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DM of the Rings LXXXIII:
Ladder Game

By Shamus
on Wednesday Apr 4, 2007
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DM of the Rings


Gimli steals their ladders.
Gimli is cheating.

In D&D, there is no act more reckless and fraught with danger than that of outsmarting the DM.

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  1. Daniel B says:

    One of the few missed opportunities here. Legolas should have argued he at least deserves a chance to try and stop it, so he rolls a spot check, sees the bomb-carrying orc, and rolls two hits but both damages are so low that he still fails.

  2. WJS says:

    I would seriously question the feasibility of demolishing a wall like that. Remember black powder doesn’t detonate, it deflagrates. In an opening that size I wouldn’t expect to get nearly enough overpressure to destroy the wall like that. In historical siegework, engineers would use bombs sure, but they were placed in tunnels under the walls and they would crater the foundations causing the wall to collapse, not simply blow them up outright.

  3. Robert Bannister says:

    I am getting so far behind in my reading of this classic. Is it available in book form?

  4. Durak says:

    Aragorn: “So, this world has gunpowder? Hmm…”

    DM: “Oh, it’s um, only just been invented. By Saruman. And no, your side doesn’t have any.”

    Gimli: “I start organising a sortie to take control of the enemy’s bombs.
    Or could Legolas shoot that far? Have we got flaming arrows on hand?”

    DM: “It’s raining!”

    Legolas: “Then the wet gunpowder shouldn’t be working anyway.”

    Aragorn: “Once we get saved by some NPC ex machina, we should really steal this wizard’s recipe. Even the ‘soldiers’ we’ve got here would do pretty well if they had muskets.”

    DM: ‘But-”

    Legolas: ‘Yes, we don’t need
    Dave’s ring anymore – we’ll just shoot Mt. Scary with cannons.
    This plot twist is genius!”

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