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Peeve Farmer

By Shamus
on Thursday Jan 19, 2006
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These days I steer clear of political discussions for the most part, although astute observers might be able to extrapolate the cut of my particular jib by looking at stuff I’ve written in the past. However, I can’t pass this one up. Brian Tiemann over at Peeve Farm gives a rightous beating to a few ideas that were, I assure you, just asking for it.

He starts out calm, acting like all he wants is to talk about accessiblity issues on Macs, and once everyone has let their guard down he goes all Bruce Lee on some lefty “thinking”. Then he goes back to talking about Macs as if nothing happened.

And that is something with which I am down.

Comments (4)

  1. yoshi927 says:

    I’m afraid I can’t bite on that… does anyone around here remember how the “laser guided bombs” that “never hit civilian targets” worked out? (I wasn’t alive at the time. It’s all part of history, tho’.)

  2. Dreadbeard says:

    Totally agree. No matter what measures you take, no matter how hard you try…there will always be those whose goal is to tear down what you have done, probably since they have no ability to do anything useful themselves. It’s easy to criticize others, but much more difficult (and useful) to be a critical thinker.

    • Logic'd says:

      Critical thinkers are those who think critically. A critic critically appraises something, ie, they think critically. You argued that people shouldn’t criticise, but they should be critical. These are diametrically opposed.
      More to the point, whether or not you have anything to contribute to something doesn’t mean that you can’t criticise what others do. I may not be a channel boat pilot, but I can still criticise the one who runs an oil tanker aground. I may not be able to code a web browser, but when I get a Firefox Memory leak I am gonna be pissed. Criticism is fine, so long as it is logical and rational. Saying that critics are bad for being critics is bad, as it encourages an anti-intellectual viewpoint, where the only thing of importance is dogma.

      Better yet, know the meaning of the words you use.

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