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Post 1,001

By Shamus
on Monday Jun 11, 2007
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This is the one thousand and first post to the site. WordPress has numbered it #1196, but that’s because there are a lot of posts that I start but later throw away, and WordPress doesn’t recycle those numbers.

For “fun”, I’m going to post the Useless Stats of my site as of right now. I posted my stats almost exactly a year ago. It’s funny to compare to the stats from last June, before I started writing DM of the Rings, and before the site grew to its current size.

Useless Stats for Twenty Sided

Generated June 11, 2007 by Useless Stats v1.23

  • First post was made on September 1, 2005.
  • This blog is 1 year, 283 days old.
  • Average of 1.86 posts per day in the past week.
  • Average of 1.63 posts per day in the past month.
  • Average of 1.55 posts per day since the start of the blog.
  • Average of 49.38 comments per post in the past week.
  • Average of 51.18 comments per post in the past month.
  • Average of 15.04 comments per post since the start of the blog.

Posts by Hour

This shows how many of the blog’s posts are published by hour of the day. This can be useful to see what time of day sees the most posting activity.

Midnight: 10


1:00: 3


2:00: 2


3:00: 1


4:00: 0


5:00: 2


6:00: 15


7:00: 162


8:00: 24


9:00: 10


10:00: 19


11:00: 172


Noon: 169


13:00: 27


14:00: 22


15:00: 19


16:00: 100


17:00: 114


18:00: 30


19:00: 35


20:00: 23


21:00: 12


22:00: 21


23:00: 11


Posts by Day of Week

This shows how many of the blog’s posts are published on each day of the week. This can be useful to see what days you are most productive, or when you tend to slack off.

Sunday: 80


Monday: 149


Tuesday: 171


Wednesday: 167


Thursday: 163


Friday: 173


Saturday: 100


Posts by Month

This shows what how many of the blog’s posts are published in each month.

January: 89


February: 111


March: 109


April: 120


May: 111


June: 72


July: 32


August: 64


September: 95


October: 64


November: 63


December: 73


Comments Per Post by Day

This shows how much discussion is generated on average for posts published on various days of the week. This is useful for determining when users are most responsive. For example, you may find people are less likely to leave comments on weekends.

Sunday: 13.00
Monday: 15.37
Tuesday: 14.43
Wednesday: 16.70
Thursday: 14.57
Friday: 16.13
Saturday: 13.36

Comments Per Post by Category

This shows how much discussion is generated on average for posts published for each category. This is useful for determining what subjects generate the most interest among your readers.

Anime: 7.51
D&D Campaign: 2.76
DM of the Rings: 53.25
Geek Culture: 7.65
Links: 10.03
Movies: 12.52
Personal: 11.77
Pictures: 6.70
Projects: 8.87
Random Thoughts: 9.64
Rants: 13.22
Tabletop Games: 26.00
Video Games: 14.75

Comments (13)

  1. Thpbltblt says:

    That’s just kinda neat. Oh, and yeah, I’m one of the lurkers who came over sometime after DMotR made it big. ;P

  2. Siliconscout says:

    Yeah ditto to that.

    Very happy to have arrived though.

  3. Matt says:

    I have a greasemonkey script that removes the words “first post” when they appear next to one another, mostly so that I can read your comments. It works really well most of the time. The first time I ever saw it malfunction was here, just now: “one thousand and to the site.” Took a moment to figure it out.

    Anyhow, congrats, Shamus, and thanks. I lurk a lot, but I love to read your stuff.

  4. Telas says:

    I’d post, but I don’t want to blow the curve for DMotR.

    Oh, damn!


  5. ryanlb says:

    I came to this blog for DM of the Rings, toward the beginning of the series, while I don’t comment often, I visit everyday, read and enjoy most of your posts. You are an excellent writer and have helped me see things in a new light.

  6. Grue says:

    You combine quality with quantity! 1.5 posts per day is an amazing pace (for someone with a day job).

  7. brashieel says:

    I’m yet another typical DMotR reader. I came in a few weeks ago, read the comic to date, bookmarked the site, and have since gradually been noticing the other topics you’ve posted on.

  8. DocTwisted says:

    Huh, I expected a larger spike at noon.

    I also started checking out this site because of DMotR, which a friend linked me too. But I like reading all the posts here.

    Shamus, if someone puts comments in a really old post, do you still read it? Just wonderin’.

  9. Shamus says:

    Yes, I view the comments through a feed that shows them in order of when they were posted. That means even stuff posted to an ages-old entry will show up and get read.

  10. Matt` says:

    So judging by the post rates at different times of day/year, you slack off most at weekends and during the Summer, and don’t post in the middle of the night or at lunchtime

    I could probably have told you that :P

  11. Dave says:

    Dm of the what?? huh?

  12. DanK says:

    My fiancee and I are avid readers of DM of the Rings, and I have read your D&D campaign notes… twice. They have inspired me to try to be a better DM :) I wish there was more!

  13. Eltanin says:


    Thanks for the interesting stats. I feel like a tourist because I’m not cool enough to have discovered this site before the comic. In some sort of vain attempt to prove my coolness, I would like to say that I still love the comic, but I come back to this website for your wry and insightful thoughts about everything else. Also, I really enjoy the community here, though the DMoTR crowd has a bit of a hint of the Eternal September to it. That I can even talk about the Eternal September is entirely a result of the general education that you’re providing for me. So thanks! Keep it up if it’s still fun, ’cause I’m loving it.

    I do have a question though. Are many of the comments on your previous Stat page an example of the spam that you’ve been receiving pre-captcha? If not, what’s going on there?

    Thanks again.

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