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Chainmail Bikini: Fear The Boot Interview

By Shamus
on Thursday Sep 6, 2007
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Last Thursday Shawn Gaston and I got together with the guys at Fear the Boot and recorded an interview where we talked about the comic and what we are hoping to accomplish.

Also, I sat in on the second half of the most recent Fear the Boot episode, where we talked about the problems of introducing new players to large, complex game worlds.

Comments (11)

  1. Wood says:

    Yay! Another interview!

  2. Terrible says:

    It’s not a comic, of course, but the Dead Gentlemen (http://www.deadgentlemen.com/) have made two movies called “The Gamers” which switch back and forth from seeing the players at the table to seeing in the game world. It’s a great technique and I look forward to seeing it in the new comic!

  3. LethalSpoon says:

    I’m assuming you mean “Fear the boot” =D

  4. Shawn says:

    I assure you all that I sound like less of a tool in person. No, really.

  5. Davey says:

    What about, like. The last episode of DMotR?

    GIVE IT!

  6. darn, the final episode of the rings isn’t up yet. Guess I need to avoid being late to work …

  7. Rob says:

    Anyone else think Shamus sounds kinda like Wil Wheaton? I mean that in a good way of course! ;)

  8. Davey says:

    So is chainmail bikini basically just the people behind DMotR?

  9. corwin says:

    I had a blast listening to you guys on the way home from work yesterday, and I can’t wait to see how DMotR ends and Chainmail Bikini begins.

  10. Miral says:

    I love “The Gamers” (I have it on DVD). I’ve been meaning to pick up the sequel but I haven’t gotten around to it yet :)

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