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Spoiler Warning: Anniversary The Second

By Josh
on Saturday Jan 28, 2012
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Spoiler Warning


It’s the 28th of January. You know what that means?

Link (YouTube)

It’s overwhelming, really, to look at the calendar and realise that we’ve been doing Spoiler Warning for two years now. It certainly doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. Heck, to me, it seems like just a few months ago that I ran the marathon editing session for the hilarious first anniversary episode of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. And that episode is still, in my mind, neck and neck with Railroad to Nowhere for our very best work on this series.

Then again, looking back on our very first episodes, they certainly seems like a world away from what we do now. For the editing of this episode I ended up digging deep back in my archives and watching a bit of the end of the first season and beginning of the second, and I was cringing the entire way through. Awkward pauses large enough to drive a vertibird through, terrible image quality, poor editing. It’s a wonder we stuck with it long enough for things to get out of those dark ages. But get through them we did, and look at all the games we’ve covered since! Deus Ex is our seventh full game, and we’ve nearly covered an eighth with our randomly scheduled off-time episodes of Half Life 2. That’s almost four games per year.

Still, as cringe-worthy as it is to look back at the early episodes, it also highlights, to me, how much really has improved – both between us as a group and our ability to deliver interesting commentary and humor simultaneously without tripping all over ourselves – and also in my own abilities to properly edit the series. When Spoiler Warning started, it was just an idea I’d had – I had no idea how video editing worked, what “codecs” really were, or how to sort out all of the black magic I found myself diving headfirst into. Two years later, we have proper credit sequences, full 720p HD videos, and a much tighter flow to each every new episode. I can scarcely believe it when I remember how confused I was at the beginning.

What about you guys? What are your favorite Spoiler Warning memories from the past two years?

Comments (154)

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  1. el_b says:

    plese release the full amnesia episode, i bet its epic!

  2. acronix says:

    I really liked the episode in which you blew Three Dog’s with a grenade right after giving him “Fuck you!” rant.

    Also: Congratulations on the anniversary!

  3. Mathias says:

    Two particular moments stand out for me:

    “Josh? INGEST. EVERYTHING!” At that point, after archive binging all of your Fallout 3 LP during the holidays a year or so ago, I started laughing like a complete idiot and woke up the entire house.

    And then there was the part in New Vegas where you robbed the entire energy weapon store. In general, New Vegas was just my favorite season overall. It really is a case of having the right game, one where it doesn’t turn into 20-something episodes of vitriol (see: AC2), but it wasn’t complete gushing all the time either. And of course it featured Josh trolling an entire universe, which is always nice.

  4. Dmatix says:

    I just wanted to thank you guys for two years of quality entertainment. I’ve been watching Spoiler Warning since the beginning, and I’ll continue to do so as long as you guys keep making it. You created a wonderful thing here, and should be proud of yourselves. Kudos!

  5. Nyctef says:

    Haha, that was awesome :D

    And I wouldn’t worry too much about your old episodes – they weren’t as technically good but they were still very funny and entertaining.

    Here’s to another year \o/

  6. Irridium says:

    The part in Railroad to Nowhere where Shamus caused the train to get off the tracks and appear on the road.

    That’s my favorite Spoiler Warning moment. At least, the one I can think of. I like it all, really. It’s a great show, makes me laugh, and I gladly anticipate each episode.

    Also, blowing up 3-dog was hilarious. As are the recent Deus Ex episodes where you guys discuss pheromones. “Want to come up to my apartment for some… candy bars? No?

    Pbbbth. Pbbbth. Pbbbth.

    How about now?”

    Though it didn’t go like that, but whatever.

    • Wandring says:

      Between the Railroad to Nowhere to his classic Theme Park Tycoon videos Shamus has gotten pretty good at derailing things for our amusement. (More so if you count his DM of the Rings: the D&D campaign on rails!)

      Thanks for all the laughs! And Happy Anniversary, Spoiler Warning!!

  7. Slipshod says:

    Happy anniversary, Spoiler Warning. Two years of honest, undiluted and irresistible Cuftbert insanity and puns.

    Thank you!

  8. Kevin says:

    The birth of Reginald Cuftbert which is now my fav D&D character :).

  9. Adam says:

    Favorite moment for me would have to be THE GRAND Fo3 FINALE, particularly the aftermath of nuking the citadel, as well as the canonical ending of Reggie dying in a meaningless fight having obliterated both the Enclave and the Brotherhood of Steel out of irritation with them.

  10. noahpocalypse says:

    Railroad to Nowhere, Assassin’s Creed chase scene(s), THE NEW VEGAS FINALE…

    These are all great. Congratulations on pulling together an amazing show, and thank you for it.

  11. SlowShootinPete says:

    I will never forget the sound of Rutskarn’s indignation when the train drove completely off of the map.


  12. Michael says:

    My favorite episode was definitely Railroad to Nowhere.

    “Is it just the stream or are you down to 2 frames per second?”

    “NO. NO. You are building a game that is LITERALLY ON RAILS. YOU SHOULDN’T BE GOING OFF THE MAP!”

    Mumbles comparing the city to Silent Hill.

    The hurricane of puns just before the end.

    “…pull up beside a fly lady-train, start the hydraulics…”

    I still go back and watch the episode periodically – it’s hilarious.

  13. Sydney says:

    My top three moments in no particular order:

    – Blowing up Three Dog
    – Railroad to Nowhere, in its entirety
    – Mumbles’s wailing fury when Shamus gave Josh permission to do Honest Hearts

  14. Dovius says:

    My favourite SW moment remains the 2nd season, if only because of the nostalgia filter I’ve got lying over it as the first season I ever watched.
    Plus, the episodes were long as hell, so I could just play them in the background while grinding in WoW without having to tab out every 10 minutes (My main annoyance with the Bioshock season).
    Also, any time you break Rutskarn’s will to live with moments such as the affair with the Golden Mask, and MARIO!
    And pretty much all the season finales, especially New Vegas and Fallout 3.
    “Josh, ingest EVERYTHING!”
    And of course blowing up the Brotherhood.

  15. Michael says:

    Anyone else think the Japanese police chief looks like William Shatner?

  16. Destrustor says:

    Oh come on! I spotted the carrot and the corn and the birds waaaay before you guys! You suck! You’re playing this game like a total noob!

    Yeah but seriously thanks for this awesome entertainment. My favorite part was the complete all-cast mental breakdown when josh got permission to go do honest hearts. And the good old times where viewers could leave comments straight on the video, it often added a lot of humor. But most of all the incessant recurring trolling, and every time Rutskarn is rendered speechless. Those rare gems…
    Again, thanks and good luck for another two years!

  17. noahpocalypse says:

    Just watched the video-

    Wow, Josh, you suck at videogames; my dog could do better than this. And it’s NOT EVEN JAPANESE.

    Completely unrelated to that, but I was rewatching the first few Pokemon episodes, and I noticed that Team Rocket has a RIDICULOUS amount of puns, most of which are centered around Pikachu. Seriously- are they your inspiration, Rutskarn?

  18. DirigibleHate says:

    Favourite moment has to be the storm of puns following “Fission Chips” during Dead Money. Actually, I think the episode was named after that sequence.

  19. Aanok says:

    Let’s not forget the Hitmas, here, people.

    Although, the whole Spoiler Warning series is just a goldmine of fun and pun. Thank you guys for doing this :]

  20. Rosseloh says:

    Hey, that music did remind me of Japan! In a very roundabout way: it sounded like Zelda atmosphere music!

  21. Tharwen says:

    So… the police turned up, decided that he killed himself just based on the evidence in a single scrawled note, then left?

    They didn’t even bother to clear up the body or anything…

    EDIT: Also, they tore up an anonymous accusation? What the hell is wrong with the police here?

    • Rosseloh says:

      Did you see their suits? And those hats? Would YOU want to be carrying a warm-tea-stained body in your finest outerwear?

      • Thomas says:

        And they looked at a _typed_ note which basically said ‘Oh look what a horrible suicidal suicide commiting dead-by suicide person I am’ with the name at the top tippexed out and replaced by another name and decided, ‘yep he must have committed suicide then. Look lady, see how this note says he did? That’s detective work’

  22. brashieel says:

    Wow, two years. Time passes, even when we don’t notice it.

    I think my favorite season (narrowly) is FO3. The descent into insane rage plus Josh totally breaking the game mechanics were just awesome.

    Thanks for 2 years of crazy entertainment.

  23. Tohron says:

    Now I’m wondering if someone’s going to show up in the comments and be like “Yeah, it was me, I gave that game to Josh as a joke gift on Steam a few years ago.”

  24. Was…was that a Scrubs reference? I mean, granted the dead guy doesn’t look all that fat, but still…

  25. Grudgeal says:

    Great, now the Katamari theme will be stuck in my head all day. Darn you all.

  26. Jakale says:

    Funny thing? I JUST finished a few hours of slight headache-inducing eye-straining gameplay of a Mystery Case Files game. This thing has nothing on that in terms of bizarre junk in rooms, though admittedly they did try to justify it in game. I’ve also decided that hidden item games love padding so very much.

    • rayen says:

      yeah, as look and find games go this was nothing. I’ve played all the ravenhurst games and those games are crazy with weird crap in room and places. also stories that are weird and nonsenical to a painful degree.

  27. Jace911 says:

    One of my favorite moments has got to be Josh attempting to run through the Boomers’ killzone in New Vegas.

    “Hey I think I might make it.”
    *nearby car catches fire*
    “Oh that’s not good.”

  28. Snarkangel says:

    I think my favourite memory is the TRAINZ episode. HILARIOUS.

  29. Gamer says:

    Alot of my favorite moments have already been said, but I’ll go over a few anyway (in no particular order):

    -“You are not am mercenary.” (Fallout 3)
    -It is I, Three Do (Fallout 3)
    -The Golden Mask (Assassin’s Creed 2)
    -“It’s a me, Mario!” (Assassin’s Creed 2)
    -The Face Off pun (Amnesia)
    -Fawkes in the Hound/Fox and the Clown (Fallout 3 / Assassin’s Creed 2)
    -And so… many… others.

    You guys never cease to bring quality entertainment to my computation machine. Thank you for your two years of commentary and punning.

    (BTW, I laughed way too hard when I saw “I guess no one’s here.” Not once but TWICE)

    • Adam says:

      I guess since you did it, I can list my favorite moments by season, too.

      Mass Effect: That moment when Randy makes it overwhelmingly obvious that he’s going to deck the reporter.

      Fo3: Reginald “Obvious Reasons” Cuftbert earns his nickname in the Pitt. That, or when he nukes Little Lamplight. “Do not worry, absolutely no children were harmed in our attempts to murder the children.”

      Bioshock: The period immediately after the Reveal, when all everyone is doing is ripping on Fontain, which is the only sane thing that happens for the rest of the season.

      FNV: Reggie II does what beings of greater morals and lesser convictions wish they could: utterly annihilate the Boomers, an act enhanced by the hilarious montage of failures. (the hand-shaped bit of him falling on his face at the end was the best.)

      AC2: I haven’t seen the entirety of the season yet (still need to beat the game) so I’m going to say the first big battle sequence as the assassins lead the attack on San Gimignano to kill the Pazzis, in which Ezio falls from great heights, assassinates all sorts of things that really should have known better, and rips down posters.

      HL2: Gordinald Freebert teaches an Antlion how to fly properly.

      DXHR: “This should make you feel better. Pffp pffp pffp.”

      And I refuse to dignify the above as being a game, so it gets no favorite moment from me.

  30. Definitely my favourite was the first Half-Life 2 episode where Shamus starts praising it’s non-glitchness and then Josh gets stun-locked by a guard. And then later on, Josh keeps finding mad glitches.

  31. Hitch says:

    I have one question.

    Why did this game ask for you to put in a name? Really. You don’t play as any character you named. Every character in the game already has a name. The name you put in is never referenced. Why?

    But Our Princess is in Another Castle.

    • Gamer says:

      Probably to distinguish one save from another, because either multiple people will play it or you’ll go through the game multiple times: It’s just that good. (/sarcasm)

  32. Pat says:

    My favorite Spoiler Warning moments are the entirety of Railroad to Nowhere, and when Josh taught that Antlion how to fly in Half-Life 2.

  33. Rax says:

    Seriously? No one mentions the squirrel in the second “find all that stuff”-screen?

    Edit: Or Chipmunk or WHATEVER. The Billardball in the fruitbowl went unmentioned, too. Shame on all of you.

  34. Dante says:

    So no ones favorite part was when we learned about Smelly Kelly?

  35. Zlan says:

    The more glitches the game has the more fun it is to watch. Or at least on Spoiler Warning. Also with this the weirdness was really funny. No it doesn’t deserve to be called a game. At all. Still funny though.

  36. Daemian Lucifer says:

    Noooooo!You didnt go to the kitchen!I was waiting the whole time for you to go into the kitchen!Damn you Josh!

  37. Adam P says:

    It’s been a year since the Amnesia episode? Time really does fly.

    Speaking of flight, the antlion from HL 2 has got to be my favorite moment, followed by Three Dog blowing up and Rutskarn’s rant about the Reaper at the end of ME 2.

  38. Daemian Lucifer says:

    Trainz was awesome.But I like the show as a whole,even when it bogs down for a bit.I know that it will always come back up.And Rutskarns elkaborate puns,like trav in a cage,are brilliant.Kuddos to you man.Also,you deserve to die!

    Well,now all you have left to do is a rts game.How about wh40k.The comments that would follow your bashing of that one will be most amusing.

  39. Sekundaari says:

    My favorite thing would have to be the Fallout 3 season. I recall the whole Three Dog sequence (making the BoS perform acrobatics with the Fat Man, conversing while on fire, killing super mutants in a VATS grenade trance and the pocket grenade) especially well. But the later season with the stealthy bellows and firesword, or Midea’s death because of Obvious Reasons, for example, was great too.

    Honorable mentions in no real order: punching the reporter and such in ME, the ending of ME2, Amnesia episode, Hitmas and all the trolling and puns.

  40. Marcellus says:

    My Top 5 Spoiler Warning moments:

    5. Shamus’s surprise “bearly decorated” pun and Rutskarn’s comeback in Bioshock
    4. the ending of Mass Effect 2
    3. killing Three Dog in Fallout 3
    2. Uncle Mario’s introduction in AC2
    1. the entire Railroad to Nowhere episode

    (Mind you, I haven’t seen the infamous New Vegas season yet – I’m saving that one for the time I start playing it myself.)

    Oh, and the honorable mention:
    +1. The long chain of “Assassin’s ___eed” puns by the commenters (the one that ends with Josh’s reply: “God dammit. God dammit, you guys”).

  41. CalDazar says:

    Yay more mumbles!

    I love every single moment of the Fallout New Vegas playthrough, it is amazing.
    Well, not so much dead money, but the rest is pure gold. Such as taking everything from the Silver Rush and walking to sell it all.

    There is a lot to love in all of the show.

  42. Museli says:

    It’s really only been two years since we watched you spend about 30 minutes trying to decide what Shepard looked like in Mass 1? It feels a lot longer to me. Maybe that’s just because nothing before Spoiler Warning was sufficiently entertaining for me to remember it. Congratulations on this milestone, guys – may there be many many more.

  43. lurkey says:

    The triumphant “YES!” on the pan of Miranda’s corpse.
    Kaidan blocking the exit as the counter goes on.
    The BoS vertibird coming to bring Cuthbert back to (now nonexistant) headquarters.
    Cuftbert stealth-cleaning the energy weapons store and then sloooooowly lumbering to the Gun Runners.
    Cuftbert’s steampunk’d rampage through that posh cannibal casino.
    Little details like “It’s pronounced KAY-zadors!”

    I so miss Cuftbert. :`(

  44. Harry says:

    And my top 10 moments of Spoiler Warning are:

    10. The moment when Miranda appears randomly dead at the end of the ME2 finale. “It’s like Christmas!”
    9. In New Vegas, when Reginald Cuftbert becomes immediately addicted to whiskey after drinking his first bottle.
    8. Again in New Vegas, when Cuftbert runs through Caesar’s camp and systematically murders everybody by punching them.
    7. In Half-Life 2, when the guard beats the shit out of Josh without any means of escape due to him throwing a bottle at him, just after Shamus has been talking about how non-glitchy the game is.
    6. In New Vegas, Josh setting down the C4 in the room with the gangsters from Gomorrah, sitting down amidst the explosives, and calmly setting it off. AND IT WORKING.
    5. Rutskarn is shown how the Golden Mask thing works in AC2.
    4. New Vegas again, in Dead Money – the fiasco with Christine. As the TV Tropes page puts it: “Apparently, all it takes for Christine to trust Reginald is to chase him around the Sierra Madre casino while unloading many, many buckshots into his ass.”
    3. Hitmas. Also, Rutskarn’s solo LPs of Hitman in general (even though not actually an official part of Spoiler Warning).
    2. Riding on the head of the monster in Amnesia.
    1. The Fallout 3 season. All of it. Yes, it’s my favourite season, how did you tell?

  45. anaphysik says:

    Wait wait wait… Ruskarn says there’s basically no Google hits for this game?
    Clearly we must create a SW full ‘walkthrough’ to fill the vacuum!

  46. Neil D says:

    You fools! How could you not know Mumbles would have Bat-Shark Repellent in her utility belt?

  47. Uscias says:

    wow… i find this game weirdly interesting…

  48. Jonn says:

    Anytime Ruts rages and busts out the big words and metaphors.

    Just like he does in this video.

    If I had a drink, I’d raise my glass.

  49. Gabriel Mobius says:

    I’m still cataloguing my favourite Spoiler Warning moments, but Rutskarn screaming “I think I hear Cyborg Satan whispering to me through Shamus’ haunted fucking audio card!” has taken top spot.

  50. krellen says:

    No one’s mentioned it yet (I suppose a couple of you might have been alluding to this), but my favourite moment was Rutskarn’s reaction upon seeing the Reaper Baby for the first time. It is the single most honest and appropriate moment in the history of the series. Plus, it totally broke him, which was hilarious.

    • Hitch says:

      The best part was, Shamus in his complete inability to not spoil stuff had said exactly what it was going to be but Rutskarn refused to believe him until it appeared on screen.

      • lurkey says:

        And there was similar situation when Shamus jokingly predicted Shadow Broker to sound like Dr. Claw and look like Bowser – and that was exactly how he looked and sounded. I’d suspect Shamus of being a bit of a thespian there, but alas, neoBioware is indeed that predictable.

  51. Arvind says:

    I’ve only watched the Spoiler Warnings on youtube, and I think I loved every episode. More of the same please :)

    Mumbles and Rutskarn talking about taking Garrus to the prom or something is still etched in my mind. I will be haunted forever.

  52. Vipermagi says:

    So I was watching this episode full screen, and it took me two and a half minutes to realise YouTube froze on Ruts’ drawing.

  53. Torsten says:

    So for two year anniversary we get to see the story of Reginald’s great-grandmother who started the Cufhbertian tradition of wearing bonnets and walking into random strangers houses and stealing their stuff after her husband got murdered by a Japanese carrot. She probably got addicted to sake at some point after drinking one cup of it also.

    Everything hosted on Vimeo is unviewable for some reason, I hope the seasons are not lost for good, it would be nice to see the early seasons again. Congratulations and good luck for the coming spoilers!!

  54. KremlinLaptop says:

    Congrats on two years!

    And favourite memories? Lots. The core of it is though that what makes SW good is the interaction between the four of you, which has never seemed forced or awkward and makes the SW great fun.

    Pretty much everything on the TvTropes page for Spoiler Warning could be cited as reasons for what I like about SW and why.

    …Also? “STOP SHOOTING ME.” Made me giggle everytime Josh said it.

  55. Fat Tony says:

    Well done, keep it up. =)

  56. Joel D says:

    My favourite episodes are the ones where Josh has to travel all over picking up stuff (like the Codex pages in ACII), and we get nice elevator muzak. I like these episodes most because the commentary is mostly just a couple of friends chewing the fat & trolling each other, instead of the typical gamer-rage.

    I not trying to sound negative about the rest of the episodes – they’re usually enjoyable, but it’s good to change things up.

  57. JPH says:

    My favorite episode? This one. Right here.

  58. Sleeping Dragon says:

    For my favourite moment, somebody already mentioned the ending of ME2 season but the one thing that always, every single time that I think of ME2, comes to mind is at that moment of “it’s a human reaper!” Rutskarn just repeating “what?!” in that “I don’t even…” tone of voice.

  59. Galad says:

    My favorite SW moments were, in no particular order

    1. That one episode in the FO3 playthrough, when Cuftbert stealthily opened the screeching heavy metallic door of the bunker, stealthily pulled out his flaming shishkebab, uttered a loud, yet stealthy battle cry of “Hiyah!”, then cut aflame not one but two mercenaries. Surely they never saw it coming

    2. Mumbles: Beeeeeeeees!

    3. Ruts’ reaction to “It’s a mee Maaariiooooo”

    Thanks for all the entertainment, guys and Mumbles. The Internet would be less interesting if it weren’t for you.

  60. Dasick says:

    Pemberton? Japan? Wife investigating the mysterious death of her husband? Yamada?

    The developers of this game were not only high on something, they were essentially ripping out a subplot from Death Note.

    Why am I the first one to notice this?

  61. silentlambda says:

    My favorite moments are mostly Reginald’s adventures in the Wasteland, especially the rage filled trolling journey westward, ending with Honest Hearts being greenlit. Then there were the drinking game episodes, featuring the triumphant return of the Shishkebab.

    Also, Mumbles is exponentially more hilarious after a few beers. Alcohol is always the answer!

  62. Bobby Archer says:

    I think this episode may very well be my favorite thing ever. I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed so hard. Please do more of this game! Please! Go to the kitchen! Find the torn-up note! Discover the truth of Mrs. Buttskarn and her husband, the blonde samurai!

  63. RCN says:

    Incredible game. Really, I think it is the only game ever made designed to be played by comatose patients.

    And the most impressive is that you managed to insert “Butt” into the profile name both times. Irene really seems to be a woman of… assets! Ta-daa!

    Yeah. I’m committing sepuku right now. Sorry.

  64. Nimas says:

    Damn it Josh, now I really want to play a chibi murder mystery game.

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