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Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

By Shamus
on Sunday Sep 30, 2007
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The DMotR comics are down. It seems that the comic’s ravenous appetite for bandwidth has finally caught up with it, and shamusyoung.mu.nu has been placed on a diet. I think the limit was 300GB of transfer. Yikes.

I expect the bandwidth meter to reset at the onset of October, so we should be back up and running in a couple of days. The comic is finally cooling down now that I’m no longer posting new ones, so I don’t think this will happen again.

LATER: Looks like it’s all better now. Still, if you’re going to run out of bandwidth, eighteen hours before the meter resets is a really good time to do so.

Comments (12)

  1. DarkLadyWolf says:

    *looks all sheepish*Oops, sorry. I shouldn’t have read it again for the n’th time…

  2. Bandy says:

    Damn, I wondered what had happened – I was in the middle of reading through the comics after being sent the link a couple of days back. Roll on service being restored, I can’t wait to finish reading them, absolutely fantastic!!!

  3. empty_other says:

    Now that your comic is finished, maybe you could pack it all up into a *.cbr file and offer it on the page as a download? Just a thought, because what has stopped me from re-read the comic is the thought of having to wait for the browser for each page… :)

  4. Luke says:

    The CBR thing might be a good idea. All the comics in a single download – that would definitely be cool.

  5. BarGamer says:

    Having finally got it for myself, I second the BitTorrent. And if I haven’t mentioned it before, DMotR is LOL hilarious.

  6. ArchU says:

    I have a hunch that it isn’t free hosting…?

  7. Elryc says:

    Blame that jerk over at Irregular Webcomic for starts Darths & Droids and linking DMotR…

    Oh, wait, Darths and Droids was ultimately *your* idea, wasn’t it? Nevermind… :-P

  8. Alai says:

    Any chance of getting a zip with the comic archive (picture and your initial “this is the situation” comments up so that we can just get the archive easily?

  9. scragar says:

    defiantly torrent it, it wont use nearly as much bandwidth and I know I would seed it. Any chance of including the footnotes with them?

  10. Andre (xero) says:

    Hey Shamus, Google’s serving up naughty ads on your site again.

  11. gedece says:

    No more comics doens’t mean this blog lost interest, so we’ll keep on coming.

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