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IOTW: Followup

By Shamus
on Tuesday Jul 3, 2007
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This just in from Striker1057:

Ok fair enough ill stop talking if you stop having your people post, steal, and flood my videos then ill stop this is getting out of control. Your actually stealing video now that my friends made.

Wow. I have no way of knowing what he’s experiencing. I’m not even sure what he’s talking about. In any case, if anyone is giving this guy trouble, please let him alone. Thanks for the support from my friends, but I don’t want to be seen as some sort of bully here. I still wonder who Striker is and why people behave this way, but I don’t wish the guy any harm. He hasn’t hurt me.

Let’s all enjoy the video again and put this behind us.

Comments (50)

  1. Sauron says:

    Looking at his posted stuff, he appears to just repost stuff that his “friends” have already posted, so I’m assuming somebody has convinced him that this was their work and that you’re the thief here. I make this assumption only because I really don’t think anyone could be stupid enough to do this if he actually knew you were the original creator…. Maybe my hope for humanity is too high?

  2. I emailed him and he told me that he was just protecting something he had posted, he had no idea you were the real origin of it.

    Definitely an interesting experience.

  3. Ian says:


    But seriously, though, if he couldn’t figure out that it was Shamus’s video from the get-go (lessee, the fact that Shamus posted the video first, plus the fact that his name appears in the credits) then he’s a complete moron.

    I seriously just don’t understand what he’s thinking.

  4. Mars says:

    The only logical conclusion I can come up with, is that he had already posted something similar before and now he thinks you stole his idea…
    If someone has created a computer, does that mean that no one else may also create different computers based on the same idea?

  5. Marmot says:

    (No I haven’t touched him either; I don’t have a youtube account anyway :) )

    There was actually a rather fun maneuver of sending the letter back to the sender, only with proper punctuation and grammar mistakes highlighted? I find it helps a lot!

  6. Daniel says:

    So if I have this right: his claim is that you stole and posted under your own name the video which he or his friends at some point in the past stole and posted under *his* own name. And this upsets him.

    The irony. It is thick.

  7. Henebry says:

    I like the idea that Shamus now has “people” that do bad stuff on his behalf. Congrats! You’re a petty gang lord of the intarweb!

    What is your bidding, my liege?

  8. Knastymike says:

    I actually checked out the link you posted to his youtube video, and several people were slamming him in the comments section for stealing from your work. If you’re not careful, you may end up with a site-specific term analogous to “slash-dot” or “wang” when you unwittingly set your fan-base loose on some unsuspecting ne’er-do-well. : )

  9. Winged Ignorance says:

    Would you say he was… Shamus’d?!

  10. Siliconscout says:

    Well I know that I did my part! ;-)

    Call me a card carrying member of G.L.O.S.Y. (Glorious Legions Of Shamus Young)

    I suppose I can let him go for this … but seriously it’s kinda fun to give the nitwit a taste of his own.

    My guess is that he saw it on the other site and posted it to YouTube, then in the comments of it started taking credit for making the video. If you read them all you can see early on that he was certainly doing this.

    So now he’s got a bunch of people thinking he’s “cool” for posting this on YouTube and chances are one of them noticed Shamus’ you tube posting and said that Shamus was ripping him off and claiming credit.

    So now he’s 16 and faced with either owning up to a lie or going on the offensive. He doesn’t know who made it, but he’s thinking he’s not likely to be talking to the real guy because after all well over 1/2 the crap on your tube is reposts of other’s work OR shots off of TV and Movies so he fires off the email.

    Shamus finds it amusing posts it here and what I suspect is a small number of us, but who knows, head on over and teach the young man a lesson in self-responsibility as well as self-humiliation.

    He then looks into it and realises that
    #1. He’s in the wrong.
    #2. Shamus has more online friends than he does.
    #3. These same friends are more than happy to make the kids life that much more of a hell hole.

    So he backs out here hoping we will back down, and I will only because Shamus has asked. But I honestly think he should be made to post a video apology on YouTube before we let off. Then we would know he learned a lesson.

  11. Mister Vengeful says:

    Maybe we could just say he was “Shamed.”

    We need Nelson from The Simpsons to punch him hard in the arm on the way out the door, saying, “THAT’S for taking the credit for someone else’s hard work!”

  12. Rev_Blacky says:

    Really, he should change or delete the comments that he made, blatantly claiming that it is his work, and give proper credit to Shamus in the video description…
    But I think that may be too much to ask…
    Kids these days never want to take responsibility for their “mistakes”…
    /waves cane at whippersnappers and tells them to get off lawn.

  13. Zonga says:

    Wait, wait, wait…does he mean you’re stealing it by linking to it? It’s on YouTube. Embedding is not stealing…

    Or am I confused?

  14. David says:

    It seems he has yet to even acknowledge that he’s wrong. He seems to be delusional to the point of actually believing he did make that video. However, I suppose we should relent with our relentlessness.

  15. Pilomotor says:

    You’re a much bigger man than me, Shamus. If I were in your shoes, I would’ve demanded he identify the original maker in the description. I figure it’s only fair.

  16. Patrick the Evil Twin says:

    F-it… take his lunch money and stick him in the trash can. Then call it ‘over’.

  17. Jim says:

    Holy smokin’ crows, this kid has declared “War on Shamus Young”!

    I kid you not, this is from his own site, his own post:


    If he wants to call it a war, I say it’s on.

    Let’s get the Fear the Boot crowd in on this one.

  18. David says:

    If you look, you’ll see on the copied video, he deleted all the comments people made as a result of this site, but left all other comments, including his that claim he made it. Then, he disabled comments on it.

  19. V says:

    Um. I think this kid is taking everything a little too far.

  20. Jim says:

    No, don’t get too worked up about the “shamus young will be defeated” flash movie thing.

    He did not create that, that’s a flash movie that creates itself based on what you put in the URL.

    To wit: http://papa.smurf.willbedefeated.com
    or… http://dm.of.the.rings.willbedefeated.com

    It’s just whatever you put in as a subdomain “will be defeated.”

    Now here’s an interesting thought… this kid posts keys for Dish Network on this forum of his. That’s deliciously illegal, I bet, a violation of both U.S. and Canadian law. I wonder how his parents would feel, getting sued by a massive media company.

    “No rules”? Guess again, kid.

  21. Igor says:

    Y’know, I have posted before on Shamus’ website all of once….I think. I got a good chuckle out of reading this child’s claims and then going to his You Tube site, seeing Shamus’ video still with the “Shamus Young” stamp at the end, then checked back every now and then to get a giggle at what people were posting. Now, he’s just getting sad. I would be willing to bet that if the videos were compared, Shamus’ video stamp would still be attached. Shamus, maybe you should start a CD or something where you put any vids you make for copyright purposes with the create date on them. If he wants to take this to another level, I’m in. My boredom level is high enough that I can make this interesting.

  22. Igor says:

    Oh yeh:
    If you are the copyright owner of a video and feel it has been uploaded without your permission, please follow these directions (http://www.google.com/support/youtube/bin/answer.py?answer=58127&topic=10553) to submit a copyright infringement notice.

  23. milieu says:

    It’s pretty funny walking through his forums, all empty with no posts except for his own.

    “Come on, everybody, let’s get Shamus” he shouts. There is nothing but faint echoes in reply…

  24. Siliconscout says:


    Jim that is a gem link.

    So I guess it is indeed back on then.

    Unless of course Shamus asks us to hold off.

    I was willing to let bygones be bygones but this… well if the kid wants to apologize with one hand and slap the face with the other he’s got to expect what’s coming.

    *giggles with glee*

  25. Jim says:

    Right, what’s this kid thinking?

    Does he really want a bunch of people who can’t stand him to find out about his probably illegal hacking site?

    What if we all blew him in?

    Does he think he’s anonymous, sitting there posting from his parents’ house and leaving his IP address all over the place?

    Does he even know how hard Dish Network might come down on him for publishing their keys?

    Does he think that living in Canada is going to protect him?

  26. NeedsToHeal says:


    Thank GOD it’s 6:24PM and practically everyone is gone when I clicked on that link. I laughed like I was at home, and come to find out, I still had a co worker present who wanted to know what I found so funny.

    Two more clicks were made substituted with some names of people I despise. Thanks for the insider info.

    I haven’t laughed that hard since… well, since I read the latest DMotR strip earlier today!

  27. Rhykker says:

    I’d like to apologize to Shamus for contributing to aggravating this youth… It’s not fair that Shamus has to have “war declared on him” (though I doubt Shamus even cares much about the ratings of his Youtube video since he doesn’t need little stars to know that people love his work) because of actions that he neither performed, requested, nor suggested.

    This deluded egotist is getting the impression that we’re Shamus’ “goons,” doing his bidding. He likely is incapable of fathoming the idea of people wanting to offer help without being asked to do so.

    “Ok fair enough ill stop talking if you stop having your people post, steal, and flood my videos.”

    I never meant to do anything other than stick up for Shamus. I feel very strongly about theft of creative property in any of its forms. An animation I made was reposted all over the internet, and I was at first apprehensive of this, but realized that I was given credit. But if I hadn’t been…

    What really disappoints me, however, is that this kid did not apologize for what he did. That he did not even *own up* to what he did, and admit what he did was wrong. He goes on to imply (in English so broken one would think a monkey were typing) that Shamus is somehow stealing from his friend.

    ” then ill stop this is getting out of control. Your actually stealing video now that my friends made.”

    And stop what? He’s going to stop asking Shamus for credit? He didn’t say he’s going to give Shamus credit. He didn’t say he’s going to take down the video. He removed all comments that said, even in a polite manner, that Shamus was the creator of the video.

    And then he goes on to declare war?

    Someone on his website posted:

    “I was going thorugh the site some more and it looks like maybe you made a mistake man.

    Then sending him an email asking to call off the guys at his site only to start this up… well they noticed it… and I have a feeling they won’t stop whatever it is that they have been doing.

    Probably be easier just to say my bad and walk away from it dude.”

    Now there is someone with some decency, and some common sense.

    And you know what?

    I bet Striker will delete the post, keep foaming at the mouth, and continue pulling his tantrum.

    Again, Shamus, I’m sorry that you had to feel the ramifications of this. And I’m leaving this kid alone solely because I don’t want your reputation to be tarnished. But this kid got what he deserved, and was let off easy. He’s in some serious need of a humbling experience.


    It would be great if everyone would stop linking to this egotist’s website… We’re giving him traffic. And no publicity is bad publicity. I certainly don’t want this guy to get famous due to Shamus (heh, that rhymes…), because that would just feed his ego and defeat the entire purpose of what we were trying to do.

  28. Jim says:

    Well, you could post a link to his site in an email to Dish Network.


    I’m sure that’s just exactly the kind of traffic he’d rather NOT have.

  29. P-kaye says:

    “I like the idea that Shamus now has “people” that do bad stuff on his behalf. Congrats! You're a petty gang lord of the intarweb!”

    (In worst al pacino impression)

    So this guy, Striker. I think he needs to remember who’s boss. Ya got that boys? Give him a little sump’n special.

  30. Striker1057 says:

    Ok, this is my final response to clear thing up on my part.

    1. The video on youtube clearly states in the Credits that Shamus Young is the creator. I did not alter it in anyway. The comments have been disable so there is no comments saying that I made it.
    2. I apologize for my original message i sent to Shamus asking him to remove the video. It was my mistake and its my bad.
    3. I belive one of the so called ‘goons’ have made this http://www.youtube.com/PlagiatorsNightmare. This user has taken all the video i posted and said in the title. “The real ______ (What ever the title is). Now for the videos i didn’t make, i don’t care if you post them. But for the ones that i did make or my friends made. Those being,
    Rap Steals From Techno 1
    Rap Steals From Techno 2
    War, Its real.
    Rock Lobster Pirates
    Diet Coke And Mentos Rocket Over House. Asking for Trouble
    and norulesclub.tk.
    If you could remove those that would be great. I understand the reasoning behind the user.
    4. My website is not egotistical. Its a site that has no restrictions on what you post. Thats what the No Rules mean. And because i removed some posts and banned some members on a topic that i was already furious about. Then i find that acceptable.
    5. The war on Shamus Young Flash i will state now that i did NOT make it. Its a site that your can put anyone’s name into and it will do it for them. Just a funny joke i thought between friends.
    6. The War on Shamus Young Section in the forum has been deleted has of 12:00am EST on July 4, 2007
    7. This is my formal apology to Shamus Young and his fans. I’m sorry for any trouble i caused. I would be very disappointed in his fans if even after this I still get messages, comments, and floods on my site and my youtube videos. If there is still something that concerns you you can send me an e-mail at striker1057@gmail.com and i will for sure respond to your email the best i can. I have learned my lesson and it will not happen again.

    I appreciate the understanding of the few fans apologizing for there actions. Some i can tell are still disappointed or angry at me. Again if your are one of those people don’t take it out on my site or my video’s send me an e-mail and we will working it out.

    Thank you and sorry again.

  31. stevenusmc says:

    It appears that striker1057 is a mature guy. Lets leave him alone. Very nice of him.

  32. Deacon Blues says:

    “What is your bidding, my liege?”

    No, you’re saying it wrong. Try it this way:

    “What is thy bidding, my master?”

    See how much better that sounds?

  33. Deacon Blues says:

    Arrrrgh! That was supposed to be surrounded by mock-HTML directions to sound like James Earl Jones… :(

  34. Myxx says:

    All your videos are belong to me!

  35. Jim says:

    But you know what? I learned something today.

  36. Rev_Blacky says:

    Wow, I like the apology video.
    Good job Striker1057 …

  37. BlackWolfe says:

    Wow – you know, I’ve encountered that video before, and shared it with my wife and friends, and I just want to say, Shamus, you are a sick, sick man. You’re welcome in our campaigns any time you’re in town…

    With regard to Striker… I think I understand what happened. You had this video that Shamus made. You wanted to share it with lots and lots of people – well, hey, that’s what YouTube is for, right? A nice apology overall, but I would like to say one thing.

    Please, please, for the love of the English Language, check your spelling and grammar. Only you can preserve this slowly dying art.

  38. Daemian_Lucifer says:

    Jim Says:

    “But you know what? I learned something today.”

    Dont mess with someone with huge number of fans,especially if they are nerds?

  39. Rob says:

    Dear Striker1057,
    I am writing to inform you that the video you posted here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wb3hXvS7qm0 is actually a video I made several months ago. Seeing as I am the original copyright holder please remove the video from YouTube (and any other video sharing site) imediately!

    LOL. Just kidding. I think it’s very big of you to own up to your mistake. Please remember this in the future that just because you uploaded a video it does not make you the owner of that video. In fact you should be very careful as people who aren’t as nice as Shamus might have done far worse to you than send you a pleasant email. You could potentially get sued (even here in Canada!).

  40. Siliconscout says:

    Well an online appology is what I would have considered appropriate, and surprisingly a 16 year old boy did one.

    I must admit I am impressed.

    Kudos Stryker, many in your situation would not have had the maturity to be able to do that.

  41. Siliconscout says:

    And Shamus don’t feel bad man.

    He’s 16 full of angst and all the rest that goes with being 16.

    He made a public mistake and has atoned for it publicly.

    I think he will have learned an important lesson here and I hope that if he takes it to heart it will indeed make him a better person.

    It’s not like he’s the Star Wars kid or anything, meaning he doesn’t have millions of views on this world wide.

    In internet terms it was a “non-event” and the vast majority of users involved don’t know him, will never meet him and now that he has apologized I am sure will never mention it again.

    If anything this is a good thing. I remember several of my most poignant and I would argue important and effective lessons that I learned in childhood came from having to apologize and atone for my actions real and perceived.

    It made me a better person then and a better man now and I think we all hope that it will do the exact same for Stryker.

  42. BobbyBob says:

    I take back everything I said about you, Striker.

    To make and post an apology like that shoes integrity, and I can greatly respect that.

  43. BobbyBob says:

    Gah! Shows integrity! Shows integrity!

    Damn spell checker…

  44. bruce says:

    I guess this episode just goes to show how easy it is to blow something up out of all proportion.

    Respect to Shamus for trying to calm us all down, and respect to Striker1057 for the apology.

  45. Feylamia says:

    Just my two cents: Being 16 is no excuse for behaviour like that. An an apology doesn’t make it undone.

  46. Siliconscout says:

    True but is is an acknowledgment of recognition of the mistake and in theory a lesson learned to prevent it from happening again.

  47. Feylamia says:

    Or it might just be a way to make people stop spamming on your forum and posting about you on their blogs etc. *g*

  48. Striker1057 says:

    I would just like to say thanks to everyone who understand my sorryness (If that a word) ive only had one person really bug me about it and thats the person above this post.


  49. Lo'oris says:

    the video is great, but the comments here are almost as great as the video!

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