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Paper Characters

By Shamus
on Monday Mar 3, 2008
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Regular players draw their characters ON paper. Serious players make their character OF paper.

Okay, I don’t think the artist had a miniatures game in mind when he started doing this, and I think he might be pushing the definition of “origami” a bit far once he gets into using stuff like aluminum, but this is still an amazing display of skill.

UPDATE: Here is another collection. It’s a bit more conventional, but still amazing work. I like the use of colored paper in this collection.

Comments (12)

  1. Celti says:

    Somehow I get the feeling from your post I’m supposed to see more than just a page with links up top, a header saying “Masks & Busts…”, and a paragraph of text… but that’s all I see.

    It’s the same on all pages, and isn’t fixed by any fiddling of Firefox settings, or trying Opera instead. Maybe that *is* the entire page?

  2. Heather says:

    When I saw the “slideshow” button I thought I was going to be treated to a step by step process of seeing one of those figures being made. Alas, it was just a gallery of completed works.

    Still, that’s an amazing amount of detail for simple paper (even if aluminium is sometimes involved). I wonder how long it takes him to make a single figure?

  3. Avaz says:

    Hmm, interesting what people can do with enough patience, intelligence, and creativity.

    I’d also like to see scale. If only the artist put, say, a pencil, or something else to show scale.

  4. Deoxy says:

    If you explore the site a little, you’ll find that he has been a professional paper folder since 1992. Also, as you explore other areas, you’ll see that he spent 6 years developing one of those beautiful things (the hedgehog, on the “animals” page), though he said he’s gotten much better at it since then.

    Freaky stuff, man. Awesome, of course, but rally quite freaky when you consider the time and effort involved… and I hope he’s got some serious fire insurance…

    Edit: for scale, there’s one picture of him standing next to a rhinoceros, and it’s probably about 1:3 scale to real life!

    But there’s another picture of him with some musicians, and they’re about <12 inches tall, and I suspect that’s more typical.

  5. McNutcase says:

    Celti: I saw plenty of pictures. I wouldn’t have a clue why you’re not seeing them…

  6. BlackJaw says:

    There was a guy on Monte Cook’s message boards that did origami miniatures:

    I always thought his Mindflayer riding a Beholder was incredibly impressive.


  7. Huckleberry says:

    I never cease to be amazed by people creating 3D out of something that is as close to 2D as a sheet of paper. I know it’s just a trick, but still…

    Plus, I just love that dragon.

  8. Visi says:

    I had the same, “nothing showing up” issue in Opera, but it worked fine in Firefox

  9. ArchU says:

    That’s amazing. I’m very impressed, especially with the creatures in the second gallery ^_^

  10. Craig says:

    I am just amazed at how complex the plans are for these figures, and that he improvised them all out of one sheet of paper. These could be in a museum.

  11. Davesnot says:

    Well.. paper is wood.. thanks for sharing!

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