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DMotR Special 3:
The Elven Hillbillies

By Shamus
on Friday Jul 27, 2007
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DM of the Rings


This week I’m posting some amusing screencaps and photoshoppings while I recover from surgery. DMotR will resume next week.

Cleetus couldn’t make it.

I admit this is crude and childish. I just saw this screencap of Elrond with this stupid look on his face and the joke sort of just happened. I will say that the elves in the final scene do look a bit goofy. I photoshopped these guys into a single frame and put the lipstick on Bobby, but other than that they appear as you see them above. They look a little less majestic than the elves elsewhere in the story. Aside from Elrond, they all have a cosplay look to them.

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  1. oldschoolGM says:

    60 Spam Vader Says:
    July 28th, 2007 at 8:55 pm

    Does it seem to anyone else that Zeke is cropping a feel on Maynard?

  2. DamoJO says:

    This is probably the funniest entry Shamus has done. I mean I love the comic, but this is priceless.
    Absolutely amazing considering this is just post-op fill in.
    And may Jindra34 suffer an outbreak of butt-boils after being butt raped by the entire population of Zimbabwe.

  3. Rich says:

    Well, considering that Hugo Weaving (Elrond) played a transvestite in “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”…

  4. Omni Rex Draconis says:

    This is my first post here, so let me say thank you Shamus et al for the humour.

    I don’t know what the excised posts contained, but I support your active moderation of the comments. This forum often has as much comedy as the strips themselves. It would be a shame to let just a few people ruin it.

    Get well soon.

  5. superfluousk says:

    Ray the Jedi Elf… excellent.

  6. nerdpride says:

    I just noticed I never really considered thinking of elven men as having long hair like that; I sort of steamrolled over their faces with the movies (in some parts). And when Shamus photoshops them together, they look downright creepy.

    A stoned guy is going to pop into my head whenever I think of Aragorn from now on, unfortunately. Not to say that the comic isn’t hillarious

  7. Crystal says:

    sorry, the guy that called them the malfoys really did it for me! XD

  8. Laithoron says:

    70 nerdpride Says:
    I just noticed I never really considered thinking of elven men as having long hair like that.

    Hmm, I’m an elf, male and long-haired but I don’t understand why P.J. thought it necessary to make all of us elven men have severely receeding hair-lines. From that standpoint I never really considered thinking of elven men as having long hair like that either!

  9. hoyce says:

    Crude or not, it made me giggle.

    Thanks to Shamus for keeping updates coming in spite of surgery and over critical critics.

  10. Jaye says:

    First off, get better soon Shamus.

    Second, thank you so much for making me laugh …and so often. This strip is incredible.


  11. Medium Dave says:

    All the hermaphrodites are happy to see the only female looking elf leave…

  12. Jochi says:

    Oh, come on, folks. I reacted negatively to Jindra’s comment too, largely because of the timing while we are being supportive — some of us smarmily so. But really, all that was said was “This is funny, but I felt it was less funny than usual.” In poor taste because of the timing — but nobody would read it if it was posted two weeks from now. These things are time-sensitive.

    But the level of vitriol in response did range into the totally inappropriate, as Shamus said completely out of character for the tone of this forum. He edited the list in a way that compromised between allowing free speech and keeping that tone — and NOT cutting comments that failed to adequately stroke his ego. I applaud his decision — as much as his return to ‘active duty’.

    I mean, really, why should Jindra be banned whan the guy who’s only contribution is to post a four-letter-word for “whoremonger” isn’t?

  13. Caius says:

    Leave it to star was to claim all costumes that resemble Jedi garb. And my goodness Zeke is creepy looking

  14. xbolt says:

    Rustybadger Says: “@xbolt: “Normal” is just a setting on your dryer.”

    Oh, good. Sarcasm. I happen to enjoy sarcasm. :D

  15. Ambidexter says:

    In the movie, Elrond (or Hugo Weaving) looks like he’s been constipated for five hundred years.

  16. capitain says:

    Shamus, you´ve got a crude, rude mind. And I´m lovin´ it.

    Someone up there said he/she will never be able to see the elves as elves again. Uh, really. Did anybodey see THEM as fair elves? Did somebody, ANYbody see them different than shamus does?
    -I really like the movie. Really, really do. But frankly, Jackson (use f-word of your choice)ed-up the whole elven-thing. I can live without Bombadil. I can bear the hobbit´s going with Faramir to Osgiliath. I can stomach the orks storming osgiliath d-day style. I can accept the whole retaking of the shire was too long, too much. I can live with umpteen-zillion other inconsequent things. BUT: The elves do look neither fair, nor straight (no insult intended). And another thing while i´m ranting. Degrading a dwarf to a sidekick in an epic movie just won´t go.

  17. Dan says:

    Wait a minute. Is that Figwit (from Flight of the Conchords) as Ray?

  18. EmeraldTiara says:

    does anyone else notice that elrond is BALDING?

  19. Nadzghoul says:

    To be in character after seeing this… ‘MY PRECIOUS — IT HURRTTTSSS USSS!’


  20. Toil3T says:

    Hey! That’s mean.
    (My last name is Hill, I live in One Tree Hill, (In the Adelaide Hills), and I’m playing an elf)

  21. Robel says:

    Dresses like a Jedi :)) That got my pants wet dammit!

  22. ShadowsLight says:

    They look like Wraith, but without the makeup

  23. Ciryandor says:

    Now which of the writers should own up to Gimli becoming a much less serious character? Black humor and a tinge of sarcasm in a deadpan dwarven delivery would have been enough to give him the level of seriousness the others comparatively have without losing any of the laughs.

  24. serenitybane says:

    Ahaha yes! The images are perfect!

  25. Aeseihtur says:

    That Elrond is a Smith (no seriously, same actors)

  26. Invalidiot says:

    Is the Elrond referencing the Maynard of the old sitcom Dobie Gillis?Maynard was portrayed by Bob Denver who was Gilligan in Gilligan’s Island.It’s a way late post but i just found this site 2 days ago and was curious.Great webcomic btw.

  27. WJS says:

    Spam Vader: “Does it seem to anyone else that Zeke is cropping a feel on Maynard?”

    That’s not the half of it. He’s not shopped in, in the film those two are standing together like that. And unlike most of the funny faces throughout the comic that are split-second screengrabs, he’s standing there with that goofy grin on his face all through Elrond’s brief speech. It’s really kind of creepy.

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