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Spoiler Warning S5E1: The Death and Life of Reginald Cuftbert

By Shamus
on Wednesday Apr 6, 2011
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Spoiler Warning


You knew this was coming, didn’t you? You’re smart like that. Yes, we’re doing Fallout: New Vegas. Also, don’t miss this rare guest appearance by Randy Johnson. (The Spoiler Warning host, not the baseball player.)

Link (YouTube)

Youtube has given us more room. We can now upload videos greater than fifteen minutes in length. Given the extreme length of Fallout 3, and the likely length of New Vegas, we’ve decided to bump up our episodes to twenty minutes. This just means we’ll be putting out an hour and twenty minutes of show a week, instead of just an hour.

This is actually a huge bonus for us. One of the biggest headaches of Mass Effect 2 was when our episodes would run just a little bit long. It would eat an enormous amount of Josh’s time, editing and trimming to get the episode under the limit. You can’t just cut a whole minute from one spot and leave a hole in the episode. You can’t just fast-forward without breaking the continuous flowing conversation. If you just chop the episode early, then that extra minute of footage winds up in the next episode, thus perpetuating the problem. (We record episodes four at a time.) So Josh would have to reclaim that minute by painstakingly trimming away a few seconds at a time.

Now that the limit is lifted, this isn’t a problem. If we spill over to 21 minutes, it’s no big deal.

And yes, we began playing without turning on the subtitles or turning off Steam notifications. This is only our fifth season. I’m sure we’ll get good at this eventually.

Comments (285)

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  1. MrWhales says:

    Not that i figure this will be read, so i’ll also post this on a post with a fewer count(221 comments at the moment) But i shall abstain from this season at the point where i didnt keep going with the game, I sent it back on GameMine because i had a hankering for a certain western game from a certain company that coincidentally is the name of a popular energy drink. And i am also going to put this game back at the top of my list to play again..

  2. rayen says:

    Josh you crit stacking bastard. So good to be back in the wasteland.

  3. Vekni says:

    With this currently being $20 at GameStop, my PC begs the question:hows the bug fix status? Is it at “should have launched this smoothly” quality yet?

  4. Milos says:

    I don’t mind this since I like F:NV but, as I’m sure dozens of people already mentioned in comments that I didn’t read, we’re getting into a pattern here. By the time you are done with New Vegas ME3 will be out and we all know that’s a must for you – since we already invested so much time in ME universe we have to see the “epic” conclusion. Not much of a complaint as much of a I’m-so-smart-to-have-noticed-this remark.

  5. Markus says:

    Hey new Spoiler Warning! Off to a good start for Season 5.

  6. Xythe says:

    Do you guys have cameras in my house? This is the 5th season, and also marks the 5th time you’re doing a game that I have just bought and started playing, and thus the 5th time I can’t watch straight away for fear of spoilers. Why must you torture me so?

  7. Ramsus says:

    I actually just recently beat this game (and Dead Money). I specifically did it because I knew you guys would be doing this game next. And still I barely finished a couple weeks ago even though I figured you’d be doing this one back practically when you started Mass Effect 2. Good to know at least I’m still ahead of Shamus.

    I gotta say Kevin really outdid himself with the song this time. I mean all his work is great but this one just blew me away. It’s seems so perfect for the game. Bravo man, bravo.

  8. CalDazar says:

    Not knowing Sunny was talking about a dog was very strange when I first played the game. I’d got it for my birthday and me and some friends were going through it and one of us said “is she talking about her vagina?”.

    Well once you see that conversation in that kind of light it’s hard to stop. Funny though.

  9. superglucose says:

    In defense of the color pallet: that’s now Nevada really looks :P

    Know how you can tell when you’ve crossed from Nevada to Utah?

    Instead of everything being the same shade of brown, everything’s the same shade of grey.

  10. Seth Ghatch says:


  11. […] that I really, really want to play Fallout: New Vegas (especially now that the Spoiler Warning gang are doing so). I can’t help thinking that if I did play that game it would mark the end of my time with […]

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    […] that I really, really want to play Fallout: New Vegas (especially now that the Spoiler Warning gang are doing so). I can’t help thinking that if I did play that game it would mark the end of my time with […]

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