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Stolen Pixels #61: Unfit

By Shamus
on Tuesday Feb 3, 2009
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The only problem with Wii Fit is that it hates organic beings. Other than that, it’s great software.

Comments (9)

  1. Kevin says:

    Isn’t this supposed to be closed? And shouldn’t there be a link to Stolen Pixels #61? I mean, I’m just askin’.

    Okay, I’m just missing something. I guess I usually use my Stolen Pixels RSS feed to navigate there, I don’t usually come here for that, just the blogs. I’ll wait for the RSS to pick it up. :)

    (Edit) OH! It’s not there yet! Sorry! Nothing to see here… just passing through… how are you?

  2. Zaghadka says:

    Yeah. The next attachment for the Wii is a lever with a boot attached: The Wii Roshambo Boot (see the second definition).

    I believe this will be a top seller, though less circumspect than the balance board.

  3. Alan De Smet says:

    I liked the comic, but my appreciation was a bit muted becuase I saw the essentially same joke last Friday. If you’re expecting to do comics about a game, you might want to hold off posting on it until the comics are done.

    Of course, I’m whining about the wonderful free work you share. I love the comics! I love your normal writing! Thank you for sharing it!!

  4. Kevin says:

    Okay, okay, I saw it, that was hysterical! Thanks Shamus! :)

  5. SolkaTruesilver says:

    @Alan de Smet

    I think Shamus actually got the comic idea when he was writing his post..

    And I have to say, even if I had read the same thing friday, I still found the comic totally hilarious.

  6. Angie says:

    LOL! I’d love to get one anyway. [duck] I have my own fitness goals, and a perfectly good scale (which even gives my body fat percentage through the electro-zap method), but the Wii Fit activities look like a fun supplement. I really am “loathesomely corpulent” and if I were the sort of person to let other people’s opinions of my appearance (much less that of an inanimate object) hurt my feelings, I’d have stepped off a bridge years ago. [wry smile]


  7. DaveMc says:

    I left a comment over on the Escapist site, but let me echo it here: Very funny! I particularly love panel 3. Also the phrase “loathsomely corpulent”.

  8. Zaghadka says:

    Great! Now there is no second definition at Wiki, and it redirects us only to rock-paper-scissors. Isn’t it great when your encyclopedia changes on a daily basis?

    I’m referring to the “other” Roshambo, where you kick each other in the nuts until someone falls over. As featured in the South Park episode “Mecha Streisand.”

  9. Drakey says:

    Okokokokok….. I showed EVERYONE this comic. I live a life of consistant personal harassment of ‘Got any wii fit?’ and figure that for all the effort people go through to get the darn thing they should be well and fit enough by the time they get thier hands on one.

    To be honest most people asking for it now say they dont really know what it is or why they want it, but their looking to buy it anyway.

    Its definatly designed for a ‘smaller’ market, and most truly earns the burn your comic offers. Bravo.

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