

  17. Aragorn says:

    *FAKEING ARAGORN* Im a retarded nuthead who should be arrested for harrassing and…rape?

  18. Serenity Bane says:

    Again, excellent work with frame choices. The expressions are awesome hehe!

  19. Pat says:

    My 5-year-old thought “Leggo-o-lass” was girl :-) I guess she didn’t get the memo that that was joke.

  20. caradoc says:

    I’d just as soon leave eating, toothbrushing, and other matters of personal hygene to be handled offstage. Anybody out there familiar with the Ultima games? Everytime you turn around, someone in the party is whining about being hungry so you have to stop whatever you are doing and stuff a loaf of bread in their mouth. Realistic? Perhaps. Enjoyable? Judge for yourself.

  21. Rose says:

    lol – the current big thing for kiddies is transitioning from Naruto to Soul Eater, I think.

  22. Wide And Nerdy â„¢ says:

    Legolas’ last line in this uses a construction that I’ve used over and over again since reading it for my own jokes. “Well maybe [thing that sucks] but at least [thing that also sucks].” I’d forgotten where I got it from.

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