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Spoiler Warning: Coming Soon

By Shamus
on Monday Aug 22, 2011
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Spoiler Warning


We haven’t worked out what game we’re doing next. I’m sure you have a game in mind, and I can promise you it has numerous drawbacks. I know this because that’s all we’ve been talking about for the last couple of weeks: “Which of these ugly scenarios is the least unpleasant?” Some games are difficult to record for technical reasons. (KOTOR) Some have severe pacing problems. (Dragon Age: Origins: The Deep Roads.) Others present logistical problems. (The timed dialog in in Alpha Protocol making it impossible to have conversations about choices because the game won’t wait for us.) Some of these problems can be solved with extensive editing, but there actually is an upper limit on how many hours a week Josh can spend on this, and it’s already a lot. Also, just about every game under consideration has at least one cast member who doesn’t want to have anything to do with it. So, it’s complicated, is what I’m saying. You’re free to shout “DO MY GAME OF CHOICE. DO IT!” in the comments below, but it will have the same impact as shouting coaching advice at the television when you’re watching your Sports Game of choice. Our problem is not lack of choices, but in weighing the various trade-offs. We need to make sure we can live with our selection for the next couple of months.

HOWEVER: While that conversation plays out, I am kind of curious why people watch the show. This question is too complex for a brute-force solution such as a poll, so here are a few questions. Answer as seems best to you:

  1. Do you enjoy the show more when we’re making jokes, or when we’re doing more analytical commentary?
  2. Do you prefer unseemly gushing (as with Half-Life 2) or unhinged ranting (as with Fallout 3)?
  3. Do you prefer to watch the show when you have played the game in question, or when you haven’t?
  4. Have you tried to watch the Fallout 3 episodes at all? Because they are broken for me, and have been for weeks.
  5. And just because I know you’ll say so anyway: What game do you wish we would do next?

Comments (358)

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  1. MrGamer says:

    1. I enjoy the commentary a lot, it is very insightful and helpful for understanding a game’s strengths and weaknesses. The jokes help shake up the mood a bit if it is too serious or too anger driven.



    4.Yes, and I could not watch them.

    5. Deus Ex

    • Daemian Lucifer says:

      Yes,a blind lp of deus ex 3.And while doing that,they can talk about 1 and 2.It would be a perfect trilogy done in one show.

    • Uscias says:

      For the most part I too would love to see a playthrough of the original deus ex, with possibly some cosmetic mods to give people who haven’t played the game (go play it now!) something to look at.

      As for the questions, I’ve been entertained by all the episodes so far so i don’t feel strongly about any particular option.

    • Zagzag says:

      I heartily approve of Deus ex. In response to 3) I have never played any of the games that you have shown except HL2. This is entirely due to me not owning any device capable of playing any of these games, but owning one that can play HL2. I have played Deus ex, and would love it if you chose to do this for the next series.

      The series two video did seem to be broken, however after trying it and then looking through some comments, I scrolled up to find it working. It seems that for me at least, leaving it sitting there magically makes it work again.

  2. benjamin says:

    make a video of project frontier, you should have no problem of pacing nor technical problems.


  3. Eltanin says:

    1. Analytical
    2. Unseemly gushing
    3. Have played (good luck with that one)
    4. Nope
    5. Er…

  4. DrKultra says:

    Do you enjoy the show more when we're making jokes, or when we're doing more analytical commentary?

    Both are very enjoyable specially from different cast members, Josh, Rutskan and Mumbles are VERY good at jokes and trolling each other, you Shamus are specially good at being incisive with the comments and this is usually followed by the cast giving their opinion on the game from that point of view.

    Do you prefer unseemly gushing (as with Half-Life 2) or unhinged ranting (as with Fallout 3)?

    I would hope games have space for both because nothing SHOULD be entirely one sided, the ranting is awesome usually because the examples are funny as hell, and the praising it’s fine when it’s measured because there is only so many good things you can say about a game before it becomes a looping tape.

    Do you prefer to watch the show when you have played the game in question, or when you haven't?

    I have done both, and I can say I have gone out and bought games due to Spoiler Warning, Josh makes most games looks either ridiculously cool or stupidly easy, and usually the rest of the cast can pitch in with their own opinion about it and gives a nice amount of good vs bad from the video gamer stand point which leads to decision making, FOR SCIENCE!

    Have you tried to watch the Fallout 3 episodes at all? Because they are broken for me, and have been for weeks.

    Last I saw em, was in like March. Sorry.

    And just because I know you'll say so anyway: What game do you wish we would do next?

    Huh, this is actually a good question, because trying to consider everything you have already said, I would go the troll route and show Batman Arkaham Asylum :p


  5. Jimmy McAwesome says:

    The answer to all of those questions for me is “Yes”. The only game that you have done that I hadn’t played was New Vegas, which while you were playing it I got it and started to work my way through. Don’t force your commentary to be one thing or the other, just do whatever comes up naturally.

    As for a game I think you should do. Maybe some of the older Bio Ware games, such as Baulders Gate, but I don’t know how watchable that would be. Or you could go through all of Half Life 2, I really enjoyed your commentary that week.

  6. Roper says:

    1. Well a tough one to start off with, but I have to say I like your analytical side of things, its great to hear your opinions and perspectives on things. But jokes are always welcome!

    2. Another tough one, but I say that its good to hear you like stuff, but also hearing about somethings flaws is great too. Aghh I am so in the middle ground for these damn questions.

    3.I like to see you do games I have played because, yet again, hearing you guys opinions is great.

    4.Nope, does not seem to be working for me ._.

    5. Any game you guys feel you can properly comment on, which hopefully all of you have played and have something interesting to comment on….. well good luck with that one.

  7. Cerapa says:

    1. Both. The times Ive enjoyed the show most are when you go all out with jokes, and when you just analyze the game. I prefer all-out more than a mix.

    2. I do like the ranting, but I also really liked the Half-Life 2 episodes…cant answer this.

    3. I like watching Lets Plays when I havent.

    4. Just tried an episode, dun work.

    5. Co-op Magicka, for glorious, glorious trolling.

  8. Lupis42 says:

    I really liked the way the Half-Life 2 episodes worked. I’m not sure whether that’s because I prefer the gushing, or just because it’s interesting to revisit HL2 so many years on and see how well it does things that more modern games fail to do.

    It’s easier to follow the show when I’ve either played the game in question, or it doesn’t deliver it’s plot in overly heavy dialog/text – for example, although I haven’t played Bioshock, it was easier to follow the Bioshock series than the New Vegas series.

    I’d like to see Half-Life 2 finished at some point – it’s so influential as a game, and there are so many touches in it that you don’t notice on a first pass, or even a third, that it’s nice to see it get this treatment. But because I’m a horrible sadist, I’ll just say that you should do a run through of Left4Dead.

  9. Aldowyn says:

    ZOMG no comments? That seems kind of unfair, I haven’t been watching for a couple weeks now! (*edit* and, of course, by the time I finish writing my essay of a response there are 8 before me)

    1. Umm. Somewhere in between? Jokes are good and all, but we (or I, at least), came here to see you guys talk about some games!

    2. Ranting, definitely. It’s easier to say why something sucks than why something is really good, and easier to learn from mistakes than from triumphs. Besides, it’s hilarious.

    3. Have, so I don’t miss anything and know what you’re talking about. Not to mention I don’t have a clue what’s going on in the comments if I haven’t played it (Especially with the FO games). TBH, I haven’t watched the Bioshock season because I don’t want that game spoiled for me.

    4. Not recently? (checking) Seems to be working fine for me…

    5. I could suggest Dragon Age 2. Be interesting seeing you guys talk about why it sucks compared to DA:O, and where it’s actually better (Because there ARE ways in which it is better). Skyrim comes out in November :P And KotOR would be awesome, but you’ve discussed that already.

  10. Kdansky says:

    I only watch it sporadically. The primary issue for me is pacing. There is just too much of absolutely nothing going on, were Josh shuffles his inventory and loots every single headcrab, then reloads three times and does it once more. Also, the constant bunny-hopping makes me motion-sick. I also do not think that Fallout 3 (NV) makes for a compelling watching experience. The gameplay is mostly really bland (shoot stuff with unsatisfying weapons, spend most your time in the shitty inventory screen, reload and die randomly a lot) and there are no surprises and tension at all. Did I mention the bunny-hopping?

    Magicka? Trine? Dragon Age 2 on lowest difficulty setting with planned top-builds, and skip the more generic side quests. I still think it’s a very good game, just not as good as it should/could have been.

    • Kdansky says:

      Apparently, I cannot edit. Weird.

      I want to add that I think Josh (or whoever plays) should plan said playing more around the viewers. Try to play in a way that is nice to watch. Don’t try to shoot for 100% coverage, rather showcase the good and bad highlights. Use mods (that will add something for those who know the game) and cheats.


      • DanMan says:

        Yes, very much this. I commented below with my responses, but I also wanted to lend my support to this one.

        I stopped watching about halfway through New Vegas, because as amusing as it is to troll the other commentators by carrying a huge weapon that over-incumbers you frequently, I didn’t need to watch it the entire season. It really got annoying. There was nothing new to say about the inventory screen and “Drop the incinerator!” “What incinerator?” was a funny joke…the first two times.

  11. Xythe says:

    1. I think you have a nice balance going. The analysis is usually insightful and interesting, and the arsing around is very entertaining.

    2. Unhinged ranting. Detailed (troll free) negative comentary on games is far harder to locate than praise.

    3. I always play first. I mostly play for story, and I don’t want to know what’s going on in advance. Obviously, if it was a game I knew I’d probably never pick up myself, I’d watch having not played.

    4. I always had a nightmare getting anything on that stupid site you used to use to work. I got fed up of waiting an hour to play a 30 min episode (and sometimes having it fall over half way through) and gave up with the show until you moved to YouTube.

    5. I second Deux Ex and raise you a Baldurs Gate.

  12. Annikai says:

    1. I enjoy both the commentary and the jokes. I think it’s best when you have a bit of an even pace with they so they offset each other.

    2. Since there hasn’t been a lot of unseemly gushing I can only guess that it would end up like the ranting and might over play itself. Personally The ranting was what got me into you guys in the first place but it would be interesting to see you guys play a game that you all like.

    3. Yes I would rather watch the show if I had at least played some of the game. It’s hard for me to get into the game when I haven’t played some of it because the way you guys do things it’s hard to get a grasp of the stories or characters. Not that that is a bad thing considering I don’t come here to see the story I come here to hear your thoughts on them.

    4. I watched all of Fallout 3 as it came out but I checked the link and it worked fine on my end.

    5. Personally I would like to watch you guys play Alpha Protocol. The drawback that you mentioned was actually something that I look forward to. I want to see Josh get angry or screw up because the conversation in the background is distracting him. That being said a fix for this could be post commentary but I don’t think it would work for the kind of show you guys do.

  13. both


    never played any of the games


    play the drinking game every second eps, it would be so funny :D other then that, any game is good :) even starcraft single player (more drinks for the player playing then the commentators for that one to make it even better ;)

  14. Zukhramm says:

    1. The commentary is what I’m here for.

    2. Finding a game that has both good and bad is the best option. If I had to chose, I don’t know.

    3. Watching a game I’ve already have played is preferable but not for spoiler reasons but rather just to understand what’s going on and what you’re talking about.

    4. In fact I just tried it last week and no, they don’t seem to work.

    5. No idea.

  15. I like a mix of jokes and commentary – either for too long becomes too stale – where there is no useful commentary to give pun for all you are worth, I guess is what I’m saying

    I actually like it when there’s a difference of opinion and you get into why that is. Ranting is fun so long as it’s making more of a point than RAR I HATE THIS JUST BECAUSE.

    I’ve enjoyed both styles. I actually quite enjoy games I haven’t and probably never will play this way.

    Nope, only started watching at the ME2 start. EDIT: But yeah, that host never liked me. I suppose you could consider dumping them across to YouTube now that they have higher length limits, but I appreciate that you guys have lives to be getting on with… /EDIT

    And as for game, depends on your preference but I’m going to vote for either Dungeon Keeper 2 or Overlord, just for a change of pace

  16. Littlefinger says:

    1. Variety is the spice of life. While I liked the analysis of HL2, the talk about scene setting and so on, the party banter is also fun. That said, some of the jokes carried on too long (eg Incinerator – though Vault 11 made up for that. By the way, what were you doing when that footage was made?).

    2. Both. Not necessarily every one be as balanced as possible, but the team as a whole should not be barking up the same tree, so to speak.

    3. Not sure where you’re going with this. Of all the Seasons, I only hadn’t played the Fallouts. I bought F NV after your 10th or so episode. But why does this matter to you at all? Would you let your choice depend on whether it was popular (in terms of sales)?

    4. Watching it on viddler itself is no problems. There seems to be something wrong with the embedded player though.

    5. As much as I love AP, unless you can mod out the dialogue timer, I don’t know if it’d be a fun experience. But so far, you guys have only done 3 IPs (Bioshock, ME, Fallout). Perhaps something else? Pathologic, Alan Wake (that’s possibly a nice one), one of ubisoft’s stealth action games (meh), or (personal favorite), No One Lives Forever?

    Mostly though, I want to suggest a filler episode: DEFCON. I want to see you guys play global thermonuclear war.

  17. Daemian Lucifer says:

    1) Both interchangingly.

    2) Both.

    3) I dont mind.In the case of mass effect 1,you did it before I have,and your first episode made me want to play it myself.In the cases of fallout 3 and bioshock,youve showed me that I wasnt wrong in not playing them because the first sucked hard and the second simply didnt interest me enoug.And in the case of mass effect 2,youve showed me that I was not the only one seriously disappointed by it.So I like to watch the show no matter what game is on the menu.

    4) No I did not.But I did link one of those videos a few weeks before,but I dont know if that counts.

    5) Do the oddboxx.

    Also,Shamus,stop thumbs downing SoldierHawke just because she is a better player than you.

  18. lurkey says:

    2.Ranting (because gushing is never funny)
    3.When I played it
    4.Watched a bit when it wasn’t broken
    5.Dragon Age 2. Oh what would I give for seeing you sink your fangs into that one.

  19. SougoXIII says:

    1. I’m leaning toward the analytical commentary but there no reason why you can’t have both. I have no complaints about the show so far.

    2. Either is fine as long as it is reasonable and I can see where you’re coming from. There nothing I hate more than unjustified rant or blatant fanboyism.

    3. Well, as long as it isn’t painful to watch, I’m fine with whatever game you choose.

    4. Is it the Saint Row 3 ads? They have annoyed me for the last week. Keep showing up without letting me buffer the video even after I closed it. Guess what game I’m not getting next year?

    5. Wait… you mean I get to choose? All of them. Play ALL the things!

  20. ehlijen says:

    In this exact particular order:

    1: A mix of both. Pure analysis would be quite boring. But pure nonstop joking would probably exhaust your reportoire sooner or later. That’s not an insult or lack of confidence in your ability to joke; even the Rifftrax crew runs out of material during some movies.

    2: Again, a mix. But if I had to pick one, I could live with just rants. Geeks like ranting and rants after all.

    3: Not sure. My preference goes by genre, not whether I’ve played it (scifi over fantasy over crime glorification).

    4: No I have not.

    5: Temple of Elemental Evil? Baldurs Gate 2? Fallout 1? Freelancer?

    Also, it’s however Sid Meier choses to pronounce it, but my guess would be Mire.

    • General Ghoul says:

      It would be nice to watch a fresh play-though of The Temple of Elemental Evil with the Co8 new content mod. First, that would make it playable, and secondly, to see someone not too familiar with the game try the new content to see if it really works well in game play. It is the best turn based D&D game ever made.

  21. 1. I enjoy a mix of both, but the analytical commentary tends to come out ahead. Of course I never consider the two mutually exclusive.

    2. I prefer the ranting, as it tends to be more entertaining though I do expect when a game gets something right for it to be lauded appropriately. I find it interesting to see the flaws in good games and the redeeming qualities in bad games, and I’d hope that any game you guys played was at least good enough to be worth watching, even if it fell short in other areas.

    3. I’ve played all of the games in question. All of them.

    4. Not recently, but I’d check if you had a proper link to the archive somewhere on the page

    5. As much as I want to see something like Planescape Torment or one of the original Fallouts, they would be terribly boring to watch. I think what would be really interesting would be Deus Ex 2: Invisible War. #1 is good too, and I think Josh could come up with some really good moments, but #2 has such a huge reputation as a disappointment, but I’ve never really seen anyone get into depth about why. I mean, I played it, I know the deal, but there’s just so much there, it needs this treatment.

    Of course I have a shortlist if you can’t do that – Neverwinter Nights 2, or more specifically Mask of the Betrayer because it’s a bit shorter and also better. Vampire: Bloodlines, or even Vampire: Requiem would be fun to watch. I say we keep at least a season between Gamebryo games, preferrably two, so Oblivion is out.

    I kind of don’t want a HL2 season because I plan on recording my own shortly, but don’t let me stop you. Or better yet, do some mods – Minerva: Metastasis, The Stanley Parable, Radiator and Research and Development come to mind. Of course if we’re going for praise then Psychonauts is always a good choice.

    Mirror’s Edge could be interesting – it’s pretty short, and it’d be fun, albeit more dizzying than normal to watch.

    • krellen says:

      I was going to come suggest one of the VtM games; Bloodlines is newer, but both have their charms. Bloodlines is the shorter of the two, which probably makes it the more suitable for Spoiler Warning.

      As to the questions:

      I like the show best when the four of you are getting along and less so when you’re grousing at each other. The end of most of the seasons so far have been difficult for me, because you’re all tired of the game and the antics of each other in the game, and it starts to show. I really don’t like the “Josh is trolling us” parts of the shows. What you talk about when you’re getting along is up to you; complaints or praise are both welcome (and a mix of both is best; I really like hearing the “one thing I do like” or “one thing that bothered me” comments.)

      The only Spoiler Warning you’ve done of a game I hadn’t played was BioShock, and it caused me to go buy BioShock and try it before you were done (Rutskarn caused me to get SR2 with his LP of it with Jibar, too). I don’t really watch it for the gameplay, but for the commentary, so I don’t think it really matters to me whether I’ve played the game or not.

      And the Fallout 3 episodes seem to play fine for me, though I haven’t watched them since they premiered.

    • Simon Buchan says:

      I agree with ALL of these suggestions! Well, except NWN2 – I despise that game (with some really good highlights, though).
      – DX2 would be a great pick since we could compare with DX3.
      – Psychonauts is just pure awesomeium, and we’d get some good ranting about the gameplay mixed in for flavour!
      – Mirror’s Edge is far more fun to watch with someone who knows what they’re doing: I’m pained every time I see an LP where they don’t understand the momentum system in that game (I’m looking at you for not catching that pipe, Rutskarn!), or notices the alternate paths; so I’d ask that whoever drives that has done a bunch of practice on time-trials if that wouldn’t be prohibitive.

  22. Raygereio says:

    1. I like prefer analysis on the game intermixed with jokes about the game.
    2. Just gushing gets boring fast. That’s only entertaining if you happen to also love the game in question (cue me falling asleep halway in the first ep of the HL2 interlude). Then again, mindless ranting can easily become irritating as well. Luckily you’ve never done the latter; sure, there was ranting during the Fallout 3 run, but it was mixed with humor and jokes.
    3. Don’t really care.
    4. Both the embedded and the main links aren’t working. However, I can download the videofile of viddler and play it just fine, meaning the video itself it good and the problem lies with the viddlerplayer.
    It appears as if the player gets stuck trying to loead some add (I got something about Saints Row) at the beginning and can’t progress further.
    5. Uh, I dunno. Do something you lot think you can both talk and joke about.

  23. Vlad says:

    1. I prefer commentary over improvisational comedy. I like to learn about why you think the game is good or bad, the more detailed the better.

    2. Ranting about games is all the rage on the Internet. Negativity sells, I guess, but there are so few people actually showing off the games they like and why they liked them that I prefer gushing.

    3. I prefer seeing either games I’ve played, or have no interest in playing. I’d watch Alpha Protocol, for instance, even if I don’t care enough to play it.

    4. No.

    5. Whatever you guys want, I don’t care. I don’t watch it super regularly anyway. You could wait for Deus Ex 2, or do the Witcher 2 (though I still need to play it, so I probably won’t watch all the episodes), or that Jade Empire I keep hearing about. Oh wait I KNOW! You guys could do a 2-4 player coop let’s play of Magicka. Fun times to be had by all.

    6. Mire.

    • Michael says:

      I think you meant DX3. DX2’s been out for about eight years now. Actually Invisible War might make for some good fodder. It also only runs for about 10-15 hours, so that could be a (relatively) quick season.

      Max Payne or Max Payne 2 are also short and might be worth consideration.

      Bloodlines is a good candidate, and unfortunately is probably the only Troika game.

      System Shock 2 would be nice, but I suspect this one has been vetoed because of technical issues.

      Actually the original Fallout might be a decent candidate, as you’ve already got a theme going there.

      F.E.A.R. could be hilarious…

      S.T.A.L.K.E.R. may be right out, but the first game only runs for about ten hours, so that would make for another short season, plus VODKA!

      Anyway, having answered 5…

      1. It really needs to be both. The jokes can be pretty funny, but the informative chunk is a major reason I keep coming back, even if a lot of it is stuff I’m already aware of.

      EDIT: I should probably clarify. A lot of the factual informative is stuff I’m already aware of, the opinion informative based on that is pretty consistently interesting.

      2. Ranting. Especially when your love for a game deteriorates through the run, as with New Vegas or Bioshock, where you start out loving and gushing about the game and then it breaks your spirit. Sorry, that may be slightly evil of me, but it is an amusing, and semi-consistent pattern.

      Honestly, this could be the most amusing aspect of a full HL2 run.

      3. I’m not sure it matters. To date everything you’ve run is something I’ve played to death, and honestly most of the games that are frequently mentioned on the programs are ones I’m pretty familiar with.

      Fake Edit: Except Amnesia, I forgot about that.

      4. I just checked and it seems to run fine for me.

      5. The only thought that comes up is the possibility of more one off episodes, like Amnesia, Half Life 2 or Team Fortress 2. Quick one week doses of crazy. This might be a better option if someone on the team really doesn’t want to sit through a game for months, but you’d still like to use it.

      One more thought on 5: Doom 3 might be a good option. I’d imagine there’s some critiques worth hearing on that front.

    • Entropy says:

      Deus Ex 3, I assume you mean. Unless you deny the existence of Invisible War (You’d be surprised how many people do)

  24. rofltehcat says:

    Do you enjoy the show more when we're making jokes, or when we're doing more analytical commentary?
    1. Mixture. Too much of both is bad.
    2. Gushing. Can be some ranting but imo it got too overboard in Fallout
    3. I prefer to watch the show when I have an interest in the game. This means that it is either of a game I played and liked or games whose theme/prequel/whatever I find interesting but haven’t really played.
    4. Fallout Episodes: I didn’t watch all episodes of SW. I especially skipped a lot of the FO3 episodes and even in the other games I only watch 1/3 to 1/2 of the episodes and even then not the whole episode sometimes.

    5. Maybe it is time for a few shorter games or short features of some games that are too long (or too boring if played for too many episodes)?

    -From Dust: Pretty new, short play time that should suffice for 1-3 episodes. Suggested commentary: “no, place the earth over there! oh look how the villagers die again! quickly, freeze that water!” and “how the hell are we supposed to do that?

    -Men of War: Strategy game. 1 episode, 2 max. Suggested commentary: “what the hell just happened? why is everybody dead?” and “go attack there! see, now everything is dead because you didn’t!” also the alltime favorite “did that russian player just destroy your heavy tank with that AA gun from across the map?”

    -Freedom Force: Everyone likes super heroes (especially Shamus) and it is one of the games I bought but never played (damn you, Steam and your “duals”!)

    -Gish, Super Meat Boy, VVVVVV: Time for a jump&run! And some of them are frustrating enough so you’ll have plenty of ranting time!

    -Splinter Cell: “shouldn’t that guy see you? why did that last guy see us? it was much darker back there!” – “just shoot him in the head!”

    -Monkey Island remakes: Do it!

    -Some F’ing Street Fighter 1v1 with 2 commentators playing against each other and the others commenting, diverting etc.

  25. Airsoft says:

    I want you guys to do Kotor so bad, ive never had any technical problems with it, Kotor 2 on the otherhand would be hell to record, or even play, damn you obsidian!!!

    But i suppose practically the obvious choice is gunna be Oblivion, do it, then do Skyrim when that comes out. perfect timing.

  26. Andrew Bell says:

    Ahem. Right.

    1: I prefer the analytical comments, but I couldn’t watch a whole show of them. The gags are a vital change of pace.

    2: I don’t really like either. I prefer the mixed bits, when you like something, but acknowledge the flaws, or dislike something but acknowledge the good bits. It is in the distinction that the learning happens. It’s much easier to see a good bit of design among dross, than it is to see any individual bit in a shining pile of gold.

    3: I like to have played them. Otherwise I get distracted by the gameplay and miss the commentary, which is the real reason I watch. Plus, a lot of the comments only really work because they explain an expereince I’ve had and cause me to go “oooh, THAT’S why that bit sucked”

    4: Nope, but then, by the end of that season, I never wanted to see FO3 again…

    5: Anything as long as you’ve all played it. Hate to hark back to it, but “Dead Money” did annoy me this season. I watch because you guys are intelligent, well informed commentators. It’s less fun when half of you don’t know enough to critsise in the style to which I have become accustomed.

  27. GTRichey says:

    1. Commentary… though without the jokes I wouldn’t watch it. I find the commentary to be the primary reason and the jokes necessary when the game doesn’t lend itself to comment or the territory has been covered to death (see ME1 elevators and the end of the Bioshock/FO3/FO:NV… though you guys seem to have gotten the hang of it at this point because FO:NV didn’t become nearly as tedious)

    2. Both, but only in the context of pointing out why something is gushworthy or bileworthy. Basically whatever leads to the most meaningful commentary.

    3. Depends on the game in question. The more open it is the more likely I’ll want to have played it without spoilers. For example if you do Deus Ex: Human Revolutions next I will not watch until I’ve played it through. If however you do a more railroaded game that doesn’t lend itself to multiple playthroughs and meaningful choices, I’m much less likely to buy the game in the first place so will probably watch your series to see if I made the right choice (and if I didn’t I’ll get the important bits and not have to buy it anyway).

    4. Nope.

    5. A retrospective on something like DN3D or Serious Sam. Maybe only as a miniseries because there’s probably not enough meaningful commentary to cover the full game, but I think they’d be a good aside to point out why the blandness of so many modern games (in the area of art style at least) is so boring. So basically anything with an interesting art style even if you only do a weeks worth or something. Actually make that DNF to tear it several new ones with all the ways it went wrong.

  28. Matthias says:

    1. I enjoy both a lot, but my preference would be to lean towards the analysis.

    2. HL2 was a great break from the usual formula, but I don’t think I’d love to see a whole season of this. I really like that balance you usually seem to find, with ca. 75% ranting and 25% pointing out the diamonds you found among the trash ;-)

    3. I think I enjoy watching you play games which I have already played more, but it’s not a huge difference.

    4. Didn’t try until you pointed it out, but yes, they’re broken for me.

    5. Oh, that’s a difficult question. I personally would like to see something that is not a shooter (be it first or third person), but I’m sure some genres (like strategy) might not really work well here. Also, so many recent games are shooters, or at least have shooting as their primary mechanic!
    Anyway, here are a couple of games I’d personally enjoy watching you play:
    – Assassin’s Creed 2
    – Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
    – The Witcher
    The last one even has looting, inventory management and a whole alchemy system, so plenty of opportunity for menus to be on screen ;-)
    I’ll probably watch whatever you play, though, with the exception of games that I haven’t played yet but plan to in the future :-)

  29. reg42 says:

    Do you enjoy the show more when we're making jokes, or when we're doing more analytical commentary?

    I don’t know. There’s just something soothing and familiar about SW. It’s sorta like watching a show where a bunch of mates dick around, featuring a game.

    Do you prefer unseemly gushing (as with Half-Life 2) or unhinged ranting (as with Fallout 3)?

    I think the best is when you guys are actually having fun; it gives the show a great tone.

    Do you prefer to watch the show when you have played the game in question, or when you haven't?

    Well you’ve only ever done games which I’ve played, but like I haven’t watched the New Vegas DLC episodes yet because I haven’t gotten them and I don’t want them ruined. In contrast, I watched the F3 DLC which I haven’t played because I don’t have any real intention of playing them.

    Have you tried to watch the Fallout 3 episodes at all? Because they are broken for me, and have been for weeks.

    Not lately.

    And just because I know you'll say so anyway: What game do you wish we would do next?

    Maybe a Dragon Age 2 season? Or Maybe something different like Darksiders for example.

  30. LadyTL says:

    1. Both though I prefer the commentary more than the jokes.

    2. Both as long as why the whichever is explained.

    3. Doesn’t matter since I come to listen to you all talk anyways.

    4. *shrugs* dunno

    5. Maybe one of the dead rising games or bioshock 2?

  31. Avpix says:

    1. I like both joking and analytical, but not so much the “bitch and moan” or Josh rearranges his inventory parts.

    2. Unhinged ranting

    3. I so far haven’t played any of the games Spoiler Warning has played, so I’m not sure.

    4. Runs fine for me in Safari.

    5. KOTOR 2

  32. SolkaTruesilver says:

    1.Commentary. Good jokes once is a while is really fun, but you guys know or see things I don’t.

    2.Gushing, because you actually noticed a lot more details about the game than I did. You won’t really care about knowing in depth a game you guys all hate, while you made me notice lil things about the beginning of Half-Life 2 I never noticed in 5 playthrough. MOAR!!!

    3.When I played the game. Reason is… I kinda wanna be surprised about plot points in games I haven’t played.

    4.Long time since I tried. Since I watch most of these on my iPhone anyway, there is little point for me to try to watch non-YT spoiler warnings

    5. Half-Life 2 + Episodes, obviously. You guys really did a great job. Don’t pay attention to the bile-addicted audience; people aren’t ONLY attracted to negativism. Going into something you are enthousiast and love will be very nice.

    Magicka, but only, ONLY if you all simultaneously play. That will be awesome.

  33. Kuma says:

    1. Keep doing as you do, if you have fun, the analisys will be good.

    2.Both. Just express yourselves.


    4.Look broken.

    5. ME3, GearsoW3, DeusEx 2, MGSolid whatever, Skyrim, Diablo3, El Shaddai, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, AC:Revelations, CoJ: Cartel…

    Oh, and btw…do my game of choice. do it… :)

  34. Ringwraith says:

    1) The fact there’s a mix of both makes it all the more watchable, mostly as you have no idea what will happen next.
    2) Personally, I don’t mind, although you can really tell when you’re hating something so much you just want it to end as it’s gone on, and on, and on, and when you start running out of things to say about it, it’s not so good.
    3) I actually refuse to watch any sort of Let’s Play of a game I haven’t played and have some sort of inclination to play it in the future due to not wanting spoilers. Although I hadn’t finished the latter part of the main plot missions of New Vegas when you started them, so I quickly started playing those so I didn’t spoil much by watching, even though with the different paths it’s difficult to avoid all spoilers.
    4) They seem fine on my end, at least the first episode does.
    5) I’m afraid I’m no help here, but I don’t really know what games you guys have played which doesn’t help. I’ve also mostly been console gaming recently, and although there are some interesting things there, the chances of those games having been played by most, if any, of you is unlikely, not to mention the nightmare of trying to record them.

  35. Thor says:

    I’ll try to keep it as short as possible, as you’ll have a lot of these to read.

    1. I like a bit of both. I want to know what all of you think of the game in detail, but I also like it when Josh blows up a room full of guys (including himself) with C4.

    2. I want to know both the good and the bad points of game, but I think you should focus on the positives. I do feel that your F3/FNV episodes were sometimes too bile-filled, and repeating the bad points. Sure, tell us when you think something is broken, but it would be more fun if you showed us why you like the game.

    3. My preference is games I have played. I did enjoy Ruts’ Hitman series though, and I hadn’t played that before I watched it.

    4. Wow, that’s broken. I can watch the videos on Viddler but here I just get an ad telling me to pre-order the new Saint’s Row in the top-right corner, then nothing happens.

    I actually watched an episode recently; a couple of weeks ago I think. It was the one where Josh pickpockets everyone at GNR, causing them to attack, then waits for three days outside the door until everything cools off :D

    5. I’ll leave that one to you.

    I’ve just gotta say; I liked the concept of a short series like you did with Half Life 2. I’m not suggesting replacing the long series format you currently have, but I’m sure that you would have some interesting comments about games that wouldn’t be right for the long-series format. Doing an episode or two on a random game might be a good change of pace once in a while.

  36. Shatterer says:

    To me the analysis is the important part of the show. Pointing out what a game did right or wrong helps me appreciate games in a different way. The jokes are a great way to fill up dead time, since endless analysis would probably be pretty dry.

    To love or to hate
    I definitely enjoy the ranting more than the gushing. It’s more entertaining to hear people be angry, and I do watch this show for my amusement. That said, giving credit where credit’s due is important. It helps with the monotony, morale and the viewer’s appreciation of the game.

    Viewer knowledge
    I haven’t played any of the Spoiler Warning games before you screened them, so I can only guess on this topic. Doing a new game made me interested in the game, but the fast pace of the playthrough caused me to miss some backstory and other explanations. It did save me from being trolled by Josh’s playstyle, so that’d be a plus.

    FO3 videos
    I saw them when they came out. They worked then, but they don’t seem to work now.

    Deus Ex is a game I love, but it has its flaws.
    DX: Invisible War is a pretty good game on its own, but compared to The Original Deus Ex it doesn’t hold up.
    Doom 3 would be interesting…
    Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines is a game I recently finished. There are obvious flaws (utter neglect for stealth in boss fights), but it has some nice narrative.

    • Michael says:

      Actually a Deus Ex -> Invisible War -> Project: Snowblind -> Human Revolution season setup could be pretty solid. Especially since Snowblind tends to get forgotten. Though, that could easily chew up a year of program time, and I could see where that wouldn’t be desirable.

      EDIT: Project: Snowblind was an FPS that was originally intended to be set in the Deus Ex setting. After Invisible War went down in flames, the Deus Ex connections were sort of cut. You play a UNATCO Trooper who’s resurrected using nano augmentation techniques.

      • Shatterer says:

        Hmm, so that’s what Project Snowblind is. I got it in a steam sale developer pack (Eidos if I recall correctly) but never played it since it seemed like just some generic FPS. Guess I should look into it, thanks :).

        I’d love to see them do Human Revolution as well, but I’d rather play it myself first.

  37. Eddie says:

    1. I like both. I’d say things were maybe a bit too light on the commentary in the New Vegas series but you’ve generally got a pretty good balance.

    2. I much prefer the unhinged ranting. It allows for more joking and especially joking that’s related to the commentary. Thinking back to Mordin’s loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2, it got a little dry, partly because there were times that you would just sit and listen to Mordin (naturally) and partly because there weren’t a lot of jokes to be made at the game’s expense. I still enjoyed those episodes and it’s good to have some of that for contrast, but I don’t think I would want a whole series that was like that.

    3. I don’t think it really matters to me. The New Vegas series inspired me to buy it, for whatever that’s worth.

    4. I have; they’re absolutely fine for me.

    5. Whichever you guys decide is the best one to do. It’s super important that you enjoy doing the show and that will affect it’s entertainment value and my enjoyment of it much more than the individual game you decide to do.

  38. DanMan says:

    Do you enjoy the show more when we're making jokes, or when we're doing more analytical commentary?
    – Analytical commentary by far. However, the most enjoyable is when you have something you really want to say, like in Mass Effect 2. I could really tell that even if you weren’t planning out the conversation, you had topics in each loyalty mission to talk about. Too much of Fallout New Vegas was “Where are we going? I haven’t played this part yet, so I don’t have anything to say about it.”

    Do you prefer unseemly gushing (as with Half-Life 2) or unhinged ranting (as with Fallout 3)?
    Both really work in their own right as long as there is enough to say in each episode. Because you guys love Half-Life 2 so much and played it for so many hours, there was no point where you came to a halt and had nothing to say.

    Do you prefer to watch the show when you have played the game in question, or when you haven't?
    I haven’t played any of the games you have done a full season on, so I’m probably not the best one to answer this question.

    Have you tried to watch the Fallout 3 episodes at all? Because they are broken for me, and have been for weeks.

    And just because I know you'll say so anyway: What game do you wish we would do next?
    System Shock

  39. Jeff says:

    Do you enjoy the show more when we're making jokes, or when we're doing more analytical commentary?

    I prefer a balance.

    Do you prefer unseemly gushing (as with Half-Life 2) or unhinged ranting (as with Fallout 3)?

    See above.

    Do you prefer to watch the show when you have played the game in question, or when you haven't?

    Doesn’t matter much to me. In some cases (Fallout 3, amazingly) your series inspired me to try a game, in others, to feel like I could skip it in good conscience (Bioshock).

    Have you tried to watch the Fallout 3 episodes at all? Because they are broken for me, and have been for weeks.

    Not recently, and I only ever watched the last handful.

    And just because I know you'll say so anyway: What game do you wish we would do next?

    X3 – Terran Conflict. Not an FPS. Plenty of freedom for Reginald Cuftbert to be himself, enough interesting design decisions to talk about, enough BAD design decisions and bugs to complain about, and an inventory management experience that makes the Pip Boy look like its interface sprung straight from the mind of Steve Jobs.

    • Matthias says:

      And X3 even has a fast-forward button built in! :-D

      But seriously, as biased I am with these games, I’m not sure that they are a good fit for this show. You might be able to play a couple of the storylines without long pauses where you have to build up your economy (otherwise you’re too weak to tackle the next mission), but those aren’t really the game’s strong suit (even though I personally like them quite a bit).
      Maybe X Rebirth will be a better fit, we’ll see.

  40. arron says:

    I think it works with a mix of analysis – positive and negative comments about a game and insights into the design and humour. I like the Half Life one where the good things about the design were discussed, and the bits in NV where it was torn apart because the plot and game design was utter pantaloons. On the non-analysis side, the humour is great so don’t change that either. The last episode when it went wrong was really funny. So – a careful mix of analysis, ranting and trolling like you do at the moment.

    I’ve been watching this since the Bioshock series religiously and even with the “rearranging inventory” episodes in NV it hasn’t been dull at all. Quite frankly, you guys could add an interesting commentary to someone writing source code in a window for an hour. Or doing a spreadsheet for working their finances out on.

    As for games – System Shock II (I keep suggesting that), Deus Ex 1,2 or HE. I’m really looking forward to the latter. Portal 2. One of the Thief games. Do some more on Half Life 2. Bioshock II – perhaps the Minerva’s Den DLC. Anything really, I’m sure it will be interesting. :D

    • psivamp says:

      SS2 is a great game to do.

      1) Mixed.
      2) Mixed/either.
      3) Either ones I’ve already played or games that I’m unlikely to play — so basically as long as it’s not brand new it’s fair game to me.
      4) I went back to the one you linked and it played.
      5) I concur with SS2. Deus Ex is also a good possibility. You could do an Ultima Underworld intermission. Okay, I’m not serious about the last one it’s just in there on Warren’s resume.

  41. Orangeban says:

    1. Analytical Commentary
    2. Unseemingly Gushing
    3. Hmm, not sure, I’ll go with have played.
    4. Nope, can’t say I’ve tried
    5. Dunno, finish Half-Life 2 maybe? Batman Arkham Asylum?

  42. Joel D says:

    Analytical, ranting at each other (not so much about the game), reasonable knowledge about the game from at least half the cast, no I haven’t, and preferably something I haven’t played recently (and I don’t care enough to tell you what all that is :p)

  43. Thadius Girth says:

    I like both pretty much equally.

    Ranting is funnier.

    Have played.

    Haven’t tried to watch them.

    Any given Grand Theft Auto would be amusing, I think.

  44. Alan says:

    1. I think that the best episodes are ones where there is a balance between all things. I don’t think anybody here is watching to get playing tips, so that leaves the commentary. The really silly episodes are quite fun, and I think that I would rather watch a series which was all jokes than all analytical, but I would hope to see a fair amount of analysis because it shows a different point of view which is always nice.

    2. I think that if you slate everything it is bad, but not everything is good about everything either. Pick a game which is enjoyable to play, and then rip into / praise where appropiate.

    3. I prefer it when I have played the game, because at that point I have my own opinion about it. If I haven’t played it, but want to, I feel guilty about watching it because of the spoilers.

    4. Haven’t tried recently.

    5. Heh. Any of the Neverwinter Nights series, Deus Ex, Original Fallout, Duke Nukem?, Oblivion / Morrowind, Bayonetta, anything without a jump button… An RTS, Star Trek Starfleet academy.

    Actually, what could be quite fun is picking up all kinds of cheap indy games and doing an episode or two on them, like you did with the trains one.

    You could call it something like an ‘Indy extravaganza’ as a series title.

  45. GiantRaven says:

    1. Both. Too much of one or the other would become stale.
    2. Again, both. Pretty much for the same reason.
    3. I’d much rather have already played the game, so I can focus more on the commentary instead of trying to work out the games story/follow the dialogue at the same time.
    4. I never watched the Fallout 3 series. I didn’t start watching until the Youtube switch.
    5. There are two games that I think would work well for your style of Let’s Plays; Deus Ex and Vampire: Bloodlines. Both follow the Shooter/RPG elements type of games you’ve done successfully for far, have plenty to talk about (both positive and negative) and have quite a bit of variety in what they offer.

  46. Florin-Vlad says:

    Do you enjoy the show more when we're making jokes, or when we're doing more analytical commentary?

    A: I would prefer a variant of the show with no commentary at all, since there are some games that I would like to see how they unfold but they are not in my list of preferred game play, like Mass Effect 2, which I have played for 1 hour until I finally gave up on the stupidity of the game play and the infringement of the previously established lore in ME1 (bullets). Barring this possibility I would say a good balance in between the 2 would be interesting.

    Do you prefer unseemly gushing (as with Half-Life 2) or unhinged ranting (as with Fallout 3)?

    A: Haven’t seen the HL episodes, nor have I seen Fallout 3 since I lost interest in the game the moment I finished it

    Do you prefer to watch the show when you have played the game in question, or when you haven't?

    A: Better when I played it, I don’t usually play games multiple times and you usually go multiple ways in these videos so I can see the other variants.

    Have you tried to watch the Fallout 3 episodes at all? Because they are broken for me, and have been for weeks.

    A: Not lately

    And just because I know you'll say so anyway: What game do you wish we would do next?

    Baldur’s Gate?
    The Sims (1, 2 or 3) ?
    Overlord ?
    Commandos ?
    Summoner ? -looooong
    Arcanum ? – never actually finished this and it’s not working on Win7

    I don’t know, I hate spoilers..

  47. Newbie says:

    1. Both.
    2. Both.
    3. When I have played it but this makes no difference as I will either buy the game or not but still watch the show.
    4. They work for me.
    5. Deus Ex I want to see why everyone loves it so much.

  48. Matt says:

    1. I’ll echo others here and say both, possibly favoring analysis slightly. The jokes are great, but I also like getting insight and new perspectives on games from you guys.

    2. I think it depends heavily on the game. Half-Life 2 deserves the gushing with maybe an occasional critique or funny nitpick. That said, rants are more fun to listen to.

    3. Definitely one I have played before.

    4. Not in a while.

    5. Deus Ex would be fun and topical given the upcoming release. However, I’d love to get you guys’ take on Dragon Age.

  49. Piflik says:

    1. I like both, but when I have to choose, I would say analytical. It is interesting to hear what you guys think of the games and if you have the same problems with it as I have.

    2. I prefer critic to praise (especially when it comes to my art), not only because it is more fun, but also because it caries more information, so I say rant.

    3. Both have their merits. If I have played the game, I can compare your comments to my own thoughts about the game (see 1). If I haven’t played it, it depends on how much I am interested in the game itself. Bioshock wasn’t that great, because I hadn’t much interest in the game, Mass Effect 2 on the other hand was a game I considered buying (because I liked the first), but then I watched Spoiler Warning instead. But maybe Bioshock wasn’t that interesting, because there was not nearly as much wrong with this game as with Mass Effect…
    In essence…if the game is seriously broken, it doesn’t matter if I played it, otherwise I would prefer you would do games I played.

    4. I just tried, didn’t work. Just some ad for Saints Row.

    5. I’d say some Elder Scrolls…Morrowind or Oblivion, doesn’t matter, the former is better, the latter is more broken…could lead to s Skyrim Season later (like Mass Effect 1 > 2, Fallout 3 > NV)…alternatively Deus Ex (again with a possibility of a later season)…a last idea would be Two Worlds 2…fun game and exquisitely broken…

  50. Burek says:

    1. I actually enjoy a little bit of both but analytical commentaries to me are much more interesting and constructive since I’m not just spending 20 minutes listening to someone being a wiseass instead I’m learning something new.

    2. Ranting is always more fun but it’s always good to provide some positive insights as well either extreme would be dull I think.

    3. I enjoyed watching Fallout New Vegas mainly because I played most of the quests that you guys did but in a different way so it was interesting to see them solved from a different perspective. That’s why I think linear shooters would not be that much of a great choice for a “let’s play” session.

    4. I tried them a month or so ago and they work.

    5. Why not try an older game? Maybe Arcanum?

  51. Allen says:

    1. The mix is good, to my mind – the jokes tends to fill the space between the important moments.

    2. For pure comedy value? Ranting.

    3. I don’t think I’ve played any of these games yet (I have HL2 installed, and I will play it… someday…)

    4. Not recently.

    5. Go retro, and do Riven.

  52. Jjkaybomb says:

    For both one and two, a mix of both makes the show more interesting than trying to focus on one or the other. My favorite episode is still one from season 4 where you go on about Halo, the third-person saw-gun shooter, but hearing about individual experiences helps add meaning to the show. And it helps when I consider buying the game myself. I trust your guys’ opinions about these games, you have experience and seem to know what you’re talking about.

    Speaking of buying the game: question number three. When I got New Vegas and noticed how much you guys really were missing, it did make the show harder to watch, or um, listen to. But that may have also been because you guys started sounding really worn down, to the point of only really trolling eachother.

    I dont care what game you do next, but maybe its best to try something a little shorter to save your sanity.

  53. Jarenth says:

    Well then:

    1. I’ll join the ‘both types are good’ crowd. Insightful commentary where available, mixed up with some jokes whenever there’s nothing insightful to say or when the opportunity presents itself, seems the ideal. Also, I’d prefer some more exasperated reactions to Josh’ trolling effort. The ‘handful of pudding’ bit still makes me laugh.

    2. No preference. I do prefer it whenever either the ranting or the gushing align with what I think, but I can’t blame you for not running everything by me.

    3. I prefer games I haven’t played yet, and have no intention of playing in the near future.

    4. Tried it just now, and I can’t get the episode to run either.

    5. Minesweeper. Failing that, any game with Kane and Lynch in it.

  54. Trig says:

    1. I think the fact that you actually achieve a healthy mix of both (in most episodes) is what’s the best thing about Spoiler Warning. If you analyze, judge and compare a game I’ll usually agree with your opinion and you make me think. And if you spend a whole episode joking, laughing and enduring Rut’s puns I’ll laugh along.

    2. Ranting, but I’m probably biased in that regard.

    3. Haven’t, that way it’s easier for me to try and stay objective so that I can better asses whether your criticism is legitimate or due to exasperation.

    4. Not recently.

    5. I really don’t care as long as it’s a shorter game. Watching 55 episodes of Fallout got boring pretty fast and I repeatedly found myself alt-tabbing out and only listening to you while doing something else.

  55. Tobias says:

    1) I like the insane trolling and the game analysis. No middle ground for me. For all 3 of my favorite LPers carrying the incinerator would be perfectly normal.
    2) I don’t care. I liked the middle ground in NV.
    3) I almost never play story based games. FO3 is the only season I had played.
    4) I watched them sometime this year, but months ago. They are broken now for me too.
    5) Kotor, Half live 2, fallout, system shock, deus ex. Or dynasty warriors :)

  56. Bodyless says:

    1. Jokes are only good if you did your research.

    2. a healthy mix if best. too many negative comments are boring and makes you wonder why you play the game at all.

    3. I dont mind. If i havent played it then its likely i wont buy it at all.

    4. FA3 episodes dont work.

    5. something other than a shooter would be nice.

  57. Jeremiah says:

    1. A mix of both. Rely too much on one or the other and I think things become stale.

    2. Somewhere in between. If a game is so awful that all you can do is complain and nitpick then it will quickly get hold. On the other hand, a game having issues is a good source of analytical conversation (how could this be better) as well as jokes.

    3. Definitely when I have played it, mostly to avoid spoilers, but also to see what else someone other than me does in the game.

    4. Nope

    5. Deus Ex (mostly because I’m currently replaying it).

    System Shock 2.

    I’d like to see Baldur’s Gate/Baldur’s Gate 2 or Planescape, but I think the combat would really bog the video down without extensive editing on Josh’s part, so they’re probably not worth it.

  58. James Pony says:

    Analytical commentary and unseemly gushing. For a change, if nothing else.

    I’d vote for a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game, but sandbox games generally are awesome to play but horrible to watch.

  59. ccesarano says:

    Do you enjoy the show more when we're making jokes, or when we're doing more analytical commentary?

    Technically you need both in order for it to function. Snappy comments and jokes break-up the boring monotony of analysis, yet the analysis makes it all enlightening and not just a bunch of friends getting together and bashing something.

    A Top Gear (UK) style of hosting is preferred.

    Do you prefer unseemly gushing (as with Half-Life 2) or unhinged ranting (as with Fallout 3)?

    I wouldn’t mind a middle-ground. It’s easier to have fun bashing something and talking about how terrible it is, but at the same time it’s nice to know what GOOD a game has done in the past.

    Do you prefer to watch the show when you have played the game in question, or when you haven't?

    I always feel it is easier to contribute in the comments if I have played the game. In addition, I don’t have to fear any spoilers.

    Have you tried to watch the Fallout 3 episodes at all? Because they are broken for me, and have been for weeks.

    I have not. In truth, I typically don’t have the time in the day to watch Spoiler Warning. I’ve recently attempted the first couple episodes of the New Vegas Spoiler Warning while walking on the treadmill, but my basement (location of exercise equipment) doesn’t seem to get a good data flow and thus watching on my phone is troublesome.

    If the videos can be downloaded and watched off my Zune’s hard drive, that might solve some issues.

    And just because I know you'll say so anyway: What game do you wish we would do next?

    Personally, I think it would be a bit interesting to see you guys walk into something blind. Games with decent length as well, though not so much that it will reach that grinding point as New Vegas and Bioshock had.

    Some of the games I personally would like to hear your opinions on aren’t really available on PC, though, and my understanding is that you guys don’t have the equipment for console titles. I’d be curious what you guys would think of Brutal Legend, as that seems to be a rather divisive game (personally, I really liked it). Or possibly old favorites like Final Fantasy Tactics, or even something as quirky as Earthbound (which would require a lot of editing and cutting out boring parts, truth be told).

    As far as PC games, I don’t really know. I am not completely familiar with what is available on both platforms, or which ones are owned, etc. Maybe Assassin’s Creed? I imagine enough complaining can be made there, both in gameplay AND in plot.

  60. De Zwits says:

    1. I think that even if you have a few analytical pointers during an episode, there will always be trolling / ranting. And that’s fine. You have an audience because of how you work. The dynamics between the 4 of you are what’s causing viewership. Keep it up.

    2. I personally like ranting more, simply because it forces you to work harder at pointing out things that are off in a game. Gushing – you’re going to run out of games to do shortly, I’m sure.

    3. I had played both Mass Effects and Fallout’s before you started, and all reviews have taught my things that I had not seen before. I tend to not do multiple runthroughs of big RPG’s (due to lack of time), but after the FO:NV one, I ended up doing a “kill ’em all, watch what happens” based on Josh’ kill-fest, and found that I very much enjoyed doing this. Probably something I should mention to my shrink.

    4. Watched them last week. Not a problem.

    5. You guys go ahead and choose. Your track record has been fine so far. Besides, I’m nowhere near current enough on games to have an opinion. You could do Dragon Age: Origins, and treat the Deep Roads the way you treated the walk to the Gun Runners after the Von Graff massacre: speed the thing up in editing. Whoops, I just made a suggestion after all. *blush*

  61. Eärlindor says:

    1. Both, but I love your analytical stuff, and I don’t want you to go out of your way to be funny. Forcing things never works. Just do what you usually do. :)

    2. No preference.

    3. Don’t care.

    4. The episode played for me. *Shrugs*

    5. I don’t care what you do next. I’m the worse person to ask when choosing something. However, I don’t know how I feel about the Mass Effect, Fallout, Bioshock pattern; break the trend perhaps?
    Well, it doesn’t matter, do whatever you do and I’ll be happy with it.

  62. Alan says:

    Actually, here is a radical idea which may not be possible for legal reasons; how about watching a feature film and doing a spoiler warning about that in the style of a directors commentary?

    • Dante says:

      It’s very fuzzy. I remember it being a big thing on That Guy With The Glasses, some law was passed that made streaming certain media illegal, and it was a big deal because that meant a lot of what goes on on that site couldn’t happen anymore….or so they thought. I forget exactly how the law is worded, but I believe that because its done for comedic/parody reasons, you can stream games and/or movies, but I’m not entirely sure.

      Now to answer the questions Shamus asked:

      1. I like a balance of the two. I enjoy that you guys (especially Shamus) have a lot of insight when it comes to game design, and I learn a lot about it when you guys point out whats wrong or right with how something was made. I also enjoy the horrid puns and trolling of each other that you guys do.

      2. The ranting is funnier, but its always good to see you guys genuinely happy about a game, or at least the good elements of a game.

      3. I watch a lot of LPs and reviews for games I’ve never played. I played Bioshock, Fallout 3, and Fallout: New Vegas after you guys played them (currently working on finishing all 3), and I plan on getting both of the Mass Effects. I can enjoy watching an LP of a game I have played (and I understand some of the good and bad of the game better when I have played it) just as much as a game I haven’t played, as long as the people running the LP are making it entertaining.

      4. I’m currently running the first ep of the FO3 in another tab, and so far, its working fine.

      5. Deus Ex has a very big exploit/”grief the game” potential that I managed to find by accident on one playthrough, then I just spent the playthrough royally fucking over the system, playing the game in a wrong but very entertaining way. But I really don’t care what you guys play, as long as, like I stated above, you make it entertaining….which I’m sure you guys can do with pretty much any game.

    • Michael says:

      Unfortunately, it’s not. Unless you buy the rights to run the film in question, which would be expensive.

      Well… they could do this with It’s a Wonderful Life, as the film is in public domain, but that’s about the extent of their options on that front.

      They could probably record rifftrax type commentaries, designed to play over the film, but actually running the whole film even if you’re talking over it is verboten.

      At the risk of being overly simplistic, LPs are legal because watching someone else play a game is not the same as actually playing that game. On the other hand, watching someone else watch a movie is basically the same as watching that film yourself.

  63. Mephane says:

    I can only really answer question number 3, “Do you prefer to watch the show when you have played the game in question, or when you haven't?” – In only watch it for games I have played, in order to prevent any heavy spoilers. And as it happens you’ve so far mostly done games that I’ve not played, heh. But I loved the HL2 intermezzo.

  64. Binary Toast says:

    1. Do you enjoy the show more when we're making jokes, or when we're doing more analytical commentary?
    Personally I prefer the commentary, but the jokes have their place.

    2. Do you prefer unseemly gushing (as with Half-Life 2) or unhinged ranting (as with Fallout 3)?
    Discussing what’s right and what’s wrong with a game have alot in common, so I’m gonna have to say both.

    3. Do you prefer to watch the show when you have played the game in question, or when you haven't?
    Both. If I haven’t played the game, like the Fallout 3/NV seasons, I get an LP with interesting commentary. If I have played a game, sometimes you notice things I don’t, or have a different perspective on something. See season 1, with the comment that Saren could’ve just smuggled Geth onto the station using his Spectre status.

    4. Have you tried to watch the Fallout 3 episodes at all? Because they are broken for me, and have been for weeks.
    Just tried the first one, loaded just fine. Don’t have the time to go through them all right now though, sorry.

    5. And just because I know you'll say so anyway: What game do you wish we would do next?
    The idea of co-op Magicka seems very popular. Otherwise… have you considered an RTS? Good old Starcraft, perhaps Starcraft 2. I also enjoyed the Warhammer 40k Dawn of War series, but if you tread that path I’d suggest either doing the very first campaign, not the expansions, or doing Dawn of War 2. The original campaign is the most LP compatible, I think. DoW2 I think could work well, because it lacks the base building mechanic.

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