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Hangout Sept 3: Total Hangout

By Shamus
on Friday Aug 30, 2013
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This coming Tuesday, Sept 3 2013, we will be doing a hangout. If you’ve been looking to hang out with the Spoiler Warning cast then this is probably your best bet for all your out-hanging needs. It’s at 8pm GMT, 3pm Eastern time, noon on the west coast.

Josh will be playing Rome II: Total War, a sequel to the regrettably flawed Rome: Partial War and WAY better than Rome: Diplomatic Negotiations Aren’t Going Very Well.

A post will go up on Tuesday with links to the stream and such. This post is just to let you make room on your busy schedule for wasting time on the internet.

Comments (50)

  1. GA says:

    October? Did time travel happen and I missed it?

  2. Supahewok says:

    If you’re referring to next week Shamus, it’ll be September…

    Edit: Of course I was ninja’d.

    But psst! Change the title too before someone else notices!

  3. Galad says:

    Bummer, a shame I’m gonna have to be at work. Might actually try watching some over there haha…or at least listen to you finetastic folks, over the headphones

  4. hborrgg says:

    Hrmmm, the great dilemma.

    I was planning to play Rome II all Tuesday.

  5. Daemian Lucifer says:

    “Josh will be playing Rome II: Total War”

    But….He said he will finish shogun before this comes out.Josh lied o us!

  6. Cuthalion says:

    I lol’d at the cover image for this post. :D

  7. Brandon says:

    I was just thinking that it’s been a while since your last hangout and that it was a lot of fun. Now I’m thinking “seriously, noon? On a Tuesday? Sad Panda”

    Might drop by if you are still going when I get home from work… 5 and a half hours later. :)

  8. BitFever says:

    if your playing “Rome: Diplomatic Negotiations Aren't Going Very Well” be sure to bring your diplomacy shotgun.

  9. Humanoid says:

    To nitpick, but it’s actually 8pm British Summer Time, as opposed to GMT. (And therefore technically 7pm GMT).

    And it’s 5am for me. Well, I won’t be at work for the start….

  10. I read the title as “Hangout Octal 3″ and spent a good F seconds trying to figure out why you would bother counting Hangouts in a different base.

  11. aldowyn says:

    ugh, I have a 3 hour lab starting right at that time. That sucks. Maybe we can get done early, it IS the first lab after all… Does Rome 2 have a campaign multiplayer? Shogun 2 did, as I recall…

  12. Hey! Rome and Barbarian Invasion are my favorite, and still the best imo, so mleh! >:P

    As much as I’d like to catch this I don’t know if I’ll be able to. I guess we’ll see what happens.

  13. Felblood says:


    I have to work.

    I always have to miss these.

    I only managed to catch part of the Monaco hangout, and that’s it.

  14. rrgg says:

    So will Josh actually be playing this time, or does he just plan to hang out on a island for 300 turns until he gets a diplomatic victory?

  15. Woogles says:

    I don’t remember when I’m working on Tuesday, but I’m pretty sure it overlaps with this.

    Oh well. :[

    • The Rocketeer says:

      Pardon me if I’m behind the times or if this is incidental to some sort of contentious litigation, but what’s with the “Woogles” handle?

      Did I miss you changing your name to Wilbricht Osricson Osterwald Gautstaff Lindenholme Edouard Siegismund?

      Or is it a code for “wise opinions on games likely excite Shamus?”

      • Woogles says:

        I decided that JPH is really boring as far as Internet Names go.

        I thought of Woogles from League of Legends, actually. There’s an item in it called Wooglet’s Witchcap and I called it Woogley for short as a joke, and then a friend of mine called it Woogles to take the joke further and it just cracked me up.

        I’m currently in the process of making it my new internet name.

  16. Tuck says:

    I was just writing “Woo I can attend this!” when I realised that I have two separate events on Tuesday evening.

  17. Syal says:

    So why was it scheduled for Tuesday and not Monday when Monday is a holiday?

  18. RTBones says:

    This is both a boon and a curse to me.

    It is a boon because the timing means I can actually join the hangout and watch AFTER I’ve had some time to play the game myself on Tuesday (pre-loading the game now, as I am sure that sale isnt going to hang around once launch day arrives).

    It is a curse because, well, the alarm clock goes off really early on Wednesday for me. Stupidreallifestupidwork….

    This should be fun.

  19. Sean Hagen says:

    Ooooo! This will be a nice break from watching all the Spoiler Warning episodes while I’m at work.

    I’m also curious to see Rome II after seeing the panel at PAX where two guys from Creative Assembly talked about accuracy vs fun in games like the Total War series.

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