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Grey Moor

By Shamus
on Wednesday Sep 21, 2005
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D&D Campaign


Click for much larger view.

Grey Moor was the site of our very first campaign. At level one, the players stepped off the boat in the city of Bayhaven. By the time they were done they had walked all over the island many times, broken an evil curse that was killing the crops and draining the land of life, and then joined in a battle to prevent a single greedy nobleman for siezing control of the Island. Along the way they teamed up with Eomer and Endo and attained level 3.

Grey Moor is about 90% human, 5% halfling, and 5% “everyone else”. Dwarves are known to live in the mountains but their number is not known so they are not included in this total. Elves are very uncommon and usually never leave Bayhaven. The whole island is seen as rather bumpkin-ish to the other islands.

The area north of the mountains is uninhabited. The coast this mostly low rocky cliffs or very steep slopes. In other places, the coastal area is shallow and rocky. This means that for a majority of the island it was difficult or impossible to bring in large ships safely.

Bayhaven was the only good port for ships capable of inter-island travel. The others couldn’t support much more than small fishing vessels. It is also the biggest and most sophisticated city.

The town of Stackroot is home to a modest but profitable gemstone mine. About a third of the population is Halfling. The Halflings work the mine, while the humans handle the governing of the city and growing of crops.

A little infomation on the city of Bridgehold and Highstone Monastery can be gleaned from Endo’s backstory.

The other cities are just tiny little farming villages and not worth mentioning here.

At the end of our first campaign, the players had founded a new city, knocked a nobleman out of power, and established the council of Grey Moor.

Comments (4)

  1. Xenovore says:

    Nice maps… what did you use to draw/create these?

  2. Shamus says:

    Drawn on paper, then pasted the icons and did the lettering in photoshop.

  3. Ant says:

    can i borrow that map for my dnd group?

  4. Skeeveti says:

    Hey dude who may or may not be related to me. The link for the biggered version of the map is busted. I NEEDS ITS FOR MY BUISNESS THAT I IS ARE CONDUCTING

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