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WordPress 2.5

By Shamus
on Saturday Apr 26, 2008
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If my writing seems unusually witty or incisive, it’s probably because I just upgraded to WordPress 2.5, and it’s got all these cool features which will undoubtedly make me a better blogger. </sarcasm>

This was a big upgrade. I’ve skipped the past couple of updates, mostly because I hate doing it so much. I don’t really feel the need for any new features, so going through the upgrade rigamarole seems sort of pointless. Most new features focus on making the process easier for non-technical people. (In this version, there’s a whole system for uploading, embedding, and managing catalogs of images, movies, etc.) That’s nice for the people who need it, but I’ve already got a system I’m using and I’m fairly set in my ways.

Response to WP 2.5 has been overwhelmingly positive, but for me it was just a pointless shuffle of all the administration controls, so now I can’t find anything. Still, sooner or later I’ll grow attached to this. Probably just in time for the next upgrade. I know I’ll get it when it comes, for the same reason I got this one.

This must be what it feels like to be a Mac user.

Comments (25)

  1. Jimmie says:

    I made the same upgrade a couple of days ago. Thus far I’m underwhelmed.

    I have two sidebars on my blog and the new widget admin screen pretty much assures that I won’t be moving any text widgets I have between them very much. There were worse ways to handle text widgets and multiple sidebars, but they’d involve live weasels lit on fire and shoved down our pants.

    Also, I see that there’s a new version (2.5.1) that has an “important security fix” and the WordPress folks are calling for everyone to upgrade. No, thanks. I’ll wait until they figure out the new round of bugs.

  2. Zaghadka says:

    Just thank your dear and fluffy Lord the new version doesn’t require you to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete.

    Oh, sorry ’bout that, wrong thread.

  3. Krellen says:

    Mac user? How about all the poor schmoes being forced to “upgrade” to Vista? This sort of thing happens with all version changes.

    And remember, Every OS Sucks.

  4. Mari says:

    “This must be what it feels like to be a Mac user.”

    Oh snap.

    But seriously, Krellen is pretty much right on this one. If you want your OS to be stable and not randomly rearrange things as soon as you figure out where they are, go with Unix or one of it’s closer-kin offspring.

    Changing things just when you know where the old things are is just the price of admission once you enter the technological arena. And really, it’s not like this should be a huge challenge for you. I mean, you’re young, you’re technologically savvy, you have more know-how in your little finger than a fair few people have in their entire bodies. It might not be comfortable for you to make the changes, but it’s not exactly difficult, is it?

  5. Katy says:

    Hmm… I’ve been hoping to upgrade the look of my WordPress blog, but I haven’t had the time to sit down and figure out the code to change things around. For example, I like the format of the entry’s date. I gotta learn how to do that! XD

  6. riodoro says:

    I mean, you're young

    Made me snicker.

  7. I switched to the Subversion install around 2.4 or so. It makes upgrades (ie., keeping up with security updates) so much easier. If your web host gives you a command line, it’s definitely the way to go.

  8. I’m still ignoring the “UPGRADE! UPGRADE! UPGRADE!” warnings every time I log in. I’m waiting until they work the kinks out of 2.5 before I bother with the upgrade.

  9. DGM says:

    I switched a while ago, and noted that 2.5.0 has some problems. Most notably for you, you may need to use Firefox in order to upload images or put them in a post. Media files just flat out do not work for me in IE.

    I do like the WYSIWYG visual editor, though, as it doesn’t mess with my line breaks anymore. A checkbox in your profile turns it on.

    – “This must be what it feels like to be a Mac user.”

    Heh. Funny, I was just griping about Macs, too. This stuff must be catching.

  10. Stu says:

    For me- (having made the change relatively recently)- being a Mac user is more or less exactly like being a Windows user… except I don’t have a constant dull throbbing in the back of my head.

  11. DGM says:

    Sorry, I take back the part about the media files glitch being important to you; my brain somehow passed over the part where you said you’ve got your own system. For those struggling with this bug, how do you do it? Manually upload and cut-&-paste the image URL into the editor?

  12. Ian says:

    Hoo boy, I hope that the true Mac zealots don’t see this post. It’d be like the web comic debate except a lot bloodier. :)

  13. Alden says:

    I hate so much when they switch all the configuration options around.

    Also, since upgrading to 2.5, uploading images to a (shared) WordPress blog on my site results in an inexplicable “Failed upload test” error message. But the picture’s uploaded anyway. Perhaps 2.5.1 will fix it…

  14. Rich says:

    For me- Never having owned a Mac, but knowing several people who do… I don’t have that throbbing emptiness in my wallet that comes from purchasing a state of the art Mac system. ;)

  15. ArchZeal says:

    Now see, I was only telling somebody the other day how I loved this site because its about the only place I have ever found where discussion of Macs and PCs doesn’t devolve into the usual ‘Your OS is full of Poo’ debate. Let’s move on. Please?

    Who the hell upgrades the Mac OS every time anyway?

  16. Shamus says:

    ArchZeal: I’m just echoing what I’ve heard Mac users say about their experience. I’ve never owned one myself, so I’m just going by hearsay.

    EDIT: But more to the point: Yes, most debates over the virtues of an OS are just wanking.

  17. “This must be what it feels like to be a Mac user.”

    Awesomeness.. although honestly, being a Windows HATER, I’m leaning towards Mac or Linux in the next round.

    Has the world really come to THIS? *save me*


  18. Carra says:

    WordPress seems to have some performance issues…


  19. Telas says:

    Off topic:

    What’s up with Fear the Boot? Their site now shows a GoDaddy parking page. Here.

  20. Shamus says:

    Telas: Not sure what was wrong, but by the time I saw your comment, everything looks to be running fine.

  21. Telas says:

    Weird. Thanks.

    I’ve got this paranoid hunch that tabletop RPGing is a dying hobby (probably true, but it’s not about to die out anytime soon). Anything feeding that hunch makes me nervous, especially with all the kerfuffle surrounding the 4E launch (loyalists vs. critics vs. third-party supporters, etc).

  22. Johan says:

    “Mac user? How about all the poor schmoes being forced to “upgrade” to Vista? This sort of thing happens with all version changes.”
    Wait, what? I have XP and Microsoft still supports it (I think).
    *runs to check*

  23. Ian says:

    Yeah, XP is still supported. Hell, it’s still sold in stores.

    And really, I honestly think that most people that think that Vista is horrible haven’t really touched it. I’ve used it a fair amount and I really don’t have any issues with it. If anything, it’s faster than XP.

    Believe it or not, it doesn’t run that badly on a system with 512MB of RAM, either. I accidentally installed Vista Business onto it and it ran about as well as XP would. Most of the reason Vista takes more memory than XP is because it appears to do a ton of caching. It happily frees memory (almost instantly) when applications require it.

  24. Graham says:

    You could always just use the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin like I do.

    Click, click, click, done. New version is online!


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