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DMotR Special 2:
Do it While You Still Can

By Shamus
on Wednesday Jul 25, 2007
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DM of the Rings


This week I’m posting some amusing screencaps and photoshoppings while I recover from surgery. DMotR will resume next week.

The King tries to relive his youth.

Never follow a man going through a mid-life crisis. If he were on the path to success, he would have gotten there by now.

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  1. Tola says:

    ….And then Sauron hits the thing with Darkest Fear. No-Save(The thing pierces all immunity), can’t move or act, and did I mention you’re taking damage whilst you’re trapped? And he’s fast enough that he WILL get the first move. Now all he needs to do is keep using Wrath of Sauron(Attacks all, leeches the damage dealt) and re-applying Darkest Fear. Oh, and good luck casting on it once it uses Paralysis of Light on you(Full-party Silence).

    Who’d have thought the Great Eye would be such an effective boss(even a FINAL boss) without his Ring? With only these moves, he can utterly destroy even the typical RPG party, with over-inflated damage.

    (As an aside, the thing LOOKS ridiculous. You’re fighting the thing on top of Barad-dur. Yes, you’re right in front of that massive Eye from the movies.)

    Anyway, if you’re really looking to make something that can stand against the hordes of Mordor and their Master, it must have the ability to self-clone, to defeat such cheapness as the Dark Lord has.

    So…Dire Infernal Lava-Born Russian/Latin-American Undead Paratrooper Ninja Robot Pirate Wizard Cyborg Tentacled Monkeys with laser eyes FROM THE FUTURE in GENETICALLY ENHANCED bikinis and self cloning… for justice! With it’s equally fearsome mate….Which apparently has nothing right now. And is easy prey.

  2. Phil says:

    Things that annoy me about the movies, ooh, about number #13.

    The Theoden of the films is very well acted but really TOO DAMN YOUNG! Theoden was an *old* man, literally of an age where his death was not viewed as a tragedy, not even by himself (“If we win, what grief will it be if I fall spending my last strength?”).

    So it wasn’t so much a mid-life crisis as an end-of-life crisis!

  3. Thandruin says:

    …more of an ‘end-life crisis’

  4. Thandruin says:

    Curses! Just my luck repeating, by pure chance, the very last comment at the very bottom of the list because I didn’t feel like reading them all. :( Oh well, at least someone who concurs…

  5. Toil3T says:

    Speaking of which, A Red Dawn are releasing a new album in 3 months.

  6. Josh W says:

    “Ride Now to Ruin, and a RED DAWN!!!”

    “When did Patrick Swayze become an NPC?”

    “Yeah, I thought we were killing orcs not Cubans!”

    “Ooooh, Can I loot an AK-47 and an RPG?”

    ” NO! You are not Paramilitary High School Students. You’re fantasy adventurers. Oh never mind. I hate this campaign!”

  7. Robin says:

    I can’t wait until Mattel releases Dire Infernal Lava-Born Russian/Latin-American Undead Paratrooper Ninja Robot Pirate Wizard Cyborg Tentacled Monkeys with laser eyes FROM THE FUTURE in GENETICALLY ENHANCED bikinis Barbie.

  8. Tachi says:

    I’m heterosexual, in my 30s, and I have a Y chromosome, and I’d still totally buy that Barbie, and play with it.

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