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Spoiler Warning S5E44: Fear and Loathing in New Vegas

By Shamus
on Thursday Jul 28, 2011
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Spoiler Warning


I said that everyone goes crazy this week at one point. Josh is sort of crazy all week, due to a disagreement before the show. We vetoed doing Honest Hearts in favor of getting on with the game, and so he spent the week torturing us.

But today… today is Rutskarn’s day to shine. Near the end of the episode, Rutskarn gives a performance specifically designed to make you feel uncomfortable, ashamed, and confused. You don’t have to watch today’s episode, but if you chicken out you won’t understand anything that happens tomorrow, where all of the fear and loathing comes to a head. Time to cowboy up. You weren’t using your pride anyway.

Link (YouTube)

Comments (149)

  1. sab says:

    “Fear and Loathing in New Vegas”
    I’ve been waiting since the start of this season for you to use this header.

  2. Tse says:

    So, can I see the link? I promise I won’t hold you responsible for any mental damage it may cause.

  3. Adalore says:


    A bit more that I didn’t need to know, seeing that I don’t draw that kind of thing.


  4. Tiberius Gracchus says:

    So, no Honest Hearts at all? Or just this week?

    • LB says:

      I’m pretty certain that they’re not going to do any of the other dlc, considering that they’re trying to get to the Hoover Dam battle, after which the game is over. And Obsidian confirmed that there would not be a NV Broken Steel-esque add-on so that one can play the game post-end.

  5. Chuck says:

    Ah, I remember killing the Deathclaw Mother and her two mates. It involved a mini-gun, armor piercing rounds, and a hill I cornered myself into so they couldn’t swipe me.

    Red Lucy, the things I do for you…

  6. bit says:

    That was a thing I did not need to see. Just… Everything. No thank you.

  7. James says:

    in Fallout 3 Deathclaws are scary, but sit 500yards away and pepper them with plasma till its dead, in New Vegas, you sit 3 miles away and get a nuke and maby it’ll be hurt. and DAM was momma big and angry, she one shot all 300hp of your ass

  8. Jeremiah says:

    I just found a nice, elevated spot and expended a bit of sniper ammo. Made that area a bit of a pushover. Although it did take some patience.

  9. Jarenth says:

    Wow. I want to say something in the vein of “I bet Rutskarn can read anything in that voice and it will still be calm and relaxing“, but that’s pretty self-evident now. He’s already read the worst thing imaginable, and I was strangely ok with it throughout.

    Ruts, please never go into sales. It wouldn’t be fair.

  10. GM says:

    deathclaw´s are my favorite part of this video. signed Shepard

  11. Raygereio says:

    Cazadores never killed me. I don’t think they even ever touched me as I just murdered every single one of them with a ranged weapon, instead of running around like a Cuftbert and punching the highly-damaging-once-in-melee-range critters.[/smug bastard]

    Now was it me, or did the drugged-out-filter-effect version of Melissa looked she had pretty sweet beard? Cuftbert; what sort of funky halucination/desires do you have, man?

    Also, one of the many things in Fallout lore that makes you scratch your head. Deathclaws don’t come from iguana, but they are mutated and genetically engineered versions of these guys:
    o_O?! Bears -> Yao guai I get. This not so much.

    • Chuck says:

      Some biologists believe that a modern creature’s DNA contains fragments of its earlier code from older forms. The genetic mutation of the chameleon may have brought out some Permian era traits, such as bipedalism. Or it may have evolved from a mutated hybrid of some sort.

      Why am I thinking this through? Oh, the Vault wiki says genetic engineering was involved, so blame the Enclave, I guess.

      Which reminds me, getting Arcade Gannon will be really easy for you guys, so if you wanted to do For Auld Lang Sine real quick, that might be neat.

      Edit: I am a sucker for a wiki. From the Vault:
      “The deathclaws were originally created before the Great War by the United States Military in order to replace humans during high-risk close-combat search-and-destroy missions.”

    • kanodin says:

      I like to think Cuftbert always sees the world like that and we were just treated a rare glimpse into his head. The fact that he sees everyone with sweet beards does not surprise me in the least.

    • Jarenth says:

      I thought the drug-filter Melissa looked strangely like Hugh Jackman-Wolverine.

    • Ayegill says:

      I second the notion presented in the first paragraph. What’s that guys? Unarmed and Melee is overpowered and guns suck? Tell that to that mama deathclaw, it looks fierce. I bet that claw could knock your ass if you ever came within melee range. Now if only there were some way to stay outside her range and whittle down her health with a few hard shots to the head…

  12. Aanok says:

    I completely support your decision of not playing Honest Hearts. It sucked. And not in a so-bad-it’s-hilarious way. Just plain boring and dull.

    You should definitely do Old World Blues, though.

  13. Mari says:

    I am a sad, sick person. I looked it up myself before he got around to reading about it. And yes, thank you, I do also Rickroll myself. :-p

  14. therandombear says:

    On my first playthrough I went ranged, so I just sniped the Deathclaws from distance.

    On my second playthrough I took Shamus’ tips and went unarmed…I regret nothing, a fully repaired ballistic fist, 100 points in unarmed with implants and special points for 10 strength…and derman implant, with assassin armour and +6DT from perk.

    Those deathclaws didn’t stand a chance when I got there xD

    And again..double teaming with Veronica with a ballistic fist of her own. She’s a beast with that thing :3

    • Factoid says:

      I must say, after taking the Spoiler Warning advice I definitely have discovered the joy of Unarmed. I hated unarmed and melee in FO3…but the ballistic fist is terrific, and it’s silly to use anything but unarmed in New Vegas.

      I just love me some energy weapons, so I assumed that was a good way to go. Not like I had many problems going that route, but unarmed was definitely a ton more fun in the early game.

      • therandombear says:

        Ya, unarmed and melee is tons of fun. Sending people flying with a sledgehammer xD

      • Ayegill says:

        In the early game, unarmed and melee is really good, especially since you can pick up some good ones really early if you know what to do. Later…. not so much, in my opinion. They’re still useful, but some of the endgame guns completely wipe the floor. Also, you need to specialize heavily if you want to melee any deathclaws. Not saying it’s impossible, just saying those perks may be better spent elsewhere.

  15. Zombie says:

    Thanks for the Bio Lesson Ruts. Excuse me while I go bash that info out of my head

  16. Jjkaybomb says:

    euagh…. sometimes spoiler warning goes so bad its funny. But talking about penises on this show is just downright tasteless. I didnt find it funny at all, no matter what voice Rutskarn spoke in.

  17. TheAngryMongoose says:

    So… Melissa speaks with a New Zealand accent, not an English one.

    Bloody Canadians, can’t even recognise accents.

  18. LunarShadow says:

    I noticed an uninentional (maybe?) fight club reference. Bob’s nipples made me instantly think of Bitch-Tits Bob

  19. Kelly says:

    You really should do the DLC, since they have a connecting storyline. Honest Hearts isn’t all that necessary I suppose since really the only things that shines about it are Joshua Graham and the Survivalist, but it’d also be a nice break for scenery.

    You HAVE to do Old World Blues before shutting the season down. DO IT SHAMUS, DO IT… and Lonesome Road if that manages to come out before the end (probably not).

    • Even says:

      Well, the only connection there really is Joshua making mention of “another courier” who we would assume to be Ulysses, even if the description defies what we learned about him in Old World Blues. As for the main plot of Honest Hearts, there’s really nothing in common with the rest of the DLCs so far.

  20. Deadpool says:

    For the uninitiated, first British guy in Fallout:


    Mad props for the reference. He was fun.

  21. Vect says:

    Speaking of Cazadores and Old World Blues, in that DLC you get to meet the guy who made Cazadores. Apparently he made them to be docile and sterile.

    I remember reading a thread at Space Battle about New Vegas DLC and when they found out that the Big MT is the birthplace of the Cazador the reactions amongst the forumgoers was various amounts of murderous rage.

    I think I was able to deal with Cazadores decently since I usually focus on Guns and I had Veronica in Remnant Armor+Ballistic Fist. Turns out it’s a plenty good combination for her since she can take Deathclaws as well. A Sneak Sniper does great with Deathclaws as well.

    And is it just me or am I imagining Cuftbert as a Fist of the North Star villain? Kinda like Nevada’s version of Jagi?

    • Bentusi16 says:

      I really don’t understand why they raged over that, though it IS a spoiler for people who haven’t played Old World Blues.

      Old World Blues is hilarious, awesome, and hilariawesome. I didn’t have any issues with it on any level, and I’m wondering if now people are just nitpicking to nitpick.

  22. Bentusi16 says:

    Why did it take you so long to make a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas joke, considering Cuftberts tendency to drink, snort, and inject anything in the mojave wasteland and wrecking peoples houses?

    Also, it’s something of a shame about honest hearts, largely because of Joshua Graham. He’s an amazing character. No doubt Josh would just ignore what he says and then plant an explosive in his pants, but he’s the kind of character I’d like to hear the crews thoughts on.

    Honest Hearts is also a rare instance of real faith being discussed in video games (real faith meaning based on a real world faith and not pretending to be something else, rather then being a Crystal Dragon Jesus), and it treats it with surprising depth and doesn’t try to make a ham handed morality speech either for or against faith and religion.

    Also, the Cazadores terrify me ;( I can’t have my headphones or eyes open when I fight them. I just pull out the laser chain gun and open fire and just keep the trigger down with occasional peeks because EUCH. The worst thing is they are based exactly on the Tarantula Hawk, just blown up to bigger then a man size.

  23. Kelly says:

    Also Deathclaws are mutant Jackson’s Chameleons. Ruts is now no longer allowed to critique Fallout lore.

  24. neon_goggles says:

    snake taste like chicken to me.

  25. Destrustor says:

    About the cazadores, I never had any problems with them. just let them run straight at you while hosing them down with semi or full-automatic weapons (any smg, laser rcw, or a modded fat man shooting 900 nukes a minute. …actually, I would pay real world money for one of those if someone made them. :) )
    Even against large groups of cazadores, I only ever get hit once or twice unless I’m surrounded
    And the deathclaws aren’t as deadly if you just snipe them from atop a rock.
    Also, JOSH USED A FLAMER! You see, Shamus? He doesn’t lug those things around just to troll you, he carries them to occasionally, sporadically, briefly and unneffectively use them in combat situations!

  26. Okay, maybe you guys should start rolling up new Call of Cthulhu characters, since it looks like you’re almost out of San on these ones.

    Just no munchkining, k?

  27. Jordan says:

    I’ve seen a video of, if I remember correctly, a hedghog or maybe an echidna. I can attest to hemipenes being the most disturbing piece of anatomy in existance. Words can not describe the Lovecraftian horror that resides in those things’ crotches.

  28. Daemian Lucifer says:

    Bah,you find that disturbing?I have cats,and since I did search for suitable cats to breed a few generations,I educated myself in their anatomy.Now,interesting thing about cats is that they dont menstruate like other mammals.See,the penis of a male cat has spiky hairs on it,and these point to the back.So during the first copulation,when the male removes his penis from the female,he scratches her vagina,which causes the female to finally ovulate.This is the reason why cats are so loud and aggressive when they are mating,and why the female violently attacks the male as soon as they finish.

    Take that lizards!

  29. Wtrmute says:

    I think that the most painful moment in this episode was hearing Shamus’s pronounciation of “Cazador” — KAY-zuh-door very nearly cracked my skull open…

  30. Sleeping Dragon says:

    Rutskarn gives a performance specifically designed to make you feel uncomfortable, ashamed, and confused.

    Sooo, basically an average post on the Hammer? On a related note, Ruts needs to use this voice more often in streams and recordings.

    Also, I’m sure whoever of the people getting headaches from bunnyhopping hasn’t left yet just looooved that bit at around 9:30.

    • Grag says:

      Ignore the usual order of training; his safety requires the Voice.

      Really, more disturbing was mumbles commenting that she goes to sleep every night (or in her case, every mid morning, I guess?) listening to ruts talk about penises.

  31. gebiv says:

    Normal person when entering an area filled with large, nasty, one-shotting monsters: *Sneak* *Sneak* *Snipe* *Sneak*

    Josh in the same circumstance: *Bouncy* *Bouncy* *Punch* *Die*

    He’s a kangaroo with a death-wish.

    (Carrying two Incinerators)

    • modus0 says:

      I’m betting Reginald isn’t even close to being as tasty as kangaroo though.

    • Michael says:

      Hold on – I think someone wrote a song about this…

      RTBones, where are you? Pah, I’ll sing it myself.

      “I am the very model of a bunny-hopping pugilist
      A drunken malcontented bouncing bruiser with a power fist
      A wealthy if unhealthy mule of pant exploding violence
      A bonnet wearing plasma sharing thief of Legion consiousness
      With non-appointed skills disjointly used in highest prominence
      I am a very model of a bunny-hopping pugilist”

      I forget which episode that actually was posted on, but it was back in May, if it helps anyone find it.

      • LB says:

        [Applauds] Mordin would be proud.

      • Michael says:

        Hey, you, peoples. Don’t be thinking this was all me. I was just the singing talent.

        The lyrical genius is (as mentioned, though perhaps not strongly enough) RTBones, who appears to have disappeared.

        Just wanted to clear that up, as it seemed to have been a little ambiguous.

        • RTBones says:

          First – thank you for your kind words.
          Second – it isnt so much that I have disappeared, its more that real life intervened. I travel for work off and on – when its off, I go here and there occasionally, but when its on, its usually on in a big way. I still check in, but time constraints mean I’ll read (meaning catch up on) several posts at once and just scan comments instead of posting “in the heat of the conversation.”

          EDIT: In trying to post this reply, I got an invalid email address error. Reloaded and the post wasnt there. Went to reply, and magically everything I typed is in the edit box. I will hit post again – and will apologize in advance if this double-posts.

  32. Hitch says:

    I have a new favorite Mumbles quote: “I had alligator once. It was okay. But it didn’t taste like people.”

    If you loop around through Sloan and come in from the front of the quarry it’s a lot easier and not dying repeatedly makes it faster. You do have to kill the deathclaws in the quarry, including the mommy and daddy, but they aren’t that hard if you snipe them from the top of the gravel elevator. Punching them in the face may be a different story. But at least my approach features zero cazadors.

  33. Marlowe says:

    So long as no one ends up naked in the bathtub with a hunting knife in their hand.
    You can turn your back on a man but you can’t turn your back on Rutskarn.

  34. poiumty says:

    And this is where a 100% repaired, 100 guns skill, slasher’d Anti-Materiel Rifle .50 MG match hand load sneak attack headshot crit comes in. With Better Criticals. From an extremely long distance.

    In response to your raging on Twitter about Ubisoft DRM: you’re aware that AC2 took 3 months to crack, right? That is enough incentive for Ubisoft to try it again, and that is also why they think it worked. Sales in the first weeks matter the most, after all.
    Though I’m pretty damn sure the sales weren’t affected as much as they think, but that’s another story.

    • Daemian Lucifer says:

      The problem is that the other games using this system that came afterwards were cracked almost instantly.Not to mention the fact that ac2 was cracked in segments,so first chapter was available looong before those 3 months.

      Oh,by the way,do you know how long it took for twilight of the arnor,a game with no drm,to appear on the webs?6 months.And during that period,you could find zounds of threads with “When will this shit be crakced?/Just buy the game you moron!”

      • poiumty says:

        Still enough incentive for them to do it again. If they would have understood things like that they wouldn’t have used DRM like this in the first place.

        Also what the hell is twilight of the arnor. Not cracked because it’s hard has nothing to do with not cracked because no one cares.

        • Hitch says:

          Also, for a significant portion of that 3 months paying customers who’d bought completely legal copies of the game could not play because the online DRM servers broke.

          • Bubble181 says:

            All of that still doesn’t explain why the always-internet-all-the-time DRM was removed from somegames, like AC, but not from others, like Settlers 7. I bought S7 for dirt cheap (Play.com disount huzzah), and played it and liked it, but it still bothered me immensely and I had to actiuvely change my patterns to be able to play it at all. GRAH.

        • Daemian Lucifer says:

          The second expansion to galactic civilizations.It sold about 300000 copies in first two years,so its not that no one cares.There are far more obscure titles that get cracked much sooner(like eschalon books,for a sad example).

        • Littlefinger says:

          IIRC TotA used what I call the Paradox DRM: no drm in itself, but you need to enter a serial code on their website to be able to download various patches and whatnot. This is what wiki has to say about Dread Lords, the base game that Twilight is an expansion of:

          The game’s CD contains no copy prevention and there is no requirement to have the disc loaded into the computer to play the game. Stardock’s anti-piracy plan is that players must complete product activation with a valid serial number before they may receive any of the several game updates. Serial numbers can be used multiple times and the company owner, Brad Wardell, has stated that they are taking an approach based on the view that people who install the game illegally were unlikely to purchase it anyway.

          I’d note that, this being a 4X game, the patches are very much necessary as they fix various bugs with AI, balance adjustments and so on. In general, fps games seem to need less patching after shipping, so I can understand that this is not used more for Hidden and Honour 18: Left for Modern Warfare. A waste, but still…

          • Daemian Lucifer says:

            Actually the game was pretty tight without any patching.Patches were mostly bug fixes,so werent really necessary.

          • poiumty says:

            See I don’t have any experience with this particular game and can’t argue on it, but most video games that ever come out are pirated either before or a few days after launch. It’s true that in the case of, say, Forgotten Sands it got pirated less than a week after launch. But I’m not betting mcuh on Ubisoft understanding this.

            • Daemian Lucifer says:

              There is only one sure way to prevent piracy:Make it so that buying a program is much more beneficial.For example,my country was huge on piracy a few years back.You could buy pirated programs in stores,computer shops,everywhere.And there was this little program that is basically a map of the country and its cities,so quite a handy thing to have.And,of course,everyone had it.The pirated version,naturally.But,when the new version of the program came out,it was practically dirt cheap,available everywhere,and it offered free internet patches.Suddenly,you couldnt find the pirated version of it,yet people everyone who had the old program had the new one now.Yep,people who had the old version for free were willing to buy the new version,even though no one forced them to(there is no disc must be present,no constant internet connection,only one serial key and thats it).Sure,it became available on the web after a while,but even then people preferred buying it legally.

  35. C_B says:

    My favorite part was when josh repeatedly ignored his many doses of anti-toxin while fighting the cazadores.

  36. Daemian Lucifer says:

    Oh yes,thanks for reminding me Hitch,I wanted to comment on that.

    While frogs do taste like chicken,they are much juicier.Its a shame they are so expensive here,or Id eat them instead of chicken every time.As for people,judging by the composition Id guess they taste like wild boars,which are quite yummy.I would try one myself,but I dont think human meat is really that sanitary.

  37. Rack says:

    I haven’t really been watching this but is there a reason you seem to hate hotkeys? Watching you go through the menus every time you want to use a stimpack is torture to my OCD side.

    • modus0 says:

      “Watching you go through the menus every time you want to use a stimpack is torture to my OCD side.”

      That may very well be a reason…

    • Destrustor says:

      I actually prefer NOT to hotkey my stimpacks so that I don’t use them in a panic of trying to switch weapons. wasting stims just before actually needing them is not fun.
      plus, all of my easily accessible hotkeys are stuck with weapons so i’d have to put them in the corners which are a bitch to press correctly on the PS3.

  38. Another_Scott says:

    Hmm, I seem to have been poisoned! Lets see, ant-meat, antidote, AHA absinthe! Time to drink more booze!!!

  39. Adam P says:

    So Mumbles has Rutskarn read to her before she goes to sleep?

  40. Vect says:

    Why do I get the feeling that if they do Honest Hearts, Josh will try Chaos In Zion via using the incinerator on Graham? Then use every other weapon that isn’t the Ballistic Fist. Then die. Then repeat until finally he bombs Graham’s pockets?

    And of course I also get the feeling that Old World Blues will lead to Shamus complaining about the Pacification Field and how not giving you the chance to kill NPCs as soon as you meet them is railroading. That or Josh will try to glitch the game so that he can try to kill the Think Tanks as possible.

  41. Some Jackass says:

    The highlights of this show are when Josh hops off the rails and picks a fight with vastly more powerful enemies. Hilarity always ensues.

    Ill live if you guys dont do Honest Hearts but for the love of christ, you must do Old World Blues.

  42. Sydney says:

    Why does Reginald Cuftbert instinctively fold into the hog-tie position in the face of overwhelmingly superior firepower?

  43. Eric says:







  44. FelisRufus says:

    Three words: double-sided sticky tape…keeps just about anything on in large enough quantities.

  45. Boison says:

    I had to bite my knuckle through the Dolphin-lover voice bit. When the episode ended I looked down and saw that I was bleeding.

    It really takes some powerful words to physically hurt people over the internet. Turns out a wikipedia article on the reptilian reproduction system, spoken in a slimy sensual voice was enough. I’m impressed.

    Thank you Rutskarn. You are an asset to humanity.

  46. *Blah* says:

    Also, Cazadores. I thought I was just bad at fighting them.
    Thank you for showing me that this is not true.

  47. Deoxy says:

    You don't have to watch today's episode, but if you chicken out you won't understand anything that happens tomorrow, where all of the fear and loathing comes to a head. Time to cowboy up. You weren't using your pride anyway.

    Conveniently for me, I don’t watch any of these. A bit of a shame, really, but it saves time, and it avoids certain… situations. Like this one.


  48. Ben-J-Man says:

    That great Khan chick actually has a New Zealand accent, not a english one although it is quite common for americans to mistake the two

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