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Strongbad Email: Webcomics

By Shamus
on Wednesday Oct 10, 2007
Filed under:
Nerd Culture


As a followup to yesterday’s post on webcomics I thought I’d share this Monday’s StrongBad Email, which is about webcomics. He takes a few potshots at the major comics and at the end it even has a little comic strip builder. (Actually, now that I’m thinking about it I realize it’s not that little. It’s more robust than most of the web-based comic builder’s I’ve run across.)

The real irony here is that so many people classify StrongBad Email as a webcomic.

Comments (16)

  1. Henebry says:

    Should we start a SBemail webcomic building contest?

  2. Taelus says:

    I think anyone who hasn’t seen Trogdor is truly a lesser being for it…sort of like anyone who’s never seen Wicked ;-)

    Anyway, Strongbad has been a staple of mine for what feels like ages and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. For those who haven’t seen it before, it’s worth checking it out and don’t forget to move your mouse around as it goes and at the end for Easter Eggs.

  3. Adam says:

    My wife is obsessed with Teen Girl Squad. I showed her the site like four of five years ago (I know we didn’t have kids) and we go check out the new stuff every other month or so. The emails are hit or miss, some of them are just down right classic.

  4. Snook says:

    As a side note: What happened to the “Unrelenting nerdery.” slogan? I liked it…

    And the new one reminds me of xkcd.

  5. nilus says:

    Strong bad is awesome. Trogdor is the greatest. Wicked sucks, like most musicals. The exceptions being the Music Man, Spamalot and “Once more, with feeling”(The Buffy episode) Now a Trogdor Musical, that would rule. Especially if it was a rock opera written and performed by Limozeen.

    Funny story about Teen Girl Squad. My wife was on my PC one day and saw a link to one of the comics and was unhappy. She had just saw the name and had thought it was porn :)

  6. Phlux says:

    Snook – It changes every time you refresh now. I believe Unrelenting Nerdergy is still one of them.

    I was always fond of “Geek culture ephemera” personally, but that’s just because I love works like “ephemera”.

  7. Takkelmaggot says:

    I think Shamus summed it up in his Internet timeline- the Brothers Chaps were the first people to give the internet a purpose.

  8. Snook says:

    “Snook – It changes every time you refresh now. I believe Unrelenting Nerdergy is still one of them.”

    I noticed that as soon as I refreshed my comments list… I’m embarrassed by the lack of an edit feature.

    And on the “musicals suck” thing: I’d beg to differ… as you’d said, Spamalot is wonderful (managed to see it for free a few weeks back, that was awesome) but there’s plenty others out there… The Producers, anyone?

  9. Hal says:

    Ah, I came here to put that link in the webcomic thread. Any idea why the site has been down since yesterday?

  10. Taelus says:

    nilus said:
    “Strong bad is awesome. Trogdor is the greatest. Wicked sucks, like most musicals. The exceptions being the Music Man, Spamalot and “Once more, with feeling”(The Buffy episode)”

    I stand corrected about “Wicked” to a certain extent. While I still think that it’s a fantastic musical, “Once More With Feeling” is one of the best tv episodes ever written and surpasses Wicked as “required viewing”. This assumes we’re comparing it to pretty much every Firefly episode, but that’s because it’s cheating to compare Firefly to other shows…they just never stand a chance.

  11. Cadamar says:

    ‘Cause Trogdor comes in the NIGHT!!!!

  12. Davey says:

    The brothers chaps probably view strongbad as a webcomic too. Since they take a potshot at themselves in the email. “Asking their readers for content…” etc

  13. Anon says:

    Strong Bad Emails aren’t a webcomic. They’re a webcartoon.

  14. Rustybadger says:

    Ah…I LOVE Trogdor! Seriously! That’s because it’s my wife’s Other Nickname, due to her Prowess With Fire. She is the Burninator.

    Strongbad has become such a part of my kids’ everyday culture – you can tell when they verbalise anything that is done by a noun (ie, instead of saying “I was just killed by a guy with a shotgun”, they say “Twelve-gauged!” in a Strongbad voice), or when they say “BUH-leted!” as they throw something in the garbage can. Ah, the joys of “culture’!

    Of course, DMoTR has also become a part of our everyday verbiage, as we toss in D20 references during conversations: “Thing Two, I see you failed your Cleanliness roll this morning…” I suspect Strongbad will be including some DMoTR references in the near future, at which point you will know you’ve Made It.

  15. jqueen says:

    what does strongbad say when the email page comes up? He starts blabbing things.

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