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Bacongamer Anti-Bullying 15 Hour Livestream Minecraft Event

By Shamus
on Monday Jan 21, 2013
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I normally wouldn’t send you off for something like this without watching a bit of it myself, but tonight I’ve got Spoiler Warning, a sick kid, a bunch of obligations, and a powerful need to sleep. So please forgive me the hypocrisy of linking to something I haven’t perused myself.

Bacongamer is running a 15 hour Minecraft event to raise awareness for bullying and to talk about the subject a bit. The thing is running on the always-stellar Twentymine Server. It’s actually a multi-cam view of many different Minecraft worlds.

I would have been more involved (or at least stopped by for a chat) if I had more time. I do hate to miss out on anything Minecraft-related, and I’m curious where this conversation is going. Good luck to Bacongamer and the rest of the team, and I apologize again for this drive-by endorsement.

You can see all the camera views here.

Comments (9)

  1. Dragomok says:

    Thank you for the link, but I’m afraid six streams at once is a tad too much for my connection.

    Also, one person is playing World of Warcraft. Strange.

    Edit: Ah, one more thing: I wish your son best of luck.

  2. Forumrabbit says:

    Oh dear god so many streams! Even 5 brought my 4850 to a halt; wish I had my 7970 here already. I can’t even turn them off it’s that slow.

    By the way is it cyberbullying or bullying in general?

  3. Urs says:

    Ahh, Minecraft. I miss you. I will be back.

    …also, I think it’s fantastically awesome how the twentymine server has been going on for more than 2 years now. And how my humble abode was never harmed in any way during that time.

  4. Jokerman says:

    I knew it! Rutscarn is Shamus’s son….

    “I'll cut to the chase. I woke up Sunday morning so sick that I've been sitting here for eight minutes and after a dozen edits, I've barely managed to write a sentence conveying that information coherently. I spent five of those minutes trying to make the information funny, gave up, and spent another three trying to get the information there. I don't even have some kind of mutant voodoo South American monkey pox; as best as I can tell, I've got a case of a common cold, a headache, not enough sleep, and an immune system as robust as an analogy I cannot come up with.” – Rutscarn’s blog

  5. Good luck with the recovery, Shamus. My family and kid managed to deliver unto me all those backup band viruses traveling with the flu this year. I was basically infected with some form of creeping crud from Thanksgiving through Christmas, with the real fun beginning around New Year’s. I’m just about over that one, but I hope you don’t make the same mistake I did: I used a “get the gunk out of your lungs” medication to help, well, empty out my lungs, but I didn’t read the packaging too carefully until AFTER I got better and discovered it was the “don’t take and operate heavy machinery” version of the medication.

    All the while I took it, no amount of coffee could keep me focused, and I’d occasionally wonder if the virus was giving me dain bramage. ‘Twas most un-fun.

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