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DM of the Rings XCI:
The Predictable Surprise

By Shamus
on Monday Apr 23, 2007
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DM of the Rings


Gandalf arrives to save the day.
Gandalf annoys Aragorn.

Yeah. You saw this coming.

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  1. Rob says:

    HAHA, brilliant. This is what I always loathed about the railroad type predone campaign–and one of my least favourite scenes in the film too.

  2. ZachsMind says:

    Ah! So NOW I get a quote from Galaxy Quest! About a dozen strips back I left a message saying GQ never gets quoted from enough. LOL!

  3. Cynder says:

    Haha Aragorn. I’ve never heard someone complain so much.

    “I’m tired. I hate this campaign. There are no shops. There’s a lack of women. I keep mistaking elven men for pretty ladies. I rolled positive for an STD. I still can’t find a brothel. This guy’s getting on my nerves. I’m gunna jump off a cliff. I HATE THIS CAMPAIGN!!!”


  4. Doug says:

    @Scarlet Knight: Sam may have been straight, but in the movie, after the Ring’s gone into the fire and it looks like he and Frodo are about to follow suit, Sam talks about how much he wanted to go home and marry Rosie Cotton, and if the look Frodo gives him isn’t saying “What am I, chopped liver?”, I never saw one.

    ‘Cos, o’ course, two guys can’t be devoted to each other through thick and thin without being as QAF, not in a c21st movie. :rolleyes:

  5. Serenitybane says:

    Haha!!!! Awesome frames! I feel bad for those poor PCs :D

  6. caradoc says:

    With my players that NPC would not have had the Vorpal sword for long.

  7. dr pepper says:

    Back before AD&D, one of the gms in the extended group i played with had a really nasty dungeon. He had given us to understand that some of the characters who had died there were not really dead, they were captives of the evil wizard who lived at the bottom of the dungeon and were being subjected to all sorts of vile tortures. But we had been levelling. So we scheduled a game– time to end this. And we did. Killed every orc, zombie, will o wisp, golem, lich, and dragon, in the place. Plundered all 16 levels. Rescued the prisoners. Killed the wizard and took his treasure. The session lasted 27 hours of real time and suffered over 200% casualties. Not all at once, of course, thank goodness for two high level clerics, each with a Staff of Ressurection.

    It was a great game– for college aged gamers between terms and without jobs.

  8. Toaadam says:

    Wow, how often does Legolas look like that???

  9. joesolo says:

    yeah, that sucked for them. you fight for hours and hours and just when there almost deafeated, a whole mess of warriors show up and get all the credit. the time they needed that was about 1 hour in.

  10. Kunou says:

    I’ve always had the reverse problem. My NPCs always tended to get treated as though they were the obligatory video game escort mission. They were usually as good as they needed to be but the players got mad at them for everything. The worst was when they actually left behind an NPC character who was CARRYING A MESSAGE. Their whole quest was to deliver a message and they left the message behind. They then proceeded to get very angry when they reached their destination and weren’t paid.

    Its like a waiter failing to bring the food you ordered and then demanding a tip.

  11. Heisenberg says:

    Greetings from the future. We didn’t die in the Mayan apocalypse, in case anyone was wondering.

  12. Arkanabar says:

    Heh. I remember running one published Shadowrun campaign where I supplemented the team with a combat NPC from Hell (seriously, the guy was built around using a monowhip) and they left him to guard the MacGuffin while they went looking for info. In the text: “If the players leave any NPCs guarding the MacGuffin, when they return, those NPCs will be defeated. If the group splits, let them play out the combat, but if they leave the MacGuffin the care of NPCs, it does not matter if they left Godzilla to guard it, when they return, he will be bound and helpless.”

    They called shenanigans. I refused to be moved. It didn’t MATTER how good Tripwire was, it was still up to the PCs to win. He eventually got replaced by a decker/rigger, because decking splits the party, and we all agreed that it was a lot more fun when the Matrix happened off-stage.

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