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Let’s Code Part 22: Something Like This

By Shamus
on Friday Jun 17, 2011
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I have to thank Michael Goodfellow for the great series he’s been working on over at Sea of Memes. His project to create a Minecraft-esque world based on a ring of floating asteroids has made for an interesting read, and the problems he’s faced (and mostly overcome) has shaped my thinking on my own project. I actually had to stop reading for a while, because reading his site made me want to code, and I had other projects I was trying to work on.

He’s come to a crossroads now. He’s got several interesting ideas for how the asteroids should be formed and what the geography will be like. With this step he’s moving away from “Minecraft clone” and doing something really new. Stuff like this:


That’s just one of several approaches. He’s actually got a poll up if you want to have a look and express a preference.

Do check out the whole series, if you haven’t already. He’s more regular with his updates, and he’s usually got some videos of the project. And source code. (Although I’ll have a video later today!)

Comments (11)

  1. Lesquille says:

    If that’s gonna be a game, I want to play it. Give me it now.

  2. Simon Buchan says:

    Pfft. What an amateur. He doesn’t even have flowers!

  3. Bryan says:

    Why would the asteroids (either bare, or green) not have enough of their own gravity? Make them massive enough (if someone asks, they have a core of some kind of really-dense material, but honestly who’s going to care? :-P ), and you’re done.

    Of course, the problem there is going to be trying to simulate their effects on each other — but honestly, I’d go with the Shamus rule here. Don’t bother. As long as it looks good enough, you don’t need more simulation. Just string them out in a large ellipse around a star, or something; if you want they could even orbit it, but that starts to get into too much simulation again.

  4. klasbo says:

    In the next episode: Minecraft on a hyperbolic plane.

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