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New Years With The Saints

By Shamus
on Saturday Dec 31, 2011
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Happy 2012! (Approximately. Given the annoying largeness of our planet, the way it’s divided into time-zones, and taking into account the insane inhabitants who insist on changing the clocks twice a year to save on candle wax, it’s New Years for some of you at this point.) Celebrate responsibly: By staying at home with your hands folded in your lap, drinking mineral water while listening to light jazz. Leave the partying to trained professionals.

The bad news: The world won’t actually end this year.

The good news: Josh is playing Saints Row The THREE and livestreaming it.

Stop by and watch for a bit. I’ll be there. Jarenth will be there. Heck, Josh might even show up.

EDIT: That was fun. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. Happy New Year!

Comments (38)

  1. Johan says:

    Come and join us Shamus

    • Johan says:

      That was a very fun way to spend January first, thanks to all for doing that for us. And especially to Rutskarn who was so generous with his own livestream on such short notice.

      On a personal note, the stream got me pumped enough to restart my run of Saint’s Row 2, only to find myself bugged and unable to continue. It seems I am incapable of towing a truck, the game tells me to press Q+shift, but that does nothing, and neither does shift+control, or any other combination of buttons that I try. Which is very sad because one of the first missions requires you to tow a truck, and there is simply no way of getting past that. I can’t even find this problem on the internet, it seems to be uniquely killing me.

      So sad ;_;

      • X2Eliah says:

        Some games have problems with the ‘shift’ key (asking for a “shift key” when the keyboard only has left-shift and right-shift). Try rebinding all controls mapping to shift to another regular key and see if that helps.

      • Daemian Lucifer says:

        I had a weirder problem,because Ive assigned that control to mmb,so then when it was used,it told me to press .And it took me a bit to realize that it didnt have mmb in the help texts.

  2. Wandring says:

    This is exactly how I wanted to spend my New Year! :P

    Ooh, and good call with the mineral water too…

  3. silver Harloe says:

    I hope this is being recorded so I can watch it sometime when I’m sober

  4. Some Jackass says:

    I tune in just in time to watch Josh drive a car off a bridge and land perfectly vertical…and then drive a burning car into his garage so it could explode in a confined space…as if I had any question to who was playing at that exact moment in time…

  5. Zitch says:

    Ok, that was entertaining…

    Happy New Year, all.

    UPDATE: Looks like for those who missed the live stream, looks like the video was recorded and is available, in two parts:
    Part 1
    Part 2

  6. AlternatePFG says:

    That was a great way to spend the New Year guys. Not a dull moment the entire time.

  7. Zagzag says:

    Pretty much how my new year went… You mean everyone doesn’t do that every year?

  8. HiEv says:

    You made even the fails enjoyable. Thanks!

  9. Sydney says:

    That was brilliant.

  10. BitFever says:

    That was a blast. I hope you guys host live streams more often! :)

  11. Reet says:

    I enjoyed it so much I didn’t sleep. Now If you’ll excuse…ZZZZZZZZZ

  12. Daemian Lucifer says:

    Thats what was missing from new vegas:Bubble gum pink smart cars and street sweepers!Awesome lets play Josh.

  13. 4th Dimension says:

    That was AWESOME!

    About Josh’s smart car:
    “Good for environment, BAD for everybody else” :D

  14. IncredibleGeek says:

    Good times were had! I was Cole Justice last night in the chat. What a great way to ring in the new year! I hope everyone had a fun, safe evening. Time for another year of Twenty Sided!

  15. Torsten says:

    It was a good way to wake up in the New Years Day, for the couple hours I was able to catch the show. If Spoiler Warning ever has a season of a game with vehicles, it better have a pink shortbus.

    About Saints Row III, how well made is the PC port this time? I have been looking for a new sandbox game since Vice City, but I am a little unsure on how a two, three years old laptop is able to run these monstrosities.

  16. Dante says:

    That was the best NYE I’ve had in years. I only managed to last til 230 AM EST before having to leave. I’ll watch the parts I missed later.

  17. brashieel says:

    That was awesome. Thanks to everybody who put in the time, and to Rutskarn for loaning the channel.

  18. Josh H says:

    That was an hilarious stream. It has pretty much convinced me to get the game at the earliest possible opportunity.

  19. McNutcase says:

    I tried to say this at the time, but I’m not sure it showed up: Smart cars aren’t electric. They have a teeny-tiny engine under the seats that runs on normal gasoline. In Europe, you can get them with diesel engines, but over here, it’s gasoline. There may be an electric variant, but you can reasonable assume that any Smart car you see runs on gas. If only it ran on ridicule, you’d never be short of fuel…

  20. 4th Dimension says:

    How about Spoiler warning-ing this game for couple of episodes. Bonus points for episodes done in coop.

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