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DM of the Rings:
Closing Credits

By Shamus
on Wednesday Sep 19, 2007
Filed under:
DM of the Rings


I would like to thank all of the following:

Huge thanks goes to Pixy Misa for letting me host my images on Mu.Nu. This was a much-needed resource that came when the comic got too big for my current webhost.

Roxysteve, Scarlet Knight, Carl the Bold, AngiePen, Browncoat, Telas, David V.S., brassbaboon, Deoxy, and all of the other commenters, too numerous to list.

I’m not at all ashamed to admit that many times the comment threads were more entertaining than the comic itself. We talked about quantum mechanics, encumbrance, attacks of opportunity, how to convert a d20 to percent, and techniques for breeding Trolls and Balrogs . We’ve had some geeky, geeky conversations. You folks are a smart bunch. Thanks for sticking around and having clever things to say.

Peter Jackson

We’ve savaged his adaptation and nitpicked the book-to-movie conversion to death, but I have to hand it to him that the movies are a gorgeous piece of cinema, wonderfully cast and beautifully scored. After making this comic, I doubt I’ll ever be able to watch them again, but I will give Peter Jackson credit for doing a tough job for a demanding crowd.

Taken alone, the movies are wonderful. The fact that the movies fall short of one of the greatest works of fiction from the 20th century is not a great sin. For us die-hard fans of the book they could have been better, but they could also have been far worse. For everyone. I’m glad they were made.

New Line Cinema

I don’t know if they didn’t notice or didn’t care, but I am so glad they didn’t unleash the lawyers and spoil our fun.

Dan, Adam, Chad, John, Luke, and Tex

Thanks for the interview, the great gaming conversations, and for making Chainmail Bikini possible.

Comments (237)

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  1. Kel'Thuzad says:

    That was… the best comic I have ever read. I took a look at chainmail bikini, and it isn’t really my thing, so I switched to the Star Wars comic. Thanks.

  2. Archive binging through the whole thing makes me realizing something both sad and sort of inspiring: The epic grandeur of Lord of the Rings would probably fit into a two month game meeting weekly, MAYBE three if you add in Pippin and Merry’s small sub-arcs and Frodo and Sam. While the comic did end up leaving out some of the narrative, of course, most of the left out stuff would be ignored by a GM too. Helm’s Deep? One, MAYBE two session encounter. Even adding in the books doesn’t give you too much more: Old Man Willow, Bombadil… Lots of that sum up to “You’re captured. You find loot. You get out.”

    Now, of course, writing a full story and creating an entertaining world to GM in are two totally different tasks, even when using some similar skill sets. Details that matter in a book don’t in a game. And, of course, Tolkien’s original material is beautiful, with elegant and expansive mythology that can be ignored if necessary. It’s writing at it’s best. But still: Think about the amount of work that might go into a 10 year game. The number of maps, encounters, dungeons, NPCs (both with backstories and without), interrelations between characters, inside jokes, nuances of rules and skill checks… If devoted to prose, even the most mediocre long-running campaign might take up more space than Tolkien even with the tersest style. Sort of cool.

  3. Tharg The Impaler says:

    You said that you envied rich burlew in one of your footnotes, but believe me, he has got nothing on you! this is the single funniest thing that I have found on the internet, and so I just hope that the rest of whats on your site holds up to that standard.

  4. Alex17 says:

    Aw it’s over :( and I was having so much fun reading.

    Great comic though, immensely funny.

  5. Akilah says:

    These were awesome! XD You are brilliant and amazing. I’m glad I came after you finished this though, I’d have gone crazy if I actually had to wait for this awesome hilarity.


  6. Black Cheese says:

    Just finished the whole thing. Almost a year after the fact. Still good. I’ll never look at Viggo the same way. Not that I ever did, of course.

    Whatever that means.

  7. Fahd says:

    you have no idea how many office man hours i spent just reading these comics! enjoyed every one of them!

  8. Tony says:


    (…Yeah. What can I say but that I’ve always wanted to do this. I find people who post ‘first’ to be annoying and I have a strange sense of humor. Shouting ‘first!’ almost an entire year after the first post, at the very END of a long comic, amused me.)

    More on topic, I found out about this comic yesterday and I have been unable to stop reading it whenever I’ve been able to until point. Bravo! Very well done! I have spent many a moment giggling hysterically (in a manly manner, of course :o) ) over one superb joke or another.

    …I suppose now I’ll have to read the whole thing again, only this time also reading all the readers comments? :o)

  9. KingTharg says:

    Great Job Shamus, this is one of the gems of the internet. Also, Thanks for putting in the link to Darths & droids, they may not be as good as you, but their still worth a laugh.

  10. Athelas says:

    I was just sent the link for this comic yesterday. Couldn’t stop reading! My kids have been wondering whats wrong with me- I sit here for hours with brief interludes of falling off my chair laughing hard enough to cry. My husband DM’s and I love Tolkien. SO funny- latecomming comments I know, but just wanted to say Job Well Done!

  11. Dr_Horrible says:

    Umm, having some site difficulty, I cannot actually see any of the images, all I get are the words “Aragorn uses his pack.” for the first comic, similar for subsequent. A buddy sent me to here telling me great tales of the awesomeness herein, but I see none. Sadness ensued.

    EDIT: Also, when I right-click to “View Image”, I get a broken link. Which makes me think that the comic has ceased to exist and it’s not just firefox being odd. None of the links to the new host, “Pixy Misa and Mu.Nu” work either.


  12. Elvisa says:

    Don’t know why your having trouble Dr_H?? I was sent the link to this 3 days ago and have wasted countless hours now at work reading through every last one and all I can say is THANKS for some of the funniest and most spot on stuff I’ve seen! The fact that I’ve “played with these guys” just made it all the richer.

  13. Dr_Horrible says:

    That is incredible. Because I can’t see the comics, and right-clicking to “View image” 404’s, and I’ve tried loading in both Firefox and (shudders) IE, to no avail.

    I’ve never had this problem with any other webcomic…

    I can see every other image on the page…

    I dunno, I’m gonna send some friends here and see if they have the same problems, if I’m not the only one then maybe it will get fixed.

  14. Some random guy says:

    On the Fear the boot hyperlink… the ‘f’ isn’t part of it…

  15. Lace says:

    Wow, just read the whole thing and am still laughing.

    When are you putting out The Two Towers and Return Of The King? XD

  16. Lupus says:

    wait a second…troll and balrog breeding? where is that at?!?!?!

  17. teri says:

    i came to this comic very late, but i still loved it. Thank you very much for all the time and effort you put into it. i’m very sad that the funnay ended.

  18. Rentawitch says:

    funny, funny, amazing stuff!!
    Thank you so much Shamus..

    If you are a gamer and prepared to be mocked check out Game Night by Jonny Nexus.

    A novel, so very different from what Shamus has achieved here but very funny! :)

  19. Raymond says:

    just spent 6 hours reading the complete comic strip
    tears are rolling down my face ,so guess i enjoyed it :D
    think ill go watch the films now

    thanks for the giggles:D

  20. AhPuch says:

    Awesome strip. Just got pointed here recently and I read them all. Thanks so much. Now I am off to check out Stolen Pixels.

  21. MaleAlphaThree says:

    Finished the whole comic in about five days, read moderately. Thank you very much Shamus, for your good work in this, and inspiring me to DM to the best of my ability, and watch LotR again…. and more.

    Maybe I’ll play Return of the King again too.

    Think you might try to get this published? By contacting the rights holders of LotR or something?

  22. Arg says:

    Thanks Shamus for an excellent effort, just powered through the entire thing over the last couple of days at work. Well worth the lack of billable hours!! This was just what i needed to tide me over untill LOTR comes out on BluRay!

    Hope these links never die…

  23. 2d20 says:

    Darn you Shamus for making me snigger uncontrollably at work. What an amazing effort. And when are you doing Star Wars IV, V, and VI ?

  24. Escher says:

    Lupus- I forget what strip it’s on, (I’m pretty sure it was one of the ones at the Black Gate though), but in the comments someone made a joke about something being 1/3 Balrog… which immediately sparked a whole series of debate on how one could actually create a creature with 1/3 anything. (My favorite was the half-demon half-dragon orc… apparently the DM got a little confused applying templates… ^_^)

  25. Mig says:

    Stretched my read of this strip out as long as possible, months and months (a couple of years, to be more honest), and still I want more. Maybe I’ll just have to start over. Enormously entertaining. Thanks, Shamus.

  26. Happy Lovejoy says:

    Just came across this two days ago.
    Thanks for all your hard work, both here and on Stolen Pixels.

  27. Shadowdaughter says:

    Stumbled across it again after checking my bookmarks. It’s just great. Many moments when I had a deja vu, being a game master myself (RoleMaster) and a player (D&D).

    Great job you did here.

  28. Rashikk says:

    I love the D&D twist comics, this one was extremely good, I found Darths & Droids first, then found a link here. Like I said, I quite enjoy these, and I’m just starting D&D myself thanks to these comics. I would like to do one of my own, but I’m not near good enough, and my favorite movies have been taken.

  29. Lee says:

    I have just spent the last few hours reading this absolutely hilarious comic. I was laughing so much, people were coming in to see if i was ok. This is the funniest thing i have read in years. Please, please, please do more of this type of thing. i will be sending the link to this to all my roleplaying and LotR pals. You are the greatest Shamus

  30. Lodewijk says:

    This was an epic bit of work and hilariously amusing for a formed DM like me. I’ve seen all the horrible situations that made DMing an unique challenge pass by here and boy does it bring back good memories. Thank you for this.

  31. I just spent a few hours reading the whole thing, beginning to end. (Thanks to boingboing) Hilarious. I laughed and laughed and laughed! Thanks, Shamus :)

  32. DragonsMaw says:

    I read this entire thing in a grand total of 2 sittings. I laughed so hard my guts, cheeks, neck, and everything else hurt… And I only realized you had a forum when you mentioned it at the end. Thank you!

  33. Sandy says:

    A friend told me of this a couple weeks ago, and this is where I spend my lunch breaks. I’m glad my phone does not have a data cap as I think I would have killed it long ago. I too will always remember the leather tardis, and hope to see something of this ilk from you or someone with the same humour soon.

    May your enemies be killed by a flumpf!
    And a hearty peng to those without the sense to find this funny!

  34. wineandgolover says:

    I was just go through some old boingboing posts on a Sunday morning. Now Sunday is just about shot… And my gut is sore with laughter and my gf thinks I’m weirder than she did this morning.

    Thank you for your great web-comic.

  35. Two years on, but I couldn’t resist coming back here to post a link to a list of the seven sexiest women of fantasy which includes a little something that will be appreciated by DM of the Ring fans.

  36. Mo says:

    This was awesome, thank you!

  37. Rystefn says:

    Wow… I don’t know how I didn’t hear about this before, but I’m glad it was pointed out to me. I just read the whole thing in one sitting, and my only regret is that there’s no more to read now. This is an amazing piece of work. Seriously, I was laughing so hard through most of it, I think my neighbors became even more convinced the guy in the next apartment is a madman than they already were. Thanks for doing this. I hope you don’t mind if I steal a little bit of your comedy gold here to inflict on my D&D group this Saturday.

  38. ComfyDenim says:

    I am sad that I just discovered this today — but I read everyone and I’m so glad I did.

    These were brilliant!!!

    You rock!

    I can’t wait to check out the rest of your stuff — and your newest work.

  39. Misskmae says:

    NOS!!!! IT BE OVER!!! T_T

  40. Rachel says:

    Thank you for being one of the awesomest most geeky people ever!! The world needs more people like you, Shamus.

  41. Michael says:

    * LAST *

    (well, someone had to do it :-)

  42. prettytabbycat says:

    Thank you so much. I only found it after it was finished, and I am sure my history teacher will kill you if he ever meets you, lol, but seriously, as a professed addict to tolkein, this is one of the few spoofs/parodys ive found that doesn’t spoil it ;)
    Thank you again and i will be hunting down chaimail bikini soon.

  43. Livvy says:

    HAHAHA omg
    Only just discovered this about a week ago
    And it is AMAZING!!

    Great work!!

  44. Bill Delgado says:

    I found these thanks to a shout-out in a old podcast over at RPPR. After a few days and many laughs and much wasted time (mostly at work, but don’t tell the bosses that…), I finally made it through the entire series. Brilliant. Legendary.

    One of these days, I’ll actually go back and re-read the series, AND the comments threads too (I skipped those this time through).

  45. Rakaziel says:

    Your comic is wonderful! Solid gold from the beginning to the end. Thank you so much for writing it.

  46. CrushedOrange says:

    This comic was awesome – like many people, I read the entire thing in the day that I was linked to it. Not sure if that’s a testament to your awesomeness or that fact that I have too much time on my hands :P
    It was very fun. I’m very glad that you exist, that you had this idea, that you continued beyond what you originally planned, etc. No one else in the world could have made this comic just the way that you did. :)
    You’ve improved a lot of people’s lives you know! So many people have been just that much happier because of the amusement you provided them with.
    Anyways, I hope your current projects are going just as well. Time to go explore the rest of your site! :)

  47. Pablo says:

    Hey! Congratulations for the comic, cool and funny!

    Greetings from Brasil!

    See ya!

  48. May says:

    Looooove your comics! Sorry for not having anything clever to say, but it was damn funny, and thank you for sharing this brilliant piece of lol!

  49. Grom says:

    Well, I just made it to the end and I must say…. It was great! I know that’s lame, but what the hey.. I’m not the word-smith.

    I did have a few questions though. (not sure you still check back on this, but just in case.) Is there a working line to the Chainmail Bikini strip you moved on to? And is it ok to grab some of the cool shots you posted here for use as a background? I’ve seen a couple I’d really like to use.

    Thanks for this Shamus, it’s been a very fun read, and the comments added a good bit to it as well. Oh and Last!! Had to be done!! :-)

  50. AWDMANOUT says:

    Sad that I couldn’t be around when this was being made. Hilarious comic, I read it all the way through. Noticed you around the Escapist Shamus, and I’d just like to say I’m a fan.

  51. Ara says:

    I posted on the last comic but I’ll post here too: Thank you so much for this comic, Shamus! It was amazingly funny. Much enjoyed, even by someone who has never played D+D, though I have decided I have to now. I’m joining a group, and I will attempt to respect my DM, keeping in mind your comments =)
    Good job!

  52. Darth Parallax says:

    Just found this. all 149 (inc deleted scenes) in like an hour.

    oops make that 5. wow. its that late, really?


    anyway this was epic,and makes me want to play a tabletop RPG with a DM and players to talk to, better than Online RPGs where everyones too busy leveling to talk. go figure. speaking of which, LOTRO just went free, and I need to get back to my level 11 loremaster who is in dire need of a better map.

  53. David says:

    So are these guys going to tackle the Star Wars films next? are they going to use the d20 system or the old west end one?

  54. Standokan says:

    Thank you shamus, for each and every laugh, and i got ask, now that they’
    re making the hobbit, is the DMotR (DMotH) going to continue?

  55. RawrImmaTaco says:

    *sigh* reading these 4 years after they were created is the best. i really am gonna miss these things… i was dying of laughter in almost every strip.

  56. c3p says:

    Thank you for a wonderfull time!

  57. Amelinda says:

    My partner and I just lost about four hours (including forgetting for an HOUR that we were starving hungry), mostly spent laughing uncontrollably, reading the entire archive. So glad this is still up.

  58. Thorin&Co says:

    I know that I wont get an answer and that even if i get it, that I wont read it (I’m forgetfull) but I gotta ask, you ARE doing the a comic of The Hobbit are you?

  59. Dave says:

    Just discovered this little comic here. Great fun, really amusing and well done. My hat is off, Sir. My hat is off.

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