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The Hour Approaches

By Shamus
on Sunday Feb 5, 2006
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Battle begins soon. The entire D&D group is meeting here today, where we will watch the game while more or less holding our breath for four hours.

They have to win. They just have to.

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  1. Lord Nyax says:

    It’s funny. You mentioned in an earlier post about how you didn’t really get into football until only a couple years before this. It was a bit similar for me; I had no clue how football worked until somebody explained it. But in 2006, for this very same Super Bowl, my whole family (who normally could care less about sports) was huddled in front of the TV. You see, I grew up in western Washinton. My whole life the Seahawks had been some of the biggest losers in football. But now we had done it: for the first time we had made it to the Super Bowl. Not only that, but we were facing the Steelers. They had 4 Super Bowl victories to their name, and were one of the “Big Teams,” the ones that you hear about. The underdog, the ragtag team of misfits, was about to face the big, slick, muscular, award winning superteam. Every sports film in existance had prepared me for this kind of scenario.

    They just had to win. They just had to.

    All this to say, I love your work and I’m one of your biggest fans, but I think I’ll need a moment to just hate you with the passion of a million suns. Just a moment.

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