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DM of the Rings CXXIV:

By Shamus
on Friday Jul 13, 2007
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DM of the Rings


Eowyn faced the Nazgul. She won.  Sort of.
The players make their own contribution to the story.

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  1. brassbaboon says:


    I’ll put up my own web page titled “deity-retribution-for-lawful-good-characters-looting-dead-friends.html”

    It’s the motivation that counts, of course. Not using a +4 sword after the paladin dies when you have to still defeat a powerful demon would be pretty stupid, as should be clear. The “law of common sense” always applies. But a lawful good character would only use the sword long enough to complete the current quest, and then would return it to the paladin’s heirs, or to his church, when the battle was over.

    I’m pretty sure that’s not what Legolas and Aragorn had in mind in the dialogue above.

  2. sleepyfoo says:

    Admittedly true, though as “normal” DnD play goes, the completion of current quest generally results in an upgrade anyway.

    Unfortunately most player then sell said comrade’s weapon, rather than keep it as an heirloom or return it to his family as you suggested. This might result in an alignment change (to say neutral good)if it happens regularly but unlikely to result in a deity getting pissed unless a paladin is the one that took it or had it taken.

  3. Mitey Heroes says:

    Ace screencaps for Gimli!

  4. Jperk says:

    where did the halfling pop up from? The last place I remember them they quit to play anouther game. Why would the DM have them pop in and drop?

  5. Jindra34 says:

    1. NPCs
    2. See isengard.

  6. inq101 says:

    Of course you’ve got to get help the NPC’s (it’s worth roleplaying XP)

  7. Tony Navarro says:

    lying on the battlefield is right. Tolkein would have narrated it as,” Merry lay upon the battlefield, unmoving.” I doubt if the old fellow would have been a very popular DM folks

  8. Frank says:

    Oh, man… this stuff continues to crack me up! Oh, the hilarity!

  9. Radiant117 says:

    “But a lawful good character would only use the sword long enough to complete the current quest, and then would return it to the paladin's heirs, or to his church, when the battle was over.”
    What’s wrong with taking a sword? Heck, it’s a weapon, not an article of clothing. “Borrowing”, say, boots of haste does feel somewhat unnatural and certainly unheroic. That’s one reason the histories of fantasy worlds are brimming with relic weapons, but one has yet to find the Pants of Holy Epic Awesomeness. Magic weapons are not meant to be hidden away, they should be used to vanquish evil. And who is more worthy of taking up a paladin’s sword than his associates?

  10. Lord of Fools says:

    Ahh, yes Radiant117, but what of cloaks? Spelled cloaks and stuff seem to be awfully rife and I believe they’re counted amongst articles of clothing. Is it okay to steal those?

  11. Narmoth says:

    Well, compared to underpants of charisma change, a cloak isn’t so bad to take

  12. Medium Dave says:

    Modded to-

    “All that needs happen for Evil to triumph over Good is for good men to hook up with random babes and loot everything that isn't nailed down.”

    Oh dear I am still cracking up over this gem.

  13. jperk31260 says:

    I know they were in Isenguard and unlike the players I did read the copious backstory.

    I just thought Shamus would have the characters say something like “what where did they come from? We left them at isenguard or the Rhoan battle camp how did they get here hey the swiped my XP.

    Aaragorne could kill him but how about Gimli or Legolas after all they aren’t men.

  14. jperk31260 says:

    opps made that couldn’t kill him

  15. Airk says:

    With regard to “what alignment the players have chosen for their characters”, the answer is: none. The implication in several scenes is that characters were all created by the GM (“Pre-genned”). Obviously, the GM has a collection of heroic and noble characters questing to Save Middle Earth in mind, so they doubtless have alignments that span the Good end of the spectrum, but the players didn’t choose them, and clearly have little to no handle on their characters. That’s half the joke!

  16. Panther says:

    The map link on that “Unlikely Band Of Heroes” gives me a great whtie blank page.
    … Is it the arctic? lol

  17. Kamies says:

    Am I the only one to have thought Gimli had put on his Horny helmet for the last picture and was definitely NOT referring to saving the nice-looking lady and the girlish Hobbit – but had something much more sinister in mind?

  18. Scarlet Knight says:

    55 brassbaboon Says: “It's never been clear what alignments these players have chosen for their characters. I don't think it's been stated in the comic. Based on their role in the game, it seems that they should be lawful good, or perhaps chaotic good in Legolas's case.”

    It took me awhile to find it, but in episode CX Gimli states he’s lawful good,& Legolas is “good-ish”.

  19. Obfuscato says:


  20. mocking bird says:

    Caption of each one ‘You a healer?’, ‘You a healer?’
    To Merry & Eowyn ‘Sucks to be you.’

  21. Kiri Xaperion says:

    Heh. My main character is a 10th-level cleric that I made almost a year ago. I trained a LOT.On dungeons. And random encounters. And, of course, did quests that my DM brought up.

    Shadowscythe Campaign Characters:
    Gnome-dragon cleric 10(True Neutral) Kiri
    Vampire sorcerer 2/rogue 4(Chaotic Evil) Raiku
    weretiger sorcerer 3(Chaotic Neutral) Catalri
    werebear cleric 3(Lawful Good) Valence
    halfling rogue 3/druid 2(Chaotic Evil) Tarenroc
    half-orc barbarian 4(Chaotic Neutral) Thokk
    elf rogue 3 (Chaotic Evil) Zantaff
    elf-dragon wizard 2(Chaotic Neutral) nameless
    gnome druid 4 (True Neutral) Riza
    human cleric 2(Neutral Evil) Irall

    Why are almost all the chars either evil, chaotic, or both?

  22. Kiri Xaperion says:

    And don’t even ask why I’m so much stronger than everyone.
    Kiri is basically the one who brought all the chars together.
    She, amazingly, has more Charisma than our sorcerers(racial bonus)

    Seriously. Don’t ask. RAWR

  23. Cynder says:

    Gosh, you’d think Legolas would be a bit more…err…sympathetic of Eowyn and Merry…well, that’s RPG’ing for ya :-/

  24. Aragorn says:

    If I was the DM, I probably would have made all the corpses disappear so they couldn’t loot them. :P :F

  25. ERROR says:

    Perfect snapshots for the panels.

  26. serenitybane says:

    Ahaha loot appears in the topic once more!! xD

  27. Robin says:

    This a a grammatical issue, not a spelling one, and I haven’t found one grammatical error in Tolkien anywhere.

    Part of the problem is that, while “lay” and “lie” are different words, the past tense of “lie” is “lay”.

    I will lie down. I lie down. I am lying down. I lay down yesterday. So “Merry is lying on the battlefield” and “Merry lay upon the battlefield” are equally correct.

    “Merry lays on the battlefield” is incorrect, since “lay” requires a direct object — “Merry lay his sword on the battlefield.”

    Remember, “to lay” is the action verb. (Quit snickering; this is serious stuff.)

  28. Leyomi the Parodier says:

    Well, compared to underpants of charisma change, a cloak isn't so bad to take

    That is it. I’m plotting out a campaign to find the long-lost Shorts of Courage, here and now.

    Hm, since I haven’t got any rulebooks (I usually just borrow someones) I’m going to have to add some rules, with justification.

    Every time a character is hit for more than 10% of their HP, they have to make a save (DC 12) vs passing out, no matter your hit points. The save DC goes down by five every two levels(as you get more used to pain), so by the time you reach level four it’s a DC of two. At this point it can be ignored, because at this point whatever bonuses you have are bound to give you higher than a two.

  29. silver Harloe says:

    > Speaking of alignment issues, when I did this sort of thing (AD&D) my DM wouldn't let any of us be Chaotic- or Evil-aligned,

    I wouldn’t mind that kind of DM so much as the one I had in college – I only played a couple sessions because he
    (a) knowingly let me play Chaotic Good, and not just in a “glanced at the character sheet” way, I told him upfront.
    (b) sometimes I’d ignore the party leader if I thought more good could be done by some other action. sometimes I’d roll dice to choose between several (good) options. sometimes I’d do stuff independently to help the party without consulting them. Basically, I played my alignment.

    Then he gave me a lecture after a session about how I wasn’t playing well with the party. I asked him if I could change my alignment to Neutral Good, so I would have a character that could play in the party bounds. He refused. I left.

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