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PAX East 2011: Being in Line

By Shamus
on Friday Mar 11, 2011
Filed under:
Nerd Culture


Exciting day so far. We waited in line in the murderous cold and Turok-level fog. Then we stood in line to get our passes. Then there was a kind of Aaron Sorkin style walking line. Now were sitting in line for the main exhibition hall.

Someone beside me is reading a comic book. Guys in front of and behind me are playing Magic: The Gathering. Someone has produced a beach ball, and a game of co-op crowd volleyball is now in session.

Man, this place is CRAWLING with nerds.

Comments (46)

  1. Vegedus says:

    So, does this nerdiness make the line waiting any easier?

  2. SolkaTruesilver says:

    Crawling with nerds, eh?

    remember the saying: In the land of the Blinds, the One-Eyed are Kings.

  3. Robyrt says:

    If there are people playing Magic, the line must not be moving very quickly!

  4. Monojono says:



    Where are the nerdbusters when you really need one?

  5. Henebry says:

    There’s nothing nerds like more than standing in line. Whether it’s for the latest apple product or the re-release of a movie that was better twenty years ago, lines give us a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging to a larger movement that will one day …

  6. Jeremiah says:

    (obligatory bad hygiene joke)

    In all seriousness I hope you and your wife have a great time.

    I went to Gen Con for the first time a couple years ago and I normally have a similar dislike of being around such a large gathering of people. But I’m glad I went, it was an amazing 4 days and I got to meet some awesome people.

  7. Irridium says:

    Nobody’s playing pokemon? Shame.

    Also, it could be worse. The place could be full of dorks ;)

  8. Spluckor says:

    Can we get a play by play of these Magic games? :)

    Irridium makes a good point, where is all the pokemon black and white at PAX?

  9. Shamus says:

    I was kind of expecting a Spoiler Warning today. Hmmm.

    (Not in gold because I didn’t want to log in on a public machine.)

  10. BFG9000 says:

    I wish I had your LIFE! Hahaha, enjoy Shamus.

  11. Jarenth says:

    Were Commander Shepard a real person, this would likely be his favourite place on the Citadel.

  12. Grag says:

    I’m shocked no-one pointed out the typo “Turok-levle” yet.

  13. MOM says:

    You should fix your typos. Makes you look like an unprofessional geek.

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