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The Price is Wrong, Bob

By Shamus
on Tuesday Feb 14, 2006
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I was going through a bunch of old photoshops I’d done. Most are unfinished ideas of some sort. Many of them are dated sometime in 2003. While wading through these, I found this:

I assume this was going to be some sort of joke, but I don’t remember making it, much less what the idea was. It isn’t very funny like this. Still, it’s clearly something I did (I have it saved as a .psp in seperate layers, which wouldn’t be the case if I’d just found it someplace) and it was odd to find something I’d done, and of which I have no clear memory.

I wish I could remember the joke. I must be getting old.

Comments (2)

  1. Maldeus says:

    Sifting through old archives because I’m bored this weekend. But. Maybe the joke was that terror threat level appeared to be assigned pretty much at random? I don’t really keep up with what the terror level is from one moment to the next, but I’m pretty sure our actual risk of terror attacks has been pretty much zero since about summer of 2002.

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