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Hangout 4/25 – It’s Over!

By Shamus
on Thursday Apr 25, 2013
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Come and hang out with the Spoiler Warning all-stars as we play Monaco. Multiplayer! The stream is right here, which will follow Josh’s P.O.V. You can also watch the game from Randy’s perspective.

EDIT: Well, Steam died and so the game ended. A shame. Also, since we were all playing the game we didn’t get to interact much with the viewers, which made it kind of an odd hangout. Ah well.

Monaco is really fun. I can’t wait to try it in single player and find out what we were supposed to be doing and how the game really works.

Comments (34)

  1. Randy Johnson says:

    I am testing out the twitch.tv services tonight, so if you don’t want to deal with livestream’s madness, check out the Randy’s Perspective

  2. impassiveimperfect says:

    I’ve only been watching for about two minutes.

    It’s going…amazingly well.*

    *(By which I mean it’s not going well at all.)

    Oh! Idea!

    Ocean’s Twenty (Sided)

  3. Mr Compassionate says:

    Sure is 2 in the morning right about now!
    Literally just about to sleep when I make that fatal mistake, checking this website. Its at times like this one must choose between responsible sleep or hanging out with Twenty Sided. I guess it’ll be recorded. D:

  4. Shamus dug a hole in the Steam client. He just won’t admit it.

  5. drkeiscool says:

    That was a hilarious stream. I loved the comment stream.

    Shamus: Master of Stealth


    Shamus: BIG BOSS

  6. JPH says:

    So in conclusion, Monaco is the best game ever.

    • JPH says:

      Okay, time for my real comment.

      Monaco is in many ways akin to a 2D cooperative Thief. So I want you to imagine if someone who never played Thief before booted the game up on livestream, charged through the level uncontrollably, and got stabbed to death by the guards. And then all the people in the chat said, “This game doesn’t look very good, it seems so confusing, I don’t get what’s happening, this is dumb,” etc.

      This may help you understand why by the end of the night my teeth had been ground into a fine powder.

      I apologize if I was being irritating during the session. I don’t hold anything against Spoiler Warning and co., of course — succeeding wasn’t their goal, after all — but it was a very frustrating experience for me, partially because I’d been spending the past two days learning all the fine details of Monaco’s incredibly well-designed game mechanics and was then subjected to Josh and his chimpanzee squad failing spectacularly, and partially because I’ve only gotten to play single player and 2-player coop so far and was really eager to get to play 4 player with the gang at some point. (If I didn’t make that painfully obvious enough.)

      I know that the guy who shouts at the rest of the team for playing ineffectively is generally maligned, but understand that most of the time I was explaining how the game works and is supposed to be played because people both in the Vent server and in the chat log were often asking questions like, “Who’s doing what? What’s going on? What are we/they trying to do again? Why? Where?” I was answering those.

      Monaco is really not that difficult of a game to learn if you’re not watching it in a low-res stream, guys, I promise. I’m no grognard, and I was able to wrap my head around it pretty easily. It helps if you play the first mission or two by yourself to get the basics down.

  7. Ygor says:

    No! I was working late and forgot to check if it started.
    Damn, I wanted to participate, but timezones and lack of sleep screwed me. Maybe next time.

  8. Entropy says:

    I forgot! But if there wasn’t much audience interaction, I guess I can just watch the vid.

  9. it was kinda like watching the three stooges find their long lost fourth brother and decide to go on a crime spree. Hilariously bad.

  10. Weimer says:

    I don’t know if it is the four player clusterfarg or what but the game looks too busy visually.

    I think the problem is that the overhead camera is too far zoomed out and it moves around. One of these features would be good, but both makes it hard to focus on your character.

  11. Zagzag says:

    This is the first one of your hangouts I’ve not especially enjoyed. I guess it was the fact that everyone was just running around incompetently, and I’m sure this isn’t what the game is supposed to be like, but nevertheless this really didn’t endear me to the game at all, and it’s the first time I’ve got bored and stopped watching a hangout before. Watching people completely disregard how the game should be played just wasn’t entertaining. Still looking forward to the next one though.

    • I found it really helpful to put the player in a separate browser window, expanded to a larger size. I was able to follow the action a lot easier then.

      I would say that in future, if a game with a similar color scheme was played a guide to who is who in a banner or sidebar somewhere would’ve been helpful at first. Eventually I could match the cries of despair with the avatars being killed, but still…

      • Zagzag says:

        Well, I was watching it fullscreen, but it’s still a fair point. I think not really being clear on who was doing what when may have been an issue, eventually it just turned into a load of shouting and some footage of a coloruful blur, neither of which seemed to have much to do with each other.

        Don’t let this discourage the crew from their next hangout, I’ll be there and looking forward to it.

    • Dave B. says:

      Yeah, I hope next time they do a game that is easier to watch. I eventually was just watching the chat and listening to the video. I might go and watch some recordings, because I just couldn’t tell what was happening except that Shamus made lots of holes in things.

    • Elilupe says:

      Having played the Monaco 4-player with friends recently, this actually does represent the Monaco multiplayer experience pretty well. You could play with SWAT 4 levels of care and experience, but playing it like this is amazingly great fun. Playing it with my friends I laughed harder than I have in a long time.
      HOWEVER, I will agree that it didn’t translate well into the Hangout format. Watching doesn’t make a great case for the game as everything just seems random and confusing. The only reason I kept watching was to talk in the chat, even though, as Shamus said, he couldn’t interact with the chat at all.

  12. Thomas says:

    The sight of everyone else running around and Shamus on the other side of the map calmly digging through walls, never got old. It was almost zen

    I’m disappointed that the game map didn’t update which walls were broken though, that was a little lame. Is it any good single-player? It looked like a multiplayer focused game but if it isn’t I’d totally be interested in checking it out

  13. Macfeast says:

    Watched the hangout for two hours, went to bed (by then it was 3 in the morning where I live), and woke up to this Penny Arcade-comic.

  14. Humanoid says:

    Caught about half an hour live in the morning on the laptop while getting ready for work, and it didn’t really do anything for me. But in the evening I decided to veg out and have pizza for dinner while watching this wrought large on the TV and was hooked. Once I had matched the colours to the various players (didn’t realise at first that colours were hardcoded for each class – actually, does it change if you take duplicates?) it wasn’t overly taxing to keep up.

    Now to watch the alternate perspective….

  15. Thomas says:

    Here’s the visual change I would make to Monaco if I could:

    Once you’ve actually seen something, when the lights go off or you leave instead of reverting to the blueprint it would change to the fog of war with colours (but slightly darkened) and the proper shapes. Not registering people of course, unless someone is lookout.

  16. Thoroughly enjoying the twitch feed, please keep it for future hangouts. My system likes it better than livestream, so I can actually watch for once.
    Also, Shamus, there can be only one Josh!
    Thanks for the great diversion while I’m dealing with food poisoning, it’s much more entertaining than the TNG marathon I was doing.

  17. 4th Dimension says:

    Considering what mad fun this was, and how much intentionally or not Shamus was trolling the other players, think what MAAAADNESSS Magica would be. They would spend half the time drenched while casting lightning.

  18. Tse says:

    It was a good stream (watched it later, because today was a workday), but I don’t see myself playing Monaco. I don’t know why, but it has absolutely no appeal for me. Oh well, back to launching rockets in KSP. I’ve got a space station to assemble. Now, if the next stream was that game…

  19. The Rocketeer says:

    Well I came in a bit late, but I had a wonderful time watching the crew bull through a very lovely china shop and heckling with the audience.

    And no, JPH, I don’t hold the crew’s neophyte performance against what appears to be a very cunning game with incredible music.

    Now if only that ‘being revived’ sound didn’t make me want to run screaming out of the room…

  20. Frankenstein says:

    That was a fun stream. Mostly due to Shamus revealing himself to be a mole troll and the chat. But maybe a slightly more deciferable game next time?

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