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The Mumbles Problem: Skyrim

By Shamus
on Tuesday Sep 11, 2012
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I linked this on twitter a couple of days ago and managed to botch the copy & paste. I’m sorry, but sometimes internetting is hard. If you’re an old person like me who gets confused by clicking on things and using more than one window at a time, then let me do you a huge favor and just embed the dang thing.

Here is Mumbles, doing the first of what I hope will be a series of videos about Mumbles-type vidogames stuff.

Link (YouTube)

I would encourage you to go to Digital Gumballs to discuss the video. I mean, you’re welcome to talk about it here, but I’m sure Mumbles and Nick would appreciate having the discussion on their own site. Having it here is kind of like throwing your housewarming party at a friend’s house because everyone knows how to get there already.

Comments (22)

  1. Irridium says:

    Left a comment there. Wasn’t the most substantial, but eh, I’m tired.

    Also, I’d just like to say that more Mumbles is always good.

  2. CTrees says:

    I can never get used to Mumbles using her not-spoiler-warning voice. It’s just weird!

  3. Volfram says:

    Highlights pretty much exactly my disappointment with Fable and(though I haven’t played it) Mass Effect.

    Did Josh provide any of the gameplay footage?

  4. Svick says:

    When I read the title, I first thought that it’s going to be about how Mumbles left Spoiler Warning because she wanted to spend more time in Skyrim.

  5. Hitchmeister says:

    I commented on the video there. I just wanted to thank Shamus for bringing it to my attention, and update my name here.

  6. PinkPutty says:

    Great video. I’ve always had a hard time trying to vocalize why I stopped playing Skyrim, but I think what Mumbles brings up here is probably why. While it’s not “unfun”, it’s so effortless to realize that it’s all a bunch of code. Eventually I lose any kind of engagement or investment in the world and setting, and without that it makes the whole experience somewhat “empty”

  7. Jjkaybomb says:

    I dont think the Elder Scrolls was all that big on player choice, but set next to standard fantasy sandboxes now, that lack of choice is very strange o.o

    Guess that’s why its more fun to revisit and replay New Vegas. Can always play a way that feel completely different…

  8. JPH says:

    Yay, interesting commentary! Boo, New Vegas praise.

  9. lurkey says:

    Having played Skyrim by now, I am no longer “ew” about oncoming SW Skyrim season. This game is just as silly as Fallout 3, only way, waaaay goofier which is a good thing. Also it’s an entomologist’s paradise (everyone who goes “Bugsidian lol geddit?” ought to have their noses rubbed into Skyrim like a puppy into its wet spot on the carpet) and I cannot wait to see how Josh’s knack of finding bugs will work in it.

  10. StranaMente says:

    Speaking of Skyrim I suggest you to read and follow the Week of Madness in Skyrim series that is being made by the talented Richard Cobbet on PC Gamer here: day 1, day 2.

  11. SleepingDragon says:

    Why do you persist in pretending you’re all separate people with separate lives and separate shows when we (the readers/viewers) have figured the whole charade at least a few SW seasons back?

    • Gruhunchously says:

      I always suspected that the entire cast was really just Josh putting on five different voices. And using the power of audio editing to make it seem like he was talking over himself all the time.

  12. Kevin J. says:

    Three minutes in my eyes glazed over and I had to hit stop- I may be an anomaly, but I prefer walls of text to videos.

  13. Sorry Shamus, I’m commenting here as I got asked to register to comment over at Mumble’s place (which I’m too lazy to do right now, so…)

    To Mumbles:
    Spot on Mumbles, I wish more RP possibilities existed like that. Sadly it would make development time and cost a nightmare (they are burning enough doing whatever already).

    Also…I felt like I was watching a female “Movie Bob” but for games instead (that is meant as a compliment BTW!)

    Keep up the good work.

    • Jokerman says:

      Bob does do games, ever checked out the game overthinking – it has some terrible sketches to skip through at the start but for the most part its classic movie bob stuff in videogame form.

  14. cyber_andyy says:

    I only got 11 hours into skyrim. It just wasnt interesting to me.

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