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Diablo III Announced

By Shamus
on Sunday Jun 29, 2008
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I really expected the next Diablo game to be an MMO, but it looks like they’re just making another Diablo game. Over on the official site they have a nice long gameplay demonstration as well as a cinematic trailer. Both are high quality, but their site is very animation-heavy and managed to crash Firefox for me yesterday. (EDIT: And again today.) It looks good, but I think a little less razzle-dazzle between the user and the information they want would be a good thing. I’m sure that fact that millions of people were all trying to access the page at once didn’t help.

A badly YouTube’d version of the gameplay video is here:

And part 2 is here.

No release date. Only a couple of the character classes have been revealed. No system specs. No word if it’s going to appear on anything besides the PC. But the hype machine has been started and they’ve given the engine a few tentative revs to see how the community responds. I’m sure by release day they will be redlineing the thing until the howling cacophony is deafening.

I will say that the Shaman class is very likely a replacement for the Necromancer, and looks ridiculous.

Comments (48)

  1. Rhykker says:

    “I will say that the Shaman class is very likely a replacement for the Necromancer, and looks ridiculous.”

    I completely agree. Hell, I *wish* he was called a shaman, and not a “witch doctor.”

    In fact, I just finished writing up a short blog about my predictions for the next classes…

    “So from the D3 FAQ, we know there will only be five classes – this is a drop from the seven we had in LoD. Two classes have already been revealed: the barb, and the unfortunately named witch doctor. So what about the other three classes? These are my predictions.

    The witch doctor’s abilities seem to mimic many of the necromancer’s abilities. With only five classes, there will be no room for redundancy. If the necromancer is still around, he won’t be anything like the D2 necro. I think he’s out.

    Now that we can choose the gender of any class, the amazon has been ruled out. Amazons are women. Instead, I expect to see a return of the rogue character from D1, who will likely blend some of the amazon abilities with the assassin abilities.

    Sorceress is out for the same gender reason. I simply expect this class to be called the mage, like in D1, but retain most of the sorc spells.

    One spot left to fill, two D2 classes left to cover: the paladin and the druid. Dave brought to my attention the fact that barb’s can now somehow heal party members, and that another melee class would be redundant. This is the call I’m least sure of, but I’d say the paladin is out and the druid is in, with some major tooling (likely gaining some more healing and buffing abilities).


    Barbarian (tank + melee)
    Witch Doctor (enemy nerfer)
    Rogue (striker + ranged)
    Mage (controller)
    Druid (party booster + support)”

    Addendum: A friend of mine pointed out that the witch doctor is somewhat of a blend between the necro and the druid (due to the insect plague and the poison/disease damage), so we may see some pure healing class, like cleric. *shudders*

  2. Raine says:

    damn… i was hoping for all the old classes..
    Still looks good, save for the funky “witch Doctor”O_o

  3. João says:

    I remember reading someplace that it would be on the PC and MAC, but no consoles. Blizzard suposedly stated they “had no plans at present of becoming a console developer” or something…

  4. batgrl says:

    I’m still having problems getting the site to work for me – in both Opera and Firefox, and things were funky in IE (ugh) too. Maybe heavy site traffic is giving me issues as well.

    The part about using collapsing walls to kill off mobs looked nicely done.

  5. Patrick says:

    Shamus, you can bet your last dollar the game will have very low system specs and be very reliable. Although Bliz appeals more to the harcore crowd than, say, Stardock, it has built its reputation and market on the mass consumer approach, selling high-quality gameplay to a lot of people rather than skimming the most desirable. Both Starcraft 2 and Diablo 2 are 3D, but will definitely be well-optimized. And from what it presented there, the engine is nice and likely detailed but won’t require an 5,000$ Alienware rig.

  6. David says:

    Thanks for posting that. I tried to watch the gameplay demo on their site yesterday and it was pretty much unwatchable.

    I think D3 looks pretty good overall. Bummer about the Necromancer though. Not only is a Necromancer far cooler than a “Shaman” or “Witch Doctor” in general, but the Necromancer was my favorite D2 class. Nothing like bringing your own army to a fight!

  7. Bear says:

    Looks awesome. My big question would be… will this finally bring down the cost of Diablo II? I loved playing that game (10 years ago) on a friend’s computer, however, $40 dollars for that 10 year old game is way out of budget.

  8. Zukhramm says:

    I have never actually played the earlier Diablo games, and judging from this video, it looks kind of boring. The fact that they name loot the most important part of the game does not make it feel less like it’s not my type of game.

    Though the graphics do look nice.

  9. mithmurr says:

    Rhykker is correct. The FAQ says it will be a simultaneous release for both Macs and PCs. Also, it will be available in as many regions as they can at the same time.

  10. Froody says:

    I really can’t understand why they kept the generic, absolutely unoriginal barbarian, but went out of their way to replace the distinct, wickedly cool fan favorite, the Necromancer, with something that does exactly the same but feels totally different (=worse). It saddens me, since the Necromancer really stood out among the other classes.

    However, there is still a glimmer of hope – Blizzard said the Witch Doctor is NOT intended as a Necro replacement (but then why has he all the same abilities?), and that they really liked the Necro. They didn’t confirm anything, though.

    They ALSO said that the five classes mentioned in the FAQ are not set in stone, and that this number might change.

    On a more positive note: I think the three trailers all look incredible and I can’t wait to learn more about the other classes.

  11. Crystalgate says:

    Like many others, I also think the necromancer was much cooler than the witch doctor. Other than that, the game looks good. I don’t think I’ll be addicted to it though, I probably play it for a while and then get tired of it.

    I hope that this time Blizzard don’t design a lot of skills with the intention for them to become obsolete. Obsoleting skills will immediately rule out a lot of builds and there is always the risk that the skill I thought was the coolest is one of those that becomes obsolete. Having my skeleton army move down the enemies was fun and I was not happy to hear that they won’t cut for late game.

  12. Dovienya says:

    Ditto on the Necro’s likely disappearance. The Witch Doctor’s abilities seem to be essentially the same (summons, curses, acid-based attacks), so it’s unlikely the Necro will be back … which is a shame, because I wanted to learn more about the Necromancer tradition. Ah well.

  13. Avaz says:

    Having heard the rumormill buzz about the possibility of this for a while, and now the actual announcement, Diablo 3 is definitely on my Must Have short list (Right behind Fallout 3, which at the moment, are the only two on my whole list).

  14. Noah Lesgold says:

    Personally, as a player drawn to the most freakish or bizarre classes available, the witch doctor looks to be right up my alley. Summon pets, have them fight until they’re near death, then blow them up? Huzzah! Also I dig the wall of zombies, which looks to be simultaneously awesome and hilarious.

    I’ll agree that we’ll probably see something along the lines of a mage and a rogue, but my guess is that the fifth class, like the witch doctor, will be something totally new, probably with a melee bent.

  15. Ed Hering says:

    I’m hoping I won’t have to buy a new machine to play this game (dual-core system bought new last year here) and since it’s Blizzard, I have some confidence that’ll be so. D2 ran very well on a P2-266; I hope they are as economical with system resources for D3 as they were with D2.

    Unlike, say, Origin Systems, which practically required you to buy a new computer when the latest Ultima came out.

    I half expect to have to upgrade my video card, but that won’t be too bad.

    To be honest I don’t think the Witch Doctor/Shaman class is all that bad. I’ll reserve full judgement until I see a complete list of the character classes and their skills, but that “swarm of locusts” thing is just icky, and that “wall of zombies” is even ickier; it pwn3d. At first glance, I can see how it could be a lot of fun to play one.

    OTOH it’d be nice to see the “classic” classes continue in the new game…

    Not that it matters. I’ve been waiting since 2002, 2003 for this damn thing; it’s on my MUST HAVE list.

  16. m2 says:

    After getting over an addiction to an extensively modded oblivion (with OOO and MMM to be more difficult and more “Diabloish”), I was somewhat excited about D3.

    I still have high hopes for this game, but I am also somewhat wary about the “Witch Doctor”. It is intriguing, and the new effects are refreshing, but I would also like a good, orthodox sorcerer or mage class to be included, along with better support for hybrid classes like battlemages and Mage Assassins.

    If Blizzard decides not to support these ideas, I hope they make the game highly modular like Oblivion (but open-sourcing the game is not necessary).

    Oh yeah, and no DRM. I don’t mind a CD key much, though.

  17. JFink says:

    Hi long time lurker, first time poster here. I thought I’d want to share my thoughts on the class speculation.

    The Witch Doctor was pointed out to me to look like it plays similar to the Necromancer class from Guild Wars. It can summon minions, cast spells on them that activate on death, has disease spells, and can cast a spell that looks similar to Deathly Swarm in GW. So as someone who used to play GW, this is pretty cool to me.

    As for the others, I’m seeing the bow-user being a mix of the Amazon and the Druid, call it “Ranger” or “Hunter”, and will have ranged, nature spells, and maybe a pet tree. The Mage from D1 and Sorceress from D2 will be combined into another spell user class. And there might be another melee class, maybe something similar to the Assassin from D2.

    Oh and it better have some way to respec skills like how Titan Quest did.

  18. The aesthetic kind of reminds me of Planescape: Torment.

    I don’t really care about the character classes, although in my opinion the Necromancer sucked. It became basically unplayable in higher difficulties due to the lack of attack-buffing abilities and the fact that minions began to lag sorely behind the monsters. Doesn’t matter if you can Iron Maiden a monster and have it take the damage it deals when you can’t keep your blockers alive and it can kill you in one hit.

    I am, however, curious to see where they’ll go with the Diablo story (and, yes, I’m aware that there wasn’t much of one, but what there was, was cool). I thought it would be neat if the Prime Evils stayed dead and the new game was about surviving in a newly altered world.

  19. Anonymous says:

    It’s Blizzard, and it’s Diablo. That implies a number of things:

    1) It will be on PC and Mac, just like everything else Blizzard has released in the past ten years.
    2) Every single class will be able to progress from beginning to end on its own. If there is a “healer” class, then it will be something like the paladin in D2, with lots of offensive powers and some regenerative ones, or something that leeches life from enemies; something along those lines.

    I can’t imagine them not having a glass cannon class. It will probably just be a straight-up Sorcerer with the usual fire, ice, and lightning. After all, this is Blizzard we’re talking about; they’re not ones to fuck with something that works.

  20. facus says:

    Turning Diablo into a MMO would not be the best move they could make (while another MMO from Blizzard couldn't really be called a bad move). With World of Warcraft being its fantasy MMO, a Diablo MMO would be more of the same, as well as appeal to a smaller audience (only a small percent of players I know that play WoW have also played Diablo, though I could be wrong in this, as my information comes from a small group of likeminded people). While making another MMO isnt bad, it is better to let the previous product age until you can no longer keep the masses pleased with it, then release a new one that can capture the previous audience. Diablo has great strength in its single player experience, though it also has strength when you can co-op with a small group of friends.

    Once I'm board with the general pace of WoW (dang noobs making kara runs last over 5 hours, quests that take days to finish), I can hack and slash to my hearts content for quick action and quick reward. Without having to rely on server stability or who else might be on. While WoW can be a great solo experience, its strength resides in group activities.

    It's better to provide a different experience to players with each product, and focus on making each product experience unique, that way your company doesn't become known for producing “the same old thing” no matter what game you come out with. Each product team shouldn't feel like they need to make the same thing but better. But that they have free creative reign to make a unique experience that can be successful without competing for the exact same audience. WoW dominates their MMO, Starcraft their RTS, and Diablo their single player (or small group multiplayer) dungeon crawl. It can be bad business to mix items from your various game universes, best to leave things separate and unique.

    Though that's not to say that Diablo lacks MMO elements, in the game play we saw four characters take on the boss, two of those characters died. So a fair amount of gameplay elements we have seen in WoW will probably make it into Diablo 3 (five or more man boss runs on battlenet servers?), as well as a degree of character customization.

    Calling the Witch Doctor a shaman kind of degrades the Diablo experience. Shamans have never been in Diablo and have been a Warcraft element for some time; while Witch Doctors have appeared in Diablo before with very similar abilities (I hated those jungle levels in Diablo 2).

    I do agree with making the information site for Diablo 3 less graphically inclined, or at least give it a greater bandwidth to deal with the traffic you get with breaking news. It took me 20 minutes just to load the character page.

    -Facus (long time reader, small time commenter)

  21. Cthulhu says:

    I was fortunate enough to be able to see the video on Blizzard’s site (in firefox) yesterday, and I have to say it looks amazing. I actually like the Witch Doctor; it seems to me to have the right flavor for Diablo, certainly more so than “Shaman” does anyway, and because it looks like the Necromancer except (blasphemy alert) actually fun, by which I mean the abilities do something useful while keeping the cool flavor.
    Also, the animation isn’t any more silly looking than the necromancer, running around with his skirt flapping at his ankles.

  22. Andrew F. says:

    And to think that before Starcraft II was announced, everyone was moaning about how Blizzard had turned into WoW, Inc.

    Diablo II is probably my favorite out of all the Blizzard titles I’ve played, so I was thrilled to hear they’re making a sequel. Even if it were only a graphical upgrade from D2 with a new campaign, I’d buy it the week it came out, but from the demonstration video it’s apparent that they’ve added a lot to the gameplay.

  23. SiliconScout says:

    so long as they don’t play the securROM online activation harware profile etc route then it’s a game I would likely be into for sure.

  24. Cineris says:


    Good predictions, I pretty much agreed in my own speculation here. Amazon/Assassin mix, and a Paladin/Druid mix are likely (although we may see a Sorceress/Druid mix too).

    There was art in the artwork trailer that definitely looked like a Druid, so I expect we’ll see something that resembles that class. The Druid was already a hybrid Tanker/Support/Spiker class in D2:LOD, which overlapped with the Paladin’s Tanker/Support roles already. It was mostly just a better-executed Paladin, with shapeshifting, elemental spells, and spirits that he could summon to provide aura effects without sacrificing his own effectiveness (unlike the Paladin).

    I overlooked the obvious with respect to the Amazon – that Amazons are all female. I’m even more confident we’ll see an Amazon/Assassin mix now. My big question mark here is what that combination will really look like. Amazons had two weapon lines and one passive line, and Assassins had the trap line, the combo line, and the passive line. I kind of expect to see a ranged attacker with traps to lay down and passive abilities, but I’m not sure if Blizzard will try to make the new class melee-capable or not.

    As far as the Witch Doctor goes – I am a bit disappointed in that I don’t like the visual aesthetic as much as the Necromancer. Particularly since we could now have female Necromancers. But in functionality, the Witch Doctor looks almost identical to the Necromancer. He’s got summons, corpse explosion, poison/disease attacks… I don’t see a lot changed.

    I think every class will have some type of ability to regain health. This is because potions seem to have been taken out of the game, so health management will likely be done via class abilities instead. Since skill management is now much easier, and since I hope we’ll see more dynamic and well-rounded characters (no more characters who use one or two skills only) overall, it makes sense for characters to depend more on health management abilities. I’m curious if mana will recharge in the game as quickly as it did in the gameplay videos, because that guy never seemed to even come close to running out.

  25. Jadawin says:

    I’m just glad it isn’t an MMO- I wouldn’t want that much of a Blizzard investment into the Diablo “universe”, such as it is. I’m still holding out for their next MMO to be in the Starcraft universe.

  26. Eric says:

    I have to say that I like how this Barbarian is intended to be the same one from Diablo 2, just 20 years older. I like that sort of continuity, but I’m not sure what they’re going to do to explain the difference in power other than just ignore it.

    The Witch Doctor seems pretty cool. I never liked the Necromancer that much anyway, so losing him for a class that has more interesting flavor (to me, anyway) is a-okay in my book.

    I’m really curious to know what the other classes will be. I’m positive there will be a generic “Mage” class (possibly the female being an aged version of the D2 Sorceress; it’d be cool to have more than one recurrence) and I’m agreeing with a mix of the Rogue, Amazon, and Assassin. I would like to see the Druid return, but I’m a sucker for werewolves.

  27. GAZZA says:

    I think there’s an even better reason why Diablo 3 isn’t an MMO – because there is already an MMO for Diablo, and it’s called WoW. WoW is far more similar in game play to Diablo than any previous version of Warcraft; I haven’t been around for ages yet, but I understand they even have socketed items now?

    Busy busy Blizzard – Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 both under development? Gaming nirvana.

  28. Silfir says:

    Comparing the number of Diablo 3 classes with LoD is not really appropriate, considering the latter was the original game PLUS an expansion… Five classes is okay, though I’d like an increase to six. Some classes need to be left out if you’re going to make new ones and still balance the whole thing!

  29. Greg says:

    Alright, I hate to say it, but all the talk of classes and whatnot doesn’t interest me at the moment. The site has one feature which I immediately latched onto, and I must figure out.

    You might recall the little gem in the battle.net screen. You would click it, and it would turn purple. Nothing else (as far as I know.)

    However, the site does in fact have that same little gem. It’s blue, you click it, and it turns to purple. Will Diablo 3 finally have a purpose behind the gem? Will it serve more than simply a tease? A taste of might-have-beens?

  30. Lanthanide says:

    I’m personally thinking that we may not see a pure out-and-out sorcerer type character in D3, as they’ve already done this in both D1 and D2.

    It looks like the Witch Doctor is the Necromancer + some of the sorc stuff. I’m kind of thinking that the new mage character will be the Sorceress combined with the Assassin. The lore for the Assassin is that they were a secretive order dedicated to hunting and killing the mage clans. So perhaps the mages had a counter offensive and had their own groups that specialised in melee combat also?

    Someone else has said this up above, but I’ll re-iterate it also. There won’t be a character that is primarily party based, because this game is going to have a single player component. The paladin in D2 did help out in parties, but not to a huge extent (they weren’t a must-have character like a healer in WoW is, for example). I would expect the same sort of thing again, a character class that works well by itself, but also bestows (entirely optional) benefits in a party.

  31. Nightchrome says:

    High quality gameplay vids are on youtube also

    part one

    part two

    And I think the Witch Doctor looks fantastic. It’s silly to expect them to use the same classes for an entirely new game, as you know that if they did everyone would complain that D3 is just D2 with a fresh coat of paint on it.
    No matter what they do, someone’s gonna complain.

  32. Hmm, originally they had announced tentative classes. That was years ago. I rather guess that they may have changed by now ;)



    Hmm, looks like they are possibly changing things up.


    Will players be visiting any familiar locations in Diablo III, such as Tristram?
    Yes, definitely. Players will return to Tristram and certain other locations from the previous games, and they’ll be exploring new areas of Sanctuary as well.

    I started with rogues in D1, really likes sorcs in DII (though I enjoyed assassins and druids as well, I was really sad that WoW didn’t let me play a human druid).

    Cain’s Journal on the site takes you through DI and DII — including LOD and the cut scenes.


    http://www.blizzard.com/diablo3/world/bestiary/gnarledwalker.xml — something I would have designed in the old days.

    It actually looks pretty interesting.

  33. ngthagg says:

    I’m hoping that they’ll choose the classes to play up the regions of the world. I really liked in D2 how the characters weren’t just “local shmuck X grew up and decided to be a Y”. Your class wasn’t what you do, it was who you were.

    Regarding the gem: If I remember right, the secret cow level was just a joke originally, so who knows what they might do?

    Regarding barbarian continuity: they’ll probably handle it the same way they handle normal/nightmare/hell continuity, ie, ignore it.

  34. Benjamin O says:

    Five Classes?

    Of course…that way they can add two or four more in the expansion (of course there will be one or two!).

    Witch Doctor? Sure. Why not. It looks somewhat like the necro to me, but what do I care? I played the Barbarian, Amazon or Sorceress almost exclusively. As in, to the point that it was almost not worth having the others. I don’t care about the paladin. I don’t care about the necro, and I don’t care about the druid. For me the assassin was useless. I know some people enjoyed those, but the barbarian was sheer fun.


    the engine seems to have a LOT in common with the Starcraft 2 engine, and I rather suspect that there has been some cross pollination between the products in order for D3 development to be this far along. Good on them.

    My real hope is that they support widescreen and arbitrary resolutions.

    Beyond that, this will probably mark the FIRST ever game that I pre-order.

    I look forward to finding my first perfect gem. Because I’m pretty certain I saw some gems drop in that video.

  35. Also:


    BTW, I posted a post with a number of clips and links inside of the DIII website, the system ate that one.

    They have all the cut scenes from DI and a complete summary of DI and DII in Deckard Cain’s journal.

    Seems when the original four walked over wanting a cut of the revenue, the main company eventually scrapped the entire plot and the original character classes and reworked it from scratch.

    Which makes sense, though it means the demon hunter, pit fighter/gladiator, etc. characters are unlikely to surface ;)

    I hope there will still be sorcs. While I started with Rogues in DI and finished with assassins and druids in LOD (and WoW made me sad when there were no human Druids), I really enjoyed my sorcs, all in all.

    Guess we will see.

  36. FireStomp says:

    @ Shamus – Did you mean the Witch Doctor (it is WD, not Shaman) is “ridiculous” meaning “despicably gimmicky and slipshod” or “ridiculous” meaning “totally freakin’ sweet?”

    As for my class input, I think/hope/pray at night that there will be:

    – Paladin-Druid fusion-ish (that is, nature-oriented spell caster with pets, good melee and defensive ability, and serious party support, but little ranged ability);

    – Sorc-type glass cannon (most likely with storm magic, as fire is taken wholesale, I hope, by the totally awesome WD who, IMO, is better than the Necro, if only because his “jungle” magic is far more creative and cool than trite old “death” magic); and

    – Amazon-Assassin mix (lightly armored, high Dex, uses traps and machinery, fights with ranged weaponry (still crossing fingers for guns, to go with the technological aspect, but bows, c-bows, or thrown stuff will work) and VERY occasionally melee).

    I really hope there are more starting classes, though… and more weird synergies like casting Locust Swarm on the Mongrel to enchant it.

  37. Freykin says:

    Considering I still play Diablo 2 (long live the modding community!), this video excites me. Especially when you see the boss GRAB A PLAYER AND TEAR HIM IN HALF AND EAT HIM.

    Not to mention when they dropped the wall on the zombies. That was pretty sweet.

  38. Scourge says:

    I just got reminded of the D2 parody :D

    Hilarious korean flash.


    And I also can’t await the release of D3.

  39. Kotenku says:

    I, for one, welcome our new Witch Doctor overlords.

    No, really, I would rather see them ditch the barbarian and come out with something new. One of Diablo 2’s best selling points to me was that its classes were all completely unique, extremely interesting, and incredibly fun to experiment with.

    I saw “Whirlwind” and I groaned, because it was the same old shit from D2, but it smelled a little nicer.

    Diablo 3 does not have the same issue as Starcraft 2, in that it needs to -feel- like the original in order to be good. I’d very much like to see new material in this new game than old stuff.

    Granted, the Witch Doctor does seem pretty much recycled Necromancer parts with a new name, it’s still far more -flavorful- than a necromancer, which, let’s face it, is pretty cliche as well.

    Honestly folks, what are you looking for, here? Diablo 2, with a shiny new gloss? Or Diablo -3-?

  40. Zaxares says:

    Personally, I’d have preferred the return of the Necromancer, skeleton minions, golems and all, but after watching the Witch Doctor in action, I will agree that he looks like a very interesting class to play. (I still hate the little hoodoo sounds he makes when he attacks though.)

    Like most of the others here, I’m betting on the following line-up for the remaining 3 classes:

    1. Sorcerer/Mage. Your classic glass cannon magic-user. Master of Fire, Ice and Lightning, and all that jazz. Presumably the Vizjerei have come to their senses and now allow female students to join their ranks.

    2. Stealth/Ranged archetype, probably a blend of the Amazon and Assassin classes. I’d actually REALLY like to see a return of the original Rogue class from Diablo I.

    3. Paladin/Druid, the buffer/leader/support archetype. Like the GW Paragon profession, this class is probably decent on his own, but gets MUCH more powerful when in a group.

    The basic gameplay of D3 seems practically identical to D2, although the ability to affect your environment and use it to defeat your foes was a very nice touch. (I love the way the Barbarian’s attacks were knocking off the merlons from the walls and sending them toppling into the chasms.)

    The boss fight with the Slaughterfiend was also very impressive to see, especially the way it tore the male Barbarian apart. I’ve NEVER seen something like that in a multiplayer game. (And already I can see the weird ‘strategies’ developing around it. “OK, barbarian, you go let the boss whack you and eat you so the rest of us can pummel it in safety from a distance.”)

  41. Nilus says:

    My wife has ordered me to preorder two copies of this when it comes out. She is a huge fan of Diablo 2 and this is the only game play perspective she likes. She hates that all the modern games go for either first person or over the shoulder 3rd person, which both make her sick if she plays to long.

    I am a little worried about the rumor that battle.net might become a pay service though. One of the things that always appealed to me about Diablo 2 was it was free to play online.

  42. m2 says:

    I am not too interested in online play with Diablo anyways, but I wouldn’t pay just to play one non-MMO.

  43. halka says:

    next time when the site is overloaded, why not try this for example? (the blizzard downloader is kind of sluggish from my experience)

  44. Raine says:

    I never had a problem with the site… I had to let the Clips load first, but it was worth the wait…
    Its just my luck…

  45. Leon says:

    First, a summary:
    Barb -> [old] Barb
    Necro -> voodoo man?
    Amazon -> archer
    Sorc -> same or similar caster
    Druid -> caster/tank?
    Assassin/Pally -> S.O.L.

    Blizzard has always known exactly what gamers want. They only own 3 titles, but all 3 are legendary. By that precedent, there’s no way they would ever use the type of DRM we all know and loathe.

  46. halka says:

    fifth class –> protoss zealot.

  47. Jeff says:

    Is it just me, or does Warcraft (RTS) have a more fleshed out world than Diablo (‘RPG’)?

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<strike>Darth Vader is Luke's father!</strike>

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Can you imagine having Darth Vader as your <i>father</i>?

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I'm <b>very</b> glad Darth Vader isn't my father.

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I'm reading about <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darth_Vader">Darth Vader</a> on Wikipedia!

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Darth Vader said <blockquote>Luke, I am your father.</blockquote>