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DM of the Rings:
Closing Credits

By Shamus
on Wednesday Sep 19, 2007
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DM of the Rings


I would like to thank all of the following:

Huge thanks goes to Pixy Misa for letting me host my images on Mu.Nu. This was a much-needed resource that came when the comic got too big for my current webhost.

Roxysteve, Scarlet Knight, Carl the Bold, AngiePen, Browncoat, Telas, David V.S., brassbaboon, Deoxy, and all of the other commenters, too numerous to list.

I’m not at all ashamed to admit that many times the comment threads were more entertaining than the comic itself. We talked about quantum mechanics, encumbrance, attacks of opportunity, how to convert a d20 to percent, and techniques for breeding Trolls and Balrogs . We’ve had some geeky, geeky conversations. You folks are a smart bunch. Thanks for sticking around and having clever things to say.

Peter Jackson

We’ve savaged his adaptation and nitpicked the book-to-movie conversion to death, but I have to hand it to him that the movies are a gorgeous piece of cinema, wonderfully cast and beautifully scored. After making this comic, I doubt I’ll ever be able to watch them again, but I will give Peter Jackson credit for doing a tough job for a demanding crowd.

Taken alone, the movies are wonderful. The fact that the movies fall short of one of the greatest works of fiction from the 20th century is not a great sin. For us die-hard fans of the book they could have been better, but they could also have been far worse. For everyone. I’m glad they were made.

New Line Cinema

I don’t know if they didn’t notice or didn’t care, but I am so glad they didn’t unleash the lawyers and spoil our fun.

Dan, Adam, Chad, John, Luke, and Tex

Thanks for the interview, the great gaming conversations, and for making Chainmail Bikini possible.

Comments (237)

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  1. Seb says:

    I read the whole thing in two days, and I loved it all! Great job! I like the rest of your site too, so I think I’ll stay to read it as well ^-^
    Thank you for writing!

  2. dl_wraith says:

    Seems I got to this party late but man it was fun while I was here. Read the whole thing in a single sitting and posted links to my gaming group.

    Loved it. Thanks for amusing me, Shamus. I laughed so hard it hurt, but thanks anyway :)

  3. Sir [CHARNAME] says:

    Darth&Droids I found via Wookieepedia, from D&D:D I hopped here and after this I dived to the Stolen Pixels (Escapist).

    I could say You are definately doing something right. Thanks (if you still get this) from the frozen north of Europe :)

  4. Thomas Cartledge says:

    thank you for the great webcomic. read it in 1 go and saved it to usb to reread whenever!

  5. Ragar says:

    I have read this 3 or 4 times, never has it stopped being funny, when my brother showed my Darths & Droids, DMoTR got me into reading it, I’ve also been reading and rereading your Stolen Pixels comic which i read through before coming to this one

  6. burningdragoon says:

    Awesome job, Shamus! I’ve been stuck in a room at work because I am apparently the company photographer now and decided to do read through all of the comic instead of doing actual work. It was so funny that several times I had to stop reading a page to prevent myself from bursting out laughing, only to start laughing again as soon as I came back.

  7. VMetal says:

    2011 now, almost 2 years since the last comment!

    Thanks for all the fun, made my work day less boring. took 2 days to finish it all up

  8. Akane says:

    This was an incredibly enjoyable read, Shamus :). Thanks for all the laughs! I’ve recommended this to several friends of mine (going so far as to send them links via e-mail). Now let’s hope they discover the greatness of the comic as I have. Good luck in your future endeavours, you have a great gift for comedy.

  9. taraswanwing says:

    I read this series after it was done, and I found it thanks to my bro. But every time I read these strips I still crack up, cackle insanely, and giggle like a little girl. Which is actually very literal. Anyways, I do wish this was still going, but I get that everything must have an ending. Even wonderful, hilarious thing. So good game, everybody, and watch out for scary elves playing poker in Wonderland.

    That was random. Let’s see… I believe the proper thing to say at this point is:
    Thank you, and gud night.

  10. Lemon says:

    Great work, read it twice and its taught me all the stuff i know about d and d. 5 years on and still getting commemts, and for good reason

  11. Wow I read this in just a few days! I can’t believe I am so late to this. Thank you for doing this comic and I will be looking through others.

  12. Tornado261 says:

    So… now that The Hobbit is going to be coming out at the end of the year, are you guys gonna incorporate that into this most epic webcomic?

  13. Joseph says:

    Here it is 2012 and I have just discovered this! Thank you I laughed so hard and it brought back so many memories of my gaming group!
    Great Job.

  14. blarga says:

    This was awesome! Thanks for the great laughs and adventure.

  15. Metempiric says:

    Second time through, but it was nice to see something written in English on my trip to Hong Kong!

  16. Telas says:

    Hole mackeral… How many years later, and I find my name in lights? (Well, LEDs…)

    Thank you, Shamus. You did an excellent job at a difficult and probably frustrating task. I suspect this has given you work moving forward, making it doubly rewarding. Congratulations for making it all the way through.

    And a very special thank you for the Edoras song. That’s going to be stuck in my head for a few days…


  17. Sphinx_713 says:

    Aw, just finished reading the comic again after five years…

    I think I hadn’t laughed that much in months. Thank you, Shamus, for these hilarious moments! That was a great ride, an amazing work! :)

    May thy D20 roll in your favor a lot more than is statistically appropriate.

  18. Tigger_the_Wing says:

    Was given the link to this five hours ago, and (apart from a couple of breaks) read it straight through. What an inspired comic! It certainly stands the test of time. I haven’t laughed out loud so much in ages!

    I have sent the link to everyone I know. =^_^=

    *Gets distracted by the pretty dice and wanders off saying “Ooh! Preciousssssssss!”

  19. this was an amazing read and made me laugh so hard i had tears in my eyes, hope that you will do this after the hobbit is released.

  20. Brian Pendell says:

    What happened to the images? Did New Line unleash the lawyers after all?

  21. Sady cat says:

    This is good. Another good one is Order of The stick

  22. John says:

    I’ve read and re-read this many times, but never commented.

    It’s 2016, and this is just as great as it was when it was new.

    Great work.

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