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DMotR Special 4:
Let’s Go Crazy

By Shamus
on Friday Aug 24, 2007
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DM of the Rings


Today is my birthday. I’m skipping regular DMotR. There is a reason for this.

Denethor, you are one crazy steward.

The first pic is not a photoshop. I was stepping through the movie looking for suitable screencaps, and this frame just jumped out at me. Gandalf just rode by these guys, but here is this moment where it looks like he stopped to drop a few coppers on the doorward.

The second shot is a notorious moment from the movies, where aging Denethor jumps up, runs upstairs, and then sprints the length of a football field while on fire.

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  1. Daniel B says:

    I keep hearing how Denethor was ultimately noble in the book. No, he tried to be, but he was a stupid selfish jackass in the book too.

  2. Kanerou says:

    Yeah, it was too bad what they did to Denethor. His lying down on the pyre and choosing to burn in the book was awesome and incredibly creepy.

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