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Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

By Shamus
on Saturday Nov 29, 2008
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Link (YouTube)

Dear Internet,

You have gone too far. I will get you for this.

Love, Shamus

Comments (63)

  1. Constantinople says:

    The hint to the “musical Surprise” ruined it. So, the point of discussion: 4Chan has already ruined the Internet, can it ruin the real world? :P

  2. Tango says:

    So very glad I wasn’t watching the parade live.

    Also, despite my LJ friends saying it was Nickelodeon that did this, that is a Cartoon Network show.

  3. Patrick J McGraw says:

    Is it bad that I was thoroughly amused by this?

  4. DGM says:


    Wait, the internet is not the real world?

    I’m sorry, I don’t understand this crazy moon-language that you speak.

  5. Stephan says:

    Playback noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  6. Mark says:

    That is just awesome.

  7. Cat Skyfire says:

    The Internet : It brings back your career.

  8. Corruptor says:

    Perhaps the biggest RickRoll ever?

    Will that make it into the Guinness book of world records?

  9. Robert says:

    OMG, they rickrolled America. They win.

  10. Evlkritter says:

    bWA hAAHhahh HA HA LA HA AH AHOOOO!!!1!!1lolol

    The madness that is internet culture is, apparently, contagious. Who the heck thought that up? How many people at the parade even got that joke? I guess I’ll just have to wait until next year for the “OVER 9000!” float.

  11. Boolean says:

    Did I miss the year that they had the Zero Wing float?

    Seriously, this shows just how much Internet culture is infusing the mainstream world… perhaps it’s a sign of how pervasive the Internet has become.

  12. Volatar says:

    “perhaps it's a sign of how pervasive the Internet has become.”

    It really has become huge and our lives are inundated with it. Look at our cell phones, these days so many people have data plans. In my AP Econ class at school no less than 3 people are on Youtube at any one time. Netbooks are getting huge, giving us portable internet anywhere we can fit a hardcover novel.

    But on rickrolling: Last summer camp (boy scout summer camp) at one roll call, troop 838 was called, and one guy walked up to the guy that calls roll, put his arm around his shoulder, and started singing…

  13. Wonderduck says:

    Anybody know how to get orange juice out of a keyboard?

  14. All your parade are belong to us.

  15. Rhykker says:


    I was actually glad something interrupted that previous, terrible song.

    Too bad he wasn’t singing live, though.

  16. Faye says:

    ….If there was an Over 9000 float…

    That’d be the best Thanksgiving ever. 8D

    I think Rick Astley was a huge sport for doing that. Even though it wasnt live, it was still THE best Rickroll I’ve ever seen. GUINESS WORLD BOOK OF RECORDS, FTW~!

  17. mrmurphy says:

    Is it really RickRolling if the song is topical? The show is about children’s imaginary friends going someplace where they will ‘never be given up’. Its more that Rick Astley is the muse that has directly tapped the subconscious desires of these poor, abused, half-children/half-abominations.

  18. Claire says:

    Ugh. Time for a new meme, this one’s shot. I vote for Advice Dog.

  19. Shamus says:

    I think part of the appeal of Rickrolling is that it has CLEARLY gone too far, and now it’s transcended itself. The joke isn’t that we’re Rickrooling people, the joke is that we’re STILL Rickrolling people.

  20. Krellen says:

    So RickRoll has gone meta?

    Next we will RickRoll our RickRolls.

  21. ColdStone says:

    I’m terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought

  22. illiterate says:

    What about Barryrolling?


    Didn’t shamus promise to rickroll us because he was going to be busy with work?

  23. Dave says:

    Shamus has invented a new one… Rickrooling .. sounds a bit like drooling (see comment #20 before he edits it)

    is that like the ultimate Rickroll.. to Rickrool.. or is it like drooling.. but rickrooling?? who knows? .. oh master Shamus.. tell us oh great one.

  24. matt says:

    It’s amazing how things have changed. Admittedly, I joined the 4chan community at large when I was 13, it was may 2004. To put things into perspective, 4chan was ~7 months old, and nevada-tan was big. I guess the biggest thing was that 4chan used to be a hiding hole, I could go there, and be with people that were as mature as I was (having graduated from newgrounds some time ago, right as the politics section was turning to crap), I could learn about different parts of the world, different worldviews, without any real bias. There was a joke that /b/ was intellectuals acting like idiots, and SA (something awful) was idiots acting like intellectuals, ad it was true. If you spammed on /b/, you were banned, people joked about pedophelia and told stories about incest, but it was all in good fun. Lord knows that todays /b/ is not the same. Maybe this is how brooks felt when he left shawshank, the world went and got itself in a big damn hurry. Goddam I’m old, and I can’t even drink yet.

  25. BarGamer says:

    Rickrooling are for those people who still think Rick Astley is cute, and have the drool and hundreds of Rickroll links to prove it. They look forward to April 1st-s on Youtube.

  26. asterismW says:

    Oh man, my brother told me about that, and I was so bummed I missed it. I’m glad you posted it; saved me all the bother of typing “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade” into YouTube. :)

  27. Sam says:

    I saw the vid a couple of days ago. I am utterly embarrassed to be a part of the human race now. Just let the damn thing go. Internet memes are supposed to stay on the internet, not become part of our daily lives. It’s things like these that make me want to hide away in a cave until I die.

  28. DGM says:


    Watch it, man. Barry Manilow music is used as legal punishment in some parts. Don’t go around inflicting it on us innocent victims.

  29. MadTinkerer says:

    This is different from your normal Rickroll in several awesome ways:

    1) Rick Astley is actually involved.

    2) It’s a live performance.

    3) It doesn’t involve the internet at all, and can be enjoyed entirely apart from the context of Rickrolling.

    4) As someone else mentioned, the song actually does make sense within the context of float’s theme.

    So, yeah, I was laughing rather than groaning.

  30. Catbunny says:

    I LOLed. XD
    Watching it as “live” as I could on the west coast.

    Cheese ftw!

  31. Cadrys says:

    The internet invaded pop-culture years ago. Leeeeeeroy Jenkins was a Jeopardy answer, after all.

  32. Scott says:

    I have never been so happy to have been Rick Rolled. My 4 year old son keeps asking me why I am laughing so hard.

  33. Tacoman says:

    I appreciate this rickroll. It makes sense and it totally got everyone. I missed out on the first time around with rickrolling because I wasn’t (and still don’t) hang out on forums much. My roommates in college used to joke about getting rickrolled all the time and I didn’t get it until they had to explain it to me. Then it wasn’t funny and I didn’t get it.

    Go internet!

  34. Proof that the internet does encourage violence.

  35. ShadowDragon8685 says:

    Epic Moments in Trolling:

    Rick Astley rickrolls ALL OF AMERICA.

    To be honest, I was fully expecting the Rickroll when they said “Musical Surprise”. What I was NOT expecting was Rick Astley HIMSELF!

    Oh man, I laughed so hard. I wonder how many /b/tards and other internet nerds were in the crowd, went ape when they heard the music, and started singing with the song?

  36. Hal says:

    Leeroy Jenkins was a Jeopardy answer?

    Good gravy man, give us a link to that!

  37. mrmurphy says:


    Delivered. Though, really, they called it an RPG, and not an MMO Rogue-type. So it was a trick question.

  38. Edgehopper says:

    This does beat Connecticon this year, where someone took over the PA system and Rickrolled the entire convention around 2 PM on Sunday. The boardgamers were not amused.

  39. Dev Null says:

    No no no! Whats awesome about it isn’t that that its a completely live internet-free rickroll, its the vast number of people who were rickrolled _on_ the internet by YouTube – and by extension now by Shamus – by watching unedited footage of a live event! Thats brilliant! And wrong! Brilliantly wrong!

  40. Ravens-Cry says:

    Yesterday MTV Europe, Today America. Tomorrow. . .the World!
    And the day after tomorrow, why, just send it to aliens like that Arecibo message. We will RickRoll the UNIVERSE!!!
    Take That, E.T.!

  41. Rick Tacular says:

    I thought it was nice of him to show that he’s a good sport over this. It could have gone the other way. Then again, no publicity is bad publicity, as they say.

  42. Jeff says:

    That was awesome.

    Rick said that he doesn’t mind, and he’s rather amused that “the kids today” get such a kick out of his very old song. His only concern was any negative effects it may have on his daughter, but as far as he knows everything is cool.

  43. Veekie says:

    Things we should do next, get the song onto one of the “Searching for Aliens” broadcasts. Hell, put a shielded player, with full video of a rickroll on a satellite next.

  44. Hawk says:

    @Veekie: We’ll never know what was on the *real* Voyager 2 record …

  45. MRL says:

    The Cheese cameo at the end is the best part.

  46. Roy says:


    I was actually glad something interrupted that previous, terrible song.

    Too bad he wasn't singing live, though.

    Nobody sings live at the parade–the acoustics would be terrible for it. As far as I know, every performance in the parade is piped in and they just lipsynch it.

    I thought it was a riot, though. It cracked me up, for sure.

  47. Krellen says:

    For the record, I like Rickrolling, because it’s a good song.

  48. The Unknown says:

    “For the record, I like Rickrolling, because it's a good song.”
    Agreed a thousand times over. The song makes me feel happy on the inside. =)

  49. Rick Tacular says:

    I always thought he sounded like he had a wad of cotton shoved down his throat when I heard that song. :\

  50. Internet…reality…bah!

    A plague on BOTH their houses!

  51. Poet says:

    So Cartoon Network Rickrolled…New York?
    I can’t be angry about this. I’m trying, but anger isn’t coming.

  52. Jimmie says:

    Was I the only one amused that the float used the theme from “Courtship of Eddie’s Father” before the rickroll?

  53. Alex says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Bloo from “Foster’s” is more annoying than Rick Astley?

  54. Kacky Snorgle says:

    “For the record, I like Rickrolling, because it's a good song.”

    Y’know, this is the first time I’ve ever actually *heard* the song (I’m typically on dialup and hence almost never have the patience to download a video), and I was surprised that it wasn’t, y’know, awful. Now I’m puzzled how this particular joke ever got started; I always figured that the choice of a particularly awful song must be the whole point….

  55. Namfoodle says:

    Without a doubt, this is the most absurd Cultural WTF? momment I have ever seen.

  56. Lonster says:

    It’s funny, I was watching the parade, but when this float appeared, even before they started their own song, my kids decided they had seen enough parade, and we went upstairs.

    I could have been Rickrolled live, but it wasn’t to be.

  57. Kevin says:

    Live performance, yes, live music, no. Apparently Rick Astin is among those who feels he must lip synch to his own singing.

  58. locusts says:

    @24: It is funny that you mentioned Barry Manilow’s version, because he performed it live on the Today show Friday morning. After watching Rick Astley on Thursday I was laughing even harder when I watched Barry Manilow perform the song. Does this mean I was Rickrolled twice by network television over the weekend?

  59. C.Lee says:

    So this is how we became the Borg. The Internet has already assimilated us. Resistance was futile. Now we know what happens when they go back to their recharging bays. They get rickrolled back to full power.

  60. Leonardo Herrera says:

    Hm… is that a wig?

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