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DM of the Rings LXXXV:
Press Triangle

By Shamus
on Monday Apr 9, 2007
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DM of the Rings


Legolass, extreme elf.

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  1. Segev says:

    I fear, Steve, that you are, in fact, just doing it wrong. A sorcerer has options other than “fireball” and “disintegrate”. The party’s fighting a red dragon that has (surprise, surprise) a high Fort save? Don’t use fireball or disintegrate on it (and heavens, do not burn a true strike or MOMENT OF PRESCIENCE on hitting it with a touch attack; save that Moment for your save v. his breath weapon…or better, cast Superior Fire Resistance – out of a wand, if necessary). Whip out a Cone of Cold. Level 5 spell, does a cone of damage that, at sorc level 20, deals 15d6 cold damage. There. Your monster’s not immune to that, and the example here of a red dragon takes EXTRA damage from cold. Oh, and I laugh if you say the dragon’s making the reflex save for half. Even with your rather low Cha of 20 (for a 20th level cha-based spellcaster), that’s a DC 20 reflex save. …okay, no, I suppose it -can- make that, given that you have such a bad cha.

    You should have a +6 cloak of charisma by now, and DEFINITELY look into getting yourself a +4 or +5 tome of leadership and influence. Or burning the 20-25k exp on 4-5 Wishes to get another 4-5 cha. Though really, your goal is to wind up with an evil Cha score. Things make saves because your character is a weak sorcerer.

    When hitting things with touch spells, remember that you probably don’t need true strike or any other help, unless they’re fast and dodgey. Don’t use fort-for-practically-nothing spells against big bad scary monsters that obviously have good fort saves. And have a spell for every energy type…or energy substitution.

    A competently played sorcerer outshines a rogue 90% of the time. Especially since there are more things immune to sneak attack than to energy damage. The guys here: http://boards1.wizards.com/forumdisplay.php?f=339 will tell you that a wizard is even better, but I’d stick to mastering the sorc, first. Be polite and ask them for help, and I’m sure they would be happy to show you why, exactly, casters beat rogues every time.

  2. Baxil says:

    Looks like your Legolas earned a much higher score than my Legolas did. Damn that Tony Hawk and his score inflation!

    Love the comic, btw. Great minds must think alike. :)

  3. Foos! says:

    Steve said:
    Oh yeah, even a CHA 20 CL 20 sorcerer only gets to fireball 7 times a day unless he has Maximise Spell and Empower Spell.

    Actually, a 20 Cha gives a bonus spell for levels 1-5 (2 for 1st). A CL 20 sorcerer has 6 spells/day for all spell levels. Without using any Metamagic feats, they could always sacrifice a higher level spell slot to recast a spell. That gives 7 fireballs for the level 3-5 range and 6 fireballs for the level 6-9 range for a total of 45 20d6 fireballs per day.

    Even the maximised, empowered Magic Missile could be cast 31 times per day by using slots higher than lvl 5.

    Gods! am I falling into the gamer geek trap here, I’ll hush now.

  4. Ikkle says:

    Laughed out loud at that one. Brilliant comic, great jokes and so well executed.

  5. Weaselcreature says:

    Well, I wasn’t going to put my 1st comment until I had caught up and read them all, but…
    I’m at work, reading these in between patients and I think I should have stopped before I got to this one. Because I hated this so SO much, and you did SUCH a great job with it, and adding the Tony Hawk bit at the end, I had to force myself not to laugh out loud too much, which caused my eyes to water and I had to go out and get my next patient! HAHAHA!
    These have ALL been great though. Thanks for the hard work!

  6. Rezdave says:

    Sweet. I loved FotR but TT got sketchy and the series fell apart with the “snowboarding elf”. Glad to see I’m not alone in my loathing of this scene. Can’t wait to see how you handle dwarf tossing (momentarily, since I’m in the archives).

  7. sybill says:

    When i saw that scene in the movie i had turned to my BF at the time and said “Who does he think he is? I played an elf all my gaming life and i never had that kind of ability “…let me look that up… aghh yes, shield boarding level 5 required” ”

    it’s so funny to see someone else play a joke on it too

  8. Thandruin says:

    Figure the rest will be something like:
    But then she loses the board (into an Uruk-chest) along with all of the combo points :(

  9. Chris says:

    on the note of letting things slide i would jsut like to say (and for you rules nazis I know that there are probly several rules prohibiting this but it was too much fun) we once had a gnome bard get mounted combat bonuses riding on the half orc barbarian.

  10. Turgid Bolk says:

    [quote]”OOURCK!” (Uruk Hai painfully surprised by arrow in neck)[/quote]

    Uruk-hai don’t feel pain. Like in the first movie, remember when Aragorn cut off the archer’s arm, then stuck him in the gut? The Uruk-hai grabbed the sword and pulled it into himself, snarling in Aragorn’s face all the while. Not cause he was brave or anything, he just doesn’t feel pain. This probably leads to a lot of missing appendages for the Uruk-hai, since they were basically bred to be lepers. Yes, I’m a geek.

    But not so much as you people, geez, just look at these comments! Great comic Shamus.

  11. Benny says:

    Oooh! Thank you! This was by far the worst moment in all three films. You have done it justice.

  12. Guenhwyvar says:

    “OK, since no one's speckalatin', here I go. I predict:

    360 Sal Flip to Orc Pop to Hardflip to Darkslide (along the side of the bridge). Get it? Darkslide? Moriquendi?”

    *groan* ba-dum-bam-tch!

  13. DavidRS says:

    Can’t believe no-one’s mentioned the obvious pun…

    Tony Orc!

    “Shoot the Orc”: brilliant idea for a gap!

  14. Toil3T says:

    Awesome. And stabbing an orc with the shield should be part of the combo.
    Now I wanna dig up my PSX and play Tony Hawk: Pro Skater 2

  15. Cynder says:

    Now, THAT’S what it means to take EXTREME to a new level!

    What makes this one funnier is that when you hold you mouse over one of the panels, is says, “Legolass, exteme elf!”!

    And yes, it is spelt LegolASS. Just thought I’d like to point that out ;)

  16. […] poring grandeur nature (il y a déjà l’armature en fer et la planche à roulettes, chouette jpeux me la jouer Legolas), coller mon tulip hairpin en pâte FIMO, finir mon stiletto [4] et faire mes manches, col et […]

  17. 1st time post says:

    OMG! I was drinking at the time and snorted water out my nose!
    Home run with this strip! Good lord…

  18. Him says:

    Will one more hurt, though, for sure?

  19. d'Antarel says:

    If I have a player in my campaign that thinks of something epic like that, I let them try it. I just set the DC for whatever appropriate check relatively advanced, then I give them a bunch of penalties. It’s mean, I know, but when they’re at a HIGHER level, then yeah, they can pull shit like that all the time.

  20. Aragorn says:

    LOL…. this is TOO MUCH!!! :D

  21. ERROR says:


    That would be “Shot on the Run,” since only his (Or her, heh) feet is on shield, unlike when riding on a horse.

    Just my thoughts.

  22. Maladjester says:

    Don’t attempt stunts like this.

    A buddy of mine once had his street sam leap off a third-story roof with the intention of firing his pistol in midair, down through the roof of a convertible driving away below him, killing the driver and the man riding shotgun, then punching through the leather drop-top himself, landing in the padded back seat, and escaping all injury. Needless to say, the sam awoke in the hospital with a tube up his nose and no clear idea where he had gone wrong. Side note: the character’s street handle was Fallen (yes, named before the incident).

  23. Billy says:

    I nearly died laughing.

  24. Rachel says:

    In my DnD group, everyone usually wants to be either a fighter or a sorcerer. So they all turn to me and say, “will you be our cleric? No one else wants to.” Fortunately for them, I love being a cleric. My characters end up usually being clerics with intense longbow skills. So I never die and can hold my own without a tank. And when the gung-ho gang charges in without any sort of plan and begins to die, well, I just wonder who’s in charge.

    Our tank: “Rachel, Rachel I’m dying! I’ll give you this magic scroll if you heal me!”

    Me: “Kthnxbye.”

    This ends up happening A LOT. Remember; in the end, when everyone is dying, the one who gets deals and offers for treasure and loot (and in one case, I got a person to swear fealty to my character for in-game time of three years if I healed them; they had also left our whole group to die in a pit of oil with a torch coming down from the ceiling, so I thought it was fair) is always the cleric. Clerics pwn. They may not be showy or flashy or explodey, but they sure do have some influence once someone has -2 HP.

  25. Thomas says:

    The only question is, can he add a 900 coming off the stairs?

  26. Math_Mage says:

    –Our tank: “Rachel, Rachel I'm dying! I'll give you this magic scroll if you heal me!”

    Me: “Kthnxbye.”–

    That’s…kind of a dick move. Frankly, I’m surprised the party never kicked your character out for that. Were you in the habit of playing Evil clerics?

  27. Grom says:

    I really don’t know why so many folk thought this was the worst scene in the three films. I thought it was great. And truly I just know that this is just the trick someone in my old D&D group would have tried to pull off. And that was back in the early days before all the skills and feats and stuff like that there. This and the Dwarf toss, made the 2nd movie for me.

  28. joesolo says:

    thats just epic.

  29. Spatticus says:

    What makes me feel old is that since Tony Hawk games aren’t big any more, in a few years a young kid could read this comic and not get the joke at all.

  30. by_the_sword says:

    Note, this was probably the inspiration for D&D 4th edition.

  31. Kunou says:

    I played with a party for which the lowest average damage per turn at level 13 was 168. I stopped giving them combat encounters they could win at all almost immediately afterwards. They seemed to get angry that they ended up fighting the D&D equivalent of Amazo’s Android. That was fun.

  32. Hattington says:

    Every time I see this scene, I think of this strip. :D

  33. Bagheera says:

    It makes me wonder if D&D campaigns are really like this and I should find a group. Great, Shamus has turned me into a geek (well, a geekier geek).

  34. Charles K. Ballard says:

    Filk sensation “The Great Luke-ski” has a song that mentions this scene. I can’t recall the exact beginning of the phrase, but it goes something like, “Now Legolas is cruisng such an excellent (smelter?), like if Tony Hawk was starring in “The Legend of Zelda”. Do a search, you can find his web-site and maybe the song. He’s so prolific I can’t begin to tell you which it was. CKB…..

  35. nocata says:

    does legolas really slide down on a orc shield in the movie? LOL!!!!!

  36. Heisenberg says:

    I just wanted to see if the message would change.

  37. Heisenberg says:

    Gah! Guess not.

  38. TooMad says:

    Six and a half years later and you’ve still changed the way I view this scene. Damn you.

  39. Andy says:

    Those are some high-ass scoring gaps, considering the THPS scoring system.

    If they put Legolas in the game, I’d slay it on Multiplayer. Literally.

    (for maximum effect, listen to “Superman” by Goldfinger while looking at the large end frame)

  40. Graham Garrett says:

    Just discovered this webcomic today and already dying. I guess it really does stand the test of time! :) Additionally, I’m listening to Hooked on a Feeling while I read this (on a loop) and it’s making me combine it with thoughts on GotG…hijinks have ensued.

    And yes, the Leggy-lass and Aragorn thing gets top billing in this “crossover”.

  41. Joe says:

    I wonder if this was the inspiration for Geralt’s downhill antics in Witcher 3.

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