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That’s not a Cheat

By Shamus
on Sunday Jan 4, 2009
Filed under:
Video Games


Dear Gamespot, 1Up, IGN, and the rest of you rotten crumbs,

When I Google for “Explodious 3 Cheats XBox” it’s because I want some cheat codes for Explodious 3 on the Xbox [360]. I’m not doing it for a fun romp around the web. I’m certainly not doing it because I have a copious supply of free time that I want to throw away. In fact, I’m usually in a rotten mood when I’m looking for cheats, so luring me to your website and then not giving me cheats is a foolish move on your part.

I know what cheats are. “Beat the game on ultra-hard in less than 5 minutes using only the B button to unlock the original Explodious costume” is not a cheat. It’s the very opposite of a cheat. It is yet another task I can’t do, which is a problem I already had in the first place. It’s an “unlockable”.

You know this. You know this is not a cheat. But you care about soaking up Google searches and page hits more than you care about your visitors, and so you seed your pages with the word “cheat”, when you know full well there aren’t any. Rather than wasting my time, why don’t you mention the lack of cheats in a review? Since you know there aren’t any, and you obviously know what a massive traffic draw cheat pages are, then it stands to reason that this is something that people want and aren’t getting. It could be argued that keeping them informed is your job. Perhaps drawing attention to the lack of cheats will correct the problem, thus ensuring that you aren’t standing there empty-handed when I show up on your doorstep looking for something.

Thank you for your time and please drown in a septic tank,


P.S. If you do find cheats for Explodious 3 please email me! Thanks!

Topic for discussion: One game you enjoyed, but had to shelve because you couldn’t beat it.

Comments (170)

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  1. Nillo says:

    “Topic for discussion: One game you enjoyed, but had to shelve because you couldn't beat it.”

    I enjoyed La-Mulana until I had no idea where I was supposed to go anymore.

  2. scragar says:

    Silent Bomber for the PS1.
    Part of the way through the game there are a series of protect missions, I hate these, the first of them I can do, the second, I always fail, how can I protect those people if they don’t move, and the enemies attacking the shield are close by and all my attacks are explosives which harm the people I am to protect.

  3. DKellis says:


    By Room 18 I didn’t care about the cake anymore.

  4. kamagurka says:

    World of Warcraft.
    Seriously though, almost every strategy game I ever played, especially Starcraft.

  5. A Gould says:

    Donkey Kong 64 – my wife and I had a grand time finishing everything, finding the unlockables, etc. But we couldn’t beat the final boss, because it was just so horribly *stupidly* hard.

  6. Andrew says:

    I think this is one of those old Vs new players. In our day cheats were a way to make the game easier but now it means Hints, tips, unlockables et al.

  7. Primogenitor says:

    Psychonauts. The meat circus onwards is much harder than the rest of the game, with “do it in one go within the time limit, or die and go back to the beginning of the level” stuff.

  8. vdgmprgrmr says:

    Cave Story, Gish, STALKER (I was playing on Master difficulty with no crosshairs and the game was still too easy, but I couldn’t beat the fucking sarcophagus after fifty or so tries on Novice difficulty with crosshairs), Spelunky.

    It sucks so much that so many game developers today (mostly indies) can’t seem to get difficulty right. When you fail at a task, you’re supposed to feel like you screwed up, not like the game arbitrarily decided you should fail on that attempt. I have yet to find an indie game anywhere that is difficult but doesn’t feel like it’s cheating you.

    Seriously, we have commercial games that are mostly ripoffs of each other or Cool-new-old-game 28, but that have good difficulty, or we have interesting, fresh indie games (that I don’t have to pay for (except Gish)) that are like exercises in repetition and unnecessary frustration.

    Games should be fun, games should not make me feel cheated, or make me feel like I should be a robot, or make me all depressed that I like games but apparently suck at games, so I can’t play a lot of good games because they’re too freaking hard.

    Whoa, rant…

  9. Nixorbo says:

    Force Unleashed.

  10. Hal says:

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the original NES.

    Seriously, if you were 8 years old when that game was released, it’s like a slap to the face.

  11. Narkis says:

    Donkey Kong 64 for me too. Reached that ridiculous blast-from-the-past Super Mario VS Donkey Kong arcade, and gave up after a few months of horrible failures. I still try once or twice a year, with the same miserable results.

  12. MechaCrash says:

    I don’t know if this is a precise fit for your criteria, but MS Saga for PlayStation 2.

    I did manage to beat the game, because the actual main obligatory stuff can be done if you just put some thought into your tactics and mobile suit design. The optional stuff, however, can be pretty damn hard because you have to learn the enemy patterns. The side stuff in question consists of Mt. Trials, the Colosseum, the three Moon Bases (especially the third), and the post-game dungeon, Another G System.

    I did all the side stuff, but that post-game dungeon is brutal. The theme in there is fighting hugely powered up versions of the things you’ve been plowing through previously. Up until you have that point, it’s possible to wipe out random encounters in a single turn if you’re properly set up to do so. Not so in Another G System. Sure, you can still use your “I hit everybody RAR” attacks, but they don’t put the enemies down, and you have to finish them off next turn. Or you can spend that turn charging up to use a move that’s more likely to put them down in a single shot, but can only hit one guy at a time. I finally threw in the towel around the halfway point, because I just couldn’t beat Hell Sandrock and Hell Arms. They kept throwing out powerful area attacks and I didn’t really have an opening to attack, and since I was at the level cap with the best suits and equipment available, I couldn’t brute force it. So I had to stop.

  13. Heitor Moraes says:

    The Game:

    “Contra: Hard Corps” (Genesis)

    The (exquisite) Cheat:

    Play the japonese version.
    It has a lifebar. ;-)

  14. Rich says:

    “Gun” (PC) Even WITH cheats. Because I suck Gun sucks.

  15. StingRay says:

    I’m still willing to work at Mirror’s Edge, but the warehouse level that took me (literally) 34 tries to get through (and not the whole level, but just one tiny segment of it) nearly forced my hand.

    The only other game I’ve ever given up on due to difficulty was Driver 2 (I think, though it might have been Driver 1).

    The entire game had a nice, even difficulty curve, up until the last level. Then, all of a sudden, you’re trying to kidnap/save the President, and ever cop and Secret Service agent in the ENTIRE WORLD is teleported into the road that you have to race down.

    Not only that, but apparently the President would rather die than have his drink spilled, so if you get hit too hard, you fail and have to start over from the very beginning of the level.

    I attempted that level far more times than was healthy and finally gave up.

  16. Anaphyis says:

    Funny timing there Shamus.

    Dawn of War: Winter Assault. Played it today, failed at one especially obnoxious mission 4 times, looked for cheats and trainers and found zilch (at least for the current version) except google farming ad plagued sites.

  17. guy says:

    Most stratagy games, and fallout 1 may go this way if i can’t level up more.

  18. Heather says:

    Hmm, this happened to me a lot as a kid–in fact until my brother and I beat Metroid and the Super Mario Brother’s games (original Nintendo) we didn’t know you COULD beat a game (well, we did beat games on the Intelivision but those were different). The King’s Quest games, Zelda (original Nintendo), Pirates Cove (TI–stupid too hard dumb text adventure with a picture), well actually other than the few games we did beat we didn’t beat too many. Nowadays it is Harvest Moon, mostly because the kids saved over my almost beat game and I couldn’t be bothered to go back and redo to fully beat it–I did beat the first half, which is officially beat. And World of Goo has beat me–I am almost to the finish and have hit a level which WILL NOT let me beat it. Probably figure it out eventually.

  19. BarGamer says:

    Any of the last 3-4 missions on any Blizzard game. Without serious cheating, they’re impossible. Even WITH cheats, it’s a good hour of grinding.

  20. Johan says:

    Psychonauts and Morrowind.

    Even on the lowest difficulty setting possible, there were a lot of orcs in Morrowind who could take me down in like 3 hits.

  21. Wonderduck says:

    Re-Volt. Almost, but not quite.

    /now let’s see how many people know that one…
    //…and if any of them know how to play it on today’s computers.

  22. Hal says:

    Oooh, so here’s one that’s going to get me lynched: Fallout 2.

    Seriously, I spent 4 hours playing this game and never made it past the opening temple. Why? Everytime I entered, I got killed by scorpions. Didn’t matter if I made a sneaky skill-monkey or a brutish melee warrior, everybody died to the scorpions.

    I realize there has to be a way past this; it wouldn’t be a cult classic if this was all the game offered, but that tasty nougat is beyond my reach.

  23. Lebkin says:

    Final Fantasy X-2. I reached a boss fight where the boss caused more damage in a single hit than I had hit points. Checking FAQs about how to beat them, they involved five to six hours of grinding, min-maxing my stats, costumes and items to increase attack enough to kill him before he could use the power. It was the most gamey thing I’d ever seen. So I said screw it, and went and paid something more reasonable.

  24. Derek K. says:

    Wild Arms XF on the PSP.

    It was a fun little turn based strategy, and then all of sudden there was this odd stealth mission. Tried it 4-5 times, said “Yeah, that’s no fun” and stopped playing.

    Sadly, that was like the 5th mission.

  25. neolith says:

    Driver. Didn’t even make it through the darn tutorial without cheating.

  26. Deus Ex

    (Yes, the original.)

    My “cheat” involved getting my husband to walk me through parts of the game.

    Of course, my attempts to disable the LAMs with a flame-thrower is probably where things first started to go wrong for me.


  27. UtopiaV1 says:

    I don’t wanna sound like an ad here, but…

    Looking for cheats? http://www.cheatcc.com/ has it all!!! If it ain’t there it doesn’t exist, just beware the copious amount of adverts and pop-ups…

    As for games I couldn’t complete, I remember FFVIII being in that ‘impossible zone’ where teeth-grinding and angry boredom meet. Too difficult for the sane…

    • Adam Szazs says:

      This doesn’t really solve the problem. What Shamus means in his article is that most modern games, even many on the PC, don’t HAVE cheats anymore. (Other than digging around in the game files, which console gamers can’t do. >:[)

  28. Anaphyis says:

    @UtopiaV1: Huh? Wasn’t FFVIII the one with the Oblivion style difficulty system (i.e. the higher your level, the higher your enemies level) where the simple understanding of the junction system could break the game on disk one?

  29. Noumenon says:

    Phantasy Star II. I got lost in the next-to-last dungeon. I later played through the entire game again, and got stuck again.

    MechCommander. There’s a mission racing through a valley. Now that walkthroughs exist I am gonna buy this game and try it again.

    TMNT for the NES. The hallway with all the flying troopers, right before Shredder, who I never saw.

  30. Jeremiah says:

    Oooh, so here's one that's going to get me lynched: Fallout 2.

    Seriously, I spent 4 hours playing this game and never made it past the opening temple. Why? Everytime I entered, I got killed by scorpions. Didn't matter if I made a sneaky skill-monkey or a brutish melee warrior, everybody died to the scorpions.

    I realize there has to be a way past this; it wouldn't be a cult classic if this was all the game offered, but that tasty nougat is beyond my reach.

    Did you, perhaps, install any patches/mods? I forget which it was, but I know one put scorpions in the first temple. Without it there were just ants, I think.

  31. Joe says:

    Regarding Fallout 2:

    Stab, move back as far as you can. The scorps/ants can’t move more than 2 spaces and then attack. As long as you have 7+ Action Points, you’ll beat the dungeon without taking any damage at all.

    As for the rest of the game, well, that’s another story.

  32. UtopiaV1 says:


    I don’t usually reply to people, so you’re very lucky… or something!

    FFVIII, I will agree, is very easy and doesn’t take too long… -IF- you have a guide on your lap, the internet open at GameFAQs.com, and a nerdy friend looking over your shoulder.

    I thought Shamus was talking about games that are difficult to complete without any outside help whatsoever, you know, like a good game with a decent learning curve is meant to be played. ¬_¬

  33. Fosse says:

    I hadn’t thought of the Nintendo’s TMNT fro a long time. You’re exactly right though, I never got past what I think is the second to last level, where you are at the airport at night and fight the weird guys who resemble rolly polly bugs..

    A few years ago I downloaded an emulator and got inside of the technodrome. Then the game crashed. I just have to believe I will never beat it.

    At least I had April’s support.

  34. Kiwipolish says:

    Final Fantasy Tactics. If you haven’t read a FAQ before you start the fights are brutal. The story seemed interesting, until I hit Wiegraf in his final encounter. Turns out if you haven’t built your character right he’s unbeatable… and if you save mid-way through the castle you can’t leave. I didn’t feel like starting the entire game over so I could learn to game the job system right.

  35. Vegedus says:

    I wanna be the Guy is the only one that springs to mind.

  36. Felblood says:

    I can’t beat the last stage of Sigma, in Megaman X4. The thought of having to go back and fight through all those other bosses, just to get to him, with only one energy tank, makes me so depressed, I can’t really consider actually playing the game. I love that boos fight, it’s just too far from the save point.

    I also can’t beat the last level of Starcraft: Broodwar. I try every year to see if I’ve gotten better, but I RTS so little anymore, that I usually find I’m worse than last year. I finished Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne on normal mode, why is zerg9x, “Omega”, beyond my reach?

  37. Ohhh… Re-Volt. That was an incredible, marvelous game.

  38. Krellen says:

    I’m a bit bloody-minded, so I tend to bash through things until I finish them eventually. Gears of War nearly got this title, though; took me three hours to finally beat him, and it wasn’t a new strategy – I had the right idea on how to kill him, just not enough luck to pull it off. That sucked.

    There’s probably a pile of games from the NES era I never finished; off the top of my head, the original Ninja Gaiden is certainly one of them. I got to the end boss, but never managed to beat him. Then my parents made my brother and I sell our NES to my brother’s best friend because my brother basically skipped a day of school playing it. Even though I had paid for most of it and the fault wasn’t my own. I hate being the only oldest in the family.

  39. Jim says:

    I shelved Deus Ex for several years after I got stuck, and it wasn’t until last summer that I picked it back up and played through it (with significant help from GameFAQs).

    And there are probably dozens NES titles I owned or my friends owned that I never beat and still haven’t even with Emulation and Save States: Sky Kid, Super Pitfall, Legend of Zelda’s 2nd quest, Metroid (best ending), etc…

  40. Daemian Lucifer says:

    http://www.gamefaqs.com/ For all your cheating needs.

    The only game I had to cheat to finish it was thief 2.And I am ashamed of myself for that.

  41. There are several games I had to cheat in to beat bosses (the original Half-Life and the final boss, for instance), but the only one I can think of in which I had to cheat to take on -regular enemies- is Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

    I’m talking about those bastard paratroopers who never, ever miss when they shoot at you. At any distance. Even on the easiest difficulty setting.

    I can’t even recall why I felt so compelled to finish that game. Maybe because it was impossible?

  42. MRL says:

    Daemian has the right idea. Generally speaking, if a game has been out for a month or more and doesn’t have any cheats up at GameFAQs, there are no cheats to be found.

  43. Captain Kail says:

    Gun (on GameCube) was a game I had a blast playing, until the end, when I was fighting the final boss with TNT in a small cave.

    Also, the Lion King for the Sega Genesis. Oh my God. I don’t think that game actually has an ending.

  44. Count_Zero says:

    To be absolutely honest, I’ve come to the conclusion that games with Cheats are in the minority now instead of the majority. Take, for example, Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry – extremely popular 3rd person action games, and they’re fairly hard. There are also no cheats whatsoever for those games.

    Force Unleashed at least had cheats (particularly a level-skip cheat and a unlock all cut-scenes cheat.

  45. Dev Null says:

    Fallout 2 nearly got me as well. I tried making a sneaky character, and got to some of the early quests which were kill things in narrow little tunnels and got completely pasted. I tried making a charismatic talk-your-way-out-of-anything trader with enough of whatever that skill is that helps you avoid random outdoor encounters where you inexplicably fail to notice the badguys until you’re completely surrounded, but I didn’t seem to make perceptably more money and there wasn’t much better gear to buy in the first couple of quest hubs anyways. Then I made a melee monster and found the early stages of the game cake-easy, but by that point I was kinda burnt out on it, and a little bit disappointed at being forced into a single character mould. I got past this and went on in the game, but only just barely.

    In retrospect, I think I could have made either of the first two character concepts work by simply skipping huge swaths of the early quest zones, but a) I hate missing out on content, and b) I would have had to move on to long journeys through the wastelands being ambushed by tougher badguys even earlier, when I had crappy gear and fewer levels…

  46. Ben says:

    The only game I can recall not finishing due to difficulty was Forza Motorsport. I know that’s not quite the same type of game you’re all talking about, but the difficulty problem is slightly ridiculous. The game is a simulation, and a very good one, so there’s none of the rubber-band effect you get in Need For Speed games, and all the speeds throughout a race are reasonable and realistic. The problem is that towards the end of the game, the AI starts to do unreasonable things. They occasionally run into you, and for some reason it’s much easier for them to push your car around than vice versa. This is a minor irritation for most of the game, but the last series of races are endurance events. We’re talking dozens or hundreds of laps; races against evenly-matched competition for several hours. Being pushed off your line or off the track is an irritation, but it frequently causes damage to the car, and then your performance is down and you’ll find the rest of the race very difficult to win. The physics of this situation is perfectly realistic, but the occurrence is not.

    The game is supposed to be a realistic simulation; is it so much to ask that the AI act in a realistic way? In real racing, drivers hit each other often, and frequently end up off-track. They very rarely force each other off the track and directly into a horrible, fiery crash, though.

  47. Cthulhu says:

    I’ve actually never stopped playing a game because of the difficulty. I’ve been known to put one on hold and play something else, (I’m looking at you, Riven,) but the only time I actually shelve something is if I think it’s not worth my time.
    Funny enough, I’ve beaten everything I played that was made more than a few years ago… (eyes collection of terrible recent games)

  48. Alex says:

    I’ve beaten (and thoroughly enjoyed) Tactics, but I sympathize with Kiwipolish’s frustration with that damned Wiegraf fight. The final boss isn’t that hard. Some of the uber-difficult optional fights aren’t that awful. Even level-grinding to the point where you are 10 levels higher than you need to be at that point in the story isn’t much help. That is some seriously shoddy game design.

    Still, I’ll have to go with Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. It’s a really fun, exciting game, until you have to fight something. Or do one of those unforgiving quicktime events disguised as a “racing mini-game” or “boss fight”. I’ve lost count of the number of times where the game just halts, and gives the repeated impression that further progress is impossible. Then it’s left to collect dust for months at a time. By the time I reached the tag-team boss fight after another hellish chariot sequence, I’d had it.

    Now people are complaining that the new Prince of Persia is too easy. I am reminded of when these same people complained that The Sands of Time wasn’t God of War. So Ubisoft made “The Warrior Within”, which I hear was pretty much just… God of War. I’m really hoping for this new Prince, they don’t cave to the criticisms of those who couldn’t be farther removed from what makes their games great.

  49. McNutcase says:

    Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2. I tried to like it, and for most of the time I was playing the Sov campaign, my spam-jitsu was strong… and then they throw in a mission completely unlike any I’ve faced before, and I simply could not pull it off. I looked up walkthroughs, and couldn’t figure out how to follow their instructions. This was simply too much of a departure.

  50. Minion says:

    Kane and Lynch. My brother in law got it for me the year it came out because my husband and I are always dying for good co-op games. We made it to the part where you’re supposed to kill the guy in the truck before he runs over the daughter. And there it sits.

    I read online where it’s a much easier game to play with the AI. But, err, it’s a CO-OP game. It was designed (supposedly) to be a co-op game.

  51. Guus says:

    Earth 2150. That game is impossible. I never got past the third level, I got my ass handed to me every single time I tried to play it.
    Total Annihilation, a game that was berserkedly difficult in later levels.
    Commandos. If Earth is impossible, then Commandos is the most difficult puzzle in the universe designed by a psychotic demon.
    Final Fantasy Tactics, FF-X, FF-XII. All were to long and dragged out, and had boss fights that were too difficult if you didn’t spend ages levelling your characters.

  52. 183SETH183 says:

    Myst and The Dig. I played them before I was old enough to really get the drive to solve puzzles, and I really want to go back and beat them now.

    Any RTS. I always love them, but get too bogged down with details and end up making ‘perfect’ bases, but I sacrifice tactical position or useful units.

    Black and White. Sandbox games always are far too interesting to finish levels when I can just fool around. Especially when I can fool around with the powers of a god.

  53. Wilcroft says:

    Genji for PS3. I got it as a gift, and got most of the way through (Giant Crab FTW), but the lack of camera control meant that it was near-impossible to both dodge AND focus on the enemy. The entire game seems like you’re viewing it through CCTV footage. Annoying does not do it justice.

  54. LintMan says:

    More annoying that the “cheats that aren’t really cheats” are the generic cheat pages that sites like 1up put up for every game, which have absolutely no content on them at all. And the biggest fraud is the 1up “Superguides” – they link to these things as if they exist, and then when you follow it, you find out it’s just a placeholder stub.

    Privateer (an Elite clone by the Wing Commander poeple) is the game that pushed me over the edge. Multi-stage missions with no saves allowed so you get to replay the whole damn 30+ minute mission over if you fail on the last (and hardest) stage. The Wing Commander games were the same way and I fought through those, but I had just had enough.

    @DKellis: Portal? That was one of the very few games I was motivated to play through without cheating. Some of the puzzles were tricky to pull off, but they never got frustrating enough to trigger my “this is BS” alarm.

    @Primogenitor: I totally agree on Psychonauts. I really wanted to play the game through for its humor and quirky story, but I’m terrible at platformers and didn’t get very far at all.

    @Anaphyis: Cheat Happens (www.cheathappens.com) has a DoW:WA trainer available, but the latest version looks to be members-only. They seem to be a reputable site and keep up with the latest patches, but a lot is members-only, or only generally released for free after a waiting period. I use this site enough that it was worth giving them some money. Alternately, you can use a memory editor like artmoney or cheat engine to boost your resources (tip: the value is stored as a float).

  55. SolkaTruesilver says:

    Mario 1. never finished the bloody game. I finished Mario 2-3 (American’s 2 and 3)

    Errr… Lord of the Realm 2. Sadly, I was too young to fully understand the “good” strategies to adopt (Halbards + Archers was my motto), and I will never be able to take my chances back (NEVER), since it needs Windows 95 to run. i loved that game :(

    What else, what else…? Ultima 7. Then again, it was probably because I was young and foolish.

    Star Wars : Battleground. Never managed to win a bloody campaign. Oh, I can win about 4 battles ouf ot 7, but I bore too quickly of the repetition.

    Morrowind. But because I’ve been spoiled by Oblivion…

    THIEF. yhea, the Gold Version of Thief 1. I hate that game so much, because it’s so good, but so frustrating. Conflicting emotions, ya see? I hate conflicts, so I shelved the game. I think I’ll prefer Thief 2.. I prefer to steal from rich men rather than crypts.

  56. Sake says:

    I blame the achievement system crap for the lack of any useful cheats on modern console games. We can’t have invincibility/unlimited ammo/unlock character codes anymore so some Xbox live jackass can have his pointless e-penis measuring stick.

  57. illiterate says:

    @shamus — darn you, i looked http://www.gamefaqs.com/search/index.html?game=explodius&platform=0

    i was 90% sure there was no such thing as Explodius, but I still had to check.

    as I’ve mentioned before, I loved FF3JP on my DS. LOVED IT. but i just didn’t want to go grind until i could beat the five end boss fights that you can’t save in between that is just nonsense.

  58. Moridin says:

    Silver. It has been few years since I last played it, and I came to a point where I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to do next. After spending hours trying just that, I gave up and I haven’t played it since.(Silver is an rpg dating to previous millenium, for those of you who don’t know).

    But really, I haven’t finished many games. I just get bored at some point(usually more than half-way through) and stop playing. Later when I start wanting to play again, I usually find out that I have removed the game and saves with it.

  59. XCOM 2: Terror from the Deep was a game i’ve started about 20 times or so, and the only way I could get beyond about mid-game was to cheat. Note however that I kept playing; there are some games that are fun to play even if they’re insanely difficult.

    The criteria for when I break out a walkthrough or cheat is that I reach a point in the game when I stop having fun. I don’t think I’ve gotten through a single adventure game without referencing a walkthrough at least once. However, if the game is an FPS, I generally never need either cheats or walkthrough.

    As to misleading websites, I’m with the folks in support of GameFAQS, and add UHS as a gradual hint solution (albeit with a much smaller selection of games).

  60. Christian Groff says:

    Jak 3. I HATED it. Jak and Daxter was a fun unlockable romp, Jak 2 frustrated the **** out of me, and Jak 3 was boring as heck. It wasn’t as fun as Jak 2 where you could unlock crazy things. I even suffered through the stupid “fight your way through a million enemies” mission until I got to the end for the unlockable content. Jak 3, well, I played through a few missions then got bored and sent the piece of trailer trash back to the game store.

  61. Mayhem says:

    I hear ya. It’s like when I’m surfing car ads and I have to deal with all those morons who put “not this” and “not that” in them. “1984 Camaro. Not Mustang. Not Trans Am”

    WHY? If I’m not looking for those cars, I won’t be clicking on the damn link to yours anyway. Is there some reason you need the hits to your ad?

    Anyway.. Diablo 2. I got sick having getting killed by one boss and having to slog through half the game world to get back to him because Blizzard didn’t feel like puttng a real save game option in it.

  62. Arson55 says:

    Kiwipolish you thought that FFT was hard? I think that’s the first time I’ve heard that. It is one of my all-time favorite games, but my major complaint is that the game is simply too easy. There are so many spells and abilities that are broken beyond belief. And if you do get a handful of levels beyond the enemy, the set piece battles are simply pathetic. I never read any guides or anything for the game until I’d already beaten the game a handful of times.

    As for the Wiegraf fight, I had difficulty the first time through with him in his demon form. But ever since, I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten through without much difficulty, even to the point where I can get through the one-on-one fight as a bard, and as any competently designed warrior, the fight is nothing.

    As for my game that I enjoyed and couldn’t beat, I’m sad to say FFVIII. My party was designed entirely around Rinoa’s spellcasting, but during the last fight, she is one of the last characters to appear, and by that point, if a character dies, they disappear almost immediately, meaning that if she dies, I can’t revive her, and there goes the majority of my offense.

  63. Eric says:

    This is probably going to be a “well, duh” entry, but Ninja Gaidan: Black. After playing through the first level over two dozen times on the lowest difficulty setting and getting my ass handed to me every time, I gave up. I finally sold it back to GameStop when I got tired of seeing it on my shelf… like it was taunting me.

    Needless, I do not see the appeal of the Ninja Gaidan series.

  64. DaveH says:

    Bureaucracy, the text adventure by Infocom. I beat all of the others. All of them. But not this one.

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