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Democracy! Whiskey! Sexy!

By Shamus
on Thursday Feb 9, 2006
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A few years ago the govt. released a preview of the new $20 bill, and as a joke I made a photoshop of it.

Click for larger view

The whole idea came from this post from James Lileks, made in April of 2003. (Scroll about halfway down) Anyway, today I tried to open up that old photoshop project with a now-newer version of Paint Shop Pro. The program must have some sort of heuristics for detecting U.S. currency, since when I tried to open the file I got a popup:

Note that this project was based on the publicly-available image. One that the Treasury Department made available, or at least permitted, prior to the release of the new bill. But this program decided I was going to start churning out Rumsfield-edition twenties from my Epson printer, and took the law into its own hands. It gave me a firm, “Halt, Villian!” in the form of the above popup. And then, just to make sure I did not get any further, it sacrificed itself in the name of justice by crashing.

Heroic software or rogue vigilante? You decide.

Comments (5)

  1. inara says:

    it porbably sent a notice to the tresury dpmt

  2. Loki says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Rumsfeld bill!

    Inspires e to try to d a Cheney w/ shotgun bill….

  3. Blurr says:

    In CS2 you can open it, just not print it. I found this whole thing to be rather hilarious.

  4. Zamalan says:

    I was reading over some old posts the other day when I found this post.
    Coincedentally I learned about this just the other week via a “50 interesting wiki links” post on some stumbleupon site.

    This is because of the EURion constellation which is used to keep people from printing money.

    More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EURion_constellation

    This or at least something along these lines because I can’t quite see the constellation on this bill.

  5. Noble Bear says:

    That is terrific.

    Is that Rumsfeld? I can’t tell.

    I wonder how you got the texturing for the head?

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