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Spoiler Warning S5E29: Do Over

By Shamus
on Tuesday Jun 7, 2011
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Spoiler Warning


Link (YouTube)

I hate this episode. The rest of the week will be better, I promise.

Interesting note: The problem with the microphones cutting off? Yeah. That’s not due to us letting go of the talk key. Both Mumbles and Josh compared their recordings of our session with the episode audio, and found the clipping didn’t exist in the original. These last few weeks I’ve been going mad, trying to figure out why I keep introducing myself as “Sha-“, NO MATTER HOW LONG I HOLD DOWN THE BUTTON. I thought I was losing my mind.

Nope, looks like a bug in Ventrilo. When you export a session, it clips some messages. Sometimes. For some people. That’s just great.

We could move to Mumble or some other voice client. But that means paying for another server, getting everyone on the new clients, and discovering what shortcomings and bugs and annoyances await us with the new system.

Technology sucks.

Comments (215)

  1. De Zwits says:

    Only move to Mumble if Mumbles gets royalties.

  2. Pearly says:

    Sometimes I see kids struggling with their cell phones, outraged at some outage or shortcoming in their network and I’m reminded that when I was their age, we didn’t even have flash storage, let alone smart phones.

    Shamus, you are speaking to multiple people at once through a network of computers spanning hundreds or even thousands of miles to express and at the same time watching streaming video feed of what one of them is doing in a virtual reality simulation. Now read that sentence aloud to your twelve year old self.

    Technology is awesome. But nobody’s happy.

  3. Drew says:

    Since there are only four of you, there’s no reason you couldn’t just run Murmur (the Mumble server) on one of your machines instead of paying for a server. It is, after all, free. I run Murmur on my machine while playing WoW with a few friends, and it doesn’t slow anything down and works just fine. So you should have no issues with the few of you.

  4. Bodyless says:

    So if you try to introduce yourself as Shamus Young, we are going to hear you saying “i am shame.. you…”

  5. klasbo says:

    This might be a hassle, but you could try to record all the audio locally, then have Josh do all the work of editing the voice tracks together in post. You’d probably also get better audio quality that way.

  6. Drexer says:

    So 3D holographic cameras capture your soul apparently? Nice going Obsidian…

    So Mumbles, how pissed are you regarding Barbara’s return to the Batgirl mantle and total disregard by DC regarding her symbolism and Stephanie’s and Cassandra’s legacy? Just wondering.

    • It’s a recording of her in her final moments, trapped in the casino by her former lover and his out of control security measures. They then stuck some basic security AI into it and voila – instant guard.

      • Drexer says:

        And the security AI is in a depression because it has been kept there for a long time? Why should that character be feeling or saying those things if it’s a security AI? Why would she be saying those things in her last moments in life?

        Just because there’s an excuse(and I understood the excuse when Josh explained it), doesn’t make it any less mind-boggling-craptastic-cerebral-numbing stupid when that excuse is horrible.

        • Raygereio says:

          The AI isn’t depressed or anything silly like that. The thing is basically just repeating a certain repetoire of stock messages.
          As for why she saying those things, well that’s explained in the backstory of the DLC.

        • krellen says:

          The holograms actually repeat the loop of her last moments over and over, in order. It’s not like it chopped up her message into phrases and repeats them randomly. It’s the same message looped constantly.

          • Drexer says:

            Ah ok, my fault then. The dialogue that I managed to hear while Josh was playing induced me to think otherwise. It actually seemed like she was reacting purposefully to Cuftbert.

    • Mumbles says:


        • Deadpool says:

          That’s all we know.

          If you’ve been ignoring DC news, DC is revamping their whole line, another big reboot. This is one of the changes.

          Personally, I like her better as Oracle.

          • Drexer says:

            We also know that Gail Simone is writing it and that it is indeed Barbara Gordon and not Stephanie Brown with a wig(SHUT UP I WAS IN DENIAL).

            • LurkerAbove says:

              I’m trying to keep an open mind, but DC makes it harder with each announcement.

              • NeilD says:

                I don’t know. So far I haven’t seen anything that would preclude the telling of good stories. They’re just shaking up the status quo a little. Again. Doesn’t even seem that major, compared to events like Crisis or Zero Hour.

                Always remember that without risking such changes we’d never have had Barbara as Oracle in the first place (and how many people were outraged when she was crippled?), or more than one human Green Lantern, or Tim Drake as Robin, etc.

                • LurkerAbove says:

                  I’m not concerned with the status quo being shaken up. Oracle becoming Batgirl doesn’t really bother me, and even Dick going back to Nightwing has potential (though the Dick/Damian dynamic was great).

                  My concern, at its essence, is the possibility that Red Robin and Batgirl (Stephanie Brown), books I enjoyed immensely, are disappearing without replacements.

                  There are lots of books yet to be announced, so maybe tomorrow there will be “Red Robin and the Outsiders” and “Spoiler and Cassandra Cain Globe-Trotting and Being Awesome” (title a work in progress) announcements and my outlook would shift dramatically. Maybe that is Huntress in the JLI image and my outlook would shift a bit.

                  But working from what I know today, it doesn’t seem like anything to be excited about. (Though digital distribution is a really welcome development).

                  • Deadpool says:

                    Despite all the complaints, I thought Chris Yost’s Red Robin was AWESOME. Nicieza’s wasn’t bad, but if I can get Tim written by someone else… At least some good would come of this.

                    Losing Gail Simone on Birds of Prey (A SECOND TIME) hurts though… I hope we keep Secret Six.

                  • Drexer says:

                    From what I’ve heard on the JLI pic that is Donna Troy.

                • Drexer says:

                  Along side Lurker’s comments which I echo immensely(really, the current Batgirl is the kind of comic that can cure cancer by touch alone and when Cass appeared in Batman Inc. and Gates of Gotham I just squeed myself to a Joker smile); the destruction of the character of Oracle, one of the two major characters with a disability in comics(the other being Professor X) is a very nasty thing when considering how little characters of reference there are for such readers to identify with.

                  I might be an heterosexual white male, but I’ll be damned if such a slight tossing aside of a character so important to a minority doesn’t annoy me.

                  • ehlijen says:

                    Not much into comics myself, but isn’t Daredevil blind? Wouldn’t that count as a disability? Or is he disqualified because his super power basically fixes it?

                    • Drexer says:

                      Yeah pretty much. It’s very easy to identify with Daredevil independently of whom you are, seeing as his lack of vision doesn’t quite give him any difficulties in life(if anything he can ‘see’ better).

                      There are some more superheroes and supporting cast in similar conditions, but like I said those are the two main ones.

              • ps238principal says:

                Yeah, I’m still waiting to see how “Batman, Inc.” fits into all of this. Personally, I think it’s a crass attempt to sell Bat-books and merch in overseas markets, but given how ludicrous the costumes are (not to mention an organization of loner vigilantes. What?), I think it’s pretty much doomed.

          • Mumbles says:

            If it’s for the reboot, then it completely makes sense.

            • Drexer says:

              Seriously Mumbles?

              Because by that logic Countdown also made sense.


              • Mumbles says:

                They’re REBOOTING the series so it makes sense that they’re going back to square one. If they’re ACTUALLY curing her legs in the process then no. That’s dumb. If they’re pretending the joker shooting her in the stomach thing hasn’t happened yet, then what’s the proobbllleeeem? I liked Batgirl: Year One, didn’t you?

                • Drexer says:

                  I loved Batgirl year one.

                  But I also love Oracle and I realize what the character means to many people. Independently of how they do this, they’re ‘curing’ a character, something which people with the same affliction in real life can’t do most of the times.

                  They’re not rebooting it completely to square one you must note, Dick and others for instance are still around; so if they retcon the Killing Joke they’ll be totally erasing a character and what it stands for from their continuity. If they ‘cure’ her in anyway, they will be sending a very wrong message.

                  It’s a no-win situation with no desirable outcome which won’t offend people needlessly. That’s why the whole internet(and me) is so angry about it.

                  Oh well, no sense continuing hoarding Shamus blog for this. :P

        • Jeff says:

          Those gloves may be realistic/logical, but dear lord they’re nasty.

      • Rasha says:

        Also ruts is now playing batman in a crappy 2012 spinoff movie. Enjoy.

  7. Yeah, I’m the guy who’d give the excuse for this on the forums – I read all the history and notes early on. They don’t explain everything, but some things, like who Vera Keyes was, why she’s a hologram etc do have explanations. Actually there’s a lot of stuff that gets explained, the game has a lot of strong themes and a rather in-depth story, Josh just hasn’t mentioned any of it to you, and never takes the time to explain, hence why you have no idea what’s going on most of the time.

    And this would be fine if it was like one person needing it explained, but I really don’t see the point in doing Dead Money if you can’t provide commentary or even, failing that, bothering to show it off. Now Honest Hearts would probably work fine with a blind run because as soon as you know Daniel and Joshua then the rest is self explanatory, it’s not that complex, but Dead Money really is.

    • Monojono says:

      Well, theres still an interesting point being made: this (supposedly) good, in depth story is completely indistinguishable from a bad story because all the background and explanations are so separate from the gameplay, that sticking to just the core gameplay you miss it. While I don’t think everything should be spelt out for the player, the core that the story is built on should be a strong narrative with optional extra reading adding to the experience, not defining it.
      (Note-I haven’t played Dead money, so if josh is skipping over stuff that would be obvious in a normal play through, it might not be as bad as it looks here)

      • Raygereio says:

        I haven't played Dead money, so if josh is skipping over stuff that would be obvious in a normal play through, it might not be as bad as it looks here

        I guess that comes down to what gameplay style this DLC was designed for.
        If you do the bare minimum of dialogue required to progress, do no exploring, skip over every single terminal you come acros, etc. Then yeah; you’ll miss out and you’ll barely have any clue about what happened and is going on.
        If you instead play it like… oh, I dunno, a Fallout game for instance, then you will get what’s going on.

        • Jeff says:

          That seems appropriate. If you go through life ignoring dialog and not paying attention to the news, you’re not going to have any idea what’s going on. Hehe.

        • Veloxyll says:

          So basically it’s only a good DLC if you have high speech and science? I thought the idea of Fallout games is they’re supposed to be fun wherever you’ve invested skillpoints.

          • Wtrmute says:

            I don’t know about high Speech (although I’ve seen plenty of other skill checks in conversation, too), but I don’t recall seeing even one locked terminal this season, let alone in this DLC. So I guess that low Science wouldn’t be much of an issue — high Repair might be more useful, from what I can gather from the playthrough.

          • Raygereio says:

            Even though it’s no requirement for “getting it”, you will probably get more out of it is you have skills that you can use. But not just speech and science; repair, explosive, even barter is used.

            Which is probably why this DLC is recommended to do at level 20. At that point even low-int character will have a couple of skills leveled.

      • Alexander The 1st says:

        While I don't think everything should be spelt out for the player, the core that the story is built on should be a strong narrative with optional extra reading adding to the experience, not defining it.

        This. Even if you don’t read any of the audio logs in Bioshock, you still know the following:

        Your plane crashes, and you enter the lighthouse bathysphere which takes you into Rapture, the underwater ‘self-proclaimed utopia’. Doesn’t really look that way though, as the whole place is creepy, and littered with Zombie rejects who’ve used the same super powers you need to use to go kindly help the main Navi guy with some pretty odd chores, before interrupted by Tannerbaun, who regrets her experiments in Rapture in the past, and asks you to take on the side quest of saving some Little Sisters. This eventually culminates in Navi guy (Sorry, forgot his name) asking you to go after Andrew Ryan. So you go through some more tasks to do so, and then When confronted Andrew Ryan asks you if ‘would you kindly’ hit him over the head with a golf club. You then discover that Navi Guy is actually Fontaine, who’s this weird JRPG-ish villain who tries to take over Andrew Ryan’s reign by force, and has been brain-washing you the entire time. Tannerbaun then saves you from a pretty vital scenario, removes the mind-control, and asks you to take on Fontaine to fully free yourself and Rapture from him. Based on the number of Little Sisters you save/kill, you get a different ending.. But through the entire time, you are given parts of the story “force-fed” to you, and yet…the audio logs complement the story.

        You can have both. You don’t need to go one way or the other. There is a happy medium between Uncharted and Fallout.

    • Vect says:

      Speaking of Honest Hearts, why do I get the feeling that they’ll try and “beat it” in one episode via Chaos in Zion?

    • Myth says:

      Yeah, this. I’m glad in general that the crew decided to do Dead Money, since it encouraged me to get it and play through it ahead of time (so I’d know what was going on) – and it was an awesome experience, with great characters and an interesting story.

      At the same time, the actual SW episodes about it have been pretty terrible – as they’ve noted, the inevitable result of tackling a story that 3/4 of the group hasn’t done. Even if half had played it, I think we’d get a lot more informed discussion of the game, since 2 is enough for a conversation.

      I don’t normally have a problem with these sort of complaints – indeed, all the complaints about Mass Effect 2 only made my play-through more fun. But in this case, so many of the complaints are ones that just don’t have any connection with actual normal play-throughs of the DLC itself. Yes, plenty still hold weight – mocking the boring brown and red palette, for example. But all the complaints about the story and the characters, including inventing their own explanations to put in the mouths of the designers and then mocking that… well, let’s just say I’m eager to have them get back to the regular plot of New Vegas. Or even play through Honest Hearts, which I think would be much easier to tackle without any of them knowing anything about it at all.

      • Matt says:

        Dead Money is very complex, and you won’t get the full story without reading the terminals and paying attention. Josh does a horrible job of this, but to be fair, reading terminals is too boring for SW episodes. However, Josh doesn’t explain this or act like there even is a good explanation, which leads to everyone mocking the story without really understanding it. SW shouldn’t have done Dead Money without everyone having played it,which I know is a stretch. The explanations aren’t even hard to find, if you listen to what the characters say (things are ARE NOT hidden in a dialogue tree) and read the terminals (that take almost no time to read), you’ll understand.

        • anaphysik says:

          Plus, we all know Josh can’t read, so the terminals wouldn’t help the playthrough much anyway.

        • Raygereio says:

          SW shouldn't have done Dead Money without everyone having played it,which I know is a stretch.

          Just one of them was enough; one that can talk about the story for the others to comment on while Josh does his Cuftbert routine.

          • krellen says:

            Ideally, Shamus; because he serves as sort of the “voice of authority” on the cast: every time Mumbles tries to share her considerable Batman knowledge, she gets trolled, but no one trolls Shamus when he tries to explain things, so it works best coming from him.

          • Sleeping Dragon says:

            I was going to hold back with this till Dead Money is actually finished but seeing how it’ been called I kinda agree. I think it’s good when there’s a person on the show who hasn’t seen (parts of) the game. It worked very well both with SB Lair and the ending of ME2. But I think either three out of four people not knowing the game is too much or Dead Money is too long.

            Primarily, there is no real interest in the game from the side of the team. I find the “random party banter” funny and amusing so I don’t consider the episodes a wasted time but still, there is not enough deconstruction of the actual game stemming directly from the complete lack of the interest with the DLC on the part of the team.

          • Matt says:

            One isn’t enough, though, in this case. Josh has done a horrible job of explaining the plot, the other 3 don’t really seem to have an idea of what is happening.

  8. Psithief says:

    Shamus, I apologise for my great smugness in pointing out what I thought was your fault.

    I support your crusade against bad code.

  9. Sekundaari says:


    (Left) Alt: Free look
    L: Toggle lights

    That’s Arma 2 for you. This image seems to have some mistakes, but you get the picture.

    • Zukhramm says:

      Also, I think there’s a couple of RPGs that have some kind of quest log on L.

    • Groboclown says:

      And I bind L in TF2 to my medic to say, “PUT THAT DAMNED EQUALIZER AWAY WHEN I’M TRYING TO HEAL YOU.”

      It doesn’t do much, but it makes me feel better.

      • HeroOfHyla says:

        Of course then you run into the problem of a soldier who’s run out of rocket launcher and shotgun ammo, and so the game won’t let him *not* hold out the equalizer.

    • MrWhales says:

      o_o I think that it would be easier to learn to be a stunt pilot quicker than it would be to learn that….

      • Sekundaari says:

        Amusingly, the mouse controls are missing from the image (yeah that key setup is for one hand) and the flying controls aren’t listed, only so much space per button after all. But the grey movement keys on the left change their function when you hop in an aircraft. And the mouse is used for standard FPS stuff, and also doing numerous additional actions available with the wheel.

        And then there’s some useful stuff that doesn’t have a key by default, like ejecting from a vehicle in a hurry (normally done through the action menu, which might be too slow). Thankfully, you can bind things to multiple-key combinations or hitting a key twice rapidly too.

        So basically, this is the closest thing I know of to that keyboard smash -combination Shamus was talking about.

        • MrWhales says:

          And then there's some useful stuff that doesn't have a key by default, like ejecting from a vehicle in a hurry (normally done through the action menu, which might be too slow). Thankfully, you can bind things to multiple-key combinations or hitting a key twice rapidly too.

          So how many keyboards are required to play this game? Because after looking at that diagram i see no room for anything else.
          And obviously a default 3 button mouse is very inappropriate here.
          So 3 keyboards, 2 “gaming” mice, and a therapist to explain the horrible dreams where you can’t help but hit the wrong button all the time…

          Not that I am hating on the game, never even seen gameplay of it. But really….

          • Someone says:

            I only really use WASD, C and Spacebar, everything else is for weirdos, like Sek.

          • Sekundaari says:

            That’s where the multiple-key commands come in. I clear the left Control key to use it in these combinations. And some of the functions on the image are for very specific things. Next target (TAB) is only for vehicles, for example, so I can use it for that and Hold breath, which is infantry-only. And I have a pretty normal mouse, actually.

            Of course, some people think this control scheme is too limited and add things like… well.

            @Someone: Start using the map and leaning. Also, reload your gun. No wonder you’re always running out of ammo.

      • Even says:

        It’s not that you need to use all of them all the time. Basic movement isn’t that much more complicated from your generic FPS. The F keys are used mostly for the command interface, which you can only utilize when you’re the assigned team leader of a group. If you keep playing, you’ll eventually develop the needed routines for it and using it becomes a second nature. Even so, most of the radio commands (1-9) and command interface can be largely ignored in favor of an organized communication line via Vent/Mumble/Teamspeak/Whathaveyou.

    • Deadfast says:

      Your Left Windows is free, let’s fix that by assigning Get Out / Eject (double press) to it.
      And speaking of the Windows key, I absolutely love that Arma allows you to use it as any other key. The only other game I remember that allows that is Mafia. Other games ignore it at best, at worst it is hard-linked to the #!%&$~@ action, aka “Hi, I’m the start menu, you weren’t playing a game, were you?”

      • Sekundaari says:

        I find pressing the Windows key rather awkward, actually. Anyway, the picture is just the default, I myself have eject as Ctrl+E. Edit: Actually I’m not 100% sure it’s Arma 2 and not ArmA.

        I’m a bit annoyed by the fact that some other Windows commands work so well. Sometimes I get a reminder when I’m using free look and try to select unit 4 at the same time.

        • Deadfast says:

          They actually suspended ALT+F4 in the 1.59 patch. You now have to be in the pause menu for the combination to shut the game down, in-game it doesn’t do a thing.

          And yes, the diagram is for Armed Assault. Arma 2 doesn’t use Home, End, etc. keys by default.

          • Sekundaari says:

            Yay! Wait… I already have it. Hmm.

            Perhaps it doesn’t apply to vanilla Arma 2. I’ve been playing that one because… some people are too something to buy Arrowhead just yet.

            • Deadfast says:

              If you’re playing just Arma 2 then the latest patch is 1.09 if I remember correctly and that one does not have the ALT+F4 change.

              You know Arma 3 is due to be released next year, right? You might want to buy Arrowhead prior to that :P

              • Sekundaari says:

                No, I do have Arrowhead, though I haven’t played it (well, CO) in a while. The other guys I play co-op with don’t. Not verifying names here, but you might find them if you click on Someone’s link up there and delve into the posts from… last month. Could really use some help in the OA propaganda effort to rectify this sad state of affairs.

                Edit: Also, I know. I so know. Almost bought a computer to run Skyrim, but this needs to be taken into account.

  10. James Schend says:

    Unless you add a lot more people, just use Skype.

  11. DanMan says:

    It’s official: Every episode of Spoiler Warning needs to end with Josh saying “So.. this isn’t good.” Best ending ever.

  12. Deadpool says:

    Justification for Vera holograms: Guy who made the Casino was obsessed with her.

    Not really well hidden either mind you…

    Btw, Christine is pissed because, after days and days of torture, she’s freed to see Cuftbert who basically says “bitch, do what I tell you or I’ll put you back in there!”

    In her place, would you be nice to a person who did that to you?

    • Chuck says:

      To expand on that, because I’m that kind of person, she developed claustrophibia from being in the auto-doc. That’s why she refused to take the elevator earlier.

      This feature must be incorporated into Mass Effect 3.

      • psivamp says:

        What, so every time you need to load you have to beat your companion into unconsciousness? Actually, if they keep giving you stooges like Miranda, that might be really enjoyable.

      • Falcon_47 says:

        Btw, as anyone seen the new Mass Effect 3 Trailer. It seems were going from Space RPG, to Space Shooter, to “down to Earth” Shooter. Dragon Age 2 Syndrome anyone?…

        • Deadpool says:

          Nope. Too busy gushing over Nintendo’s E3 show. Batman Arkham City of Wii U. Darksiders 2 at launch? Screw Mass Effect and its Kinetic bullshit…

        • Irridium says:

          PUNCH people with an OMNI BLADE!


          Also, FIGHTING REAPERS with a machine gun on the back of a HOVER TRUCK!


          • anaphysik says:

            Omni-tool blade does actually look fun. I don’t have a problem with the series increasing the action, so long as it also keeps a good story (they are nowhere even near mutually exclusive). ME2 faltered on this (excellent short stories, a couple of which are integral to the overall universe, but nothing tying them into the stupid crappy main story of the game (wait, that might actually be a hidden benefit…)), but I will reserve judgment on ME3 until I see it.
            (On the other hand, shooting reapers with a ‘small’ gun just seems goofy to me. Now, shooting them with some Klendagon-style weapons…)

            Anyway, the neatest thing I’ve seen so far is Wrex and Mordin working together. The best character in the first game plus the best character in the second game = Pure squee. I can only hope hope that they both get to join the team (I’m doubtful – they seem more like guest stars – but one can dream, right?). Just throwing this out there, though: Bioware better damn well not make me have to choose between them….

          • Chuck says:

            I would buy that, and it shames me.

            Unless its a fully automatic guass minigun, than I’m cool.

          • krellen says:

            My brain still hurts.

          • Eärlindor says:

            The idea of the Omni-Tool Blade bothers me. Seriously, how the heck does a HOLOGRAM function as a weapon at all? Is it kinetic? Why not just call it a Kinetic Blade?

        • ProudCynic says:

          Honestly, I’m really interested to see Shamus’s reaction. Should be… entertaining, to say the least.

          Almost as interested as I am to see a new Spoiler Warning! *taps foot expectantly* C’mon guys, you know we need our fix…

    • Yeah, the entire thing is a Citizen Kane style monument to the guy’s (Sinclair’s) wife, and here you would find out she’s addicted to med-x, which has been used to blackmail her into helping organize a robbery of the casino. Sinclair found out about this ahead of time and essentially turned the casino’s security systems into a massive mousetrap with the vault below as the cheese. So, as is part of the theme of being trapped by greed, Vera was imprisoned here until she died, with the security holograms recording every second. Sinclair meanwhile, relented and wanted to help her, but the security systems were essentially foolproof, eventually resulting in his death too.

      I won’t go into any detail about her co-conspirator because you’ll find that out, but I’m reasonably sure the above won’t be discovered in this playthrough.

  13. Deadpool says:

    Btw, I had the SAME Cassandra/Batgirl thought…

  14. Jabrwock says:

    Cutting edge technology will always have it’s quirks.

    Even running a local Murmer server for Mumble is going to have it’s own inherent issues. Same with trying to record a voice-conference on Skype.

    Anything you do with have some kind of problem. And of course with a local server, you need bandwidth as well. Murmer FAQ says worst case scenario is Number of users × Number of talking users × 133,6 kbit/s.

  15. qwksndmonster says:

    There’s a big book of science to Josh’s left on the book case. I’m going to cry if he doesn’t pick it up next episode. And the hologram’s beam coming from the face sort of reminded me of Liberty Prime. I believe his laser came from either his face or his chest…

  16. fenix says:

    You could just run your own mumble server. It’s free to do so.
    You could also use the TwentyMine mumble server. I should be able to set up a private channel for you guys to use (still need to test this, but a quick google search says it’s possible) so that no-one will barge in on you during recording.

  17. Klay F. says:

    Uhh, Josh kept saying he wasn’t going to kill her, yet every dialog option he chose was antagonizing her. Is Reginald taking over your real life Josh?

    • Vect says:

      He’s either completely rushing it or thinks it doesn’t really matter.

      • Raygereio says:

        I think Josh was either being sarcastic when he said Reginald was mean to Christine just once, or he just couldn’t properly remember what he did because he was distracted by a bunch of yahoo’s yapping about Ao knows what at the time.

    • In the last conversation he didn’t have the skill points to get the non-killing dialogue option (I’m sure he had a skill mag that could’ve given him enough though – he was at like 70/75) and at that point the only options were “try to kill me and I’ll kill you” and “I’m going to kill you”.

      But yeah, if he didn’t want to kill her he shouldn’t have threatened to put her inside the auto-doc and stuff earlier.

  18. Halfling says:

    So when are you guys going to do a spoiler warning of Arkham Asylum to crush one of Mumbles’ other favorite games?

    Urr I mean, to teach Mumbles about Batman and some of his reoccurring villains.

    • X2-Eliah says:

      Indeed. That game has the potential to speak about the good and the bad bits in equal measure – and the benefit that the only colour everyone will see is either very dark green or deep-sea blue!

      But seriously. Do Arkham Asylum next! Mumbles has had it coming for too lon errrrrr I mean Mumbles could learn a whole lot from the game about videogames and comics – two things she really has no clue about, seeing as she is constantly busy with all that musical redneck rampage chair hobby she has.

      • Falcon says:

        Good bits- gameplay is tight and extremely fun throughout. Mark Hammil. Power curve develops nicely. You feel like a badass (aka you feel like Batman). Environments are fun to traverse, with powers to match. Stellar examples of narrative through gameplay.

        Bad bits- the narrative. Seriously, I know the bat mythos were supposed to be well integrated here, but the entire premise falls off the face of the earth for me. In the real world these criminals would not be taken in alive. Any cop or law enforcement agent would shoot on sight. The joker would be killed the second he was in gun range, bane, croc, etc. With their propensity for escape, sorry don’t buy it. And the assylum itself? How is that even a functional building? Who would work there?

        The layout makes sense from a gameplay sense, but not an architectural or functional one. AA is genuinely one of the most fun games I played ever, but these elements kept nagging at the back of my head.

        • Veloxyll says:

          The problem being that Batman has arrested them already and since Gotham doesn’t have the death penalty they’d get into all sorts of trouble if they executed prisoners. And their crimes are serious enough for a Citizen’s arrest to be valid and justified.

          Mumbles should totally be the player for an AA runthrough though.

    • Daemian Lucifer says:

      And of course,you have to do all the riddles.Plus make Rutskarn be the one to solve them.

  19. Eric says:

    So are you going to file a very loud and angry bug report with the Ventrilo guys, saying that a feature of their program is broken? Or are you just going to sit here and complain? No offense, but I mean, if they don’t know about it then you should probably tell them so they actually can fix it. :p

    • X2-Eliah says:

      Wanna bet on their response?

      I’m going to say it will be along these lines: “The Ventrilo system has an audio recording capability that requires the user to push the button to start and stop recording at the right time. Moreover, until you send over the involved computers, full details on the internet stream back and forth of the local region of 100-node spread of the involved parties, and the faulty voice (preferably larynx and all), I’ll just class this as not a bug due to lack of any details whatsoever.

      Or simply put HAHA NUB LRN 2 Spk!”

      You know. practically everything the dev from that libre-office crapware said.

  20. Grag says:

    Two thoughts…

    1) Maybe he’s a hard-light hologram like Rimmer. test this by beating the piss out of him.

    2) “Cooking with Reginald” would be an awesome machinema and I would totally watch it.

  21. Tse says:

    If Cuftbert preferred women he would be able to charm her into not attacking him. See, there is a reason to get lady killer.

  22. kanodin says:

    I’m just amazed at the will to loot. Most people when they have 10k or so chips and can buy basically anything they will ever need (also you could have made way more than 100 stimpacks that’s just where the meter to do them all at once maxes out at) would stop looting cigarette cartons and pencils, but not Cuftburt.

  23. Littlefinger says:

    To be fair, Christine’s been tortured for 2 weeks, as she says, and when she finally gets out, Josh uses his version of diplomacy, and basically acts as Elijah’s stooge. How would you react?

    edit: Josh, if you don’t use that meeting people magazine, I’m, …I’m, I’m…

    I’m going to write an angry post on the internet.

  24. Eärlindor says:

    Oh no! Why is Christine going all crazy on you?? That makes no sense! Well that really sucks, because I really like her character. :(

    Btw Ruts, nice Hitchhiker’s reference.

  25. cyber_andyy says:

    tut tut. Just fission around for puns that don’t exist

  26. BenD says:

    Josh is just gonna hang out makin’ fission chips.

    Edit: And we’re all stealing Rutskarn’s pun.

  27. Hitch says:

    I’m very confused.

    At the start of the episode, didn’t it say that Reginald had over 10,000 chips from playing blackjack? So tell me again why it’s important for for Josh to find fission batteries and scrap metal to counterfeit 50 chips? I mean other than to validate the “fission chips” pun?

    We need to rename “Spoiler Warning” to “The Art of Convoluted Multi-tier Trolling.”

    • Halfling says:

      I still think we should be able to earn college credit for watching this.

    • Myth says:

      I wrapped up the game with something like 190,000+ bottlecaps (plus tons of cash in the form of other currencies, extra gear, etc)… and yet, I still lugged around every single piece of valuable loot I found, desperate to sell it to someone, even though the extra 1,000 caps really, really wasn’t needed.

      So I guess what I’m saying, is that needlessly pursuing already achieved objectives is, to me, what this sorta game is all about.

    • Keeshhound says:

      Josh has long displayed classic signs of hoarding behavior. There’s still a broken incinerator in his “being held for you until you finish the DLC” inventory, which he doesn’t have ammo for, but can’t bring himself to throw away.

    • decius says:

      Oh, and when he’s looking for junk food, he passes right BY a dispenser where he can trade some of his chips for junk food…

  28. Paul Spooner says:

    Hey Rutskarn, lots of MMOs use the “l” key for “quest log”. Of course, MMOs don’t have a quicksave feature, and single person games don’t have a quest log. Both of those deficiencies are a shame, as far as I’m concerned… In fact, one might say they shame-us!

  29. Slip says:

    Never seen a pissed off Christine – this is going to be fantastic. Go Rude Reggie!

  30. Adam P says:

    Josh could just record everything from Vent using another piece of software. Nothing bad has ever come out of tossing another wrench into the machine, right?

  31. Setsuhen says:

    While playing BF:BC2 today, I encountered a player known as “fission_chips”

    This is clearly not a coincidence.

  32. Mogatrat says:

    She has the holo-virus, hex-vision and all!
    (Sorry, I’ve been watching too much Red Dwarf.)

  33. HerrSunk says:

    Mumble has quite a few dedicated servers which can be found in the connection list (country/continent) in which users can freely create rooms for themselves (freely as in easy, as well as costing zilch. Also password protected). Sweden has several such servers – I am sure the North America region has some spiffy ones as well.

    Just for your information, as they say.

    EDIT: Or just create a server yourself. I just had a Derp!

  34. CalDazar says:

    Josh isn’t very good at explaining why you are doing what you are doing or why. No offence.
    Although it is mostly explained in-game through text logs on computers, so the game isn’t all that great either.

    • Alexander The 1st says:

      Well, I’ve been reading the text, and it doesn’t make much sense either.

      As I understand it, it’s a raiding of the Sierra Madre, and/or a social experiment. Hence the bomb collars that suspiciously de-activate once you enter the casino, and presumably can’t just leave.

  35. Archaic says:

    actually all the hologram projectors in the suites are all behind the inside of the doors, which made the first few hard to find but once you notice the pattern they become fairly easy to find. although some are off in closets too, so yeah there difficult, but there are much harder ones to find as you near the end of the dlc and those ones were only hard because i didn’t realize you could shoot them to turn them off.

  36. JPH says:



  37. Veloxyll says:

    Next up on Spoiler Warning: Josh plays Cooking Mama?

  38. So the fission puns are going to cause Rutskarn to split?

    Like, split the atom?


  39. Dante says:


  40. Vect says:

    If nothing they’ll have less compunctions killing Dean, which he will do since he’s probably not too happy about getting threatened like Christine. He’ll just be more smug about it (“Hey big boy. Turns out I don’t really need to help you anymore so have fun with the holograms. Kthxbye”). He will not be able to save Godog.

    Though I guess to be fair since Josh lacks the skillpoints to be competent in anything other than punching things (which by the way makes him the perfect Fist of the North Star villain) he’s really not able to do anything other than “OMIGAWD I KEEL YOU” diplomacy.

  41. Halceon says:

    I’m now switching to “this doesn’t make science” now.

  42. mixmastermind says:

    One day Josh will realize that when you want to dump extra weight you go to the MISC section, not the AID section.

  43. Dan Has Answers says:

    Even though the gameplay was boring, this episode has some of the best commentary in a while

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