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DM of the Rings CII:
A Minor Omission

By Shamus
on Friday May 18, 2007
Filed under:
DM of the Rings


The DM forgot to bestow Aragorn’s sword.
Elrond drops by.

There are ways to correct mistakes made in the delivery of the plot. Some are better than others.

Comments (154)

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  1. Lucca says:

    What? no comic today? And i guess im first 8D

  2. opus7600 says:

    I see words, but no pictures…

  3. General Ghoul says:

    All of you first shouters can get in line to have your brain eaten like the jacka** in Shaun of the Dead.

  4. LethalSpoon says:

    Does it really matter about being first?

    And another great comic! Keep it up.

  5. blackgryphon says:

    “And keep you hands off my daughter”

    Second favorite line of all time. I loved this one.

  6. Wulfwen says:

    “Sweet smoking Conan!” There’s a mental image that’ll haunt me… Awesomely funny! :)

  7. drow says:

    figures. only two magic items in the whole fracking campaign, and they both go to the ranger. ;)

  8. Myxx says:

    lol. This episode cracked me up. Oh crap indeed.

  9. Robbi says:

    “And keep your hands off my daughter.” Ooh, I think I’ve seen that exact look on my dad’s face when I brought home some guy he didn’t approve of… thanks for the Friday laugh, Shamus!

  10. Da Rogue says:

    Hahaha! I love it! Looks like ol’ Elrond pulled a little heist…
    ah well, Aragormless got his sword finally.

  11. Fefe says:

    This one made me laugh really hard whereas the other recent ones only made me smile ;). You still manage to surprise me Shamus, I thought you already abused every situation that could possibly happen in a D&D game. :)

  12. aren3 says:

    Hilarious, as usual. And probably makes about as much sense as that part of the movie. Yeah, yeah, dramatic pacing and all that.

  13. Finally, the DM screws up bad.

    Another classic, some of the best lines yet.

    Keep it up!

  14. Aaron says:

    “Ok, suddenly Lord Elrond shows up at your camp.” “Hi”

    When I first started GMing this was a WEEKLY event. I was so nub LOL. I got a lot of “I was supposed to have this all along?”

    That screen cap of Elrond is awesome when he tells Aragormless to keep the hands off. Classic lol.

    And when the Aragormless is using the palantir: “Yeah that magical dohicky.” HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

    “Then he leaves.”

  15. Dylan Zimmerman says:

    Gotta say, the best line of the comic is “Okay, Suddenly Elrond shows up at your camp.” I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve solved problems this way before.

  16. Doug Brown says:

    OK, Shamus, you have surpassed all of your previous perfection in the choice of facial expressions with “Wielder of the what now?”

    Also, please but *please* tell me there’s a Priscilla, Queen of the Desert joke coming before this is all over.



  17. Soris says:

    Ye Gods! I read this more than 5 minutes ago and I’m still laughing. “Sweet smoking Conan!”, indeed.

    Quality stuff again, Shamus.

  18. Marmot says:

    “Suddenly Lord Elrond shows up at your camp. ‘Hi.’ ”


    I didn’t think it was possible to beat the previous comics but this one is really the king now. Keep up the awesomeness!

  19. brassbaboon says:

    That’s it!? That’s the whole Palantir viewing scene?

    I guess you’ll go back to that in the next comic now that you’ve reconciled the missing Anduril plot element.

    That was one of the scenes in the movie that made no sense to me.

    Heh, you should have posted the swords stats too, like in an item box next to the sword as Aragorn holds it up so we can see how awesome it is too.

    My favorite lines?

    “Hi. Here is the sword.”

    The understated eloquence of the Noldor is rarely acknowledged.

  20. Jake says:

    Certainly the most brilliant episode so far, in my opinion. Great job alluding to the corresponding (and somewhat perplexing) plot alteration from the movies. I wonder whether Peter Jackson made the same mistake that our DM made, and corrected it in the same way. Hmmm…

  21. Eltanin says:

    Nice one Shamus. Again, your screen-capture-fu has surpassed itself.

    I particularly enjoyed the commentary on the fallacies in the movie by having Elrond show up. So pleasantly subtle and tasty. I think that you should let your dissatisfaction with the movies come out more in the comic. It’s hilarious!

    My wife and I are reading the books again for the first time since the movies came out. It’s wonderful to have the characters back from their twisted cinema-versions. Comforting to have Frodo be competent and not wide-eyed and scared the whole time.

    Anyway, thanks again for the great comic.

  22. Clyde says:

    I dunno… You gotta be leery of any sword with a name. Like as not, it may have a mind of its own.

  23. Daemian_Lucifer says:

    Hillarious!I can just imagine peter jackson shooting the third part,then someone comes out and says:”Hey,we never did that scene where they reforged the sword in part one”

  24. Susano says:

    Oh Lord… the rest of the cube farm must think I’m crazy. I got to “Hi.” and just lost it.

  25. DocTwisted says:

    “Okay, so I managed to use the planter.” XD

    This one was truly hilarious, Shamus. I was cracking up right at the first panel, and just about fell out of my chair when Elrond turned into the father of every girl I’ve dated.

  26. Osvaldo Mandias says:

    Giggle-fest. You’ve outdone yourself.

  27. okay! says:

    Can’t wait for other players’ reaction when they hear Aragorn got a sweet blade for doing nothing. Where’s Gimli’s enchanted hammer, or Legolas’ enchanted bow, or the halflings’ enchanted toe hair trimmers?

    Great comic as usual.

  28. Tim the Enchanter says:

    Hilarious! I’ve been reading the comic for about 3 months now and have loved it, but this is the first comment I’ve made. I just had to post something because this episode is a masterpiece!

    I was laughing from the first panel and “Sweet smoking Conan” just about made me fall outta my chair.

    You’re doing an awesome job. Thanks for the belly laughs!

  29. AJ says:

    Makes you kind of wonder if Peter Jackson made the same mistake in the filming and went “oh crap…umm…we’ll have Elrond show up to deliver the sword!”

    Fantastic as always Shamus!

  30. Proteus says:

    Shamus ex machina… Great comic!

  31. bruce says:

    You know, some strips lead up to a punch-line, but I think that one that one has a punch-line in every frame.

    Best yet!

  32. MintSkittle says:

    21 Clyde Says:
    May 18th, 2007 at 11:35 am

    I dunno… You gotta be leery of any sword with a name. Like as not, it may have a mind of its own.

    That reminds me of a book I read: Bring me the Head of Prince Charming.
    Near the end, Prince Charming comes across Excalibur, which indeed has amind of its own, and seems obsessed with killing things. And it crawls away on its own to do that. Prince Charming quickly abandons the sword after that. I admit it’s not a great book, but it’s good for a couple of laughs.

  33. Randolpho says:

    teehee… I always hated that part of the movies

  34. John says:

    id give up now

    it will not get any better than that strip!

    well done sir


  35. Rico says:

    Lurved it. Lurved it good.

  36. pdwalker says:

    So… what are the stats of the sword?

  37. TalrogSmash says:

    Unfortunately, I understand why this deveation was made.

    In the books Aragorn purposefully hides the fact that he has this sword. No modern moviegoer who hadn’t already read the books would beleive this. Therefore you throw it in when, in the books, the blade would be revealed.

    Blame it on media’s always selling to the lowest common denominator.

    Still one of the funniest things I’ve ever read!

  38. Shandrunn says:

    In the books, Aragorn actually used Anduril before that. At the very least he wielded it at Helm’s Deep.

  39. Mike S. says:

    TalrogSmash: In the books, Aragorn doesn’t hide Anduril after it’s reforged. He uses it openly (e.g., in Moria), and gives its whole history to Hama the doorward when the latter insists that they not bring weapons before Theoden. (That it’s specifically that sword is the reason Aragorn says he’s reluctant to let it go. “I would do as the master of the house bade me, were this only a woodman’s cot, if I bore now any sword but Anduril.”)

    (If anything, the trick is to get him to stop telling you about the sword. :-) )

    In any case, the events of this strip are a better explanation for the reshuffling of the sequence than Jackson came up with.

  40. Rolld20 says:

    Oh, oh, my!
    My diaphram HURTS from suppressed laughter!
    Quality, Shamus. Many thanks- I’ll be chuckling all weekend over this one. :)

  41. josh brandt says:

    Okay, so did I already mention my friend who was playing Mordenkainen’s Dungeon with another friend of his as DM?

    That dungeon starts the players off in front of a lock and absolutely impassable door– you can’t disintegrate, fireball, cut, break, lockpick, _wish_, astral travel, or ANYTHING to get through that door. The only thing that will open it is the Key of Opening, which the players are supposed to start out with (through whatever mechanism the DM decides in order to fit it into one’s ongoing campaign or whatever).

    So after four hours of the players trying to pick the lock, fireball their way in, disintegrate the doors and so on, after getting TOTALLY frustrated with the whole thing, finally the DM asked, “Why don’t you just use that key you started out with?”

    Yeah, he’d forgotten to give them the key. I think that was the last time he got to be DM…

  42. Arbaal says:

    Bwah ha ha ha ha ha! Priceless! I am at a job I just started on Tuesday and burst out laughing.

    “And keep your hands off my daughter!”

    Absolutely priceless!

  43. Midnight_Fox says:

    He has Anduril the whole time and doesn’t really hide the fact either. In fact, he even warns the Palace Guards in Rohan that only he may draw the sword without being harmed when they take Anduril from him. Not much hiding there.

  44. DB says:

    I have to agree, this part of the movie made me miss the books the most.

    Perfect, though. “Hi”. Just perfect.

  45. Vegedus says:

    “Okay, suddenly Elrond shows up at your camp.” “Hi” Laughs out loud!
    “He gives you the sword” “Here is the sword” Laughs out loud again!

  46. Isoyami says:

    Brilliant. Absolutely horseF—in’ brilliant. XD

    The just about had me in tears. It was amazing. And agreed, the screen caps are utterly divine on this one.

    I think Aragorn’s player is FINALLY happy with this campaign, now that he has some sweet loot.

    And I think that’s the shortest speech Elrond Hubbard (or any plot exposition NPC) has given in the strip to date. Aragorn must be happy with that. :D

  47. Isoyami says:

    Whoops. Something screwy happened in my last post. Should be: The *Suddenly Lord Elrond appears in your camp.* “Hi”. just about had me in tears.

    Thank you, Mr. Brain.

    (With apologies to Steve. ;) )

  48. Destroy Gundam says:

    I can’t stop laughing, even while I was typing this.

    “Hi. Here is the sword. And keep your hands off my daughter”. And here I thought elves and rulers loved making long speeches.

  49. Dawn says:

    I have nothing new to add, but still: HA!

    “You mean I didn’t – OH CRAP! Okay, suddenly Elrond shows up at your camp.”

    What a great way to encompass both the plot of the books and the way it happened in the movie.

  50. NeImporte says:

    So, I spent my time between actually working catching up to today’s post, and am already anxious for next Monday… good thing I can laugh out loud and actually show my supervisor the website (and email it to him at his request) when I burst out loud laughing (call center tech support, we all get the inside jokes).

    I’ve emailed this site to all my D&D friends, and we all think you have a webcam spying on us.

    Mirth and merriment has been had by all, keep up the good work. Now that I’m done catching up, I’ll have to see about supporting you by clicking adds or buying merch (if you have any). I was too busy reading to explore the rest of your offerings/links.

  51. Caitlin says:

    I always wondered why Elrond gave the sword to Aragon at this point in the movies. I had thought Aragon had the sword since Rivendell. Thanks for clearing that up Shamus.

  52. Seriously, this one is a home-run. Just hysterical. I know at this point I’m jumping on the pile, but it’s one of your best.

  53. Nixorbo says:

    I have a working theory about why Jackson put Anduril so much later.

    I think it’s linked to Aragorn’s development as a character. I base this on Elrond telling him “Put off the Ranger and become the King you were born to be” (Nixorbo Roughly From Memory version). Anduril symbolizes Aragorn’s commitment to accepting his inheritence, where he chooses to finally stop being a mere Ranger and take the responsibility of leadership.

    That’s why Jackson moved it, to show Aragorn’s character development, from Strider to Elessar.

  54. Nixorbo says:

    Also, best comic ever. Or at least in recent memory. Keep your hands off my daughter indeed.

    Hope Aragorn’s learned his lesson from Eowyn.

  55. -Chipper says:

    This strip sounds very much like your own mis-step in DMing:

    To quote the boss from the movie Mr. Mom: “Keep that sense of humor- it’s critical!” :-)

    This was a GREAT strip!

  56. Roxysteve says:

    brassbaboon Says:
    Heh, you should have posted the swords stats too, like in an item box next to the sword as Aragorn holds it up so we can see how awesome it is too.

    No good. This is Anduril, the famous Sword of Plot-Adaptive Stats. Basically, if the DM decides the plot needs it, the sword can do it at that time. Repeat performances on player demand are not guaranteed.


  57. Roxysteve says:

    The palantir in frame one looks too rude for Aragormless to pass up making a comment.

    Outraged of Snakepipe Hollow.

  58. Adam says:

    First time I have posted.

    So I decide to do some reading while waiting for some support in DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online) only to see this and laugh out loud soooo hard. The main reason is… I’ve done just that! Forget to give a key element of the plot when I was suppose to.

    The whole, He’s here – gives you dohicky – He’s gone… lord that is funny.

  59. Martin says:

    OK class, can you say “retcon”? I knew you could.

    And, with regards to, “figures. only two magic items in the whole fracking campaign, and they both go to the ranger. ;)”

    I think Frodo has a magic item or two, plus (of course) various NPCs.

  60. Tom says:

    I agree with Nixorbo’s Strider/Elessar interpretation of the movie.

  61. Dreamshadow says:

    Oh man…that was me as the DM. Seriously, reading text boxes I shouldn’t have (flavortextflavortext, and now the party is jumped by….*sigh) or forgetting plot points in my custom campaigns. Thanks Shamus.

  62. Parzival says:

    I have to echo everyone else:

    “OH CRAP! Okay, Suddenly Elrond shows up at your camp…”
    ” ‘Hi. Here is the sword.'”
    ” ‘And keep your hands off my daughter.'”
    “Sweet smokin’ Conan!”


    Great stuff. And how you manage to find all those expressions is beyond me.
    (Peter Jackson really does need to see this strip.)

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