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Stolen Pixels #35:
Total Rewind 2

By Shamus
on Tuesday Nov 4, 2008
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The story of our time-manipulating prince has now been extended via a sequel. In a perfect world I would have made this a three-parter, but it worked best as two strips. Director’s commentary (punchline spoilers) follow:

I wrote this comic before I knew that Susan Arendt (my editor at The Escapist) had created her own text adventure. This wasn’t intended to be any sort of tie-in. It’s just another one of those odd coincidences that this comic seems to encounter from time to time.

I do hope someone notices the similarity between the last two panels. That was not accidental, and required much photoshopping to get the Prince of Persia screen to reflect the appearance of the older game. (Which, for you whippersnappers, is Adventure for the Atari 2600.) If you want to get all nitpicky, Adventure came out in 1979, and would most likely have pre-dated a text adventure like the one I depicted in the text. But… what the hell. We can’t let historical truths stand in the way of a half-assed joke.

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