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Much Ado About Nothing

By Shamus
on Wednesday Jul 4, 2007
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Now I feel just awful for getting worked up about Striker. The young man has posted a full retraction and an apology here. A video apology. He did this of his own volition.

He apologized publicly, so I’m going to do the same. Striker: I’m sorry I called you a moron. And an idiot. That was petty of me. I could (and should) have handled this without childish name-calling.

Striker really is a teenager. When I saw him I thought of a lot of the blunders I made as a teenager. Except, when I made my mistakes I made them in front of dozens of peers, not hundreds (thousands?) of strangers on the internet. When I wrote my initial post, I had assumed “this guy” was an adult, and judged his actions as I would a grown man. (I also judged his grammer the same way, which wasn’t fair either. I would cringe if the stuff I wrote at 16 was still around today.)

This is way too much angst for a situation where nothing bad happened and nobody got hurt. Striker also humbled me with the video apology: At 16, I never would have done that on my own.

I’ve removed the link to his profile. Please, if anyone is still giving him a hard time, I’m begging you: let the guy alone.

Also: Comments closed. I really would like to let this rest.

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