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Sherwood Showdown: And the winners are…

By Shamus
on Friday Jul 29, 2011
Filed under:
Tabletop Games


Roberta Taylor, designer of Sherwood Showdown, has selected two more people to get free copies of the game. If you remember, this is the game illustrated by my wife.


A few days ago Taylor held a giveaway, where a free copy of the game would be given to the person with the best suggestion for a card to be added to the game. Another copy would be given to the person who was best at being randomly chosen. Congrats to Jarenth and rofltehcat for their efforts. Visit the announcement page to read about the winning entry.

Also worth reading is this discussion on how the game can be adapted for 3 or 4 players.

And now I would like to remind you, with all the subtlety of a head-butt from Little John, that the game can be obtained through non-contest means. To wit: You can friggin’ buy it.

Comments (16)

  1. Deadpool says:

    Just waiting for this to come in the mail… The traveller caravan thing sounds like fun…

  2. Aldowyn says:

    Congratulations to those who won! If I ever get some free money, I’ll make sure to check this out again and consider buying it, supporting this kind of thing and you guys! :)

  3. siliconscout says:

    So, given that your wife illustrated do you get a royalty or was a commission work?

    Just wondering (and yep have ordered a copy).

    • lazlo says:

      I believe he said in his original post that money spent on these games takes a long and convoluted, but unfaltering path to supporting his habit of doing awesome stuff like this site and his novel in lieu of a real job. So I’d guess that’d be a “yes” on royalties.

      • Shamus says:


        And the path is not that long. It’s actually a pretty good setup. Our worst foe is Canada post.

        • siliconscout says:

          You are speaking to the Choir there brother.

          Imagine having to live in the country that calls that abomination our postal service.

          I literally send anything I can (letters included) on the greyhound whenever I can. Sure someones gotta pick it up but at least it gets there.

        • General Ghoul says:

          When will there be a US distributor?

          • Rustybadger says:

            We’re working on it, My General. There are some logistics involved with moving stock across the border to an American distributor (Customs, freight costs), but it is not an insurmountable problem. In the meantime, our American clients still get the best price, as it’s cheaper to ship from Canada to the States than it is to ship from Canada to Canada. In fact, it’s cheaper (as I’ve said before) for me to ship a copy to FINLAND than to Winnipeg.

            Siliconscout wasn’t exaggerating when used the hyperbolic ‘abomination’; it’s wholly accurate.

  4. lazlo says:

    I’m also very glad to see the discussion on 3-4 players. It seems like a fairly simple and fun game, and accessible to anyone with a basic understanding of arithmetic, which describes at least 3 people in my house (as an only child of two avid bridge players, I’m especially sensitive to having the wrong number of players for a game)

  5. Jarenth says:

    I feel honour-bound to point out that, before blind dumb luck reared its ugly head (yet again), I was totally planning to buy this game. It looks like fun, it’s pretty cheap, and it supports both independent game designers and the Young household – it seemed like a pretty decent deal to me.

    Hell, I’ll probably end up buying a second copy anyway, for the 3/4-player variant. For some reason, it’s always easier to get three (or more) other people over to play than it is to get just óne.

    Edit: Also, the actual contest entries can be found here. There’s a lot of interesting card design on display there.

    • Reet says:

      You know, when I saw who had won I was going to come over here to congradulate the winners on their awesome creativity…except you won it for being lucky. So I would like to congradulate you for being really lucky and rofltehcat for having awesome creativity. To be honest, I think luck will always trump skill anyway.

    • Irridium says:

      The Eastern Seaboard Cannons shall be fired in celebration of your victory over randomness!

    • rofltehcat says:

      Ha! As opposed to your blind luck, I won by my creativity! :P
      Didn’t really expect this but I am pretty happy.

      However, their site seems to be down right now (or is it just my DNS messing up again?) and I haven’t received an email yet (or it is hiding between hundreds of spammails) :(

      • rofltehcat says:

        Yeah, it was hiding between my spam mails. I can’t await playing the game.
        I hope my friends like it and also buy a copy so we can play it with 3 or 4 players… or I’ll gift them a copy? Hm…

  6. Tarous Zars says:

    I hope to play tonight if I can talk my wife into it.

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