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The Official Twenty Sided Guild

By Josh
on Tuesday Aug 21, 2012
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So Guild Wars 2 is coming out this week. Well, actually, it’s coming out next Tuesday for all the people that didn’t pre-purchase it, but I’m sure you’re all too cool to have passed up an opportunity to pay $60 for an MMO you hadn’t even played yet.

But regardless of how wise or unwise you are with your prospective purchases, we here at Twenty Sided (which is to say me, Randy, Chris, and Mumbles) are putting together a Twenty Sided guild in Guild Wars 2. Shamus would like to help, but apparently he’s busy fighting Kai Leng and saving the Council or maybe just writing a book and getting ready to move. I’m not really sure.

Following our typical “What’s a plan?” style of planning, we don’t actually… have a name for the Guild yet. I suggested something along the lines of “Eikosi League” both because it sounds suitably fantastic and because “eikosi” is Greek for “twenty” and the first component of the word “icosahedron” – the shape of the twenty sided die. Randy thinks that might be a bit too obscure, though, so if you have a better suggestion, then by all means, suggest it.

Oh yeah, and we can’t have the obvious guild tag [d20] because apparently you can’t have numbers in your guild tag. So we’re looking for one of those too.

We also don’t know which server we’ll be on, but not, in this case, because of a lack of planning. See, in Guild Wars 2, your home server is largely unimportant except for determining which team you’ll be on for World vs World (the great big realm PvP mode). Eventually you’ll be able to guest to any other server you have friends on and play with them like you would anyone on your own server. I say “eventually” because guesting isn’t apparently going to be in the game at launch. But, on the upside, you’ll be able to transfer home servers for free with no time restrictions after launch until they get the guesting system going.

Anyway, Randy is scoping out the WvW scene and trying to find a good server to make our permanent home, which is taking longer than expected because apparently a bunch of other guilds are doing the same thing. But don’t worry, we’ll figure it out and have a post with the full server information before the game comes out.

And remember, you can join multiple guilds at once in Guild Wars 2, so joining our guild won’t keep you from joining your other friends’ guild too. And we plan to do just about everything, from PvE to PvP and everything in between.

See you guys in game.

Comments (106)

  1. Randy Johnson says:

    I think the guild name should be Shamusyoung.com that way we can show shamus our support by advertising his website.

  2. Trithne says:

    And how will we find this Guild, come the weekend? Because that sounds like a thing I could get on board for.

  3. CTrees says:

    Team Eating People!

    Because I support Mumbles.

    Alternatively “The Worldbreakers,” because it’s kinda awesome and highly representative of what Josh does to games.

  4. Deoxy says:

    Not going to join in the playing, but for tag, you could do dTwenty, or somesuch – there are plenty of ways to represent “d20” without those exact letters.

    Wait – I should copyright dTwenty right quick…

  5. Rili says:

    Icosahedral Legion

  6. Paul Spooner says:

    Excellent plan! A few friends from the Mysterium are planning on hanging on “Jade Quarry” initially, if all ‘yall want to start there. As you say, it’s easy to migrate. Looking forward to it!
    BTW: I’m dudecon.5106

    As far as guild names go… that depends on what the guild is focused on. What are the guild goals? Why have a guild? (I know there are reasons, but I don’t know what OUR reasons are.)

  7. somebodys_kid says:

    Will the guild motto be, “Failure is not permitted until it is mandatory”?

  8. Xanyr says:

    Spoiler Warriors?
    Or just Spoiler Warning, truth in advertising

  9. Eljacko says:

    I think you guys should stick with Eikosi League. It’s effective, subtly meaningful, and allows those of us who roleplay to stay in character.

  10. Corpital says:

    I still like Happy Pony Funtrail.

    Are puns for…no wait, let me rephrase: How much are suggestions with puns forbidden?

  11. Nyctef says:

    This server-hopping thing sounds pretty awesome, shame it isn’t advertised more. I remember being annoyed earlier about having to select 1 server and having some pretty dire warnings that this choice was important and permanent. That and only having 5 character slots is my main fault with the game at the moment :)

    • Zukhramm says:

      It does. I was really worried because I’ve got at least three different group of people I’d hope to play with, and I’m betting they won’t choose the same servers, and trying to convince anyone is impossible since they themselves also have different people they’d like to play with.

  12. Dovius says:

    How about “Stop Stabbing Me!”?

    While I still need to check if my laptop can run the game (All signs point to yes, since the requirements don’t seem that high and I’ll be setting the graphics to low to maximize fps anyway), this game looks like it’ll be the thing that will finally break my WoW addiction.

    Hell, the fact that it’s loads cheaper probably means that that’ll happen anyway.

    More random names:

    “Acknowledged Mercenaries”
    “Totally Not A Rogue Cell”
    “Incinerator 2: Moronic Boogaloo”
    “Shady Spoiler Shuffle”
    “The Dolphin-Lovers” (Although without Rutskarn, that’d be kinda weird)
    “Two Beers High-fiving”

  13. Even says:

    “And remember, you can join multiple guilds at once in Guild Wars 2”

    With a single character?

    For the name: “House Cuftbert”. Tag would obviously be [HC] for misinformation purposes.

    • Skyy_High says:

      Yes. Though you can only “represent” one at a time, which means you can only watch guild chat and earn Influence (guild currency) with one at a time. So really it’s less about letting you play with every guild you could want to play with at once, and more about letting you guild-hop at your leisure and without bugging officers in your guild to let you back in.

      Oh, and a guild can technically be cross-server, but each server will have its own influence pool and won’t be able to benefit from the upgrades constructed by guildmates on other servers, so it’s really just a chat channel at that point. It’d be best for everyone to end up on the same home server as soon as possible.


      I like “Eikosi League”. I’d suggest trying to work “edra” in there, as in “eikosaedra” for the full “Twenty Sided” effect…but “edra” can also mean “anus”, so, there’s that. You will never look at dice the same way again.

      “Spoiler Warriors” is nice too.

      How about [TwnT] for the tag?

  14. stratigo says:

    Do jade quarry! Jaaaade Quarry!

  15. 4th Dimension says:

    Ahhh, Guild Wars, a truly interesting game. Unfortunately you DO have to pay for it, and considering I can barely hear you from sound of the engine of my tank and the cacophony of war in World of tanks (FREE) and the sound of distant laser thunder of Planetside 2, I don’t think I’ll be joining you.

    • stratigo says:

      This game is cheaper then WoT.

      XD. Trust me, WoT caps out if you don’t start dumping money into it

      • 4th Dimension says:

        Maybe, but I have played until lvl6 and didn’t spend a dime, and had loads of fun. In fact I don’t have problems staying in lower brackets. There are some tanks there that simply fit my style.

        • Aldowyn says:

          Yeah, WoT is still super fun if you just stick with tiers 4 and 5.. it takes forever to grind at upper levels. (I have a Pershing… and it sucks. Took a long time to get used to my T20…)

          I like World of Tanks, okay? And League of Legends. Oh, and Planetside 2 is coming out soon! And I should get into the beta super-soon…

          Why do I pay money for things again?

          In all seriousness, I’m seriously considering getting GW2. I should have money left after books, so why not?

        • CrushU says:

          My lawyers inform me that I can neither confirm nor deny that Mechwarrior Online has me by the balls.

          If it did, I might try to shake it for Guild Wars 2, though.

  16. GabrielMobius says:

    I’ll be keeping an eye on this, and see if I can arrange things so that my current guild and this one end up on the same realm once the free transfer period is over. I am super pumped for this game though.

  17. Sagretti says:

    You know, I barely registered Guild Wars 2 talk, and have almost been jaded against it by some of its most vocal fans. Not ones like Josh, but the ones who enter any MMO related discussion like they’re bringing wisdom down from the mountaintop.

    However, a Twenty Sided guild is making me want to check this whole thing out. No subscription fee is nice, though I still have to justify the game cost to myself. I haven’t purchased a full price game in age. Decisions, decisions.

  18. Vagrant says:

    I like Eikosi League or Spoiler Warning. Either way we totally need the tag [Bees].
    motd should be “We’re not mercenaries. We’re a(nother) rogue cell.”

  19. TheAngryMongoose says:

    Now, the real question is is it bad for me to start playing an MMO again? Now, don’t get me wrong, Guild Wars looks fun, but I’m not sure I should go down that road again.

    What do you think wise people of the internet? Pass up on Guilds Wars 2 or potentially ruin my life?

    P.S. For a name: “Cuftbert’s Murder Posse”

    • Hale says:

      Well the cautionary part of me wants to tell you to pass up on Guild Wars 2 if MMO’s have traditionally caused problems for you. However if you think you can pace yourself or whatever would be the right way to put it, GW2 is quite fun from what I’ve played in the beta.

  20. “I'm sure you're all too cool to have passed up an opportunity to pay $60 for an MMO you hadn't even played yet.”

    Ha, I paid nearly $300 for an MMO that doesn’t even exist yet! Woo! (Yeah, I gave into Shadowrun Online…)

  21. Ateius says:

    Eikosi League sounds awesome, and I support the [dXX] tag idea.

  22. Blackbird71 says:

    Meh, I played Guild Wars 1 for years, and had a lot of fun with it.

    But I absolutely refuse to play a game with magical talking bunnies that look like rejects from “Lilo & Stitch.”

    • JPH says:

      But… But Felicia Day voices one of them!

      • Blackbird71 says:

        One more reason for me to avoid the game. I’m sure I’ll endure more flames than a Texas BBQ for this, but I can’t stand Felicia Day. First off, nothing turns me off of something faster than overhype and overuse, and it seems like nowadays, nothing enjoyed by geek or nerd culture can be considered complete without being graced by Miss Day’s presence.

        Secondly, I really don’t see what it is that makes her so popular. It’s definitely not her acting talent, as she has exactly one character personality. If you’ve seen her once, you’ve seen every performance she gives.

        Lastly, (and this one is a bit odd, I admit) it bothers me that she always looks like she has a perpetual cold. Call it a bizarre psychological reaction or something, but when I see people who look sick, it makes me feel sick, and I don’t particularly enjoy watching shows that make me constantly feel a need to blow my nose.

    • Skyy_High says:

      They're badass and hilarious. Also psychotic sometimes.

      Oh, and GW1 had magical talking birdmen, centaurs, and frogmen. The asura don’t really stick out as “out of character” for this world. Plus they’ll bite your hand off if you call them bunnies.

      • Blackbird71 says:

        “They're badass and hilarious.”

        No, no they’re not.

        The fact that they try to portray them as such just makes me roll my eyes even more.

        • Skyy_High says:

          Considering you haven’t played the game, I’m curious on what grounds you’re making this claim.

          • Blackbird71 says:

            Asura were first introduced in GW1 with the Eye of the North expansion as a setup for GW2, so no I’m not speaking from a position of ignorance.

            When they were first announced and images and descriptions were released, there was an uproar among the playerbase – there was a full on propaganda campaign complete with organized player protests in the game; the devs even responded by sending in waves of Mursaat to wipe out the players – good times :)

            • Skyy_High says:

              I can’t tell if you’re misremembering or being intentionally misleading, but those protests weren’t started because people hated the asura. Not directly, at least. People were upset that the Mursaat didn’t play more of a role in the expansion (when, truth be told, their story was summed up quite nicely in a few sidequests: we had basically been successful in wiping them out, and the remaining Mursaat had gone into hiding, vowing vengeance in the unspoken future). The presence of asura did not, in itself, preclude the presence of Mursaat. If you went into that protest thinking that everyone there hated the asura themselves, sorry, but you were mistaken.

              And yes, I was well aware that they were in EotN when I made my last comment. I’ve played GW1 nearly constantly for over 7 years; I know my lore. My point is this: if you haven’t seen them in GW2, you really don’t know how they’re portrayed in GW2, and I can say with absolute certainty that they are MUCH more interesting in GW2 than they were in GW1. I went into the betas thinking that I would hate the asura and their storyline, because they were arrogant little snots in GW1 and that’s really not how I wanted my character to act, but I was sold before I even finished the beta personal storyline. ANet really has a lot of fun with the race, and it’s refreshing to have a more light-hearted story to go with the human, norn, sylvari, and charr stories, all of which are much more serious (in general).

              So, I repeat, if you haven’t played GW2, you really don’t know if the asura are to your liking, because they are not nearly as unpleasant a race as they were in GW1. And then of course there’s the fact that you’re refusing to play the game ostensibly because you don’t like one of the five playable races…which in itself is a bit odd. Just don’t roll an asura?

              • Blackbird71 says:

                The protests were twofold, yes; but there was also the extensive anti-asura “ad campaign” on forums, etc. (I will forever have ingrained in my mind the image of the grinning asura with the added caption “I pooped my pants!”, I wish I could find that one). The whole idea and appearance of the Asura was just so ridiculous that it was far too easy to make fun of them. They were magic rabbits with creepy grins, and were somehow supposed to be this powerful race and not just the Charr’s after-dinner snacks? No thanks.

                “So, I repeat, if you haven't played GW2, you really don't know if the asura are to your liking, because they are not nearly as unpleasant a race as they were in GW1.”

                If that’s the case, then I call it bad marketing on Anet’s part, in which case they have only themselves to blame for any backlash. EotN was essentially a preview to GW2, and if they screwed up the characterization of the race that badly, then it’s not my fault for basing my assumptions on their failed preview. Frankly, it’s not worth my time or money to take the risk to discover how bad their mistake was, or if the early representation was truly accurate.

                “And then of course there's the fact that you're refusing to play the game ostensibly because you don't like one of the five playable races…which in itself is a bit odd. Just don't roll an asura?”

                Because whether or not I roll an Asura does not negate the fact that it is unlikely I would be able to play through the game without having to experience or be in contact with the Asura, whether as PCs or NPCs. I loathe the little snotwipes; they were the worst addition to GW period. To me, they mark the downfall of the first game; a game I played loyally for years, and then stopped when after playing partway through the last expansion, I could stand them no longer. They just grated on my nerves so much that I couldn’t keep going through the storyline. Every time one of them spoke, I wanted to smack it so hard it landed in Pre-sear. Why should I pay money to subject myself further to something I find so agitating and irritating?

                I’m sure some people love the little pukes and think they’re cute or something (these are probably the same people who want Kung-Fu Panda in their WoW). As far as I’m concerned, the Asura have no place in GW; they don’t fit the world, and they’re just plain annoying. Sorry, but I don’t pay money to be annoyed; there’s plenty in life I can find to annoy me for free!

  23. hborrgg says:

    “Dee Twenty”

    There, problem solved. I don’t see what the big deal is. . .

  24. Freebooter says:

    Name suggestion apropos of nothing: Facepunchers Incorporated. I have no idea why.

  25. Dreadjaws says:

    Eikosi League is great. You should keep it. So what if it’s obscure? The entire nerd culture’s schtick is about being obscure.

    On an unrelated subject, Shamus: How come I haven’t heard of you about the re-release of Final Fantasy VII? Not about the quality of the release itself (nothing special, Square Enix just made it compatible with new PCs, upped the resolution and added achievements and cloud saving), but about the fact that Squeenix outfitted it with the 4 (four) worst kinds of DRM in existence: SecuROM, online activation, activation limits (with no revoke tool, apparently) and always-on internet required to play.

    Honestly, I had thought that after hearing about that you would have had a heart attack and wept for a week about the downfall of gaming companies. I know I did.

  26. Cody211282 says:

    Oh that sounds really cool and I would love to do it, but at the moment I am tight on money so that means one game for me for the next few months, and right now it’s between this and Dark Souls.

    Ok quick someone sell it to me!

    • Skyy_High says:

      Actiony combat of Dark Souls, with much much more actual content so they don’t have to kill the player over and over again in order to stretch the game out. Also you can play with other people, it gets rid of most of the worst MMO BS that, IMO, makes playing traditional MMOs such a headache.

      If I may list some examples: no kill-stealing, no node-ninjaing, no getting rejected from a group because they MUST fill their last slot with a healer/tank/whatever, no running away from other players when you’re out questing because you don’t want them to steal your kills/bear asses/whatever, no more feeling like your actions have zero impact on the world around you, no more endless gear treadmill grind endgame, no more being restricted to only playing in designated zones in order to progress adequately (you can go back to lower-level zones and get level-appropriate experience and drops, and you’re scaled down in power so the content is still challenging)….there’s more but you wanted this to be fast, right?

      Oh, and you can PvP in both small scale battlegrounds (5v5) and epic sieges (500v500v500). Good luck getting that with Dark Souls.

      From a pure dollar:time analysis, you’ll get more for your money with GW2, I guarantee it.

      • Cody211282 says:

        And thank you very much that helped a lot. Since I’m a PvP fiend in MMOs (probably the only reason I stayed with WAR as long as I did) this is a very big draw to me. The level scaling is also rather nice sounding so I think I know what I’m getting now.

  27. JPH says:

    Damn it, now I have to choose between my friends’ guild and your guild!

    Yeah, probably your guild.

  28. The Hokey Pokey says:

    I’m tempted, but I just won’t spend $60 on a game anymore.

  29. NC says:

    Dee Twenty [DXX] sounds good to me.
    Might I recommend as a server Stormbluff Isle, where me and mine will be.
    Primarily because there’s already a great community site for it: http://stormbluffisle.com/

  30. Forumrabbit says:

    Honestly; just go on one of our Oceanic designated servers.

    Sea of Sorrows>DarkHaven>Isle of Jan’thir>Gates of Madness

    Or on second thoughts, maybe not, as they’re going to be the 4 most populated servers as aussies swarm to them for fair population numbers and yanks swarm for ’24/7 pvp’.

  31. Zaxares says:

    Count me in! I’ve always wanted to hang out with the d20 crowd. :D … Guys? You are gonna let me in the clubhouse, right? Guys??

  32. KMJX says:

    Twentysided [dXX] (capitalization in the tag is important!)

  33. Andy B says:

    Must… Get… Last… Hall of Monuments… Point… (Seriously? 49/50? Ugh.)

  34. Victor says:

    Sounds pretty good to me, particularly given that none of my gaming friends are even aware of GW2. This way I won’t have to play solo in an MMO again; should be a lot more fun actually playing with people interested in the game for a change.

  35. karln says:

    Is anybody interesting in picking an EU server for Twentysided in addition to a NA one? I’d like to WvW with you guys but I will never ever sell my IRL friends on making a NA server their home…

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