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Chocolate Mumbles vs. Digital Rutskarn

By Shamus
on Wednesday Jun 1, 2011
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It’s like one of those heartwarming Disney movies where parent and kid swap bodies and engage in hijinks that help them understand each other in a new way, leading reconciliation and a greater appreciation for each other. And love.

Only, in this case the father and son are Vader and Luke, and swapping places has only escalated a feud that will end in hilarious murder and madcap corpse abuse. To wit, he is on her site and she is on his site and I’m just going to hang out here and wait for this whole thing to blow over.

Technically, Josh and I also traded blogs today. I mean, he posted Spoiler Warning, and then I didn’t do a damn thing because he doesn’t have a blog. Or a website. Or Twitter. Or Facebook. Or a picture of himself. It was like “Trading Places” with the invisible man.

Comments (116)

  1. Rutskarn says:

    Mumbles wins. Throwin’ that out there.


  2. Deadfast says:

    Broken link spotted! “his site” probably has some brackets missing.

    With that in mind it’s Ruskarn who’s in the lead again. Conspiracy?

  3. Max says:

    I suppose that could be an interesting movie as well. Trading places with some guy who never does anything, just spend the whole movie chilling, and get a better appreciation of what it’s like to do nothing. There’s definitely money in this idea.

  4. xXDarkWolfXx says:

    In joshes defense i could also be considered an Insisible man as i currently dont have any photos of myself available.

  5. Slip says:

    Dammit Josh, I’m aiming to be the last person on the planet that doesn’t have Facebook – get Facebook!

    In other news, I feel like it would be more terrifying if they got a joint blog. Vader and Luke versus the world; yikes.

  6. Rayen says:

    you realize rutskarn calls you shamu in his DM post. I may be wrong but i think he’s making fun of you by simultaneously comparing you to a famous water mammal and intentionally cutting off your name… that or I’m reading to far into things and subconsciously trying to sow seeds of doubt and bitterness for reasons i don’t quite understand.

    basically I’m Loki now.

  7. Littlefinger says:

    If Shamus is to trade places with Josh he should be the one playing New Vegas, scrolling through all the inventory, selling the incinerator, listen to every conversation, not skip a single sentence, selling the incinerator, putting all points into repair and speech, selling the incinerator, and FINALLY put up some Black Mountain Radio. Then Josh can bitch about the play style and lament the loss of the Incinerator. It’d probably end getting mauled by a cohort of deathclaws but it’d be worth it.

  8. rrgg says:

    Josh is the only one of you ready for when the computers take over.

  9. Jibar says:

    Aw, it’s their first internet date.
    True love in the making.

  10. X2-Eliah says:

    “He is on her site and she is on his site” – That has got to be a premise for some crappy summer ‘romance comedy’ or something..

    In all fairness, though, neither of them stuffed the other’s blog full of pink hearts and bunnies, so there is still a sliver of hope left for sanity.

  11. Rodyle says:

    Ha! It seems I am no longer alone in thinking there’s some romance between the two (Rutskarn and Mumbles, that is)! I’ve been hammering on this ever since episode four or so in the Bioshock series, for god’s sake…

  12. Supahewok says:

    So… who’s Vader. and who’s Luke?

  13. Ramsus says:

    This only solidifies my theory that Ruts and Mumbles are the same person.

    *is where I’d run away if I wasn’t severely out of breath from all the previous running*

  14. Mumbles says:

    I prefer to think of us as Wheatley and GLaDOS.

    I’m Wheatley. Naturally, of course.

  15. Exasperation says:

    I also notice that Josh doesn’t have a calendar, or else he’s posting on your blog from somewhere outside of normal space-time.

  16. Dante says:

    Now all we need is Ruts to sing “Love is in the Air” by Tom Jones

  17. deiseach says:

    Or a picture of himself.

    You mean Josh doesn’t look strikingly like Teddy Roosevelt? I’m shocked, someone is misrepresenting themselves on the web!

  18. Dude says:

    So when is the marriage?

  19. Eric says:

    Am I the only one who’s vaguely annoyed by all this stuff? I come to Twenty Sided for interesting game commentary, dammit, not “young lovebirds dance around the issue of their affections”! Admittedly my heart is a cold, black stone, and I yearn only for the screams and suffering of all humanity, but that’s not really relevant.

    (also post 100 because that damn thing was taunting me)

    • xXDarkWolfXx says:

      According to the counter this comment im writing right here would be comment 102 on this page.
      Also if you think about it we could always start a mumbles/rutskarn drinking game.
      And count yourself lucky you dont live where i do or else youd have to control the overwhelming desire to cleanse the city in nuclear fire like i do

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